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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 524


AST 524 - Sending Di Chen off, coming back to Skysword Sect

Early in the morning, after she woke up for a morning exercise and had breakfast, Di Chen bid farewell to the gang.

Qing Yi pulled Di Chen's hand and tried to convince her to stay again and again.

In the end, she knew that no matter what, Di Chen would still have to go. Hence, Qing Yi advised her to take care of herself. After that, she glanced towards Qing Shui and said: ’’Qing Shui, send Di Chen off.’’

Qing Shui and Di Chen stood side by side on the back of the Blue Luan. Deep in his heart, he had an indescribable feeling. He felt a bit uncomfortable, could it have had something to do with the woman beside him?

Qing Shui planned to send Di Chen to Cang Lang Country City. Along the way, he wanted to visit the Skysword Sect. It has been a long time since he last saw Wenren Wushuang, Yiye Jiange, Luan Luan, and Zhu Qing.

Qing Shui didn't really know much about Di Chen. But because of the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord, he still knew a thing or two about her. Unfortunately, for now, he really couldn't do much about the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord.

For things regarding Yiye Jiange, Qing Shui was also powerless in that regard.

But one thing about Qing Shui was sure about was that he was willing to work hard. This, in addition to god being quite good to him, hence, no matter how much he had to suffer, he still wanted to let people that cared for him and he cared for to live happily.

’’This is for you!’’ Qing Shui took out a plain cloth that he made for her, a Great Revitalizing Pellet, and a few other medicinal pills. He also took out a Beast Parchment to write down the effects of the pills, in particular, the effects of the Great Revitalizing Pill.

The plain cloth was folded tidily. However, there was a particularly strong spiritual aura leaking out of it. Di Chen thought of the pair of earrings, she recalled the earrings that he insisted on giving her even though he was on the brink of death. In fact, right now, she wore it, it's just that others were not able to see it.

Qing Shui smiled and leaned forward. This woman has already saved him three times. The favors that she bestowed upon him was something that he wouldbe unable to return in his life. Hence, Qing Shui was willing to help her do anything. The question of whether he should pay back the favors or not was already non-existent. This was because in his heart, what she did for him was something that he would never be able to pay back.

’’For me?’’ Di Chen turned her head to the side and looked at the modest man beside her with her beautiful eyes. Suddenly, she noticed that he has already matured a lot.


’’Why do you want to give it to me?’’ Di Chen didn't take them. She only looked at Qing Shui in silence.

After remaining silent for a while, Qing Shui responded: ’’I don't know. I am very thankful towards you. You were the one who gave me my life. I want to do something back for you, but then I noticed that there really isn't many things that I could do. What you gave me was something that I will never be able to pay back in my entire life. I really want to do something for you, when there is anything good, I want to share it with you, I want you to be the first one who I share with......’’

This time, Qing Shui wasn't so blunt with his words. The last time he did it, she ended up holding on to his tiny little whip!

’’Thank you!’’ Di Chen said as she took over the things which Qing Shui refused to admit that he made.

’’And also, this is for you!’’ Qing Shui took out a Plum Blossom Wine that he brewed yesterday and passed it to her. This time, the amount of wine that he gave her was two times more than the ones he gave before.


Di Chen left. From the beginning till the end, Qing Shui watched her until she disappeared into the horizon . After that, he summoned the Fire Bird and flew towards the Skysword Sect. A special nostalgic feeling welled up inside him.

Qing Shui only came down after he flew to the waist of the mountain of the Skysword Sect. After that, he went along the winding stone stairs and slowly walked up the mountain.

’’Who is it?’’

Two disciples of the Skysword Sect who were guarding the sect shouted out as they stopped Qing Shui.

Qing Shui didn't say anything. He only took out an Elder Medal that was almost forgotten.

’’Elder! Please come in!’’ The two disciples said as they bowed their head and greeted him.

Qing Shui smiled as he walked towards the mountain.

’’Xiao Si, since when was there such a young elder in the Heavenly Palace?’’ One of the taller and sturdier disciples asked the other young man next to him who was considerably handsome with an average build.

’’Just because you don't know doesn't mean it doesn't exist. According to what martial brother said, there was an even younger elder a few years ago.’’ The teenager known as Xiao Si said casually.

’’Then could he be......’’

’’Yes, very likely. If you compare his current age to a few years ago, it matches perfectly. In addition, there is only one elder that is so young in the Skysword Sect.’’ Xiao Si said as he thought deeply about it.

’’How about Elder Wushuang?’’ asked the young man who was a bit naive and simple-minded.

’’That's a girl. She just got promoted to an elder one year ago.’’ Said Xiao Si without thinking the matter through.

’’Oh, Martial Brother Xiao Si, you know so much about things.’’

Xiao Si:’’......’’


Qing Shui stood in front of the main hall of the Skysword Sect. He was looking at the largest sect in the Cang Lang Country City and it was crowded as usual. It was a sect which people would go so far as bursting their head flat just to get in.

He thought about the past, if it hadn't been for Yiye Jiange, it would have been tough for him to join the Skysword Sect. At present, from his perspective, it was no longer as grand as before.

’’Look! It's Qing Shui!’’ Someone cried out in surprise.

’’Qing Shui? Who's he?’’

’’Sigh, you are in the Skysword Sect, and yet you know nothing of Qing Shui, such tragedy.’’

’’Qing Shui is the youngest elder in Skysword Sect. Now, he has even become an elder in the Heavenly Palace in the Green Cloud Continent. He, too, is the youngest elder there. He is actually ab elder in Heavenly Palace, he can already be considered one of the strongest people in Green Cloud Continent.’’ A middle-aged man that looked quite intelligent said.

’’He looks so young......’’

’’Qing Shui!’’

Qing Shui turned his head and saw Baili Wufeng. Even though they hadn't seen each other for years, there were almost no changes in how she looked. However, she had achieved Xiantian Realm. She was exuding an introverted aura.


’’Thank you!’’ Baili Wufeng knew that Qing Shui was talking about the incident regarding her breakthrough to the Xiantian Realm. For her age, she was definitely already considered to be a genius in Cang Lang Country City. If she hadn't met Qing Shui or Wenren Wushuang, she would have definitely felt satisfied with herself. But now, she was also only feeling a bit happier. She wasn't as excited as before.

’’Oh yeah! Why don't you go and visit Elder Wushuang?’’ Baili Wufeng asked Qing Shui worriedly.

’’Elder Wushuang?’’

When Qing Shui saw Baili Wufeng's expression, his heart couldn't help but thump. ’’Since when was Wushuang promoted to an elder?’’ He asked hurriedly. ’’What happened to her?’’

’’We also have no idea what is going on. Two years ago, she went through huge changes. After that, her strength also spiked. Why don't you go and have a look? She is at the Wushuang peak!’’ Baili Wufeng knew that Qing Shui didn't know the way, hence, she pointed out the directions to him.

Previously, Qing Shui had planned to visit Baili Jingwei. But now, he felt that he needed to go to Wenren Wushuang immediately. He quickly greeted Baili Wufeng before swiftly rushing to the Wushuang Peak.

Very quickly, Qing Shui arrived at the Wushuang Peak. This should be one of the most secluded mountain peaks in the Skysword Sect. Originally, Yiye Jiange's Cloud Mist Peak was the most secluded one, but then Luan Luan joined it.

As for the Wushuang Peak, Qing Shui couldn't see anyone at a glance, nor could he hear any noises. Qing Shui went along the stone stairs as he walked towards the summit.

There were mountains, lakes, and forests. Wherever he went, it was really quiet. Qing Shui felt that this was a really good place until he reached the summit, where he froze in shock.

This was because Qing Shui saw a woman who was cultivating. Qing Shui could tell that it's Wenren Wushuang just from her sword-dancing posture.

It's just that her long blood-red colored hair dazzled Qing Shui's eyes.

Blood-red hair!

Qing Shui felt a painl deep within his heart. Normally, there would only be two scenarios in which this would happen.

One was when a person was cultivating a kind of technique which made use of blood. Qing Shui felt that this wasn't the case for Wenren Wushuang, hence he was only left with the other scenario.

It happened when one suppresses their emotions up to a certain extent, which would cause the blood in their body to boil and rush up their head as if they werepossessed.


Qing Shui called out gently.

Wenren Wushuang turned around and glanced towards Qing Shui. But what entered Qing Shui's eyes was a sense of bewilderment. It felt just like saw a stranger, at this moment, Qing Shui thought that things were worse than he expected.

’’Wushuang? Who is Wushuang? Why does everyone keep on calling me Wushuang? Who are you?’’

These questions caused Qing Shui's heart to immediately sink all the way down to the bottom of the valley. The blood which rushed up her head had caused her to lose her memories.

Her suppression this time, along with the blood that rushed through her head, had caused a huge change to her body.

This was also the reason why her strength had increased significantly. Qing Shui remembered that she was one of the women in the Portraits of Beauty. This might have something to do with it.

The pinnacle of the Xiantian Realm!

This was Wenren Wushuang's current strength!

With Qing Shui's strength at the moment, he already couldn't do anything about the blood that rushed into her head, let alone the memories she lost.

What should he do?

No wonder Baili Wufeng would say things like that previously.

’’Do you remember anything?’’ Qing Shui said bitterly.

’’Do you know me?’’ Wenren Wushuang knitted her brows and asked Qing Shui in confusion. From her eyes, he could tell that she felt really uneasy.

’’Currently, I'm the person closest to you.’’ Qing Shui said seriously. Wenren Wugou died, so he felt that there was nothing wrong about him saying that. It's just that he knew that there was no longer any use of him saying that.

’’You are lying!’’ Wenren Wushuang suddenly charged towards Qing Shui. She immediately thrust the long sword in her hand towards Qing Shui.

Qing Shui felt a bit agonized. But he easily caught Wenren Wushuang's wrist with his hand. To him, dealing with someone like her who was at the pinnacle of Xiantian Realm was a piece of cake.

Wenren Wushuang felt really panicked. No matter how hard she tried, she was unable to break free from Qing Shui's hand. When she was in the Skysword Sect, no one's strength was a match for her. The person that came today, however, she was unable to even break free from one of his simple moves.

’’Let go! Let go of me!’’ Wenren Wushuang constantly whacked Qing Shui.

’’I want to take you away!’’ Qing Shui felt really hurt. If Wenren Wugou was to see her like this, he would definitely die with grievance!

’’I don't know you! I don't want to follow you!’’

’’Go back with me! I want to restore your memory!’’ Qing Shui said gently.

Wenren Wushuang was at a loss. Who was she? Did this man really know her? Is he her close relative? Why did she feel a sense of familiarity towards him?

’’I don't know you, I am not going back with you!’’

’’I won't harm you! You have seen it too, you are no match for me, don't you want to know who you are?’’ Qing Shui used this to attempt to convince her.

As expected, Wenren Wushuang became silent. After that, she lifted up her head and looked at Qing Shui: ’’Can you really make me remember who I am?’’

She had experienced his strength. If she didn't follow him back today, he might forcefully bring her back with him. Since resistance was futile, why not just follow him back first? If he was really unable to restore her memory, she would just think of another way to leave.

After she lost her memory, she felt even lonelier. She didn't know anyone, and she was filled with anxiety towards the world. She felt insecure, hence, she concluded that it's best for her to not trust anyone so as to avoid being tricked by people with bad intentions.

’’Today, we will stay here for one night before leaving tomorrow.’’ After Qing Shui said goodbye to Wenren Wushuang, he left the Wushuang Peak.

Cloud Mist Peak!

Qing Shui felt that there were a lot of similarities between Yiye Jiange and Di Chen. They both liked quietness and also exuded an otherworldly and strongly extraordinarily outstanding aura.

The reason why Qing Shui came to look for Yiye Jiange was exactly because he felt that there was a huge possibility that her body had been 'sealed up'. Qing Shui decided to take a look at it this time and see if he could help her. The other reason he came was for the 'Peach of Immortality' that he had prepared for Luan Luan.

Qing Shui felt that his entire life was about being indebted to women. He stepped on the stone stairs which led to the summit of the Cloud Mist Peak. This woman was another one that had done huge favors for Qing Shui.

She was also the first person to save Qing Shui and the Qing Clan from calamity. She was an extremely beautiful and gorgeous woman who he called master.

In short, Qing Shui still felt really happy. It was already a kind of blessings for him to have a woman like her around. Whether it was helping others in need, or being helped by others, it's always a kind of joy. Of course he would have to be willing to do it.

When he reached the summit, Qing Shui didn't see anyone. He walked towards the back of the main hall which led to the double story building where Yiye Jiange lived.

As soon as he reached the back of the large hall, Qing Shui accidentally saw a woman standing on the summit far in the distance. She was wearing a white cloth. The cloth looked otherworldly and it was even whiter than snow.

Qing Shui didn't see Luan Luan. He continued to proceed towards Yiye Jiange.

When he was less than two hundred meters away from her, Yiye Jiange looked back. When she saw Qing Shui, she let out a smile on her face and walked towards Qing Shui.

’’When did you come?’’ Yiye Jiange smiled and said.

’’I have been here for a while. Master, how have you been?’’ Said Qing Shui with a smile.

The woman in front of him felt as if she had some sort of magical power. When Qing Shui was in front of her, he felt that it's really easy for him to calm down. Even Qing Shui didn't even know the reason to it.

Yiye Jiange had also stopped saying things like not letting Qing Shui call her master. She looked at Qing Shui and noticed that there had been a huge change in him. He was always improving madly, and now, he has even made such an unbelievable progress.

’’Let me feel your pulse!’’ Qing Shui said softly.

Previously, Qing Shui has already taken a peek at it with his Heavenly Vision Technique and realized that a few of her body parts were restricted. This time around, he was just looking to see if there were any ways he could help her.

In the past, he didn't really pay much attention to it. But ever since he found out that she was one of the women in the Portraits of Beauty, he felt that there would be no way for a woman who was so courageous and strong-willed to possess only this kind of strength. Most importantly, she was capable of controlling his mood.

Yiye Jiange trembled. However, she still extended out one of her wrists that's as white as snow. She smiled and looked at Qing Shui. She didn't really ask what he wanted to do.

Qing Shui joined three of his fingers together as he pressed them against her pulse.

A strand of the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique went along the meridians and gradually poured into Yiye Jiange's body. The whole process was very smooth! It went along the meridians and charged towards the place that was restricted.

As soon as he touched it, he immediately got bounced back. That feeling resembled that of being contained by cotton. He wasn't able to take out any strength!

’’It's no use. The way the restriction was designed was really unusual. You were actually able to feel it.’’ Yiye Jiange said softly.

’’Master, is it ok for me to try two more times?’’ Qing Shui contemplated for a while. After that, he looked at Yiye Jiange and said seriously.

Yiye Jiange smiled as she looked at Qing Shui: ’’As long as you are willing to!’’

She extended out her arms and stopped withdrawing them!


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