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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 6


Chapter 6 - Martial Art Blue Lotus

Qing Luo and Qing Yi were startled!

Qing Luo is already happy but also in pain. Qing Shui was destined to not be able to practice martial arts so he would live a peaceful life, but then if he is able to practice them, maybe he would able to accomplish something in the future. He didn't know if this would bring good fortune or a disaster to the Qing Family.

Compared with Qing Luo, Qing Yi was brimming with happiness. Her son's body was fine. He wouldn't faint anymore and not only that, now was possible to her to calm his heart otherwise if Qing Shui was able to become stronger, in the future she would going insane!

The part most important was this: ’’Qing Shui, mother doesn't have the capacity to stop you and bring you home now that you can practice martial arts. So in the future you must return home.’’

Qing Shui understands a little thanks to his scattered memories. He is aware of what was troubling Qing Luo and Qing Yi! Although he can only understand a portion of it, that was sufficient.

Qing Luo slowly exhales, and then he saw a Qing Yi nodding while patting the head of Qing Shui!

’’Mother, it seems that grandfather doesn't' want me to practice martial arts?!’’ Qing Shui pretends as he had a doubt!

’’How that would be possible? Your grandfather only is afraid that when you practice martial arts you could get hurt because when going outside it would be inevitable to fight against other people!’’

’’Then mother you could start to teaching me martial arts! I want to learn right away!’’ Qing Shui said with earnest! After all he couldn't make work the ancient strengthening technique, and for above its great difficulty that can only work when making exercise. To make the best use of the technique I would need to use another formidable martial art. It may be hard to start learning but Qing Shui but he wishes to learn those good looking martial arts!

’’Good, come with me, Qing Shui. First I will tell you some important things about the martial arts.’’ Qing Yi happily pulled the hand of Qing Shui.


This was the study room of Qing Yi. It was small, quite simple and crude nevertheless it was clean. It had a faint fragrance of ancient books. It was quite good!

’’Qing Shui, practicing martial arts is very difficult. You are not afraid?!’’ Qing Yi allowed to Qing Shui to sit and then she seated beside him!

’’Mother, I'm not afraid. No matter how many hardships appear before me, I will overpass them!’’

Qing Shui let out a happily smile. She and her son, their temperament were exactly the same! But when thinking about that she is again a bit sad!

’’Qing Shui, the martial arts goes together with exercising. Exercising is the foundation. Only after exercising you would be able to practice martial arts and only then you would be able to display a formidable power’’

’’Mother, exercising can't be compared with effort, ah!’’ Qing Shui replied seriously!

Qing Shui by himself replied. Her son was indeed bright and talented!

’’You could say that. So for those who don't train, in the end, their martial arts are in vain!’’

’’Mother, is possible that could you teach me the Blue Lotus?!’’ Qing Shui belonged to the Qing Family for a long time so he was aware that everyone was practicing the Blue Lotus!’’

’’En, the martial art, Blue Lotus also knows as one of the most difficult to learn was passed from the generation to generation in the Qing Family. The Blue Lotus is a martial art combined with exercising! You have to know that is in its major part is exercising, and not to mention that there aren't many who can defend against their power. Therefore the Blue Lotus is definitely a good method of exercising.’’

’’Then, the Blue Lotus must be very powerful, right?!’’ Qing Shui blinked his beautiful eyes when asking!

Qing Yi sighed, ’’Long time ago the Qing Family's ancestor practiced the Blue Lotus to the nine stage, and in that time he became one's of the world best experts. After him the Qing Family went in declining more and more. Until our home changed into a small mountain village!’’

’’Mother, what is the Blue Lotus nine stage?!’’

’’When cultivating the Blue Lotus, every time that you reach certain strength a flower appears protecting your body in the form of a lotus flower. The lotus flower can attack or defend. In the Qing Family the ancestor couldn't cultivate passed the ninth lotus flower!’’

’’Mother, you are also cultivating the lotus flower?’’ Qing Shui looking forward her answer asked!

Qing Yi feeling a little embarrassed said: ’’I only reached two flowers!’’

’’And grandfather?’’ Qing Shui pulled the hand of Qing Yi while asking!

’’Your grandfather is at three flowers. And in the actuality he is on the peak of his strength!’’ Qing Yi gently said it!

’’Mother, in how many stages is divided the Blue Lotus? Also, until what stage is possible to cultivate the lotus flower?’’

’’The secret martial art, Blue Lotus is divided into ten stages. In the tenth layer of the warrior stage is improbable that appears. In the Wu Jian stage neither appears. Only in the seventh layer could appear one flower. On the eight layer could appear two flowers and in the tenth layer appears three flowers!’’

’’Then, the Qing Family's ancestor how could make appear nine flowers?’’

Looking at her son blinking his two beautiful pair of black eyes asking her with hope in them, Qing Yi sighed with sorrow. Her son was quite intelligent, but she cannot tell him that!

’’The secret of the the Blue Lotus wass lost long ago and only some parts were recovered. It's said that the original technique was lost if not your mother would be in the Xiantian realm by now!’’

’’Your mother is going to teach you the very base of the Blue Lotus!’’ Qing Yi stood up and pulled Qing Yi towards her cultivation place!

The place was a bedroom in the basement!

Qing Yi tells him about the eight meridians. Qing Shui already knows due to the ancient strengthening technique. With only one explanation from Qing Yi he already remembers them. And because he practiced the ancient strengthening technique many times he becomes enlightened at once!

Two hours later!

Qing Yi goes out from the room;nevertheless Qing Shui was slowly entering into a calm state of mind!

Meditation! To meditate was practicing martial arts! Especially for those practicing martial arts was one of the most essential conditions. If your heart doesn't calm down then you are very far in walking the path of the martial arts.

But, Qing Shui appears to be able to enter in the meditation his first time so Qing Yi was incessantly happy. Qing Shui was really gifted!

Qing Shui was slowly activating the Blue Lotus and according with what Qing Yi said, he has to do it slowly. Again and again It resembled the ancient strengthening technique. He slowly entered into a fantastic realm. It was like his soul was flying!

Suddenly, Qing Shui found that something like a refreshing stream of qi was traveling a though his lower abdomen dantian and was slowly passing through his veins as it could anytime break them!

Gradually, that stream of qi tuned around for a whole day returning slowly to his lower abdomen!

Qing Shui happily opens his eyes. His face was covered with a happy smile.

’’If I tell mother about my result, she would be frightened!’’


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