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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 602


AST 602 - Anger, Injure, Maim

The one who was slapped was Lan Tong!

After that, Qing Shui spotted the injured Tian Yuan and Tie Dong besides Lan Tong. Da Wu and Xiao Wu were restrained by a few people. The person that hit Lan Tong was the rich family son type. It was the sort of young man that Qing Shui felt was very good-looking but very loathsome.

Even though he had only spent a short time with Lan Tong and the company, he truly treated them as friends. It was that sort of simple friendship with no hidden agendas.

Furthermore, when he left, they even called him their teacher!

Qing Shui was extremely upset to find that they were bullied by others!

Qing Shui commanded his Fire Bird to fly over and he jumped down from the air. Many people notice Qing Shui, but because the place was too crowded and there were quite a lot of flying demonic beasts in the air, most people did not feel anything when they spotted him. After all, even a Xiantian martial artist could jump down from that height.

’’Bitch! My brother only touched you a bit. How dare you actually chop off his hand! Who allowed you to be so savage in the Jade Sea Country?!’’ The young man scolded Lan Tong condescendingly.

’’I should have just killed him.’’ Lan Tong stared back at the young man expressionlessly.

’’Let sister Lan Tong go!’’


Da Wu and Xiao Wu were screaming and struggling but they were restrained by a few men and were being kicked and punched continuously. Despite that, they continued to struggle as much as they could.

Possibly because they were too engrossed in anger and helplessness they did not noticed the man who jumped down from the air. Now, Qing Shui had already reached the group of people.

’’Such folly! This young lady could have provoked anyone but she had to provoke the people from the Wang Clan. Wang Biaozhi is not a person of influence, so that's not too stupid. However, Wang Ruiyuan is a core member of the Wang Clan, he is a well-known figure has direct connections within the clan. He may even become one of the competitors for the head of the clan in the future. ’’

’’That Wang Ruiyuan may be young, but he is a famous character around the Jade Sea Country. This lady embarrassed him so she will definitely meet a tragic fate.’’

’’I don't even want to watch... yet another good girl being ruined in this manner.’’


Qing Shui was furious to the point that he wished he had not coincidentally met them this way. This overwhelming anger made Qing Shui decide not to kill the young man because he felt that letting him off that easily would not assuage his anger.

Qing Shui remembered Wenren Wugou because the scene in front of him was playing out like that time. After Wenren Wugou died, it caused Wenren Wushuang to lose her memory. When people reached a certain point of unbearable pain, it may cause total or selective amnesia as a defense mechanism.

Total amnesia meant that the person would lose all their memories, whereas selective amnesia meant that the person will forget or erase the memories of the event, and even related events, that triggered their pain.

Such a situation would only occur when a person felt an incurable pain. Otherwise, they would go mad or die. This was why Qing Shui was upset, yet had found a sort of happiness when he learned of Wushuang's condition. At least, she could continue living this way, and only by living on did she have hope.

’’Now, you have two choices. Come with me and serve my brother. His hand is still broken. He needs your body to help him ease his pain.’’ Wang Ruiyuan said this to Lan Tong expressionlessly.

’’No way! I would rather die!’’ There were some traces of blood at the side of Lan Tong's mouth. It was a result of that slap.

’’Hey, for your second choice... Look around at these men. They have not tasted a woman in many days. Even if you die, they are not going to let you go. What's more, do you want these people to die with you? ’’ Wang Ruiyuan squinted his eyes as a sharp glint danced across his eyes.

Lan Tong kept quiet. She looked at the few people behind her. Even if she died, she would implicate them. Even if she died, she wouldn't be able to die in peace...

Wang Ruiyuan narrowed his eyes showing a hint of a cruel smile. He seemed to enjoy this feeling of manipulating and controlling people, he liked to see them struggle between choices. It gave him the greatest pleasure when they finally succumb to his will.

’’You have to consider carefully. Sometimes, you can't escape even with death.’’

Wang Ruiyuan's words were like a curse in Lan Tong's mind. It repeatedly resounded in her head. Her face turned pale. She was at a loss and she felt helpless...

Lan Tong was also restrained by two muscular men. One of them held her arms, while the other stepped on her calves as she kneeled on the ground. Da Wu and Xiao Wu were treated in the same manner. Tian Yuan and Tie Dong were lying on the ground. Their eyes were burning with anger as they were stepped on by the four to five men. They simply were unable to get up.

Xiuuuu Xiiiiuuu...

Agh... Agh...

Qing Shui hands moved and he shot out of few stones rapidly. In a blink of an eye, he broke the men's arms and legs. The bones of the hit locations were crushed.

They fell to the ground and wailed painfully non-stop. Qing Shui walked over slowly and looked at Lan Tong who looked back at him blankly. ’’Get up, little lass.’’

Qing Shui's voice was very calm. On the other hand, tears rapidly filled Lan Tong's eyes as she said, ’’Teacher!’’

She hugged Qing Shui like a lost child or like a drowning person who managed to grab a float. That previously obstinate girl was now in a puddle of tears.

Qing Shui patted her back gently. He did not say a word and let her continue crying. It was good that she is able to cry. Once she finished crying, it would be okay.




Da Wu, Xiao Wu, Tian Yuan and Tie Dong struggled to stand up. They greeted Qing Shui respectfully. At this point, they treated Qing Shui like their master.

Qing Shui remained collected as he threw a few bottles of Golden Medicinal Salve to the boys. They were covered with wounds!

’’You even dare to meddle in my affairs? Who do you work under?’’ Wang Ruiyuan asked calmly, he had been staring at Qing Shui's back all this time.

Qing Shui's intervention was unexpected. Almost everyone in Jade Sea Country knew him. Since he had dared to intervene, that meant that he did not respect the Wang Clan. Who dared to underestimate the Wang Clan?

In the Central Continent, there are eighty one countries and each country had eighty one cities. That did not mean that the capital city in each country was the most powerful city. The most famous city in Jade Sea Country was Cloud City. Also, within Zhongyuan Country, the Duanmu clan was the most powerful in the Duanmu City and not in Zhongyuan City.

There were lots of examples like this. The Central Continent was not like the Greencloud Continent where most of the capital cities were the strongest in that country. For a country in the Central Continent, most of the power and influence were held by large sects. With places that have weaker power instead, it was more common for power and influence to be centralized.

Most capital cities were located within the top largest cities in the country if they were not the largest. That is to say, most capital cities were located within the top ten cities of the eighty one cities in the country.

In the Central Continent, each city occupied one territory. Whoever was the strongest in the city would get the most benefits. Similarly, the responsibility to defend the city would be left to them. Thus, most cities were usually run by an alliance of powerful clans. This was similar to Greencloud Continent. This not only meant that the clans could better defend their cities but also that they could share the benefits.

All the cities in the World of the Nine Continents were very large. A 'city' was just a general term and each 'city' actually constituted multiple small cities and villages. It was a fact that the cities in the Central Continent were the most prosperous and filled with the most sects and clans. Their transportation system was convenient and the inner city was the core and takes up an area about 1% of the entire city. Cities are usually about one million square kilometers and that was the reason only the inner cities were walled.

The capital city of Jade Sea referred to such an inner city. It was smaller area but it could represent the entire country. Of course, there maybe some hidden experts, but if they did not show themselves, they were pretty much negligible.

When he heard what the young man said, Qing Shui did not even turn his head, ’’Previously, there was a Wang Biaozhi, but now I see a trash that is worse than Wang Biaozhi.’’

’’Who are you? How dare you cross our Wang Clan!’’ The more Qing Shui acted like this, the more Wang Ruiyuan could not tell Qing Shui's background.

A person that dared to disregard the Wang Clan in public must either be an expert more powerful than the Wang Clan or an idiot. Wang Ruiyuan could sense that this man was definitely not an idiot so he did not dare to make a move lest he caused any unwanted trouble for the Wang Clan.

Within the Jade Sea City, there were only those few clans. It was impossible that he did not recognize the person if he came from them. This meant that he must be from another country or some other city.

Lan Tong cried a lot and held onto Qing Shui's sleeve. Her eyes were all red.

According to Qing Shui impression, Lan Tong was a very strong and resolute girl but now she appeared fragile and helpless. This made him feel extremely unhappy.

Qing Shui did not know if he could be considered a kind person. He only knew that it pained him to see the weak being bullied. He would never bully anybody weaker than him if they were kind.

When he saw the clear handprint on Lan Tong's face, he asked, ’’Which hand did he use to slap you?’’

’’His right hand!’’ Lan Tong replied reflexively, even though she did not know why Qing Shui asked that question.

Qing Shui gave her slight smile and nodded. In a flash, he headed towards Wang Ruiyuan, lunging for his right hand!

Ripping Tiger Claw!

His right hand reached forward leaving a black path as he grabbed Wang Ruiyuan's right hand.



A blood-curdling scream was heard, along with the sound of shattering bones. After that, Wang Ruiyuan's right hand was totally decimated. Despite being an outstanding talent within the Wang Clan's younger generation, it was impossible for him to compare with Qing Shui's current cultivation level.

Wang Ruiyuan had quite an unyielding spirit, he managed to endure the pain after a few screams.

Qing Shui's speed and strength shocked all of them. At this moment, Wang Ruiyuan stared at Qing Shui with malice and resentment. He had never lost before, yet today, he was given a huge blow. He had lost one of his hands. It was useless for him to endure it silently.

’’You will be in deep trouble!’’ Wang Ruiyuan managed to say as he gritted his teeth. His forehead was covered in sweat. His face was pale. His injury was so bad that his bones could be seen and blood flowed continuously from the wound.

Qing Shui lifted his leg and kicked his opponent's dantian!


For a man like Wang Ruiyuan, Qing Shui did not even have a shred of pity for him, he did not even want to speak a word to him. Yet, he did not want him to die. Injuring him, maiming him, destroying his ability to cultivate. That was the best outcome for such a person.

After Wang Ruiyuan lost his cultivation, in addition to his indignation, he directly fainted. His underlings quickly carried him away and Qing Shui did not stop them.

Even though Wang Clan was one of the elite clans of the Jade Sea City, it was probably weaker than the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord, it was probably even weaker than the Nian Clan.

’’Thank you, teacher!’’ Lan Tong thanked Qing Shui happily.

At this moment, Di Chen came over and stood beside Qing Shui!

’’Teacher, who's this?’’ It was the first time that Lan Tong had seen such a beautiful woman. Even though she could only see the pair of star-like dazzling eyes, she could sense that this lady had a sort of goddess like charm and aura.

’’She's my wife. Isn't she beautiful?’’ Qing Shui looked at Di Chen then laughed gently.

When Qing Shui said these words, he could clearly feel that Di Chen trembled a little. This was the first time that Qing Shui had said such intimate words. After that, the feeling between them was really special. It was as if they were a real married couple. There was a faint feeling of warmth and somewhat inexplicable feeling between them.

Once again, Qing Shui thought of the Red-lined Snake. Consequently, he also unconsciously thought about the events that transpired in the dream among the sea of flowers, even though he hadn't thought about it for many years.


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