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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 535


ST 535 - Open Confrontation Between Heavenly Palace and Sword Tower, The Appearance of Tan Yang

With Qing Shui were about 300 Supreme Elders, while the others were responsible for keeping vigil over the tomb! The Old Ancestor's corpse was not to be disturbed.

’’Someone's here to look for trouble! Murder!’’

After someone shouted, the situation turned into a mess!



The sounds of swords being drawn rang out, there were also plenty of curses being shouted out. Many of the ordinary disciples from Heavenly Palace only stood from afar and scolded.

’’Is this how you guys treat people in mourning?’’

The old man in the lead who was thin like a pack of bones let out a loud bellow after he finished his question. With a light stomp on the ground with one of his feet...


The ground shook and the ordinary disciples in Heavenly Palace who were close by all fell.

’’You guys don't know any better and are nothing but crap! A young man chided in disdain, his longsword slashing out and chopping off those who were near to him at the waist.’’

Tan Yang!

An armor with a silver tint made him appear extremely handsome, and the changes he went through over the past few years gave him an additional strong aura. Even Qing Shui felt that Tan Yang had now become a true man who had been through ups and downs in life.

Qing Shui saw that Tan Yang had attacked without a single hint of hesitation or pause. He felt that the other party had not just recovered, but his powers had also increased a lot. Qing Shui felt that he should have reached at least four countries in strength.

It should be his body's original strength.

A hint of disbelief flashed past Qing Shui's eyes. After four years had passed, his powers had improved in leaps and bounds, but to think that the other party's progress was at a faster rate than him.

Qing Shui smiled!

Although Tan Yang physical strength was only about one-plus country weaker than himself, his defense was nothing in comparison. Moreover, Qing Shui was also equipped with various martial techniques.

Qing Shui was not 100% sure that what he had, others did not. However, even if there were people who had the things he had, there would not be many of them. He relied on the strongest supporting martial arts and could unleash a power many times stronger than his own physical strength.

This was how powerful supporting martial techniques;supporting the physical body and training it to the limits.

However, Qing Shui saw that the silver colored armor and that longsword with silver-light both exuded extremely strong spiritual energy.

After killing a person, Tan Yang looked toward Qing Shui, the young man who was the strongest and of the highest status in Heavenly Palace now, the person he had an unforgivable grudge against.

Today was the day that they put an end to everything!

’’Step back!’’ Qing Shui let out a light bellow!

Those ordinary disciples back off to a far distance away, leaving only the about 300 Supreme Elders whose faces were also reflecting tension.

After all, faced again 500 people and with them not having a clear understanding of Qing Shui's level, if Qing Shui could not win against that old man on the opposing side, or if they were to come to a draw, there was no way that 300 of them could win against 500!

Just then, another batch of people came from a distance away!

Demon Beast Sect!

Riding demonic beasts, both flying types and land types, there were also no less than 200 of them!

When the people from Sword Tower saw those from the Demon Beast Sect, they looked even happier and looked toward the pale-faced Supreme Elders from Heavenly Palace.

Bringing so many people with them, they were obviously not here to mourn!

Just then, two ladies with beauties that could cause the fall of cities came over. They were Di Chen and Di Qing!

’’Qing Shui...’’

’’Elder sister Chen, listen to me. The two of you just need to keep an eye on those people at the back, killing those who dares to cross this line.’’ Qing Shui smiled and said to Di Chen, and with a move of his feet, a crack an inch thick spread out.

’’Alright!’’ Di Chen nodded!

’’Ladies, I hope that the two of you can don't get involved. This time around, our trip here has been approved and supported by the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord.’’ The Sword Tower's Old Ancestor took a step forward and said to Di Chen and Di Qing.

’’Don't bother bringing up the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord. Do you think the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord will give a hoot about a mere Sword Tower? Even if all of you were to die, no one in the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord would feel a thing.’’ Di Qing said coldly.

’’Today, we must eradicate Heavenly Palace! I can we can only offend the two of you!’’ Frowning, Sword Tower's Old Ancestor said.

Tan Yang's gaze was fixed on Qing Shui, filled with so much hatred as if he wanted to chew him up.

’’You guys deserve to die!’’ Qing Shui looked at the old man calmly and said.

’’Deserve to die? There are many people who deserve to die, but whether they do or not is another thing altogether.’’ Sword Tower's skinny Old Ancestor obviously did not feel a thing toward what Qing Shui had just said.

Just then, those from the Demon Beast Sect also came over, with their Grand Elder in the lead. After giving it much thought, he was not able to stand up to the temptation.

With their 200 people, they would also be at about 500 with the demonic beasts included. Or rather, their formation seemed even stronger compared to the Sword Tower's. The Heavenly Palace Mountain immediately entered a state of strong tension.

’’Old Ancestor, I'd like to challenge Qing Shui!’’ At that moment, Tan Yang suddenly bowed to Sword Tower's Old Ancestor and said.

’’Yang`er!’’ The old man with the surname Tan quickly spoke up.

’’It's fine. Without going through hardships and tribulations, one won't be able to gain great success. Tan Yang is the genius amongst our Sword Tower's younger generation while Qing Shui is the Heavenly Palace's. Why not let them fight it out today?’’ Another old man who was like a steel tower spoke out. If one were to take a closer look, one would be able to tell that he was much alike the man from the other day. He was holding onto a pitch black heavy sword and standing there like a block of small mountain.

’’Old Man Long, what is the meaning of this?’’ The old man with the surname Tan bellowed furiously.

’’No meaning to it. Even Tan Yang himself knows that he needs to be put through tribulations. Do you want him to live under your shadow all his life? How many years can you protect him?’’

Old Man Tan turned silent. He knew that Old Man Long had ill-intentions but what he spoke was the truth. It was just that sometimes the truth could kill.

’’Go, kill him. You'll be taking the most crucial step in your life.’’ Sword Tower's Old Ancestor also hesitated a little.

’’Thank you, Old Ancestor!’’ Tan Yang bowed and replied.

Old Man Tan clenched both his fists tightly, sighing to himself and looking at Tan Yang worriedly. However, when he saw Tan Yang's armor and weapon, he calmed down a little.

This was the armor and weapon passed down in the Tan Clan. Only after Tan Clan's ’’Silver Bloodline’’ was awakened could it then be used. The effects were monstrous.

The Silver Bloodline armor included the helmet, top, pants, boots, knee guards, wrist guards, bangle, and necklace!

The whole set could increase one's defenses by a further two folds, making one's defense three times stronger!

It could also fend off the opponent's attack by 20%! It was also said that there were also some unknown effects!

The Silver Bloodline Sword could increase one's attack to two times stronger, and when using the ’’Silver Bloodline Sword Qi’’, both the exhaustion and attack would be three times stronger.

One's speed would also become three times stronger!

This was the mysterious power in the bloodline. When the bloodline was awakened, one's powers could increase by a lot. After many years of study, most clans with bloodlines powers would be able to find martial arts, weapons, and armors compatible with their bloodline's effects.

Everyone's gaze was focused on Tan Yang and Qing Shui!

Everyone knew that Tan Yang was a genius!

And the Sword Tower's Supreme Elder also, without a doubt, knew that Qing Shui was a demon.

’’I'm sure that you've never expected this day to come!’’ Tan Yang held onto his sword and walked toward Qing Shui gradually, his expression full of tease.

Toward Tan Yang's behavior, Qing Shui could understand very well. After having been crippled by Qing Shui, once he'd recovered, he would definitely vent out in a situation which he could control. And Qing Shui was the best target.

’’I thought that you had already died. Seems like I'll have to fight again today. This is really troublesome.’’ Qing Shui smiled, bringing out his Violet Gold divine Shield and Big Dipper Sword.

’’Ignorant, simply ignorant!’’

Tan Yang spoke with disdain. At his full power, his strength could reach up to twelve countries, and in Sword Tower, he was only a tad weaker than the Old Ancestor. Decades later, Sword Tower would be his and he would also be one of the best martial arts practitioner in the Greencloud Continent.

The awakening of Tan Clan's Silver Bloodline basically let him soared to the top with just one step. Coupled with the effects of the Origin Returning Pill, he became the strongest person in Tan Clan. And, if there were no accidents, it was almost certain that the Sword Tower would eventually land into his hands.

All along, Qing Shui's existence was like a nail hammered into his heart. No matter what, that woman was his. Even if he did not want her, he could not let others have her either.

If he did not get rid of Qing Shui, he would always feel as if his heart was weighed down by a chunk of heavy metal, so stuffy that it would make him crazy!

’’You're really pitiful. To be honest, I don't even feel like killing you anymore!’’

Qing Shui's calm words caused Tan Yang to go crazy as he looked at Qing Shui with a furious gaze, ’’I had wanted to let you live a bit longer, but you seem to be in a hurry to die. Since that's the case, I'll help you fulfill your wish. But don't worry, I'll help you take care of your woman.’’

Qing Shui's eyes narrowed, unleashing killing intent. He tightened his grip on the Violet Gold divine Shield and Big Dipper Sword, gradually circulating the force throughout his body!

Circulating his martial techniques basically took him only an instant. He circulated them to the peaks and maintained the status, ’’Make your move. I'll give you a chance!’’

’’Hahaha, arrogant! Ignorant! I'll grant you your wish to die!’’

With a leap, Tan Yang moved toward Qing Shui in mid-air, slashing out his silver sword. The white silver sword which was like the color of the moon was about one meter plus long and was like a cold gleam of light.


In mid-air, Tan Yang let out a loud bellow and the longsword's aura once grew more powerful!

His control of the force was very good and his attack was tricky!

Qing Shui watched as the sword stabbed toward him. He remained calm as the lashed out with the Violet Gold divine Shield!

Emperor's Qi!

In actual combat, Qing Shui would not go easy on the opponent no matter how weak they were. He knew that he must not be careless, if not, he would lose not just his life.

Shield attack!


Tan Yang was sent flying from Qing Shui's impact, but he was not injured at all.

Cloudmist Steps!

Qing Shui chased after him, thrusting out his Big Dipper Sword!

Art of Pursuing!


Tan Yang was sent flying once again, but he was still uninjured. Although Qing Shui had not unleashed his full powers, he should have been able to injure him. Qing Shui then saw that silvery white colored battle armor.

Tan Yang's gaze when looking at Qing Shui finally changed. With a fierce wave of his silver sword, a soft and milky white glow flashed from all over his body.

The Art of Pursuing was countered...

Qing Shui felt a bit irritated. Too many people had managed to counter his Art of Pursuing. But it was still good since just the Emperor's Qi alone was sufficient to make his opponents cry.

His strength of twelve countries was reduced to not even ten countries...


Qing Shui once again pushed Tan Yang back with one hit. A trickle of blood flowed down Tan Yang's lips. Qing Shui felt that Tan Yang's armor definitely had some special effect.

Just like his Seven Star Armored Vest!

Otherwise, how could eighteen countries worth of strength only give him slight injuries?

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Qing Shui stomped down on the ground in Tan Yang's direction. It was also where Sword Tower's Old Ancestor and those Supreme Elders were at!


The strength of twenty-six countries was thrown out with the unique attack from the Mighty Elephant Stomp!


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