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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 583


AST 583 - Twins of mixed se*, an opportunity, Qing Shui broke through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer!

At the moment when the golden light shone, Qing Shui felt as if the Beast's tendon in his hand came to life. He waved his hand and threw it towards the Diamond Gigantic Elephant which was close by.

The noise from before once again rang out. The golden colored Beast's tendon charged towards the Diamond Gigantic Elephant like a wriggling golden dragon.


The Diamond Gigantic Elephant once again let out a loud cry. Its entire body shone with bright golden light as it rapidly evaded the Beast's tendon . It seemed to fear the Beast's tendon.

What shocked Qing Shui was that at the moment the Diamond Gigantic Elephant evaded it, the golden colored Beast's tendon violently raised its speed as if it had its own consciousness and immediately bound the Diamond Gigantic Elephant tightly. The enormous Diamond Gigantic Elephant was actually unable to move even an inch!


After a moment which lasted for one breath, the Beast's tendon automatically loosened up. After that, it flew backwards and returned.

Demon Binding Rope!

Qing Shui grabbed the Demon Binding Rope in surprise. This kind of treasure which was forged didn't really possess a life itself. However, it was able to communicate with its owner through their consciousness just like the Primordial Refining Furnace. Within a fixed range, it could be controlled at will.

This was one of the powerful features of the Spirit Energy and also the formidable feature of these kind of treasures.

Qing Shui who was holding the Demon Binding Rope felt really agitated. It actually managed to bind the formidable Diamond Gigantic Elephant for one breath. This was exactly how powerful it was. In fact, it was even more amazing than the Body Securing Talisman. Most importantly, as long as it was fueled with the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, it could be used repeatedly until all of the divine force was used up.

Now, Qing Shui felt that his trip to Zhan Clan's storehouse has been worthwhile.

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

’’Mingyue said that she doesn't want to let you in!’’

Qing Shui stood outside of the door anxiously while Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui and smiled. This was her first time seeing Qing Shui putting on this kind of face.

It was early February. After being pregnant for nine months, today was the day Canghai Mingyue would be giving birth. Qing Shui was sweating all over his face.

Qing Shui smiled bitterly. In any case he was a doctor himself, but Canghai Mingyue insisted on not letting him in. This made him felt really upset and worried.

’’Then I'll just stay here and see how it goes. Inform me if there is anything.’’ Qing Shui gave Yiye Jiange a reluctant smile.

’’Everything will be fine, don't worry!’’

After finished speaking, Yiye Jiange smiled and walked in. Qing Shui was unable to hear any of Canghai Mingyue's screams. It was exactly because of this that he felt really worried.

After all, this was the first time Qing Shui experienced this. Ever since he returned, he paid the most attention to the babies in Canghai Mingyue's stomach. He wanted to slowly feel them grow because they were his children.

Time passed gradually. Qing Shui felt that it was sometimes fast and sometimes slow as he constantly paced back and forth the living room. He realized that he was actually unable to stay calm and sit down.

It was almost noon but no one had eaten anything yet, Nor did anyone prepare any food. Qing Shui didn't even remember that he needed to have his lunch. All his mind was focused on the room where Canghai Mingyue was in.


A loud and clear baby crying noise came through. It made Qing Shui tremble. At that moment, he felt really relieved and couldn't wait to go in.

It's just that he was stopped by Huoyun Liu-Li this time.

’’Congratulations Mister Qing! Madam has finally given birth to your son!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li pulled Qing Shui while craftily winking her beautiful pupils and smiled.

’’Little demoness, the baby is born, why are you not going in?’’ As of now, Qing Shui didn't really have the mood to tease Huoyun Liu-Li.

’’There is one more, not bad, you actually managed to get sister pregnant with two babies.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Qing Shui with a cheerful expression.

’’Two?’’ Qing Shui looked at Huoyun Liu-Li blankly. Since the beginning, he had never expected things to turn out like this. Furthermore, it was not like Canghai Mingyue's stomach looked that big.

’’Yeah, are you happy?’’


Not long after, a baby crying noise came through from the room. Compared to the previous one, this one was a lot softer.

’’Let's go, we can go in now!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li pulled the joyful Qing Shui and walked in together.

The moment Qing Shui heard the baby's crying, he felt incomparably relieved. In an instant, he felt unusually relaxed and really satisfied. It was an indescribable feeling.

There were quite a few pople in the room. Mingyue Gelou, Yiye Jiange, Qing Yi, Shi Qingzhuang and even Wenren Wushuang!

’’Auntie! Look at how much the little babies resembled Qing Shui!’’

’’This little brat looks like Mingyue! When she is older, she will definitely turn out to be an extremely beautiful girl.’’


Qing Yi carried a baby and happily sat on the side of the bed to let Canghai Mingyue see her child.

At this moment, both Qing Shui and Huoyun Liu-Li walked in.

’’Qing Shui! Look quickly! There are two babies in our family now!’’ Shi Qingzhuang smiled when she was speaking to Qing Shui. She was carrying the other baby!

The two little brats were wrapped up with a golden brocade. Qing Shui smiled as he took over the little brat from Shi Qingzhuang's hands. He carried the little brat and looked at the delicate small face. It had a really red face and its eyes which was staring at Qing Shui looked particularly beautiful.

’’They are already so full of spirit despite being newborn......’’

A feeling of meridians connecting got passed onto Qing Shui's body. At that instant, he felt really unusual and for a moment, he felt that the entire world became really beautiful.

He carried the little brat and sat on the side of the bed. He didn't say anything as he held Canghai Mingyue's weak hands after birth. He just looked at the blessed Canghai Mingyue in joy.


As Qing Yi carried the baby, a familiar and loud crying noise rang out. Qing Yi smiled and looked at Qing Shui, ’’Is he blaming you for not carrying him? Come here and do it quickly!’’

Qing Yi smiled as she passed him the little brat.

’’What does a little baby like him know!’’ Qing Shui chuckled and said as he gently let go of Canghai Mingyue's hand and extended his arm to grab the child who was still crying.

It felt really weird saying it verbally. As soon as Qing Shui carried him, he stopped crying. He opened up both of his beautiful eyes which looked exactly the same as his sister and stared at Qing Shui.

’’Naughty babies! You are already starting to fight each other as soon as you were born.’’

The others looked on happily as Qing Shui held the two babies. Qing Shui on the other hand, looked at the faces of the two babies which looked exactly the same. Slowly, he began staring into space.

An unusual feeling started spreading around his body. Even though Qing Shui was conscious at the moment, he still felt like an immortal monk. He felt at peace and felt as if he didn't want anything in the world.

So this was what was happening......

At that instant, Qing Shui's body felt as if it underwent a tremendous change. It felt like his soul was rinsed and that his bones were even starting to look fresh and new.

The Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique began revolving on its own. It's just that it didn't even leak out one bit.

One cycle, two cycle.....

Qing Shui just carried his two babies like that. He didn't move an inch like he was a fixed statue.

When Huoyun Liu-Li wanted to say something, she was stopped by Yiye Jiange. She didn't allow her to make any noises. After everyone saw her action, they all kept quiet and looked at Qing Shui who was having an expression which looked as peaceful as a buddha statue.

One hundredth Cycle, one hundredth and one cycle......’’

At this moment, Qing Shui was aware of what he was doing. But he just didn't want to think more about it. He felt really good right now. He was really satisfied with this very moment.

He knew that he was a bit distracted at the moment. Despite that, he felt reluctant to stop this kind of feeling. He told himself that he only needed to hold on for a little longer.

One hundred and ninety ninth cycle of circulated Qi! However, the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique which was revolving at a decent speed actually didn't stop. It naturally revolved on its own once again and broke through the barrier of the two hundredth cycle of circulated Qi with an irresistible force.


A boundless force emerged within Qing Shui's body. The meridians and dantian in his body were rapidly undergoing transformations. They were becoming even more sturdy and tough. His meridians had gotten a lot thicker than before too whereas the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique has reached the state of being a semi-solid. It gave off a powerful golden light. The abundant strength quickly brought Qing Shui came back to his senses.

He has actually broken through without any sign.

If Qing Shui had known that he was about to break through, he wouldn't have carried the two children. He never thought that he would actually break through because he didn't revolve his qi on his own.

Something overwhelming which was not visible from the outside happened inside his body. Most importantly, Qing Shui was carrying his two children. As he thought about it, he also felt scared. If he had been too proud of himself and accidentally let his Qi Force out, he would regret it for his entire life.

However, little by little, Qing Shui knew that he was carrying them all along. Hence, he never once thought about breaking through. He didn't even revolve his qi to destroy the barrier. This kind of action was also a subconscious action. What he didn't think about was for it to break through on its own.

If he hadn't carried them, it was very unlikely that he would have broken through. This kind of opportunity where he could completely loosen up disappeared in an instant.

This was also a breakthrough brought about from meticulously feeling the connections of his meridians and loosening up from looking at the children being born. Qing Shui never thought that the turning point for him to break through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer would actually be his children. Furthermore, it went so smoothly that he found it really hard to believe.

Looking at the two white and cute babies, contrary to what one might expect, Qing Shui didn't have the mood to sense his own strength. When he raised his head, he saw everyone looking at him curiously.

’’It's ok now. These two little brats really brought good fortune to me. They have already given me such a big present the moment they were born.’’ Qing Shui chuckled. He looked really honest when he said it.

Qing Shui looked at the two little brat and felt so happy to the point he didn't even notice when the people around him went out. He only found out that there were only him, Canghai Mingyue and the two children left when he raised his head.

’’Yueyue, you will have to start breastfeeding the babies from now on.’’ Qing Shui chuckled as he gently put down their children next to Canghai Mingyue.

Canghai Mingyue blushed. She couldn't help but roll her eyes at Qing Shui. At one point when they were still in South City, this naughty man had teased her with this before. Who would have thought that this day would really come? As she thought about it, she felt really happy.

’’Qing Shui, pass our children to me, I want to hold them, I haven't gotten to do it.’’ Canghai Mingyue slowly sat up.

Qing Shui hurriedly helped her lifted up her upper body and let her lean on a soft pillow. Then only he passed her their son while carrying his daughter, and sitting beside her.

’’Qing Shui, tell me what name you want to give them.’’ Canghai Mingyue raised her head and looked at Qing Shui in joy.

’’Yeah, the birth of our son has helped me broke through. Let's call him Qing Zun. The daughter is the source of my happiness, so let's call her Qing Yin, what do you think?’’ After thinking for a while, Qing Shui asked.

’’Alright! Zun`Er, Yin`Er! These are the names your father gave you. Do you like it?’’ Canghai Mingyue played with Qing Zun whom she was carrying and smiled.

’’Pass me Yin`Er, let me hold her......’’


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