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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 568


AST 568 - Obtaining the treasured beast, The beautiful beach of Jade Sea

’’It appeared!’’



Everyone was shouting chaotically!

’’No way! My fishing net passed down from my ancestors was bitten through......’’

’’What a crappy net, how disappointing, it was already in the net but it actually escaped, what a pity!’’

’’How do you catch this......’’

In an instant, the scattered sounds of raucous discussion entered Qing Shui's ears. The others may not have the time to wait for this Crystal Lion to produce a crystal, but Qing Shui had the time.

Thinking of that powerful Crystal, Qing Shui quietly made a decision, he needed to get hold of a Crystal Lion today. It didn't matter how he obtained it, he would purchase, exchange or even snatch it.

Qing Shui spread out his spiritual sense because he felt that this kind of treasured beast would have a dense spiritual Qi, once he felt that strong spiritual Qi fluctuation, he would make his move. With his current strength, catching it should not be a problem.

It was a pity that after the earlier people shouted out, there were no other people shouting that they saw the Crystal Lion, This caused an itch in Qing Shui's heart, he wanted it more than anyone else.

Lan Tong occasionally looked at the sun in the sky, after stopping for a while, she would again adjust the position of the small boat. As for the shouts of people that claimed they had found the Crystal Lion, it did not even cause her expressions to change. Her face was like jade, as calm as still water, this caused Qing Shui to quietly admire her temperament.

’’The time is almost over, let's go back!’’ someone shouted after a while, then left on his boat. Once someone left, there were others who would look at the sun then leave as well.

’’Sister Lan Tong, should we go?’’ Tian Yuan looked at Lan Tong and asked.

’’Move another 500 meters into the deep sea region on the west side.’’ Lan Tong told the group of five people.

Qing Shui quietly stored up his strength, as long as the could find the Crystal Lion, he would be able to catch it. Looking at Lan Tong's confident expression, Qing Shui was surprised to find that he had an indescribable trust in her, he felt that she would definitely be able to find the Crystal Lion.

’’Stop!’’ Lan Tong held the small net in her hands and looked at the seawater without moving!

’’Look, there is a small boat there that has not given up hope yet, they probably did not know that time is almost up, it is better to just come back tomorrow!’’ someone said in a loud voice, it was uncertain whether he was trying to remind Qing Shui's group or to tell others about it.

’’With just one glance you can tell they are from poor families trying to strike it rich. They are probably not aware that they are heading into the edge of the deep sea region, they are risking their lives there.’’

’’Brother Feng, let's go and come back tomorrow!’’


In a short moment, a large group of people left. However, perhaps it was because of the shouts of that person, there were a few small boats that sailed towards them. When Lan Tong saw them, she frowned.

’’It is Wang Biao and his group, Sister Lan Tong, what should we do? Even if we caught the Crystal Lion, it will be snatched away by him.’’ Tian Yuan said sullenly.

’’Anyone who dares to snatch from me will suffer my wrath!’’ Tie Dong took out his Golden Backed Machete and emitted an imposing air. However, he only had the strength of a High Grade Martial Commander.

’’Tie Dong, please keep your machete, we are here to capture the Crystal Lion, not to fight.’’ Lan Tong faced Tie Dong and scolded him.

This big, tall and sturdy person immediately turned into a little lamb. This allowed Qing Shui to infer that this determined man had tender feelings for Lan Tong, but it was a pity it was an unrequited love.

Soon, three small boats approached, Qing Shui felt that this situation was quite relaxing. This was because to him, these people were like ants. This feeling was what experts felt. Such people were confident because they had everything under control, regardless of the situation, he would be able to manage it. Qing Shui finally felt such a feeling of confidence and calm, nothing could cause his expressions to change.

Actually everyone, when placed into a relative perspective, could be experts, just like how Qing Shui is an expert now to them, however, in the eyes of Martial Saint cultivators and above, he was just an ant......

’’My dear Lan Tong, why bother struggling like this, if you follow me, you will live well, don't you feel tired like this?’’ A fat youth leading them laughed loudly.

Qing Shui look at the youth, his height was about 1.8 meters, but his waist was also about 1.8 meters wide...... He was literally a huge meatball. If he laid on top of a beauty, it would kill her......

He had triangular eyes and a pair of eyebrows that looked depressed, and when he laughed, it looked like he was crying. He had a lewd expression on his face and when he saw Lan Tong, he almost drooled. this led Qing Shui to wonder what kind of people his parents were, how could they give birth to such a wretched thing?

’’How many times has my Sister Lan Tong said 'dream on', stop harassing my Sister Lan Tong.’’ Tian Yuan stood at Lan Tong's side and angrily shouted loudly.

However, Lan Tong did not say anything, she only frowned, and looked at Wang Biao in annoyance then just continued to stare at the seawater!

’’Consider for a moment, am I, Wang Biao, really that bad? Within an area of 500 kilometers......’’

’’You are very irritating, go away, stop interrupting my business!’’ Lan Tong interrupted Wang Biao's endless streams of words in displeasure, she did not even bother to raise her head to look at him.

Qing Shui could tell that Wang Biao did not dare to use brute force, this caused him to feel that it was strange. Seeing that this thick skinned person had no intentions to leave, Qing Shui took out a piece of stone and silently threw it.


’’Young master, the boat is leaking water!’’ Very soon, an alarmed cry was heard!

’’Quickly change the boat, quickly, if I, the young master, drowns, your whole family will be buried together with me.’’ Wang Biao turned pale and shouted loudly.

Qing Shui guess that this Wang Clan was not one of those big clans, either that or Wang Biao was just a piece of trash that his family had forgotten, none of the people around him were Xiantian cultivators.

It was normal for Wang Biao to panic, he had no cultivation and he could not swim. If he fell into the water, his fat body would definitely sink, and if the others wanted to save him, they would not have the strength to do so......

Lan Tong looked thoughtfully at Qing Shui and smiled, her smile was very beautiful. However, Qing Shui pretended to know anything, nor did he look at Lan Tong.

The stone that Qing Shui threw out carried a vibration power, not only did it break a hole in the boat, it also caused the surrounding area to break like glass, it was impossible to stopper the hole.

’’Quick, there are demonic beasts......’’

Wang Biao dragged his fat body over to another small boat, the originally spacious small boat was now full, the whole boat even sank 15 centimeters deeper.

’’You and you, go to another small boat!’’ Wang Biao pointed to two people and said.

Qing Shui stretched out and prepared to 'gift' them another stone but he was stopped by Lan Tong: ’’forget it, although he is the trash of the Wang Clan, he is still a person from the Wang Clan, it is better to have less trouble.’’

’’It appeared, it appeared......’’ Tian Yuan suddenly pointed at the water and shouted loudly!

Lan Tong threw out one of the small nets in her hands but Qing Shui just leaped into the sea ferociously like an arrow leaving the bowstring. He created a large splash when entering the water, this was done on purpose by Qing Shui.

Qing Shui's current eyesight and speed were terrifying, in a flash, Qing Shui saw three Crystal Lions, each about the size of a fist. Their body was as transparent as crystal, it's body was covered in scale armor, its facial features and limbs were extremely lifelike.

Just like that, Qing Shui did not even have the time to look carefully before jumping into the water. His arms were like flood dragons in the deep water. He accurately grabbed a Crystal Lion with his hands each and rapidly threw it into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Only after searching around and not seeing any others did Qing Shui come up to the surface. However, he actually came up just in time to see the Crystal Lion in Lan Tong's net actually escaping from that strange net in midair.

Qing Shui did not hesitate to stretch his hand out and catch it. He caught it in his hands, as though catching an iron drill. The Crystal Lion emitted a sharp delicate beast cry. Lan Tong and the others were surprised that Qing Shui could actually use his bare hands to catch it. Although they knew that Qing Shui's strength was not normal, but they still felt that it was inconceivable.

Qing Shui just grabbed the Crystal Lion in his hands just like that and boarded the boat, then the extended his hands to Lan Tong and said: ’’yours!’’

Although it was just a simple word Qing Shui could still feel how they felt, it was the feeling of joy. Although it was not obvious but he could clearly feel it.

’’I don't want it, it is yours!’’ Lan Tong smiled at Qing Shui, she was unable to accept the Crystal Lion.

Qing Shui went blank for a moment, then he said: ’’I have some uses for this Crystal Lion. How about this, let's take it as I purchased it from you, how about that? I will give you something that will satisfy you.’’

’’No need, this is yours. If you did not catch it, it would have escaped, we should be congratulating you instead.’’

Although it was said like that, Qing Shui knew that his earlier actions of jumping into the water was very rash, and had showed that he had an intention to snatch it away.

’’I am an alchemist, I am lacking a certain ingredient, maybe this Crystal Lion can replace it. If you just reject me like that, it is equivalent to chasing me away. I am willing to make this trade, or else I would feel uncomfortable about it, my cultivation would end up being halted......’’


Lan Tong giggled, this was the first time she saw such a person. Others would have a greedy face, but this man was the opposite, it was as though he was a wastrel who felt uncomfortable at not being able to give something away.

’’Then just simply just us some immortal pills, Great Alchemist.’’ Lan Tong laughed till her bright eyes turned into the shape of a crescent moon, she seemed to be especially happy.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose: ’’I do not have any immortal pills but here is the Constitution Nurturing Pill, and this is the Tiger Vitality Pill!’’

Qing Shui gave those to them, each person received ten Constitution Nurturing Pills and ten Tiger Vitality Pills. The Tiger Vitality Pill can increase one's strength by 1000 Jin, when used together with the Constitution Nurturing Pill, it's effects are remarkable.

They received it but they seemed to be at a loss, Qing Shui smiled at them: ’’let's go back to the beach first, you will know the effects after you consume it. Eat one Constitution Nurturing Pill and one Tiger Vitality Pill. Take the Constitution Nurturing Pill first, then eat the Tiger Vitality Pill. Stretch out the time, take it once a month and that will do.

The time for hunting Crystal Lions today had passed, they could only turn back and return to the beach!

Very soon, the few of them returned the beach. Qing Shui had already thrownn the Crystal Lion into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. There were many people on the beach who saw the actions of Qing Shui and his group, but they were unsure if they caught a Crystal Lion or not.

As for Qing Shui's clothes, it was made of Lunar Silk from the Heavenly Palace, it was resistant against water and fire. His hair that was soaked and the water that was brought up had already dried long ago.

It was still early when they had returned to the beach, however, there were already many tents pitched on the beach. These were pitched by those who were here for leisure, as well as those that were here to hunt or to capture Crystal Lions.

Lan Tong and her group, as well as Qing Shui, walked toward an area with three tents, their tents were pitched there. Lan Tong and Tie Dong each had one each. The brothers, Da Wu and Xiao Wu, shared one.

’’We still have tents, should we help you pitch one? Lan Tong looked at Qing Shui and smiled.

’’I have one already, I'll do it myself. You can go do your own things first. Oh, you can take those pills already. Don't worry, there is definitely no problems with those pills.’’ Qing Shui rubbed his nose as he smiled.

’’It sounds like you frequently give others pills with problems.’’ Lan Tong smiled as she entered her tent.

Qing Shui quickly pitched his tent. After a while, four people came out with shocked expression as they gazed at Qing Shui.

’’This pill was really refined by you?’’ Lan Tong looked at Qing Shui. She was pleasantly surprise.

When Qing Shui saw her expression, he already guessed that this girl, whose cultivation was not high, knew a lot of things. She should be able to figure out that this was no ordinary pill, this was something that not even a Xiantian Alchemist could refine. Even if it was a low grade pill, the effect of the pill refined by different grades of Alchemist were different.

’’I don't seem to gain anything by lying to you right?’’ Qing Shui laughed.

Lan Tong had an unnatural expression on her face but it quickly changed, she smiled at Qing Shui and said: ’’It feels weird to suddenly have a strong Alchemist by our sides.’’


When it was evening, everyone came out to walk on the beach. They already felt the strength of the Tiger Vitality Pill, but actually, the strongest one was the Constitution Nurturing Pill. It was just that it does not take effect that fast.

1000 Jin of strength was something more measurable for them, especially after ten pills. In ten months, it would result in a total increase of 10000 Jin of strength. Even at the peak of Houtain realm, a cultivator would not have that much strength.

’’Qing Shui, why did you come to the Central Continent?’’

Lan Tong already knew Qing Shui was from the Greencloud Continent, furthermore, there was no need to lie to her about it.

’’I suddenly felt like coming to take a look or else I would not have obtained the treasure today.’’ Qing Shui said happily. This Crystal Lion was a heaven defying creature, if he had obtained it earlier, then the effects of the pills he had in the past would have greatly increased.

However, it was not too late either, there was no needs for regrets. If he did not take those pill that raised his strength, then he would not have traveled that millions of miles of wilderness, thus he would not have been able to obtain the treasured beasts.

That's why the most important thing was to eat the pills, that would pave a foundation for him being able to refine even better pills.

The sun was about to set in the west and there were amber clouds appearing in the red horizon. There were many people on the beach. There were the sounds of laughter, the sweet voices of women, and even the sound of cultivators practicing with their swords. The red glow of the sunset turned everyone's figures into a red shadow, making them seemed a little hazy, a faint attraction.


When it was night, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he was eager to see the Crystal Lions, there were three pretty clear blue little things at the pond taking a nap.

Looking at these Crystal Lion, Qing Shui got very excited, although these things were each only the size of his fist, their whole bodies were covered in elegant scale armor, it looked extraordinarily beautiful.

The fish and prawns in the pond became the food of the Crystal Lions. However, due to their small size, the three Crystal Lions only ate blackfish about 30 centimeters long a day.

Looking at the enlarged Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui used this time to plant a few other things. However, he left a large area empty, that place was for the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to rest and for Qing Shui to cultivate.


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