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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 55



Staring at the crazed look in Situ Bu Fan's eyes, Qing Shui knew that ’’face’’ was even more important than life itself for people like Situ Bu Fan. Well, not my problem, since he is already this incensed, why not let me add some oil to the fire.

’’Challenge me? Are you worthy? If everyone wanted to challenge me, wouldn't it be very troublesome?’’ Qing Shui coldly replied, with a scornful note in his voice.

Right from the start, regarding this bunch of youths, the moment Qing Shui saw them, he already had no favorable impression. Although he could see that their cultivation level was relatively strong for their age, Qing Shui knew that without a doubt this effect was caused from the ingestion of spiritual medicines. For the cultivation realms below Martial Commander, the effects of spiritual medicine would be at their strongest. This was because the pills concocted by low grade alchemists had virtually no effect on those who were at the Martial Commander Realm or higher.

Looking at the arrogant expressions on their face, one could see that this bunch of 25-26 year old youths had respect for no one. They thought that with their meager bit of power they were the ultimate existences in this Hundred Miles City. Qing Shui could only feel contempt for people like them.

Although the great clans of Hundred Miles City had a history of a few hundred years, to think that the descendants of these clans with such a shallow backing actually dared to be so conceited, and as proud as lucifer. This could only be considered the case of a frog living at the bottom of the well, with no concept of the vast world outside.

’’You, you... you...’’ Situ Bu Fan choked on his words as he stuttered, never had he suffered such a grave humiliation.

’’FUCK! Stop dodging me, are you afraid?’’ This time around, Situ Bu Fan drew his sword, and pointed the tip at Qing Shui as he reissued the challenge again.

Qing Shui furrowed his brows, according to the rules of combat in the world of the nine continents there were only two choices when someone pointed his sword at you and issued a challenge. First, you accept his challenge, and life and death shall be decided by the victor. Second, you surrender!

Initially, Qing Shui had not wanted to be in the limelight so quickly again just after he arrived in Hundred Miles City. Despite the fact that he was stronger than the peers of his generations, when comparing himself to the might of the 4 great clans of the Hundred Miles City, there was still some distance away. His meager bit of strength could not allow him to wander the city unchallenged, but he was not an idiot nor a frog in the well akin to the 5-6 youths which were currently surrounding him.

Sigh, Qing Shui was caught between a rock and a hard place. If he lost, he would be subjected to endless humiliation. If he won, he would face unending challenges. If he defeated all of the younger generations in the Hundred Miles City, there was no guarantee that the elders from the four great clans would not hunt him down. What a terrible headache.

Surrendering? There was no way Qing Shui would stand for it. Although the saying went A true man does not react to provocations, but these bunch of lowlifes in front of him were a constant eyesore to him.

’’Since you want to court death, I will help you. Get out and wait for me, I will be out after I have bought my weapon.’’ Qing Shui furrowed his brows. He knew that based on the personalities of the bunch of rich young masters, the more he tolerated, the more they would climb over his head. Against these types of people, the best way to sever their arrogance was to show them strength.

’’This brat seems to be quite confident, you sure you can handle him?’’ One of the youths near Situ Bu Fan spoke, as the whole lot of them walked outside the weapon store.

’’Are you doubting me? Trust me, I was empty-handed when I fought with him last time. Because of a moment of carelessness, he sneak attacked me. This time around, I want to let him know of the difference between the heavens and earth. I want to show him what an insignificant insect he is. I want him to forever lower his head in shame, and to know that Hundred Miles City is not a place for the likes of him to visit.’’ Situ Bu Fan grit his teeth and said with hatred.

Qing Shui showed no reaction after he heard the words they had spoken. Hatred? Let them hate, the more their emotions influenced them, the more clumsy they would be. No longer caring about them, Qing Shui proceeded forward to the weapons rack and began to choose a weapon.

Looking at the prices of the weapons sold, and inspecting his money pouch again and again, Qing Shui's jaw dropped. ’’Damn it, seems like I could only afford that common ironwood sword. Forget it, I will just buy it then.’’ The previous Scryrius Iron Sword, had already been worn out by Qing Shui with his repeated usage when practicing his sword skills in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

’’Boss, could you sell this ironwood sword to me cheaper?’’ Looking at the common ironwood sword which cost 18 tales of silver, although the workmanship was exquisite, the weight of the sword was much heavier than he had expected. In addition to that, the edges and the tip of the sword were not as sharp as he liked, it was somewhat thick and blunt, and doesn't seem to be like a weapon at all. Instead, it was more akin to an ornament or a child's plaything.

’’No bargaining, this sword was crafted by our master smith.’’ The middle-aged boss stated firmly. Without a choice, Qing Shui could only smile wryly as he purchased the ironwood sword.

When Qing Shui finally stepped out of the store, his challengers were all slack-jawed, especially Situ Bu Fan, the sword in his hand was trembling uncontrollably.

’’You, excellent, excellent, excellent...’’ After saying, Situ Bu Fan was bristling with so much anger, almost to the point of eruption. To think that Qing Shui would slight him so much.

Qing Shui shrugged, it was not that he did not want to purchase a proper weapon. But with the amount of money he had left, he had no choice but to opt for this instead. ’’What a waste, if I had known that Situ Bu Fan would be angered to this extent, I would have just picked a tree branch before turning up for the challenge. Might as well let Situ Bu Fan burst his blood vessels and die, it would save me the trouble.’’

’’F*king country bumpkin who has no idea of death.’’

Despite all the vocal abuse, Qing Shui felt nothing. He would not lower himself to their level.

This time round, Situ Bu Fan dare not underestimate Qing Shui. He carefully drew out a blue-colored treasure sword, and in that instant, the body of the sword seemed to gleamed with layers of blue light, emitting a sense of chill, causing the temperature of the surroundings to dip rapidly.

’’This sword of mine is also known as the cold ice sword, prepare to meet your maker!’’ Even before he finished his sentence, Situ Bu Fan had already leapt forward, fast and furious, the sword in his hand continuously slashed out arcs, sealing the path of advancement and retreat for Qing Shui.’’

’’Since you want to play, I will play with you!’’ The Iaido technique which he comprehended from the three-word mantra, had already been practiced millions upon millions of time, to the state where he could turn something ordinary into extraordinary. The Iaido technique that Qing Shui executed, there was nothing fanciful in it. It looked simple and ordinary, with the only emphasis being on the word ’’speed’’. The speed which he unleashed this attack was swift to the point where it dazzled the eyes, reaching an unfathomable realm.

That ordinary sword strike of Qing Shui seemed to shine with the brilliance of a comet. It dazzled the eyes of the spectators, and even himself. Although he was unable to see the sword strikes infused with the killing intent from Situ Bu Fan, Qing Shui was not worried. Before the attack could reach him, during that span of time, Qing Shui knew that he could unleash a torrent of up to a few hundred sword stabs.

’’Bang!’’ The sword of Qing Shui stabbed right into the You Chi acupoint of Situ Bu Fan's wrist. Not only was the speed of the strike as fast as lightning, but it was also extremely accurate. Such a thing would only be possible if one had practiced with the sword for decades.

Situ Bu Fan stood there dumbly, not even realizing what had happened. When he came to his senses, his eyes turned into saucers as he was filled with disbelief. Looking at his dumbfounded expressions, Qing Shui took the chance to wink at him.

Situ Bu Fan had long recognized the sword attack that Qing Shui was using. ’’There was no way I could win empty-handed, and thus, I wanted to depend on the sharpness of my weapon to effortlessly defeat him, and yet as before, he only used a single strike. Not only that, that strike was from the <<Basic Sword Techniques>>!’’

’’What the f*k? This brat is using the <<Basic Sword Techniques>>, this is impossible right? Although the form looked similar, but the speed and force behind it was extremely tyrannical. To think that the sword forms from the <<Basic Sword Techniques>>could be used this way.’’ One of the youths with Situ Bu Fan muttered after he came to his senses.

’’Brat, I don't know what witchcraft you are using. Taste my sword!’’ Another youth, the one who looked down on Qing Shui earlier, after he came to his senses, began utilizing a movement technique, swiftly moving in the form of the word ’’之’’, as he unleashed a sword strike towards Qing Shui.

Qing Shui calmy analyzed the sword strike of his current opponent. From the surface, the sword looked ferocious and unparalleled in strength, seemingly rushing straight towards him. However, from the way his opponent stepped, and the angle of his attacks, as well as the directional shift in his eyes, Qing Shui knew that that the sword strike unleashed was a feint, the actual strike had still yet to make it's appearance. Pretending to overlook that, Qing Shui decided to prominently display some openings to bait the sword user. He had long found this arrogant youth to be an eyesore.

Standing there motionlessly, as Qing Shui expected, within the shadow of the first stab, was another stab with even greater strength and speed. ’’Shadow Illusion Swordplay!’’ The youth cried out. Just when the sword was about 3 inches away from penetrating his body, Qing Shui executed the Ghostly Steps, sidestepping to the left, and with a flip of his wrist, Qing Shui rotated the ironwood sword in his hand, causing the edges of the sword to face the ground. Using the flat side of the sword body, he mercilessly slammed the thick body of the sword right at the temple of the his opponent with breathtaking speed.


That arrogant youth swooned, as he fainted right away. This strike of Qing Shui had targeted his head. It would have been as easy as flipping the palm of his hand if Qing Shui had wanted his life.

Maybe it was the shock that Qing Shui defeated two of their comrades, or maybe, it was the look of derision in the eyes of the crowd, the remaining youths could not tolerate it any longer as they all drew out their weapons and rushed towards Qing Shui.

Looking at the enraged faces of the other youths, Qing Shui shook his head helplessly and began executing his Ghostly Steps. ’’One shot, one kill’’, His silhouette flashed as he stepped in and out of the shadows, while the ironwood sword in his hand stabbed out repeatedly.


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