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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 569


AST 569 - Everlasting Pellet Recipe, Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood

The Fire Bird was on the Chinese Parasol Tree, while the Jade Emperor Queen was in the Beehive on the Hundred Blossom Tree. However, they would be scattered around the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal collecting nectar from flowers. The plants here were all above a thousand years, therefore the Jade Emperor Queen Bee Nectar obtained would be stronger. The next generation of Jade Emperor Bee would have a stronger growth potential as well.

Following that, Qing Shui practised the Ancient Strengthening Technique. Aside from the practising the Ancient Strengthening Technique, he continually damaged his body and spent most of the time he had left on refining medicines.

The recipe for the Everlasting Pellet was about to be revealed, Qing Shui was excited. Due to unforeseen events, it was delayed for quite a long time, the recipes obtained before this were all practically been refined before already.

When the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal increased to the sixth level, the amount of time he could spend in there and increase, in addition, the Everlasting Pellet was the strongest pill till date, thus Qing Shui had great anticipations.

In the middle he practised the Ancient Strengthening Technique to recover some Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, at the same time, he practised a round of the Heavenly Thunder Slash, drew a few talismans and even researched the Hidden Weapon Technique.



After that clear sound rang, Qing Shui felt especially excited, the recipe for the Everlasting Pellet was about to be revealed. Qing Shui took a deep breath and looked that this recipe that took such a long time to be revealed.

Everlasting Pellet recipe: Five Elements Fruit, Peach of Immortality, Core of a Martial Saint Demonic Beast, blood of a Martial Saint Demonic Beast, tendons of a Martial Saint Demonic Beast, 5000 year old Lingzhi, Rainbow Trout Fish, 3000 year old Milkvetch, 3000 year old Thousand Orchid, 3000 year old Blood Jade Ginseng, 3000 year old White Jade Lotus, Phoenix Tail Grass, Qianji Wood, Wind Water Primordial Pellet, and Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood.

Seeing this, Qing Shui smiled, everything he has seems to be related to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Previously, because the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had not leveled up, he did not have a Beauty Fruit to refine the Beauty Pellet. The matter of refining the Beauty Pellet was delayed till the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal leveled up.

If it was not for the fact that his training got delayed, the ingredients required would have caused him to have a headache. It was a good thing the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal leveled up at this time, saving Qing Shui lots of trouble.

What led Qing Shui to be especially happy was that he managed to kill that Martial Saint Grade Demonic Beast. Now he had a source of Demonic Beast materials, or else he would not know where to find Martial Saint Grade Demonic Beast Materials.

It was a blessing in disguise!

This time, he only had to look for the Qingji Wood and the Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood, only, Qing Shui was not optimistic in doing so. He had heard of the Three Tailed Immortal Fox before, but he had never even heard of the Qingji Wood.

In the World of the Nine Continents, this number 'three' was the usual maximum number of tails. As for the heads, it was four, that is to say, if a Demonic Beast had four or more heads, it was a strong mutated Demonic Beast. As for the tails, it was three, that is to say, if a Demonic Beast had three or more tails, it would similarly be a strong mutated Demonic Beast.

The Demonic beast that had the most occurrences of many heads are the snake type Demonic Beast. As for the Beast that has the most occurrence of many tails, it was the fox type Demonic Beasts.

Amongst the Fox species, the Immortal Fox was the one with the most noble bloodline, it was already a Martial King at birth. It was a natural wind attributed beast, the wind attribute falls under the Wood Element.

The Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood was at least a Martial Saint Grade Demonic Beast. It had an extremely fast speed and it could fly using its Martial Saint powers. If Qing Shui went to fight it, it would be as good as sending himself to die.

The Immortal Fox normally lives deep in the mountains, mostly in areas where people rarely goes. It like to live in caves and it's intelligence was amongst the demonic beasts was considered good, it was not inferior by much to the ape type demonic beast. Qing Shui rubbed his nose, he was worried this time.

’’Never mind, we will see how it goes in the future!’’ Qing Shui sighed, but he still carried hope in his heart. Like maybe he could exchange for it in the big sects and clans of the Central Continent.

’’Right, I have not checked out the effects of the Everlasting Pellet.’’

When he thought of that, Qing Shui impatiently looked down to check out the effects!

Effects: raise the body's strength by 100 percent, open the Zhongfu acupoint!

The two effects were simple, but they caused Qing Shui to be wild with joy. It was a pity that he could not refine it now. He shook his head and looked down to see what the next pill was.

He was 200 thousand experience away from the next pill, the 定神香!

Qing Shui was now at a loss, why does it require so little experience? Could it be that his theory that the pills that appeared later would be stronger was wrong?

Over a long period of time, Qing Shui had refined many types of Medicinal Pills, from his experience, he could tell if a Medicinal Pill was good or bad.

From this one look, it seems that the Medicinal pills would not get stronger and stronger, however, Qing Shui was happy with this scenario because if the experience required was little, then it would be easy to find the ingredients for the recipe. Now that he had the Crystal Lion, if pills of the same grade as the Beauty Pill appeared, it would not be a bad thing.

The second day, Qing Shui stood at the beach, facing the rising sun, slowly practising his Taichi fist. Similarly, there were many people practicing as well, both males and females. Looks like everyone knew that the Spiritual Qin in the morning was denser, although, it does not result in more results from less effort, it would be faster than usual.

There was constantly people watching Qing Shui practise the first technique that was as slow as a snail, original there were some that wanted to laugh, but they could not, even people who did not know any martial techniques could feel that the grace exuded was not ordinary.

It seemed to be in the Heavenly stage, a divine skill. The awkward movements seemed to be filled with an simple and unadorned atmosphere. Slowly, many people were attracted over the grace exuded by his technique.

When Qing Shui stopped, Lan Tong and her group was already by his side!

’’Can you teach us some martial techniques.’’ Lan Tong now asked in an unrestrained manner.

Qing Shui smiled, martial techniques were valued as precious treasure by other, Qing Shui had not reached the stage when he wished to teach people when he met them, if it were so, wouldn't it be lunacy? However, knowing them was a kind of fate, Qing Shui believed in karma, this when Lan Tong raised this issue, Qing Shui naturally would not refuse.

Actually, Qing Shui had a dream, he hoped to one day be able to start his own sect!

’’Oh, I'm sorry!’’

While Qing Shui was daydreaming, he suddenly heard Lan Tong's apologetic voice. While one look, Qing Shui knew what was going on and smiled: ’’what are you sorry for?’’

’’I should not have raised this unreasonable request.’’

’’Who said that this request was unreasonable, I am trying to figure out what to teach you.’’ Qing Shui smiled.

’’You really will teach us?’’

’’Of course, why would I lie to you!’’

’’Don't cultivators their their Martial Techniques like their lives? You could you teach it to them so easily?’’ Ya Rong, who was the one who did not say much, asked in distrust.

’’Martial techniques are the life of cultivators but I have many martial techniques. Furthermore, including you guys, I know not more than six people in the Jade Sea. Even though we just met, I am willing to teach you.’’

Lan Tong smiled and look at the sky and said: ’’Let's go catch Crystal Lions first, then you can teach us afterwards. We can help you locate the Crystal Lions, but we are unable to capture them, we still need to rely on you for that.’’

’’Being able to find it would already be a great help to me.’’

Many of the people on the beach set out to sea once again. There were salvagers, hunters, tourists, adventurers, and many cultivators bringing girls to walk on the sea, as though taking a walk on the clouds, there was the consistent laughter of girls.

Most of the people were here the look for Crystal Lions, it was a good thing that not many people did not know the spots where the Crystal Lions appear. However, it was not as though the Crystal Lions can be found elsewhere, just that it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Today, they changed to another location, Lan Tong went to a place with relatively little people, they had set off earlier today as well.

Today's harvest caused Qing Shui to be happy, it was better than yesterday, he actually caught four. Just when Qing Shui and his group was about to leave, there was a lively cry.

’’I caught it.... Two Crystal Lions......’’

’’Let me see......’’

’’It's true, how beautiful, you struck gold!’’


’’Come, let's go and take a look!’’ Qing Shui suggested.


There were a lot people surround them, there was chaotic discussions being carried out, there were even offering people offer to buy the Crystal Lion. However, there a lot of people with greed in their eyes.

’’Are you selling these two Crystal Lions?’’ A clear voice rang out, In this chaotic group of people, his voice stood out, his voice seemed proud and disdainful.

’’Oh, it's the third young master of the Ximen Clan, there will be a good show to watch.’’

’’Looked like he is very unfortunate, since he met the third young master of the Ximen Clan, he is going to be in serious trouble.’’

At this moment, Qing Shui also came over, he saw that the people, who caught the Crystal Lion, was two middle-aged man. One was tall and sturdy, the other was skinny, but the two of them were Xiantian cultivators.

’’Young Master Ximen, there are lots of people who wish to purchase it......’’

’’Who wants to purchase it?’’

The handsome and outstanding youth looked around the surrounding, the only people who are able to stand up against the Ximen Clan in Sea Jade City were limited to the few powers around. Everyone had seen it, he did not even put the people around here in Ximen Langyuan's eyes.

After Ximen Langyuan looked at them, many people was frighten and said: ’’I did not say that, I did not say that......’’

The two man who caught the two Crystal Lions looked at their surrounding feeling depressed, they were unsatisfied in their hearts. If they sold it to the third young master, they would only earn a pitiful amount of money.

However, they wanted to exchange it for some Medicinal Pill that could increases their cultivation, but it looks like their plan was foiled.

They could not afford to antagonist the Ximen Clan!

’’Gentlemens, please sell these these two Crystal Lions to me, just state a price, or anything items you would like to exchange for, both are alright.’’ Qing Shui smiled, he saw the scene from outside and went over.

’’Who are you? Do you have a problem with my Ximen Clan?’’ The youth used a cold gaze to look at Qing Shui, the Ximen Langyuan had never been slighted like this before

’’If the Ximen Clan produces scum like you, then they are not likely to survive for much longer, isn't that right?’’ Qing Shui said without even turning back.

’’Who are you?’’ Ximen Langyuan may be proud, but he was not foolish. He knew that they were the people of the Ximen Clan yet he dared to behave as such, he had to have a great background.

’’It does not matter who am I, I only noticed that the Ximen Clan is so poor till they have to bully people into selling. Are the people of the Ximen Clan all scums like you? I wonder if the elders of the Ximen Clan are aware of your actions?’’


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