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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 539


39 Eradicating the Demonic Beast Sect, the useless God Exterminaton Pill

(Author's note: The ability of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was written wrongly and has been changed. The Diamond Gigantic Elephant's strength had been increased from 2countries to 8 countries. Using the Diamond Qi brings its strength up to 16 countries. When it uses Ferocious Diamond Attack, it can reach the strength of 32 countries! Its defense has been raised from four countries to 16 countries. When it uses Diamond Protection, its defense will go up to 32 countries)

’’Go! If you want to take revenge, come back after you become more powerful. Be it 10 years, or 100 years, it won't be too late. Don't go do anything foolish now.’’ The Old Ancestor of the Demonic Beast Sect said as he waved him off.

’’Old Ancestor, will the White Cloud Pavilion help us? Can't you leave with us? We can all go to the White Cloud Pavilion. If they'll help us, you won't need to...’’ the man said anxiously.

’’It's too late. Everyone can leave except me. Go! You will decide everything else in the future. Decide for yourself if you should go to the White Cloud Pavilion!’’ The Old Ancestor sighed as he patted his Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast with his left hand.

The Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast left like a breeze of wind as its golden body streaked off to a distance, traversing over mountains and rivers as if it was flat ground. In a flash, the Old Ancestor headed quickly towards the Demonic Beast Sect.

At the Demonic Beast Valley. Qing Shui saw a splendorous palace atop an imposing mountain which shimmered under the sunlight. It was as if a giant beast hibernated in the mountain, even from this distance, he felt a looming pressure.

The walls of the main hall of the palace were covered with the life-like carvings of multiple demonic beasts. The images showed overly ferocious beasts baring their fangs and claws, with a furious look in their eyes. It portrayed a sort of explosive violence and cruelty.

Many pavilions surrounded the main hall, and on the right of the main hall there were rows of buildings. Qing Shui could spot indistinct figures moving around.

Qing Shui and his group followed the meandering path of large stone stairs. On each side of the path, there were numerous demonic beast statues which came in an assortment of forms and shapes.

It was apparent from the craftsmanship that they were created by an expert artisan. Yet in the entire Nine Continents, they were in such a place!

The group reached the mountain peak in a short time and were now in front of the palace. The overall compound of the Demonic Beast Sect was almost the same size as that of the Heaven Palace, but the number of members was much lower.

At this moment, there were only a few members around but they were led by an old man and a group of demonic beasts standing in the middle of the spacious public square in front of the main hall.

Qing Shui slowly walked towards the man without even pausing.

’’Haha! That Old Man Fei must be burning incense and thanking the gods since the Heaven Palace has such a top-notch genius like you. Even if he died a little too early, he must be smiling in the netherworld.’’ The old man was the Old Ancestor of Demonic Beast Sect.

’’I am not a person that enjoys violence. But I have no choice if people bully me over and over again. Everyone must pay the price for their wrongdoings. Since you chose that course of action in the past, you must bear the consequences now. Anyways, you are already old. You should have prepared yourself well over these seven days. Do you want to kill yourself or do you want us to give you a helping hand?’’ Qing Shui said blandly without any expression.

’’You are strong, young man but the victor has not been decided!’’ The old man said gritting his teeth.

Qing Shui suddenly felt his heart tighten. He remembered the time when Tan Yang consumed that Devilish Transformation Pill. That was a royal grade pill, it worked similar to his Great Revitalizing Pellet, but its effectiveness and quality was very much higher.


A gigantic demonic beast, about 20 meters in length and 8 meters tall, appeared in front of the old man. The back of its body was covered with golden scales, while its limbs, head, and body seemed to be made of a violet metal, it was magnificent.

The Old Ancestor of the Demonic Beast Sect had two precious Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beasts. His grandson had already left with one of them. The one that was with him now was much bigger and fiercer. It became the Guardian Beast of the Demonic Beast Sect a hundred years ago.

Qing Shui could sense that the demonic beast had already lived for a long time. Its strength, attack, and defense were all at 15 countries.

Its attack was lower than his Diamond Gigantic Elephant. His Diamond Gigantic Elephant had the strength of 16 countries and the defense of 32 countries. His elephant had both the Instantaneous Diamond Evasion and Ferocious Diamond Attack techniques, so it was already in a different class.



After the Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast roared out loudly, his Diamond Gigantic Elephant made an even brighter and louder sound as if the elephant's ego was threatened.

Qing Shui and the Supreme Elders from the Heaven Palace were all armed to kill. In a similar fashion, everyone in the Demonic Beast Sect had multiple beasts around them.

The loud sound from his Diamond Gigantic Elephant made all the demonic beasts on the field shiver, except for the Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast which was about the same size as the elephant. A few demonic beasts even laid down on the ground timidly.

Qing Shui called his Diamond Gigantic Elephant and rushed forward with his Supreme Elders.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

When the distance between the two parties drew closer, Qing Shui and his Diamond Gigantic Elephant used the Mighty Elephant Stomp at the same time. Two huge chasms extended outwards!

Qing Shui intentionally planned for the intersection of the chasms to be under his enemy's feet. Even though the strength of both attacks did not combine perfectly, there was a synergy when they crossed path akin to his Realm of One with Elephant.

His Diamond Gigantic Elephant's stomp attack was at 40 countries and Qing Shui's strength was at 26 countries. The strength of the intersection point of their attacks reached the lofty height of 50 countries.


Two explosive sounds rang out almost simultaneously. The terrifying force generated wiped off half of the demonic beasts and supreme elders from the Demonic Beast Sect in an instant.

Cloudmist Steps!

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion!

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant appeared beside the Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast like a flash of lightning.



The combination of that insane speed and the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's own base strength meant that it was actually one class higher than the Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast!

The Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast stumbled backwards and howled painfully when it was rammed by the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. At the same time, Qing Shui charged towards the Old Ancestor of the Demonic Beast Sect.

Unexpectedly, the Old Ancestor of the Demonic Beast Sect swiftly slid backward, and with ghost-like movements, he thrust a fist of powder towards Qing Shui.

An exotic fragrant permeated the air, Qing Shui felt a spell of dizziness. Qing Shui anxiously pushed his Nature Energy to its peak. Even though the feeling was reduced by half, his mind still felt muddled.

The Supreme Elders who followed closely fainted immediately. Qing Shui quickly evoked a strong wave of Qi to block the people following behind. The others who realized the abnormality retreated speedily.

Emperor's Qi!

His Emperor's Qi slowly rose and totally dispelled that feeling of dizziness!

Swish! Swish!

Qing Shui shot two silver needles out from his sleeves. They flew towards the Old Ancestor. At his current strength and level, Qing Shui's Hidden Weapon Technique had already reached a totally new level.


The distance was too close and Qing Shui's attack was too sudden, the Demonic Beast Sect's Old Ancestor quickly moved to evade the attack but one of the needles still hit an eyeIt pierced through his eye and came out from the side of his face. He might have lost one of his eyes but at least he managed to keep his life. If the needle were to pierce through his brain, he would have certainly have died.

Just as Qing Shui was about to follow with another attack, the Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast suddenly charged towards him. The beast opened its mouth and violet flames spewed out from its mouth.

Do You want to fight with fire? Qing Shui felt that no one's fire resistance was better than him!

’’You really don't know your place!’’

With his Violet Gold divine Shield in hand, Qing Shui struck with a violent Shield Attack!

The direction was in line with where his Diamond Gigantic Elephant was.

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion!

Ferocious Diamond Attack!



A blood-curdling howl filled the air. The pitiful gigantic Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast was stuck between Qing Shui and his Diamond Gigantic Elephant. The huge impact killed it in an instant!

Qing Shui never felt such exhilaration before. He discovered that the coordination between himself and his Diamond Gigantic Elephant was getting closer and closer to perfection!

At this moment, Qing Shui suddenly felt an sense of danger. Reflexively, he tried his best to protect himself with his Violet Gold divine Shield and used his Seven Stars Armour without even thinking.

At the same time, his Emperor's Qi locked in on the source of the danger!


A powerful sword hit his Violet Gold divine Shield!

An immense force caused Qing Shui to be thrown backwards. He spewed a huge mouthful of blood but he felt a wave of relief.

Qing Shui looked at the Demonic Beast Sect's Old Ancestor who seemed to have aged suddenly. He could not imagine that that man could use such a powerful attack.

Demonic Beast Sect's Old Ancestor could not believe his eyes. His attack only slightly injured Qing Shui. Originally, he thought that even if his attack did not kill Qing Shui, it would at least cause a significant amount of damage.

Seven days ago, when all the people who headed to the Heavenly Palace died, he already foresaw what would happen today. He took out the pill he had kept for such a long time, a pill that had only one effect.

It will allow him to generate the force akin to a Grade One Martial Saint. He had only one chance but the attack will be as quick as lightning. No one below the Martial Saint level could avoid this attack!

He had kept this God Extermination Pill carefully for a hundred years. He thought that it might save his life this time. He had never expected this outcome, never!

After this one attack, he felt as if he suddenly aged many years. He stared wide-eyed at the young man who had recently became so famous, and he knew everything was over.

Even though one of his eyes had been blinded, he could not feel any pain, because his heart hurt the most. He became the culprit, the culprit who destroyed their sect. After he died, he knew he will never be able to face the past ancestors of the sect.


The Demonic Beast Sect's Old Ancestor yelled to the skies and thrust his sword into his own heart. He stood motionless, he did not fall even when he died.

Qing Shui sighed. He did not expect that the man would choose such a method. Qing Shui looked around at the twenty Supreme Elders that had died around him. There were also ten over who were injured.

’’Elder Sun, get some people here to bring back the dead Elders for burial. Give sufficient compensation to their family. If they have capable family members within the Heaven Palace, try to assist and promote them.’’

’’Also, we need a mass burial for all the other people who died here.’’

’’Yes, Patriarch!’’

’’Elder You, bring people around the Demonic Beast Sect compound and see if there is anything worth bring back. If there is, bring them all back. I will leave this wholly in your hands.’’ Qing Shui said after some thoughts.

’’Yes, Patriarch!’’ You An bowed happily and left with a bunch of people.

Qing Shui called for his Fire Bird and brought the Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast carcass into his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. After that, he flew towards the direction of the Sword Tower!

On his way, Qing Shui did not feel anxious. The Sword Tower may have a Guardian Beast but Qing Shui had sent about 200 Supreme Elders to go there. There were a few who were very powerful so Qing Shui did not worry. Basically, there were no more experts left in the Sword Tower.


His Fire Bird called out. It streaked across the sky leaving a series of fiery afterimages. Now, Qing Shui only treated his Fire Bird as a mount. His Fire Bird did not have the capabilities to participate in battles at his level now. The disparity in strength was just too large. The only thing was that its flying ability was strong. In a battling context, it was already much weaker than his Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

This was the reason Qing Shui did not allow his Fire Bird to fight.

After one hour...

The faint outlines of the Sword Tower came into view.

All sects in the World of Nine Continent liked to build their headquarters in the mountain while influential clans like their residence to be in flourishing city centers. Sword Tower's spread over the mountaintops on a row of nine mountains.

The tower in the middle, which was the peak of the fifth mountain, was the tallest and grandest.

This was a famous mountain range in Greencloud Continent City, called the Jiuzi Mountain.

Natural formations like the Jiuzi Mountain were usually filled with a dense amount of Spiritual Qi. The middle mountain was the most precious piece of land with good feng shui. Both sides of the mountain range sloped upwards and met at the middle mountain. This meant that the height of the middle mountain did not stand out like a sore thumb.

Qing Shui scanned the location with his Spiritual sense, then he flew towards the peak of the tallest mountain in the center.


Qing Shui landed at the main square on the mountain. He saw that his 200 over Supreme Elders were surrounding something and the clashing of swords rang out every now and then.

The call from the Fire Bird alerted the Supreme Elders, and they smiled as they spotted Qing Shui.


Many of the Supreme Elders called out and greeted Qing Shui.

Qing Shui nodded his head in acknowledgment. Only then did he noticed that there was a bear. It was only considered a small bear, it was not even 2 meters. It was like a sturdy adult man, its body was red like flames. It seemed to be covered by some sort of fire armor, and with its huge head, it looked simple minded.

It was laying motionless on the ground. Some of the surrounding Supreme Elders stepped forward and slashed it with their swords. The bear, however, was unharmed.

Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear!

Qing Shui did not expect that the Guardian Beast of the Sword Tower was actually this Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear. This creature was rarely seen by the public in the World of the Nine Continent, not many people even know its existence. Qing Shui unconsciously thought back to a history book he had read. This Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear was a valuable treasure in the World of the Nine Continents. This was because it will reach Martial King level once it matures and had a fixed chance of evolving into a Martial Saint.

This was the reason Qing Shui remembered the image of the creature from the book and could immediate recognize it when he looked at the creature.

It was clear to Qing Shui that this particular Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear had not fully matured. A fully matured Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear was about 15 meters to 30 meters in height. Even though this young beast was taller than Qing Shui and was bulkier than him, it gave everyone the feeling that it was just a little bear.

’’Patriarch, this bear's attack is weak but it has a very high defense. We are unable to pierce through its fire armor...’’ Elder Yan reported to Qing Shui rather embarrassingly.

’’Elder Yan, go to Demonic Beast Sect and search for Elder You. Get him to bring me a few of the Demonic Beast Interspatial Beast Medallion from the Demonic Beast Sect. There should be many there. Try your best to find for high-quality ones.’’ Qing Shui said after thinking it through.

Qing Shui was not surprised by Elder Yan's words. From the book that he read, he knew that the bear was born with a skin as tough as fire armor. It could not be harmed by any attacks below the strength of 15 countries.


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