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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 575


575 - Qing Shui's Martial Saint leveled Demonic Beast, Level of drawing skin

Time slowly went by, Qing Shui was shocked. The the time that it took to brew a pot of tea went by but there was no big reaction. However, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant soon got restless and it used its four legs to light trample around.

Qing Shui felt restless in his heart as well, after all, this was the essence of two Martial Saint leveled Demonic Beast. Qing Shui had wanted to let the Diamond Gigantic Elephant use this strong energy to break through to the Martial Saint Realm.

This kind of pearl was very precious, Demon Refiners in the World of the Nine Continents would have an extremely small chance of getting this kind of essence pearls because it was refined out of corpses. Thus when compared to Qing Shui's pearl, the quality was far lower. However, refining the corpses of Demonic Beasts was not dangerous or life threatening.

The trampling movements of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant got larger and larger, even to the point where it was executing the Mighty Elephant Stomp frantically, at that moment, its body started to emit a strong might.


With a loud elephant howl, a faint red light arose from the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. In fact, when he looked more closely, it was more of a scarlet black light, and its shade was deepening.

Very soon, when the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was enveloped by the scarlet black light, it continued to grow larger, finally, it looked like a huge callus, Qing Shui stared at the changes of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant without blinking.

Seeing that the sun was now high in the sky, and the Fire Bird was circling around not far away, Qing Shui did not think of any other things, he just quietly looked at the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, using his Spiritual Sense to track its changes.

When Qing Shui sensed that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's strength was unceasingly and rapidly rising, he felt worried that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant might explode and die.

This continued for another two hours before Qing Shui relaxed, the increase of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's strength had finally slowed down. That intense atmosphere was especially terrifying, it even caused a chill despite the sunny weather.



A heaven shaking roar resounded, following that, the scarlet black light was blasted apart towards the surroundings. Qing Shui's expression changed in an instant and he hastily retreated.


The position where the Diamond Gigantic Elephant initially stood at turned into a big pit with a radius of 100 meters and the water of the Stellar Horse Lake gushed into it.

However, at this moment, Qing Shui just started at the Diamond Gigantic Elephant in the air!

It can Skywalk......

However, what caused Qing Shui to be stunned, was the appearance of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. It was now seven meters tall and its body was 20 meters long, it looked very thick and solid. Although it was still golden, it's four huge feet was stepping on four black fire clouds, causing the originally simple Diamond Gigantic Elephant to gain a degree of mystery and unruliness.

’’It is mightier than before!’’ Qing Shui looked at the floating Diamond Gigantic Elephant with excitement in his heart. After all, this was his Demonic Beast and now, it was a Martial Saint leveled Demonic Beast.

A Martial Saint leveled Demonic Beast that belonged to him......

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant in the air came in front of Qing Shui in a flash and circled around Qing Shui, its movements seemed very natural.

Qing Shui laughed when he tried to sense the strength of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. He discovered that he could no longer sense the exact strength of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, the difference was just too big.

Jumping on the back of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, he summoned the Fire Bird and continued his journey to the Greencloud Continent!

A Martial Saint was incomparable, Qing Shui found out that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's Skywalk was much faster than the Fire Bird's flight speed. It was stable and felt natural, even people who ate the Great Revitalizing Pellet and got weakened could ride it......


The Fire Bird let out a resounding cry, as though it was unsatisfied. Qing Shui swapped over to the Fire Bird, leaping across from the broad back of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to the back of the Fire Bird.

He submerged himself into his sea of consciousness, even though he did not know the strength of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, he could see if there were any changes to its innate techniques.

Diamond Qi: passive technique, permanently increases the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's bodily strength by one fold.

Diamond Protection: passive technique, permanently increases the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's bodily defense by one fold.

Diamond Crossing Rivers: passive technique, permanently increases the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's bodily speed by one fold.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Mighty Elephant's Recklessness!

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion: suddenly activates within 200 radius, raising speed by one fold! The distances had doubled compared against previously.

Ferocious Diamond Attack: The Diamond Gigantic Elephant uses its body to attack in an instant, can raise the body's attack by one fold!

Diamond Sword Qi: Spits out Core Qi to attack the opponent, has great killing power, can reduce the target's speed by 20 percent, effects last for 15 minutes.

Vajra subdues Demons: after activation, the targets within 100 radius will have their abilities reduced by 10 percent, effects last for 15 minutes!

Dark Infernal Flames: Uses Dark Infernal Flames to attack!

Qing Shui believed that the last one should be an ability granted by that pearl. Looking at the two additional skills, he felt that they complemented his Emperor's Qi and the Heavenly Talismans very well. However, the most important thing was that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant had broken through to the Martial Saint Realm, this caused Qing Shui to be very happy.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was a war beast, it relied on its body to attack. When coordinated well, the Diamond Qi, Diamond Protection, Diamond Crossing Rivers, Instantaneous Diamond Evasion, and Ferocious Diamond Attack were sufficient to kill even an expert in a second.

The Mighty Elephant Stomp was a terrifying area of effect technique, its strong destructive powers can only be described as absurd!

Withdrawing his Spiritual Sense, Qing Shui recalled the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and rode on the Fire Bird. He rapidly flew for a day, until it was time to enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, at that time, he brought the Fire Bird with him into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

This event could considered as a thrilling event, the greater the risk, the greater the rewards. Although he had nearly lost his life, he now had a Martial Saint Level Demonic Beast. The most important thing was that he had a terrifying increase in strength. It was worth it, the fact that he was still alive made it worth it.

After he cooked some food and ate, he looked into his Dantian and saw a familiar gaseous mass, every time the Diamond Gigantic Elephant broke through, he would obtain 20 percent of the increase.

Only, this time, the gaseous mass seemed to be very big. He remembered the last time he tried to absorb this energy, he went through a lot of pain. This time, Qing Shui hesitated.

However, when he thought about the benefits he had obtained when he cultivated the Ancient Book of 'Rebirth,' coupled with the training he did on his body, he was very confident in the strength of his constitution.

After considering things again, Qing Shui decided to absorb it!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Maybe this was an opportunity to breakthrough to the Martial Saint Realm!

The more Qing Shui thought about it, the more excited he got, it was a pity that he was still in the weakened state of the Great Revitalizing Pellet. However, Qing Shui was not worried. After the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal leveled up, he could stay in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for 50 days. Thus, Qing Shui intended to rest in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for a month before absorbing that gaseous mass.

Qing Shui, could temporarily not do other things, so he drew talismans, but without the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, he could only draw the form. When he got tired of drawing talismans, he would draw other things. He felt that the Tiger's Mount painting was pretty nice and decided to try drawing it.

At first, Qing Shui did not know where to start, thus he kept looking at it. He felt that the charm of this painting was not ordinary. Back then, it was because of this charm that he purchase it. Slowly, Qing Shui felt that the ferocious tiger in the painting seemed to come alive.

Suddenly, he felt that drawing tigers was not that difficult, his hands held the Golden Calligraphy Brush and he rapidly drew on the Beast Parchment. In this period, Qing Shui did not have any other thought, he spent two days like this before stopping.

Qing Shui did not think that he could be completely engrossed in painting for two days!

To the untrained eyes, they would find that the tiger in the painting looked nice, but to the expert, they would discover that the painting Qing Shui drew had skin and fur, it was the level of drawing skin.

In this world, there was an artist occupation but they were not cultivators and focused on only drawing. The art of drawing can be classified into multiple levels, level of introduction, level of drawing skin, level of drawing flesh and blood, level of drawing bones, level of drawing souls, level of drawing divine essence!

Being able to reach the level of drawing bones would be sufficient for one to become rich, this was because their paintings would become valuable. As for the level of drawing souls and the level of drawing divine essence, they were the stuff of legends. Legends had it, that upon reaching that level, the things in the painting will come to life.

Qing Shui did not believe in that, but Qing Shui believed in another explanation. It was that it was like drawing talismans, it could temporary possess life, for example, the tiger that was drawn could have a mysterious temporary attacking strength.

This was what Qing Shui felt when he had nothing to do and drew for fun, he felt that it could be useful to him. Maybe if he could practice till the level of drawing skin, level of drawing flesh and blood, or maybe the level of drawing bones, the effects of the talismans he drew might be better......

In the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, one month of time went by quickly. Qing Shui had drawn ten ferocious tiger paintings, there were some improvements but there was nothing obvious. He could be considered to be at the level of drawing skin. After all, Qing Shui had spent a significant amount of time drawing talismans and had some basics. Furthermore, those talismans were not easy to draw, it was a good thing that it did not matter if you drew an ugly talisman.

But an artist would be different, the things they drew needed to look nice. When it reached a certain level or above, beauty referred to health and strength, for example, a tiger looked robust and well shaped, when it became strong, the body of the tiger looked beautiful, as simple as that.

Qing Shui decided that when he had time in future, he would practice drawing. It would be too wasteful if he did not practice with the Golden Calligraphy Brush and the Moonstone Ink Slab!

One month went by and the state of weakness had passed. Qing Shui planned to use the remaining time to absorb the gaseous mass.

After making the necessary preparation, Qing Shui started to slowly circulate the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique towards that gaseous mass!


In an instant, Qing Shui felt that as if his whole Dantian was about the explode, a berserk energy circulated in his meridians. This energy caused his meridians and Dantian to expand;his whole body felt a pain that entered his bone marrows.

A layer of fine and dense blood sweat could be seen on Qing Shui's body. If Qing Shui's meridians and Dantain were not this strong, he would have exploded long ago.

The Dantian and meridians continued to expand, at the same time compressing the Qi force in the Dantian and meridians, making it denser......


A small hole appeared in the meridians, however, it healed very quickly at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. After that, another hole would appear somewhere else and heal again......

This situation continued for almost 15 minutes before stopping, following that, the pain in his bone marrows stopped and an enormous strength filled his body.

Slowly, all the pain vanished, following that came a strong sense of comfort. His whole body was warm, as though he was sunbathing on a cold winter day. There was a sense warmth and satisfaction, the kind that was both physical and mental.


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