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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 536


536 - Tan Yang's death, Extermination of Sword Tower, Breakthrough of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant


The strength of 26 countries was used by the huge elephant's unique stomping skill had a overflowing momentum!

A loud, heaven-shaking sound echoed out and the entire mountain split apart, a huge tearing force spread out.



The large number of supreme elders of Sword Tower who were inattentive for a moment were crushed to death by this horrifying force. Due to the fact that Tan Yang was fighting against it, he managed to avoid it.

There was a crater several meters deep and 100 meters wide!


Qing Shui fiercely stomped against the ground!

Art of Core Qi!

Qing Shui flew towards the mid-air Tan Yang like an arrow!


A silver shadow which looked like a huge silver eagle came out from Tan Yang's body, it's large sharp claws slashed towards Qing Shui. The claws were as quick as lightning.

Qing Shui frowned and instinctively used the Violet Gold divine Shield to protect his body.

Seven Star Armored Vest!


The huge impact caused Qing Shui to smash into the ground!

This exchange between QIng Shui and Tan Yang only lasted a moment. The moment Qing Shui reached the ground,miserable howls could be heard from below, they were cries of the dying or those who were heavily injured by the huge elephants' stomp.

Tan Yang's face was filled with a number of sweat droplets, he had begun regretting challenging Qing Shui, but under such circumstance, he could not stop, otherwise Qing Shui would forever become a shadow in his heart, causing his cultivation to halt. Furthermore, even if he wished to stop, it was no longer possible.

Tan Yang took out a blood-red colored pill and placed it in his mouth!

Qing Shui frowned and tightly grasped the Violet Gold divine Shield, he also took out the divine Shield Talisman and Godly Force Talisman and stuck them on himself.

A faint red glow came from Tan Yang's body, a strange kind of berserk energy erupted from within him!

Qing Shui's Spiritual sense could clearly discern that Tan Yang's abilities were rapidly rising!

’’Devilish Transformation Pill!’’

The pill Tan Yang had consumed was the 'Devilish Transformation Pill', it was probably found in some Underground Shrine, and its effects was to increase abilities by 200% for 15 mins.

They only found one in that Underground Shrine, Tan Yang's grandfather understood his grandson and thus passed this 'Devilish Transformation Pill' to him to keep at his side. Within the Greencloud Continent, if his grandson wore the 'Silver Bloodline Armor', the number of people who could defeat him can be counted with the fingers, and if he ate the 'Devilish Transformation Pill', he would be invincible.

The strength of 36 countries!

When Qing Shui saw Tan Yang's situation, he hesitated. Qing Shui could clearly feel his opponent's strength.

Emperor's Qi!

Qing Shui used Emperor's Qi to decrease Tan Yang's strength once again!

To reduce his strength by the strength of 6 countries, this was the tyranny of the Emperor's Qi. Qing Shui felt that this Emperor's Qi was definitely the most perversely strong techniques to use against a expert cultivator.

Even so, Qing Shui felt that he was still inferior to Tan Yang by a little.

Great Revitalizing Pellet!

Qing Shui was hesitating on whether to take the Great Revitalizing Pellet! He felt that he was able to deal with his opponent with his strength, after the reduction of the Emperor's Qi, the opponent's strength was reduced to about the strength of 30 countries.

However, Qing Shui's current strength was slightly more than the strength of 26 countries, not even the strength of 27 countries.


Tan Yang's speed was monstrous, he threw himself towards Qing Shui. The Silver Bloodline Sword in his hands began to emit strong Sword Qi, and instantaneously, faint black Qi appeared in the air.

He had more or less exhibited the strength of a Martial Saint!

The strength of 30 countries!

Could it be that strength of 30 countries is the ability threshold to Martial Saint? Regardless of your abilities, as long as you can use strength of 30 countries, it would mean that you can exhibit the minimum strength of a Martial Saint.

Mental state akin to that of immovable mountains!

Qing Shui took half a step forward and used the Violet gold divine shield to employ the Shield Attack!

Tan Yang was not affected but Qing Shui was blasted backwards. Whilst mid-air, he summoned the DIamond Gigantic Elephant, and when he landed, he was already on the back of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.


Tan Yang did not have much time left, thus, he used his monstrous speed to once again launch himself towards Qing Shui, the sword in his hard had turned blood red.

Blood Tempering of the Bloodline Sword!

The moment the distance between the two was approximately a hundred meters, Tan Yang launched another eagle, its speed and strength was dazzling.

Godly Armor Shield!

Qing Shui instantly activated the heaven defying ability of the Violet gold divine shield!

A bright violet light surrounded him!

Godly Armor Shield, able to reduce 50% damage for 1 hour!

Realm of One with Elephant!

Qing Shui rode on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and clashed against the long sword Qi!


The large Qi Force fluctuated, causing the mountain peak to be lowered by tens of meters, the area within a hundred meters turned into a large stone pit with sand was flying everywhere, as though it was a huge sandstorm.

Tan Yang's situation was destined to be a tragedy, he was not that Martial Saint cultivator from the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord! The strong attack was easily received by Qing Shui, furthermore, he was counter-attacked that shield attack, although he was only repelled by a little.

However, this was sufficient

Realm of One with Elephant!

Qing Shui struck out ferociously with the Big Dipper Sword in his hands!

Art of Pursuing!

A Binding Talisman flew out from his sleeves!


With the 20% reduction of speed from the Emperor's Qi, 20% increase in weight and 20% reduction of speed from the Art of Pursuing, as well as the restriction of the Binding Talisman, Tan Yang's movements became sluggish and delayed, his body was unable to keep up with his mind.

Sword of Fifth Wave!

The Sword of Fifth Wave which was infused with Nature Energy, slashed towards Tan Yang!

Qing Shui felt that this attack was particularly smooth and natural, there was a kind of feeling of conforming into some sort of Dao!

’’An Ah Hong!’’

[TL notes: Some kind of buddhist chant]

Qing Shui suddenly heard a familiar sound near his ear, when he had broken through to the Sword of Fifth Wave and the huge Buddha image had appeared, there was this sound as well.

’’Pu Pu Pu Pu......’’

Qing Shui was incomparably happy!

Great perfection stage of the Fifth Wave!

Qing Shui watched his attack slam into Tan Yang. The location of the attack was in the area of the heart, even with that silver armor protecting his body, he still vomited blood, and his internal organs were ruptured by the Nature Energy.

Qing Shui did not know if anyone in the surroundings had noticed the Buddha Image behind him. Qing Shui felt that a Buddha Image had definitely appeared earlier, however, it only appeared for a short period of time. He did not have the time to turn his head and look before it had already disappeared.

There was rubble and sand flying everywhere, but the people present could see the scene very clearly.

’’Yang`er ......’’

’’I am not convinced, I am not satisfied......’’

Qing Shui noticed the dark look in Tan Yang's eyes, and also the expression of dissatisfaction.

The complexion of the Sword Tower Old Ancestor turned pale! He gazed at the scene in front of him in disbelief. His heart sank to an all time low. The strength that Tan Yang had when under the effects of Origin Returning pill was evident, yet, he was still crushed by Qing Shui in this manner.

What was the strength of this youth who had succeeded the Heavenly Palace......

Qing Shui sat on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and glaced at the group of people whose expressions turned complex, especially those of the Demon Beast Sect, their face were either terrified or depressed.

The old man from the Tan Clan hugged the dead Tan Yang and gave a death glare at Qing Shui, his face was ashen. Had Tan Yang died the last time, the old man would not have been so heart broken, but now, the hopes of the Tan Clan were placed on him. The Tan Clan thought they already won, however, his dreams were now shattered.

’’I will kill you!’’ Suddenly the old man from the Tan Clan's eyes flashed, his hair and beard flew erratically. He launched himself at Qing Shui, the longsword in this hands pierced towards Qing Shui.

Shield Attack!

Qing Shui used all his might to perform a Shield Attack!


He was blasted aside, like a pile of mud......

Time seemed to stood still as the people of Heaven Palace looked happily at Qing Shui, there was some with a look of worship in their eyes, some with fanatical zealotry, and some who looked proud.

Di Qing stood at the side, blankly staring that the young man on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, she had a weird feeling in her heart, watching Di Chen, who was beside her, she seemed to have understood something.

’’Sister was willing to stay by his side to protect him for 3 years, yet this fool did not express anything to her.’’ Di Qing looked at Qing Shui, then Di Chen, she felt that it was funny.

’’Are you all ready?’’ Qing Shui asked indifferently.

He intended to to battle against everyone alone......

’’What can we do, for you to let us go.’’ The Sword Tower Old Ancestor faced the skies and sighed.

’’Since you brought so many people here, then leave them all behind to accompany the Old Ancestor.’’ Qing Shui said casually, but his words caused many people to be thoroughly shocked.

’’Since we are dying anyway, let us fight to our last breath. I refuse to believe that we cannot kill him with so many people.’’

’’Indeed, I rather die fighting than to live in shame!’’

’’I don't want to die!’’

’’Given my age, death is nothing. Fight!’’


All chaos broke out below. Amidst the chaos, a person within the crowd threw his weapon at Qing Shui, and suddenly, the entire crowd rushed towards Qing Shui. Their speed was very fast, after all, these were Peak Martial Kings.

Qing Shui gave a command to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to rush towards the crowd!

Shield Attack!

Swords flew everywhere!

The Big Dipper Sword swept across the surroundings, at the same time, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant used the Mighty Elephant Stomp!

In one exchange, many of these normally aloof cultivators, were slaughtered like pigs. Many of them rushed past Qing Shui, at this moment, the 300 supreme elders of Heavenly Palace joined the battle.

The area became chaotic in an instant, there were unceasing screams, Di Chen and Di Qing had also joined the battle!

Shield Attack!

Big Dipper Sword relied on brute force, piercing, thrusting, hacking, and sweeping. Every time it struck, a life was taken!

Even amidst the massacre, Qing Shui paid attention the the Sword Tower Old Ancestor.

Qing Shui watched as he closed his eyes without moving, Qing Shui felt that there was something wrong, he just did not know what it was.

Qing Shui and the Diamond Gigantic Elephant were exhibiting the Realm of One with Elephant, the people around him were dropping like flies. Suddenly, Qing Shui noticed Di Chen rushing towards a supreme elder near the Sword Tower Old Ancestor.

’’Oh no!’’

Qing Shui realized what was wrong. Since the Sword Tower was doomed, the Old Ancestor did not hesitate in attempting to bring Heavenly Palace down with it. The best way to do that was to let Di Chen and Di Qing die here.

Angering the Di Clan and the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord......

Just at this moment, the Sword Tower Old Ancestor suddenly opened his eyes and ferociously launched himself towards Di Qing, who was beside him. At this moment, the vigor he revealed was his true strength.

Qing Shui felt cold sweat drip down his forehead!

Core Qi Method!

Maybe because things were too sudden but Qing Shui, while under the state of ’’Realm of One with Elephant’’, exploded forwards with his greatest potential, he managed to sandwich himself in the middle of Di Qing and the Sword Tower Old Ancestor!

Unfortunately, he had to withstand this attack!

However, this attack landed on the body of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant......

Given Qing Shui's current defences, with the Seven Star Armored Vest he would be able to withstand this attack but now the Diamond Gigantic Elephant is in danger.

Qing Shui became worried!



Qing Shui angrily attacked with a Sword of Fifth Wave!

Great perfection stage of the Sword of Fifth Wave!


When Di Qing felt that something was wrong, she still killed the Sword Tower Supreme Elder, she noticed Qing Shui riding the Diamond Gigantic Elephant shielding her in the middle.

Hearing the painful cries of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, Qing Shui heart ached, thus, he launched a Sword of Fifth Wave in hatred.

Attacking with hatred, furthermore, it was the Great perfection stage of the Sword of Fifth Wave, and mostly importantly, it was too sudden.


The Diamond Gigantic Elephant started to drop slowly!

Qing Shu felt dismay because that attack surpassed the defense of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

He could feel the body functions of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant disappearing, Qing Shui could not help but to tear up.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant moaned as it fell over. When it was almost at the ground, it suddenly give a very clear roar towards to skies!

A eye piercing golden flash appeared!


Suddenly the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was surrounded in golden light, it was standing on its four feet unsteadily. Qing Shui was worried about the internal injuries of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.


This cry pierced through the clouds!

The body of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant slowly became larger, at same time, Qing Shui could feel that it was growing stronger at a frantic rate!

Breakthrough or evolution?

However, this was not surprising, Qing Shui had been anticipating the next breakthrough of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, he just did not expect it to happen when it was on the verge of death.

QIng Shui leap off the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and killed the rest of Sword Tower's supreme elders, against such people, he did not need to be merciful. Before the burial, if he had another choice, Qing Shui would not hesitate to make the same choice.

Although the people from the Demon Beast Sect did not take action, Qing Shui did not intend to let them off. Since he had made the choice, then he would see it through to the end.

The people from the Hai Clan were silently watching from the start to end!

’’Younger sister, how is your strength compared to him?’’ The man from the Hai Clan asked Hai Dong.

’’He is stronger than me!’’


Qing Shui noticed the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's body had already reached the length of 10 meters, and its height was 5 meters. It became a humongous Diamond Gigantic Elephant. With one look, he could tell it was a Peak Martial King demonic beast, but upon more detailed scrutiny, it's strength was the strength of 16 countries and it had the perverse defense of 32 countries!

An increase of 4 times......

Under the Diamond Qi and Diamond Protection, it would be perversely strong!

Qing Shui looked at the now spirited Diamond Gigantic Elephant, now that it was a gigantic elephant, especially with that thick vigor, the more Qing Shui looked at it, the more he liked it.

Qing Shui wanted to see the strength of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant!

Coincidentally, he could use the people from the Demon Beast Sect as an experiment, he gave orders to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to kill them all!


A golden light appeared on the body of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, then it rushed towards the people from the Demon Beast Sect. Its huge, golden body was as nimble as a phantom, and in a flash, it arrived at the middle of the group of people from the Demon Beast Sect.


Mighty Elephant's Recklessness!

In an instant, tens of people died!

Mighty Elephant Stomp!


The same thing happened in an instant. Now, the stomp of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, when compared to its earlier one, was like comparing the heavens and the earth, furthermore, the attack was launched right beside them.

It had a repelling force of the strength of 30 countries. This time, more than half of them were either severely injured or dead!

’’How fast......’’ Qing Shui dazedly stared at the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.


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