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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 511


AST 511 - A return trip, back to the Hundred Miles City

Even though Qing Shui had lost all of his abilities now, he still needed to let people know that he was fierce. There was once a story which Qing Shui was never able to forget.

There was once a teenager and his situation was very similar to Qing Shui's current circumstances. Previously, he was really powerful, humble, elegant, kind and friendly. In short, he wouldn't challenge anyone to a fight, nor would there be anyone who dared to pick a fight with him.

It's just that later on, he suddenly lost all his strength. He ended up no different to the most ordinary person. When a group of gangsters stopped him and his woman, they even started to verbally insult his woman.

At that time, he made his moves, and with the strength of an ordinary person he defeated more than ten stronger opponents. His body also reached its limit from all the wounds that he accrued.

There were people who questioned his motives.

He smiled and said: ’’when you have power, people will fear you even if you don't do anything. But now, I don't have anything left, the only thing I can use to stop my opponents will be my fierceness. If I have ten points of strength left, I will have to take out twelve of them, I must defeat my opponents even if it means betting my life on it. Only by doing this will there be a chance of survival. This is also the only way to protect the people around me.’’

At present, Qing Shui could totally empathise with the teenager's situation at that time. His life, at this very moment, had also become insignificant. This was a state of mind. Hence, Qing Shui relied on the 'Stone of Life'. Even if there hadn't been one, he would still had defeated his opponents.

Only by doing this would he be able to scare away the people with bad intentions. Let them know that they would need to bear heavy consequences if they were to touch him.

Qing Shui's actions had really stunned the surrounding people. They could clearly tell that Qing Shui had lost all of his cultivation and that he was merely relying on the strength of his physical body and his ingrained aura.

’’Such a ruthless young man, he is ruthless even to himself. But as of now, it is actually really useful.’’

’’Lang Chong, didn't you say that you wanted to help the people in Lang Clan to fight for their rights? This is an opportunity, that brat has already gotten stabbed once.’’ A young man with half ahead of white hair said to a young man who looked dark and strong.

’’Who said that I wanted to fight for them. Look at him, he is so heavily injured, I don't want to bully him.’’ Said the dark and strong young man with his lips curled.

Qing Shui stood there as he looked at the surrounding crowd indifferently. He didn't even pull out the long sword stabbed in his chest. His face looked pale, but he still had a calm expression.

Huoyun Liu-Li and the other girls couldn't help it as their eyes filled with tears. They were trying their best to not let them fall.

’’Everyone, if there is still anyone who wants to challenge me, I, Qing Shui, will accept the challenge! If there isn't anyone who wants to do it, please leave!’’ After a while, Qing Shui slowly enunciated.

’’I challenge you!’’ A loud voice could be heard.

’’The Clan head of the Feng Clan... This man really doesn't know what's good and what's bad for him. At that time, Qing Shui gave a chance for Feng Clan to live, but now, he came out shamelessly.’’ Immediately, there was already people gossiping loudly.

’’He is really becoming more and more shameless as he lives! The Feng Clan has already become like this, and yet he still dared to come out! Is he not afraid of being stomped to death by other people?’’

’’I dare you to repeat what you just said!’’

Right at this moment, an commanding voice came through.

The Misty Hall's Palace Mistress and Di Qing walked into the house. As soon as the two extremely graceful women showed up, a lot of the surrounding people stared blankly into space. People could already recognize the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress' attire just by one glance even though they could only see her profound and beautiful eyes.

’’It's Misty Hall's Palace Mistress... Who is the other one then?’’

’’They are so pretty... They are way too pretty... Eh, it seems like they are on Qing Shui's side?’’

’’Could they be having an affair with Qing Shui? Furthermore, there are two of them! If I had women like this, I would have been satisfied even if I were to only live for one day.’’


’’He mentioned before that he will accept anyone's challenge, so what can you do about it even if I say it once more?’’ The Clan head of the Feng Clan summoned up his courage and said in front of everyone.


The Nine Heaven Immortal Silk didn't actually look that fast. It directly went towards the Clan head of the Feng Clan. It's just that it became faster and faster while it was still in mid-air. The Nine Heaven Immortal Silk also looked sharper and denser. However, it didn't give out any energy fluctuations.


One move, just a simple move!

It killed him!

Qing Shui had a blank expression on his face. He finally knew that compared to Di Qing, the strength of the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress wasn't inferior by much. In fact, she might even be stronger.

This time, they were finally able to control the people in the surroundings. Everyone was still aware of how strong the Clan head of the Feng Cland was, and yet, he was unable to take a random attack from her.

’’I don't care who it is! For now, he no longer has any cultivation left! If there is still anyone who wants to challenge him, you can come and look for me.’’ The Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, without even glancing towards the people around her, articulated slowly.

A lot of people left quietly, leaving only a few people. Since the formidable woman had opened her mouth, they had no choice but to leave. No matter who they were up against, they still couldn't afford to go risk their own life.

Cang Wuya let out a sigh of relief. With his current strength, he wouldn't be capable of controlling the crowds. If he were to stand up for Qing Shui, things would get even more chaotic.

Only now did Qing Shui remove the long sword that pierced his body. He took a look at the traumatized Jin Guyao who left and shook his head. Qing Shui despised these kinds of women. In his previous incarnation, he had also run into a few women like this.

The three girls had long since arrived at Qing Shui's side. Including the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress and Di Qing, all rhe women were beauties who could throw cities and states into chaos. Even Qing Shui couldn't help but stare blankly into space.


At night, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. However, he realized for awhile that he was free and that he didn't need to do anything anymore. Sadness, a bitter sadness was the only thing that remained.

The Fire bird tweeted with a low-spirited voice.

Qing Shui was still able to enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He knew that the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal should have something to do with the Yin-yang Image in his sea of consciousness. Even now, the Yin-yang Image was still slowly revolving, continuously giving out pieces of divine strength to his withering body.

Without the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, it basically meant that Qing Shui could no longer cultivate.

All of Qing Shui's cultivation made use of the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique as its base. Suddenly, he felt that the flow of time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had become very slow.

Normally, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant would crawl into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. If it hadn't been for the Diamond Gigantic Elephant sharing some of its power with Qing Shui, he believed that he would have been smacked to death at that time.

The strength of a Martial Saint was indeed powerful. Qing Shui didn't know what Martial Saint grade that person had achieved. He might be only a first grade Martial Saint. Even if a person had possessed beyond twenty countries worth of strength, they would only be a first grade Martial Saint.

At the instant when Qing Shui got smacked, he already returned the Diamond Gigantic Elephant back into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

During this period of time, it has been healing its wounds inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. When it saw Qing Shui, it joyfully ran towards him. The strength of both the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and the Fire Bird weren't really affected by Qing Shui's losses.

Qing Shui who had nothing to do decided to randomly draw talismans. Without the support of the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique, the Talismans Drawing would not be successful. But what Qing Shui was drawing was a kind of feeling, a state of mind.

Qing Shui looked at the location on the treasure map which was yet to be found. This all happened because of that. He shook his head and smiled bitterly. In both of Qing Shui's incarnations as a human, he was unable to accept this kind of shock.

He only had three years left.

Qing Shui couldn't help but think about the girls. Originally, Qing Shui had planned to organize a grand marriage for them, within these few years. But now, he knew that he couldn't let them remain as widows. He shook his head, not knowing what to do.

In a blink of an eye, three days had passed!

’’Qing Shui, do you really plan to go back?’’ Cang Wuya knitted his brows, let out a sigh and asked.

’’Yeah, there is no longer any point of me staying here, it's better if I go back.’’ Qing Shui smiled humbly as he looked at Cang Wuya and Fei Wuji and said.

’’Qing Shui, tell me the truth, how long do you have left?’’ Said Cang Wuya after thinking for some time.

’’Three years!’’

Qing Shui, only responded after stopping to think for a while. In any case, he didn't plan to hide it from the other girls because he wanted to give them freedom. As for his mother, he felt the need to hide it from her.

Qing Shui's words immediately stunned the girls. Originally, they thought that Qing Shui had only lost his cultivation. They never thought that Qing Shui would only have three years of life left.

Both Mingyue Gelou and Huoyun Liu-LI immediately began to sob on the spot. Canghai Mingyue's eyes turned red. As the tears started to stream down her face and she lowered her head slightly.

’’ *Cough*, Qing Shui, is there anyway we can change this?’’ Cang Wuya let out a sigh as he looked at Qing Shui.

’’Yang Revitalising Grass, the Six divisions in Wheel of Karma, Reborn Pellet, Golden Buddha Relics......’’ Qing Shui smiled wryly as he listed a few medicines.

Cang Wuya's expression turned more and more bitter: ’’Have you seen the Old Ancestor?’’

’’I have seen him, even he has no idea on what to do!’’ Qing Shui said softly. After all, the things that he mentioned previously were all legendary items. No one had really seen those things. Even if they have seen it, they also wouldn't tell other people. Anyone would know about the principle of 'getting into troubles on the account of cherished items'.

’’What plans do you have once you go back?’’ Cang Wuya felt really depressed. The instant he found out that Qing Shui had became a useless person, he felt that he has gotten a lot older.

’’I want to go back to accompany my mother. I haven't really stayed by her side for a few years. This time, I don't think I will ever come out again.’’ As Qing Shui thought about his mother, he felt really excited. He couldn't wait to go back to Hundred Miles City.

’’This is also a good idea......’’ At the moment Cang Wuya said this, his back looked a bit depressed.

’’I will visit gramps when I have time!’’ Qing Shui bowed to Cang Wuya. After that, he did the same to Fei Wuji.

’’Mingyue, Liu-Li, you two stay in Heavenly Palace......’’

’’I want to go back!’’ Suddenly, Huoyun Liu-Li started crying and hugged Qing Shui. Before this, she has been holding it in for too long.

’’Qing Shui, you guys should go back. At least you will have a companion along theway. Those people will not tail you guys. In fact, there aren't many who can catch up to you guys.’’ Cang Wuya sighed as he saw the sad expression on the girl's face.

’’I will send you back!’’

A voice came through. Both the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress and Di Qing stepped in.

’’Old master!’’

Misty Hall's Palace Mistress and Di Qing bowed their head to Cang Wuya as a form of respect to their senior.

’’Alright alright, I feel relieved as long as you guys are here!’’ A smile lit up on Cang Wuya's face.


Two Demonic Beasts flew past the sky. It was the Blue Luan and the Red Luan.

All along, Huoyun Liu-Li has been hugging one of Qing Shui's arm while sitting on the back of the Fire Bird. After losing his cultivation, he was unable to even stand while flying high in mid-air.

Canghai Mingyue and Mingyue Gelou sat opposite to Qing Shui and Huoyun Liu-Li. The Misty Hall's Palace Mistress and Di Qing on the other hand, stood on the back of Blue Luan.

’’Sister, do you have any plans?’’ Said Di Qing as she looked at Qing Shui and the girls on the back of Fire Bird.

’’After I reach Hundred Miles City, I will go back to Heavenly Palace to look for the Old Ancestor. Take over Misty Hall. I want to accompany him through the last few years of his life.’’ Misty Hall's Palace Mistress said softly.


Because of Qing Shui's condition, the speed at which they hastened on their journey wasn't fast. When they passed by South City, Canghai Mingyue, Qing Shui and Huoyun Liu-Li went down to pray to the Canghai couple.

Three months later!

After an exhausting journey, they made it to the Hundred Miles City!

As soon as they reached the Hundred Miles City, Qing Shui let the Fire Bird descend. Qing Shui stepped on the large stony road in Hundred Miles City. He looked at the street that was always crowded with pedestrians and felt a sense of familiarity.

A lot of people looked at the gang in shock. A good-looking young man accompanied by a few extremely beautiful women.

’’It's Qing Shui......’’

’’Qing Yi's Qing Shui is back......’’

’’That evildoer of Qing Clan!’’

’’That woman is also back! Didn't they say that she was taken away by some kind of formidable power?’’

’’The eldest daughter of the Huoyun Clan!’’


Qing Shui went along the familiar street and slowly advanced towards the Qing Clan's commercial house. Even though deep down, he couldn't wait to reach home, he still decided to walk back slowly like this.

’’Brother Shui!’’

A sharp and clear voice came through.

Qing Shui's body trembled. He looked far away and saw a little girl running towards him. He smiled, Qing Bei has already completely grown up.

’’Brother Shui!’’

Qing Bei happily embraced Qing Shui's neck. Her whole body was suspended in mid-air.

’’Xiao Bei, why are you here......’’

Before Qing Shui managed to finish his sentence, he already saw a lot of people gathering far away. Qing Shui saw the people from Qing Clan with just one glance. Almost everyone from the Qing Clan came. The one standing at the forefront was his mother smiling with tears in her eyes. The one standing beside her was Qing Qing.

’’Mother!’’ Qing Shui shouted out when he walked to face Qing Yi. He felt a bit constrained.

’’Qing Qing, eldest uncle, second uncle, auntie......’’

’’Qing Shui, mother just mentioned about missing you, and here you are back.’’ Qing Yi took sometimes to settled her stuff before smiling and went on to hug Qing Shui.

As the girls saw the scene, they all felt really sad. They were all aware that Qing Shui only had three years left. But this wasn't the case for the people in Qing Clan.

’’Brother Qing Shui!’’

’’Qing Shui!’’


After Qing Yi turned her gaze towards Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li. She smiled and said: ’’Mingyue, Liu-Li, you guys are back!’’


Qing Yi let go of Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li's hands. She approached Mingyue Gelou and immediately and took over Yu Chang with one of her hands while grabbing Mingyue Gelou with the other one: ’’Sorry for troubling you!’’

’’Grandma!’’ Little Yu Chang shouted out happily after she saw Qing Yi.

’’Auntie, I'm not hurt at all. Qing Shui was the one who got hurt.’’ Said Mingyue Gelou with her eyes red.

Qing Yi glanced towards the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress and Di Qing. As she looked at the two extremely beautiful women who exuded an unusually outstanding aura, she also felt suspicious. Each and every one of the women that her son met were all rarely seen beauties. This really made her feel puzzled.

’’Thank you for taking care of Qing Shui.’’ Qing Yi saw the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress that saved Qing Shui last time. Most importantly, Qing Yi was able to feel the affections between Qing Shui and the girls.

’’Auntie! Don't be so formal!’’

The term 'auntie' made Qing Shui laughed. The two girls on the other hand, they blushed.

The family was very lively as they head home. It's just that Qing He had happened to notice Qing Shui's destructed meridians. At that time, he got so shocked that his expression changed. Feeling doubtful, he tried to sense it a few more times. Until this moment, he still couldn't manage to calm himself down.

’’Brother Shui, how long will you be staying this time?’’ Qing Bei asked joyfully.

’’Hehe, if nothing happens, I think I will be staying for three years! Perhaps, I may not leave anymore.’’ Qing Shui smiled gently.

’’Oh, this is great!

Qing He knitted his eyebrows before putting them down again. Qing Shui's previous response had already fully proven his suspicions. Even though he wanted to ask really badly, he tried his best to hold it in.

There were a lot of houses in Qing Clan Medicinal Store. Hence, very quickly, all of the girls had already settled down in each of their respective rooms. After that, a whole table covered with a sumptuous meal had already been prepared even though it's only mid-noon.


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