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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 543


543 Elder Ge of the Heavenly Palace, The Powerful Effects of the Tri-Acupoint Clearing Pellet

Although Qing Shui had managed to kill a Martial Saint today, it was still too early to be relaxed. If a Martial Saint came today, more might come tomorrow or in the future.......

’’Qing Shui, are you alright?’’ The two ladies walked over to Qing Shui and looked at him, deep concern etched on their faces.

Qing Shui shook his head, and signalled for everyone to disperse. At this very moment, he felt the burden on his shoulders become heavier again. After all, his current strength was barely enough to handle a low level or Grade One Martial Saint.

’’Don't worry so much, Qing Shui. First, let's go to the of the back mountain and ask the Lunatic Elder. Perhaps he can tell you what you wish to know,’’ Cang Wuya advised Qing Shui with a frown.

Cang Wuya felt equally helpless in the current situation. Getting mixed up with a Martial Saint was not something they could handle. No sect on the Greencloud Continents could endure the wrath of a Martial Saint, no matter how well-regarded they were.

’’The Lunatic Elder?’’

Qing Shui vaguely recalled someone like that. He was a senile old man who lived at the back of the mountain. No one mentioned him much before and that old man pretty much never left the back mountain. Qing Shui had only seen him once or twice from time to time, but he never paid much attention to him nor had he interacted with him before.

Qing Shui was astonished, confused and curious to hear Cang Wuya mention that Lunatic Elder.

’’The Lunatic Elder and the Old Ancestor are martial brothers, and he was also a prodigy in cultivation. Most importantly, he was also a Martial Saint Cultivator, albeit for just a day before his meridians and dantian were critically damaged. His five organs and brain sustained the heaviest damage and he has been crazy since then. But there are also times when he is sober,’’ Cang Wuya explained with a sigh.

Qing Shui's interest was piqued as he continued to listen intently to Cang Wuya!

’’He was at the Central Continent for as long as a hundred year when he was young and a peak Martial King. He should know the Central Continent very well. You can ask him about the White Cloud Pavilion.’’

’’Then I shall go visit him now Old Man!’’

After excusing himself from everyone, Qing Shui traveled towards the back of the mountain. He knew that the Lunatic Elder lived in a mountain cave at the back of the mountain. His food and clothes were delivered by the disciples of the Heavenly Palace.

With a heavy heart, he wandered into the back of the mountain, traveling along some slightly familiar areas. He didn't expect to hear that Elder Ge had reached the Martial Saint Realm, albeit only for a day.

At the deepest section at the back of the mountain, he suddenly sensed ano verbearing aura. However, he knew that this wasn't from a human but a demonic beast.

’’Oh, the Guardian Beast of the Heavenly Palace!’’

Qing Shui smiled when he saw a gigantic Silver Jade Python about 150 meters long, in the distance!

This was the Guardian Beast of the Heavenly Palace which had the strength of fifteen countries. Its entire body was snowy white like jade;extremely beautiful and visually attractive. It was a demonic beast that had survived for 4,000 years.

It hissed softly after it noticed Qing Shui. Perhaps it was because of the aura emitted by the Heavenly Palace's Token or for some other reason, the Silver Jade Python was quite friendly to him.

Qing Shui pondered for awhile before taking out a Beast Pill and shot it out towards the Silver Jade Python's lips!

Perhaps it was the fragrance of the medicine pill or the demonic beast's sharp sense of smell, it only hesitated briefly before swallowing it!


Qing Shui fed it five pills and it gained an additional 50 percent increase in strength. Its total amount of strength had become terrifying with this increase. The strength of fifteen countries was instantly increased to about twenty three countries.

Even Qing Shui was a little envious. As expected of a Guardian Beast of a great sect like the Heavenly Palace. Even the current Diamond Gigantic Elephant couldn't really match up to it.

Too bad its strength was still a little pathetic compared to a Martial Saint. Furthermore, its endurance was way lower than the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was not only powerful in terms of its physical body, but also hadformidable battle skills. Most importantly, it had a terrifying capability in growth. Qing Shui had a feeling that its next breakthrough would lead to a terrifying transformation.

Seeing how this Silver Jade Python appeared to be highly intelligent, Qing Shui tossed the bottle which had some medicine pills left in it to the python before he left and walked in the direction of the cliff and mountain cave at the back.

It was already spring by now, although the weather was still a little cold. An old man dressed in shabby clothes sat on top of an enormous rock in the distance. His head was lowered as if in a deep thought or in a deep slumber.

Although he was shabbily dressed, he exuded the aura of a scholar but he also seemed extremely dejected. He was mediumly built and his back was a little hunched.

This was Qing Shui's first time saw the Lunatic Elder from up close. His weathered face was already covered by wrinkles. He slowly opened his eyes perhaps because he sensed someone nearby.

’’Elder Ge!’’

Qing Shui greeted him with a smile!

Qing Shui was startled when the old man opened his eyes. Because the expression revealed from his eyes was definitely not something a lunatic person could have.

So Qing Shui believed that there must be some other reasons behind that look on his face. He was like a walking corpse, dispirited and was unable to move on from the disappointments and frustrations of the past.

Maybe Qing Shui was only able to see the desolation of the old man from his eyes now because he knew that this dejected old man had been a Martial Saint for a day in the past.

The old man shut his eyes once again, as if he was not interested in anything!

Qing Shui was now certain that this old man was not crazy. He was just unable to accept the shock he had received and had lost all hope.

’’What if I can let you recover the strength of a Martial Saint that you once had?’’ Qing Shui knew that this was maybe the only thing that could pique his interest because he hardly seemed to be interested in anything else.

The phrases 'standing up again after falling' and 'making a comeback' were easy to say, but not many could truly do it. It required a huge amount of willpower and perseverance that was even more difficult to muster up than for someone who had never succeeded.

All of a sudden, the old man unexpectedly snapped open those eyes and glanced at Qing Shui for awhile before shutting them again!

Qing Shui smiled. He knew that the old man wouldn't believe him. He had only opened his eyes in surprise when he found out that Qing Shui knew of his past breakthrough to the Martial Saint Realm, albeit for a day only.

’’You don't believe me?’’ Qing Shui questioned with a smile.

’’Ruptured meridians, blockages, distorted dantian, dislocation of the five viscera and six organs, critical injuries..... Although these are incurable injuries in the World of the Nine Continents, I can still restore you.’’

Qing Shui's words had already made the old man open his eyes. He stared at him for awhile before speaking. ’’Young man, what do you wish to know?’’

Qing Shui's smile broadened!

’’What I'm saying is that I really can restore you!’’ He said sincerely.

It was only then that the old man looked a little surprised but mostly skeptically at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui retrieved the Great Revitalizing Pellet. Although it couldn't heal the ruptured meridians, it could heal the other five viscera and the six organs. Fortunately, the old man's heart wasn't as serious as the state he was in before.

As long as he could circulate the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique, he would be able to perform acupuncture and the Saintly Hands technique to heal the ruptured meridians and the distorted dantian.

’’Try swallowing this pellet first!’’

The old man shook his head. ’’It's futile!’’

’’Elder Ge, are you afraid that I'd harm you?’’ Qing Shui asked with a smile.

’’Hahaha.....’’ Elder Ge laughed, his voice filled with sadness and self-pity.

’’You are a genius from the heavens and the Patriarch of the Heavenly Palace. Why would you harm me?’’ Elder Ge swallowed the Great Revitalizing Pellet as soon as he finished this sentence.

After a moment!

Elder Ge was surrounded by a white halo. His weathered face contorted in pain, but he was also greatly surprise. He bit his lips until they bled.

Qing Shui stood there silently as he expanded his spiritual sense. He could feel the five viscera and six organs in the old man's body undergoing a great transformation. His meridians were actually not torn into pieces but were instead tangled and deformed. Quite a number of them were ruptured but they were not major issues in Qing Shui's capable hands.

He could definitely heal the old man as long as he had the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, the Saintly Hands, and some time.

One hour passed!

Elder Ge's body was weak at the moment since an hour had passed and his body had entered into the weak state. But the five viscera and the six organs within his body were fully healed.

’’Elder Ge, you need not worry. This state of weakness is caused by the pellet. You will not only be fully healed after a month, and your strength will also be increased. As for the meridians and dantian in your body, I will still need to use another method to heal them,’’ Qing Shui explained after he saw the doubtful look on Elder Ge's face.

’’Alright....’’ Although Elder Ge was still not fully convinced, but he saw a glimmer of hope in this Great Revitalizing Pellet from Qing Shui. He had experienced the cramping pain of his five viscera, the swollen pain of his six bowels and the painful spasms of his meridians and dantian once every half a year. But now, the pain of his five viscera and six organs had totally vanished.

’’Elder Ge, there's a hot spring up ahead. Why don't you go soak there for an hour before I perform acupuncture on you? It will yield better results that way!’’ Qing Shui knew there was a hot spring behind the mountain because he had soaked there once before.

With his strength forging ahead vigorously, Qing Shui felt that his Primal Chaotic divine Needle technique and the Saintly Hands technique were unparalleled. Even so, he thought that this time it would require multiple treatments. To let him recover from his current state, he'd need three years. Qing Shui must be diligent in performing the acupuncture for him in the first year, but the subsequent two years would require less work.

If only Qing Shui had the strength of a Martial Saint, he would be able to fully heal him within half a year!

By now Elder Ge completely believed that Qing Shui would be able to restore him. He was so surprised that he didn't seem to know what to do. Although it would take three years for him to recover, he'd still be extremely delighted even if it would take thirty years.

’’I can really recover back to the Martial Saint Realm?’’ Although he believed that he could recover, he wasn't certain if that would mean getting his Martial Saint strength back.

’’If your strength had reached the Martial Saint Realm before, you should be able to recover it back.’’ Qing Shui knew that he had only become a Martial Saint for one day back then, so his Martial Saint Realm was still unstable. Even so, he was still quite confident that it would be possible.

Breaking through to the Martial Saint Realm didn't only require luck, but also strength. It was a process of refining the physical body in all aspects. Even if it was only for a day, his body had reached the quality of a Martial Saint.

’’Speak. You must have something you wanted to ask me,’’ Elder Ge looked at Qing Shui and felt very peculiar. He had been living his life in despair here for years, but someone suddenly bestowed him with hope. This made him feel like he had to return the favor with the gratitude of a fountain of water, or treat him like a special being, like a family member or even someone closer than family.

’’Do you know anything about the White Cloud Pavilion?’’ Qing Shui asked with a smile.

’’Hoho, so the one who had come today was a Martial Saint from the White Cloud Pavilion?’’ Elder Ge spoke after thinking for a moment.


’’And you are worried that there will be more Martial Saints from the White Cloud Pavilion coming after you?’’ Elder Ge continued with a smile.

Qing Shui sighed inwardly in amazement. Humans indeed grew wiser with age!


’’Hoho, the White Cloud Pavilion is only a lower-class entity in the Central Continent. I only learned about their existence by chance. I basically have some idea on every clan and sect with the existence of Martial Saints in the Central Continent. You don't have to worry because the White Cloud Pavilion only had one Martial Saint. If it wasn't for this Martial Saint, they wouldn't even be considered as a third-rate sect.’’

Elder Ge's information greatly assured him. Qing Shui believed that he would definitely reach the Martial Saint Realm himself given a few years of time.

He had another idea. He'd restore Elder Ge to a Martial Saint as soon as possible and place the Heavenly Palace under his protection. Then he'd move the whole Qing Clan into the Heavenly Palace so he could travel to the Central Continents or some other places without any worries.

Qing Shui suddenly realized that the Constitution Nurturing Pill was very useful to Elder Ge. He happened to concoct a few Constitution Nurturing Pills and Bone Strengthening Pills in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal last night.

He had conveniently concocted them because the medicinal herbs required by these two medicine pills could easily be gathered within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He was also in a hurry to concoct them so that he'd be able to make sufficient preparation for the Qing Clan when he returned. He didn't expect them to prove themselves useful already.

’’I need to return home for a period of time. During this period of time, you may do an appropriate amount of cultivation and then consume one Constitution Nurturing Pill and one Bone Strengthening Pill every seven days.’’


After bidding him farewell, Qing Shui hurried towards the Qing Residence by himself. He had chosen to return alone this time because he didn't plan to stay there for long.

The two ladies were left in the Heavenly Palace but he had nothing to worry about because Cang Wuya, Di Chen and Di Qing were still around. On top of that, the Silver Jade Python's strength had also been improved tremendously so he didn't have to worry too much.

He rode on the Fire Bird at full speed in the morning. At night, he'd cultivate within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. While the Fire Bird rested within the Realm from time to time, he'd ride on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

After its breakthrough, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's speed had been raised by a few folds. It was now more than ten meters long and four meters tall. Qing Shui felt special sitting on it.

Within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

After he had once again concocted a furnace full of Constitution Nurturing Pills and Bone Strengthening Pills, he shifted to his next target, the medicine pellet he had always wanted to concoct.

The Tri-Acupoint Clearing Pellet!

He was only able to completely gather the medicinal ingredients of the Tri-Acupoints Clearing Pellet after paying a visit to the Heavenly Palace Treasury. He was delighted to find quite a decent number of 1,000-Year Clinopodium Herbs in the Heavenly Palace Treasure so he immediately took quite a few of them.

This was also his first time concocting the Tri-Acupoint Clearing Pellet!

Effects: Clearing the Zhiying, Kunlun and Shenmai acupoints!

These three acupoints were considerably important acupoints in the human body!

Only two pellets were made in this batch. He had used so many precious ingredients and he only got two pellets out of them!

He stored one in a porcelain bottle and instantly ingested the other one!

A wave of gaseous substance like the sharp aura from Critical Damage spread out within his body. It was penetrative and powerful. Almost instantly, three pupupu noises rang out softly.

They were cleared!

A wave of familiarly powerful energy poured forth within his body, shocking Qing Shui. It had not only cleared three acupoints, but every function in his body had also been raised by 10 percent.

This kind of increase was even stronger than a 10 percent raise in strength, because these three acupoints were special. They would allow Qing Shui's Ancient Strengthening Technique to reach another level.

Qing Shui's strength instantly approached eight countries, while his defense reached eleven countries. This made Qing Shui pleasantly surprised and made him yearned for the Wind Water Primordial Pellet even more.


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