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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 604


604 - Wang Clan As A Stepping Stone, Di Chen's Intention (2)

Qing Shui looked at Wang Shunchang with a faint smile as he got closer. If his strength was the same as the last time he came to the Central Continent, he would have been killed with this strike.

Now, this level of strength was nothing to him, as long as it did not strike his weak point, it would not even penetrate through his defense.

Half Step Hammer Explosion Technique!

The strong vigor of the technique created a shrill whistle, at the same time, it also sounded like metal shattering. The two fists then struck each other. In that instant of contact, Wang Shunchang expression immediately turned despairful.


The huge vigor caused the surrounding beach to be upturned, even the water of the Jade Sea turn chaotic. There were giant water screens that rose from the sea before breaking apart.

There was a loud resounding sound, even with just his fist, Qing Shui's attacking strength reached 610 countries. Wang Shunchang, who had been weakened to the strength of 480 countries, stood no chance at all.




It was just a simple strike, using strength to negate everything. In front of absolute strength, all tricks and techniques were useless. Of course, Qing Shui strength could not be considered absolute yet, but Wang Shunchang's techniques were not even worth mentioning, or else, a mere difference of 100 countries in strength could have been bridged.

A Grade Three Martial Saint was killed in one strike by Qing Shui. Furthermore, Qing Shui had used his bare hands, he did not use the Violet Gold divine Shield or Big Dipper Sword and not even the State of One with Elephant.

Actually, the exchange between Qing Shui and Wang Shunchang only took an instant and that middle-aged man was still standing there looking at Qing Shui, stunned......

His father's cultivation was higher than his by a grade, that was a difference of 200 countries in strength. At this moment, he was not a match for the youth across him......

Earlier, when he made his move, he had the confidence of overcoming his opponent. Furthermore, his opponent had crippled his son personally. Even if he had some backing, it could be managed, the elders of his clan could come out and mediate.

After his father was destroyed by Qing Shui in one move, he became increasingly fearful!

With the death of Wang Shunchang, these people would be like a chicken with a head. Qing Shui had the confidence of dealing with them. Had this been a stronger clan, he might have been a little more cautious, after all, this was the Central Continent, he could not afford to be careless.

There were not many people who did not fear death, at least amongst the remaining people of the Wang Clan. There was no one with enough backbone to stand out and take revenge for that old man. Qing Shui did not know if they were smart enough to know how to adapt to circumstances or were they just a group of bastards.

’’I am not a person that is willing to be bullied, I am also not willing to see the people by my side get bullied. If you are this imprudent again in future, I do not mind taking a trip to the Wang Clan. Go, If I meet you under such circumstance again, I will kill you.’’ Qing Shui said expressionlessly, there were too many people in the Wang Clan, it was not appropriate for him to kill everyone, It would be a heaven defying act if he did so.

The Wang Clan left, if this could happen once, then it could happen again. If they were really that imprudent, then there would be no need to let them off easy.

’’Qing Shui, are you fine?’’

’’Teacher, look at how nice your wife is treating you, she was very worried about you.’’ Lan Tong's character now seemed very different from before, causing Qing Shui to almost not recognize her.

Qing Shui laughed and shook his head, ’’Come, let's all go back, in the future, you will stay at my place.’’

Although the place where Qing Shui and Di Chen stayed was small, it still had two three-story pavilions as well as a small building that had two stories. There was enough space for the five of them to stay in.

Riding on the Fire Bird, by the time they got back to the small villa, it was already sunset!

Qing Shui and Di Chen occupied the three-story pavilion's front yard, while Tian Yuan, Tie Dong, Da Wu, and Xiao Wu took the three-story pavilion at the back. The first floor was the living room and there were rooms on the upper two floors, not to mention four people, there would be room for even more.

The remaining two-story small building was given to Lan Tong. The other girl, Ya Rong, said two months earlier that she was going home to visit relatives and had not come back yet.

’’During this period of time, do not run around unnecessarily. Let me know if anything urgent happens, the matter with the Wang Clan has not passed yet.’’ Qing Shui told the few of them as they had dinner.

’’Got it master!’’ said Lan Tong as she ate.

’’Sister Lan Tong, didn't you always addressed him as teacher? Why did it change to master?’’ Tian Yuna sillily asked.

Tie Dong stretched his hand out and smacked Tian Yuan on his head, ’’Which teacher had ever been so nice to you before?’’

’’Oh oh! Then are we acknowledging him as master?’’

’’When this matter blows over, we will be doing so, regardless of whether he accepts us or not, we are acknowledging him as master.’’ Lan Tong laughed out loud but her tone was very determined.

Qing Shui just smiled and did not say anything, he had not thought of taking in disciples before. Although he had taught many people but those were the people who were close to him, such as Luan Luan, Qing Bei, and the rest.

There was also Shi Qingzhuang, Mingyue Gelou, and the rest!

Although Yiye Jiange was Qing Shui's master but Qing Shui had taught her plenty of things......

Meeting them in the Central Continent was fate, Qing Shui decided to go along with what they wanted. When Qing Shui looked at them, he saw them struggling for hope with their weak powers. He asked himself, was he not once like that too? Especially not too long ago.

After eating dinner, they left, they were tired as well. Furthermore, they wanted to let Qing Shui and Di Chen have some time alone. Qing Shui could only smile bitterly at this action.

’’Sister Chen......’’

’’What did you call me in the day? I want to hear you call me that again.’’ Di Chen removed the veil covering her face, looking at Qing Shui and gently smiled.

Her gentle smile, her bright eyes and teeth, her pupils that twinkled like stars, as well as her extraordinary voice that had an attractive quality to it, they all stimulated Qing Shui. That kind of feeling caused his state of mind to feel refreshed, it was too wonderful for words.

’’Wasn't that because they were around that time?’’ Qing Shui felt that it was difficult to address her as Chen`er as he had on the day......

’’Is it really so hard for you to address me that way?’’ Di Chen continued to say that, although she was not angry but she felt depressed that she only occupied such a position in his heart. She did not want to appear so perfect in his heart because that would cause her to feel awkward interacting with Qing Shui.

Qing Shui smiled bitterly, it was not that he did not want to, it was that he felt that he was not worthy. He already had several women by him, he did not want to, or intend to, betray the expectations of any one of them.

A woman like Di Chen should find someone who deeply loved her, someone who would only love her. Thus, Qing Shui refrained from having any thoughts about her because he felt that he was not worthy of her.

The past was the past, thus, all Qing Shui can do now is to cherish the present.

’’Do you hate me?’’ Di Chen saw Qing Shui struggling before gently asking.

’’I hate myself.’’

’’Why do you hate yourself?’’ Di Chen smiled as she pulled on Qing Shui's sleeves and walked out of the living room.

The two of them may seem close but they rarely had any physical contact with each other, they only pulled on each other's sleeves. Aside from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, there was no contact at all, Di Chen would only pinch Qing Shui's waist through his clothes.

’’I once thought that I would live an ordinary life, find a girl that would love me and I would love her for my whole life, that kind of life that was simple. However, now I have several girls and I cannot let go of any of them.’’ Qing Shui felt quite helpless yet he felt blessed.

Di Chen was surprised, she thought of the time when Qing Shui promised that he would do anything for him. At that time, she said that she wanted him to leave all his women and marry her. She was just joking then, however, he remembered it so clearly.

’’Do you know that it is because you didn't leave anyone of them, is the reason they didn't leave you?’’ Di Chen smiled and seriously looked at Qing Shui.

’’I already have no way to love someone wholeheartedly. Sister Chen, someday, there would definitely be a heavenly man looking for you, to only love you wholeheartedly.’’ Qing Shui discovered that when he said these words, he felt weird.

’’Haha, a heavenly man? Only a woman that admires a man before he develops is one who truly loves that man, however, such women are few in number. Once a man starts to stand out, he would discover that he would not be lacking in women around him. Do you think that a heavenly man like that would come looking for me? Be able to love me wholeheartedly?’’ Di Chen looked at Qing Shui and said calmly.

Qing Shui was shocked, this was the longest that he had heard Di Chen spoke. It was the truth, when he thought carefully about her words, he thought about how he met Shi Qingzhuang, Huoyun Liu-Li, Canghai Mingyue, Wenren Wu-shuang......

Qing Shui felt very blessed at this moment!

’’Do you long for love?’’ Qing Shui had finally communicated this across, he was slowly able to calmly talk to Di Chen about some stuff that he could not speak of in the past.

’’No, because I do not believe in love.’’ Di Chen pulled on Qing Shui's sleeves as they walked slowly under the moonlight.

Qing Shui knew that the reason that she did not believe in love was because of the environment she was brought up in. This was not strange but why was it like this now? Could it be that she was trying her best to love him? Why go through all this trouble......

’’I am doing my best to believe......’’

Maybe because Qing Shui was silent, Di Chen looked at Qing Shui and said this.

’’Sister Chen, you have seen it for yourself, I already have several girls by my side. You currently do not have any feelings for me, so why are you doing this? Actually, I am very greedy and never satisfied......’’

Qing Shui was speaking the truth, it was just that Di Chen was seen as holy in Qing Shui's heart, just like Yiye Jiange, that's why he said this. Furthermore, he already has several great girls, thus Qing Shui no longer wished to be that greedy. With the ability to do so, which man would not want to have multiple wives or concubines......

’’I know!’’

Qing Shui: ’’......’’

Qing Shui choked heavily, when she saw the gloomy expression on his face, Di Chen laughed out lightly, ’’In the World of the Nine Continents, men without any women are usually men without any abilities, you are very capable.’’

Qing Shui grabbed onto the jade-like hand that was holding onto his sleeves, it was as smooth as resin, as cool as jade. After that hand was grabbed by Qing Shui, he could clearly feel a slight tremble.

’’Chen`er, it's late already, let's go back and rest!’’ Qing Shui smiled gently and pulled Di Chen along.

Qing Shui's suddenly change caused Di Chen to feel muddleheaded and she just followed Qing Shui and entered the pavilion.

’’Qing Shui......’’

Qing Shui held on to her hand and looked at the hesitant Di Chen, he smiled and looked at her, ’’What's wrong Chen`er, are you feeling unwell?’’

’’That...... when I fall in love with you and when we are together again......’’

Qing Shui was surprised, he smiled when he thought of the words that he said earlier, it must have scared her. Di Chen had expressed her feeling to Qing Shui a few times, if he did not even answer her, it would be unfair. In the future, what would happen with the two of them would depend on their fate.

’’Are we not together now? How else do you want to be together?’’ Qing Shui smiled when he saw Di Chen's slightly red face. This was the first time he saw her blush, she was indescribably beautiful.

’’Alright, I have been led astray, I'm going to rest, you should rest too!’’ Di Chen looked downwards as she struggled free of Qing Shui's grip before quickly heading upstairs quickly.

Only Qing Shui remained in the living room but his emotions were in a mess. If he still did not understand what Di Chen's intentions were then he would be a fool, however, Qing Shui wanted her to consider things carefully first.

As for whether Qing Shui loved Di Chen or not, Qing Shui did not know. What was love? Who could explain that clearly? However, Qing Shui felt that it was very difficult to love someone but sometimes it felt like it was easy.

Qing Shui felt love towards Di Chen but he kept feeling that he was not worthy of her, this was the inferiority complex that was deeply rooted into Qing Shui through his two lives, although Qing Shui's strength had greatly improved but he would still feel this way in front of some people.

Di Chen was one of the few!


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