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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 549


549 - Anger, Killing, Rebirth by Flames, Evolution

’’That isn't asking for too much, but whose life do you think should be used for compensation?’’

Qing Shui asked expressionlessly. After all, Soulreaper Valley was nothing in Qing Shui's eyes. Had this man shown some elegance, Qing Shui probably would not let them suffer any disadvantages.

If he had strength, that was accommodating, if he did not have strength, then it was grudgingly. Yielding now would be a mistake!

’’How about with your life?’’ replied the man. Qing Shui hated this man's ugly looks, he could even tell that that man also hated his looks.

’’That's not fine, I don't wish to die yet!’’ Qing Shui smiled at that man.

’’Actually you don't have to die, since you killed my man, how about this, send one of the people behind you to Soulreaper Valley for three years and we will call it even.’’ The man looked at Qing Shui mockingly then looked at Yiye Jiange.

’’Oh, then how about I go to your Soulreaper Valley for three years?’’ Qing Shui smiled coldly at that man!

’’That can't do, our Soulreaper Valley doesn't lack men.’’ that man choked then hurriedly said.

’’If you died, I wonder if your Soulreaper Valley would lack men?’’ Qing Shui still smiled at him coldly and started to use his might to pressure him.

’’Courting death!’’ the man suddenly took out a long black hook and charged at Qing Shui!


There was a sound in the air reminiscent of a ghost's cry, it caused one's whole body to get goosebumps and feel uncomfortable!


Qing Shui spread apart his five fingers!


’’Qing Shui directly caught the huge sharp hook with one hand and looked at the ugly man. Qing Shui's cold smile gradually disappeared, his body neared that youth in a flash!

’’Sire, please spare them!’’

The expression of one of the old protectors changed and he cried out in alarm!

But how could Qing Shui stop? With the comparatively monstrous speed of his Cloudmist Steps, they could not even see him clearly, thus Qing Shui could kill them easily.


Qing Shui's hands broke that youth's neck, that clear sound of bones breaking caused the people around to be stunned, the young master was dead, the young master was dead......

In a short moment, many people's face paled. The old master of the Soulreaper Valley had said before, if anything were to happen to the young master, they would be buried with him......


Many people drew out long hooks and slashed at Qing Shui. However, as their strengths were vastly inferior, they all died within a single exchange. Qing Shui did not have any good feeling for these people from the Soulreaper Valley, so he just killed them as though he was taking a stroll down the street.

Within 15 minutes, everyone from the Soulreaper Valley fell onto the ground. Qing Shui patted his hands, they were not stained with even a trace of blood. He turned his head to tell everyone to board the carriage, then Qing Shui got up and continued the journey.

’’Qing Shui, Would they chase after us?’’

Haha, don't worry, even if they chase us, it would be useless. These people should be killed and I am capable of doing so.’’ Qing Shui laughed as he said.

Qing Shui did not expect such a thing to happen, it looked like his reputation was still insufficient. If they knew who he was, then they would not have done this.

Perhaps that man had been led astray by lust, but he would not regret his actions!

Qing Shui was not worried about the old master of the Soulreaper Valley because Qing Shui did not intend to let them off. If they chased after them it would be even better. Qing Shui could just kill all of them, then return to the Heavenly Palace, they would not even know who did it.

The other people of the Qing Clan were a little worried but Lin Zhanhan remained calm. Earlier, when Qing Shui killed the two peak Martial King Cultivators with the strength of four countries, it was merely with a wave of his hands. He did not even use his full strength. Although Lin Zhanhan did not know Qing Shui's true strength but he knew that he was at a terrifying level.

Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui with a complex expression. Now that she also had the strength of a peak Martial King, she naturally could sense the strength of those people, so the shock she received from Qing Shui was even larger.


’’How did Biao`er die...... who did it, who did it......?’’ an old man with a full head of silvery hair shouted, his voice like a roar of thunder, it could shake up a person's state of mind.

Below, a tall and sturdy middle-aged man laid prone on the ground! His whole body was shaking!

’’Zhao Xinyuan, you trash! If it was not for my son, I would have killed you with a palm long ago. Tell me who did it, who did it......’’

The old man's wrinkled and coarse face turned red and he roared at the man below. The man did not dare to raise his head!

’’I do not know, they were riding a huge carriage and went towards the north, they have probably moved a few miles away already.’’ The man stammered.

’’Trash, trash......’’

The old man scolded him then whistled, a huge bird came flying from afar, it was a large black feathered turtledove. The old man hopped on then hasted north.

Very soon, Qing Shui's huge carriage entered into that old man's vision.


The old man cried out loudly, venting the anger in his heart. He got the large black feathered turtledove to increase its flight speed, heading towards Qing Shui's carriage.

Qing Shui got the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to stop!

’’Don't bother coming out, it shouldn't take long to deal with this guy, then we will be back on our way!’’ Qing Shui said casually!


Qing Shui directly rode on the Fire Bird and took to the skies. Through that earlier loud roar, Qing Shui knew that this was an expert from the Soulreaper Valley that was on the same level as the deceased Old Ancestor from the Heavenly Palace.

The old man was about to land when he saw a person riding a huge red bird over. When he saw Qing Shui, he was stunned.

Because, he had seen the origins of Qing Shui, with the old man's abilities, he was aware of the big matters of the Greencloud Continent, such as the fact that a youth became the patriarch of the Heavenly Palace.

His own grandson was very lecherous, he used the Soulreaper Valley's might to prance around lawlessly. Due to his good aptitude and his cultivation talent, Soulreaper Valley had long intended to allow him to take over and help the Soulreaper Valley shine, as long as he did not abandon his cultivation or squander it away. However this time, he had lost his life because of his habits.

This was the results of his own indulgence......

Qing Shui pulled out the Big Dipper Sword and faced the old man: ’’that person was killed by me, don't be surprised, even if I did not kill him today, he would have been killed by someone else in the future. Everyone commits sins but there are some sins that should not be committed.’’

’’Life and death are in the controls of heaven!’’

He slowly stabbed his long hook at Qing Shui!

Qing Shui smiled and did not say anything!

Nature Energy!

Diamond Qi!


Qing Shui circulated his strength to its peak, and his whole body was filled with an explosive power. This was the first time he battled someone in the air. Furthermore, as the Fire Bird was still not very strong, Qing Shui did not dare to be careless.


The Fire Bird rapidly rushed towards the old man and the large black feathered turtledove!

The old man's wild expression turned malevolent!

They got closer and closer, before suddenly, the old man ferociously stepped on the head of the large black feathered turtledove!


There were the sounds of bones breaking!

The old man flew like a cannonball towards the approaching Qing Shui, the long hook in his hands targeted the brain of the Fire Bird.

A piercing sound that was comparable to the sound of the Grade Two Soulshake bell was heard.

When Qing Shui saw the old man crushing the brains of the large black feathered turtledove, he knew what his intentions were. As long as he could cripple his Fire Bird, then he would definitely die.

He gently used his legs to push the Fire Bird aside!


The long hook and Qing Shui's Big Dipper Sword clashed with each other. Qing Shui was able to hurriedly block the hook, but he was still knocked away by the old man!

The old man and Qing Shui were suspended in midair for a moment, then they began to rapidly fall downward!

From ten thousand fathoms high, as long as they were not Martial Saints, if they fell they would be squashed!


The old man began to laugh wildly!’’


Suddenly a small snow white swallow appeared between Qing Shui and the old man.


The Fire Bird wanted to quickly descend towards Qing Shui, but it was blocked by the old man!

After some time passed, even a flying beast would be unable to save him. Under such heights, even with Qing Shui's bodily strength, he would not dare to take risks.

At this moment, Qing Shui panicked. From this height, Qing Shui knew he would not fall to death. However, he would definitely be heavily injured, Qing Shui suddenly thought of increasing his defense.

’’En, I have not used the Blue Lotus Art to increase my defense!’’

Blue Lotus Art!

In a flash, three large golden lotus flowers appeared around Qing Shui!

Qing Shui looked at the lotus flowers that appeared, they were circling and rotating around him!

They could float......

Qing Shui felt excited in his heart, he knew what to do now. He slowly controlled one lotus to float below his foot!

Qing Shui did not use the golden lotus flowers to stop his fall, instead, he controlled another flower to his other foot. With this, Qing Shui could feel an obvious decrease of his falling speed by several folds!

As for the last golden lotus flower, Qing Shui held it in his hands!

The Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique increased the speed of the circulation, the Blue Lotus Art also circulated faster than before.


The old man rode on that snow white swallow and rushed at the Fire Bird, the huge black hook ferociously struck towards the Fire Bird. The Fire Bird flapped its wings at the old man, but it was unable to evade the life-threatening hook!



There was a mournful bird's cry, and a lot of fiery red feather and spots of blood splattered into the air!


At this moment, there was another bird's cry, Qing Shui saw Luan Luan's 'Bai Bai' rushing over. Qing Shui landed on 'Bai Bai's' back and rushed towards the falling Fire Bird!

Qing Shui felt his heart bleed, ever since he had the Fire Bird, it had accompanied Qing Shui for a long time, he had escaped from many life and death situations by relying on the Fire Bird.[TL notes: felt his heart bleed is not literal but an expression of emotional pain]

Seeing the old man who was still in pursuit, Qing Shui felt very angry, he had never felt such hatred for anyone before.

He had not thought that this old man would be so extreme, he actually caused him to be in a flurry. If Qing Shui hadn't been able to block his crafty hook strike, the Fire Bird could have lost its life.

Although he blocked it, but due to the hurried nature and the tricky angle, he was unable to use more than half of his body's strength. Furthermore, the old man had crushed the brains of the large black feathered turtledove, that explosive power was comparable to if he was on the ground.

The Fire Bird went pass in a flash, Qing Shui's heart was bleeding, he used his consciousness to continuously call out to the Fire Bird. He could still see the old man chasing after the Fire Bird, it was unknown if the Fire Bird was still alive.



Violet Gold divine Shield!

Qing Shui suddenly erupted, the Big Dipper Sword in his hands ferociously cleaved through the air. The cleave he used was Hacking!

Sword of Fifth Wave!

Great Perfection Stage of the Sword of Fifth Wave!

He even used all his strength to execute Hacking!

The old man's expression changed, with the shift in conditions, he was forced to use his long hook to block Qing Shui's sword!

But he knew he was finished, because he had no time to make another move to struggle against Qing Shui!



The long hook that was used by the old man for his whole life shattered, and the remaining four waves hit the head of the old man. In an instant, even the snow white swallow was split apart!

Qing Shui did not hesitate, he landed back on Bai Bai and quickly chased after the Fire Bird, constantly using his consciousness to call out to the Fire Bird.

He saw that the Fire Bird was rapidly falling, very soon, it turned into a small red dot. Its falling speed got faster and faster, Qing Shui's heart turned cold.

However, Qing Shui persisted and urged Bai Bai to move at its fastest speed. As they flew towards the Fire Bird, he still constantly used his consciousness to call out to the Fire Bird.

Even without Qing Shui realizing it, this action of his did not even require Qing Shui to think, it was just like an unconscious thought!

The wind blew past his ears, but Qing Shui's eyes were focused on that small red dot, which was getting smaller and smaller!

The fall from thousands of fathoms would create a huge impact, If the Fire Bird fell like this, then it would definitely die. Furthermore, after being injured by that hook, its life or death status was already unknown. If it fell, it would be dead beyond doubt.


A soft noise could be heard, and the red dot in his vision suddenly grew larger, there was a little light radiating from the Fire Bird's body.

Qing Shui's heart nearly leaped out.

Because Qing Shui saw that the red dot seemed to have stopped moving!

Bai Bai used its fastest speed to fly downwards!

It got closer and closer!

Qing Shui excitedly watched as an intense flame surrounded the Fire Bird, and he let out a sigh of relief!

Qing Shui did not know if this was a rebirth by flames or not!

But he knew that the Fire Bird was at least fine, its life was preserved. Furthermore, he could feel that the Fire Bird was evolving.

There was a saying, fortune and disasters come hand in hand, Qing Shui felt that this was very true, it could also be said that this was a blessing in disguise. Qing Shui was left speechless over this.

At the moment, its position was not more than a thousand meters from the ground. If it had been later by a breath of time, the Fire Bird would have died for sure......

In the midst of the huge radiance, Qing Shui could see the Fire Bird's whole body covered by intense flames. Just like a fish swimming in water!

This lasted for about one hour!


A clear and bright bird cry resounded, that cry seems to pierce through into the heart, there was a now a proud tone to it.

Qing Shui looked at the Fire Bird, which had lost the radiance, and was stunned.

At the moment, the Fire Bird had a wingspan of more than 30 meters and a length of about 30 meters, that was about a total of 900 square meters.

Its color was now fierier red and it exuded a strong air. The changes in its body size caused the crown to be even nobler. Qing Shui looked at the Fire Bird that seemed to have been reborn, it now seemed to have a small shadow of a phoenix.

Peak Martial King Fire Bird!

The Fire Bird danced in the air. Its grace, quick-wittedness, and calmness made it seem very different. Could it be that it was truly a rebirth by flames earlier?

The strong ability of the legendary undying phoenix, each time it underwent a rebirth by flame, a Nirvana Rebirth, its strength would be increased by multiple times.

Qing Shui excitedly checked out the innate techniques of the Fire Bird!

Previously, the Fire Bird only had the Fireball innate technique!

But now, there were two more!

The first was a strong flame attack that got Qing Shui excited!



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