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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 505


505 - Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey, Demonic Beast Chieftain, Heavenly Dan Grade 2

Chi chi! That noise rang out once more. Other than feeling agile, this place was especially oppressive.

Qing Shui was quite curious too. What could have caused the Raging Flame Cloud Leopard to be this cautious or alarmed?

Qing Shui shifted his gaze to the other side of the valley. That was where the 'chi chi' noise had come from. All of the Raging Flame Cloud Leopards stopped dead in their tracks and stared alarmingly at the intersection up ahead. There was a turning corner just right on the other side of the valley.


Three familiar looking monkeys emerged from the other side of the valley. Qing Shui's heart started to race after he took a glance. He had especially read up on the demonic beasts of the Flowerfruit Mountain before coming here. The three ’’monkeys’’ that had appeared before him now were one of the strongest existences on the Flowerfruit Mountain.

Purpled-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey!

Qing Shui stared into the distance unblinkingly at the three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys. Their body size could only be described as tiny compared to those Raging Flame Cloud Leopards. They only had the height of a little more than one meter (around four feet). Their body was fully covered in a type of golden color that faintly glowed.

Its two big intelligent eyes were purple-colored, making it appear even more spiritually intelligent, and they were filled with the radiance of lightning. All three ’’Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys’’ were holding a sturdy wooden staff that was about four feet long and as thick as an adult's arm.

Qing Shui knew that these wooden staves were the Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey's weapons. These Mahogany Staves were at least ten thousand years old or even a few ten thousand years old. They were way more valuable than rare metals, and could even match up to those moonstones and concentrated gold.

Among those three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys, the one in the middle had wisps of white monkey fur around its ears, just like a human's white hair. It gave it a dignified and warm aura that felt like an older human person to Qing Shui.

The other two Purple Eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys on the side looked like they were in their prime. They were built strongly like a pyramid. One look could tell that they were at the physical peak of their age.

Seeing a few thousand Raging Flame Cloud Leopards in front of them, the three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys didn't react any differently. They continued at their normal pace, toward the direction where those Raging Flame Cloud Leopards were.

On the other hand, the Raging Flame Cloud Leopards whimpered softly as they slowly moved backward.

Just watching them had Qing Shui' blood racing. He had a little knowledge on the Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys because they have been briefly introduced in the Archive of Demonic Beast.

They lived in the ’’10,000-Year Peach Blossom Garden’’, where the spiritual qi of the Flowerfruit Mountain was richest. They were one of the most intelligent demonic beasts. Although they weren't big in size, they were extremely skillful in fighting and they had an extremely powerful Dantian. Every strike of those monkeys was laced with highly toxic ’’Peach Blossom Miasma’’.

The Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys were rumored to have the strength of ten countries and yet, regretfully, they weren't able to breakthrough to the Martial Saint level due to being restricted by the Flowerfruit Mountain. The King among the Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys was said to be able to contest against those in the Martial Saint realms.

Another rumor said that Demonic Beasts that had attained the Martial Saint level strength would leave the Flowerfruit Mountain and travel westward, never returning to the Flowerfruit Mountain ever again.

Legend has it that there was a mysterious restricting force on the Flowerfruit Mountain. As long as one was on the Flowerfruit Mountain, it was impossible to break through to the Martial Saint level. Even the strength of other Martial Saint level Demonic Beasts would be restricted to the Martial King peak level if they had come to the Flowerfruit Mountain.

This was why Qing Shui had dared to venture into the Flowerfruit Mountain. He had originally planned to wait until he had attained the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Ancient Strengthening Technique. It was precisely because there weren't any Martial Saints on the Flowerfruit Mountain that Qing Shui was a little more confident that he could escape here unscathed.

However, the appearance of these peak Martial Kings was completely beyond Qing Shui's expectations. Even if a normal human Martial Saint cultivator who came here wasn't suppressed by the Flowerfruit Mountain, they still wouldn't be a match to these Demonic Beasts standing before them.

Putting aside the number, if any one of those Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys had come forward, a normal Martial Saint cultivators with the strength of a little more than ten countries would still not be a match for these Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys. Even a few Raging Flame Cloud Leopards could finish him.

Qing Shui watched as those three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys calmly walked toward those Raging Flame Cloud Leopards. Even Qing Shui was worried for them. Were they not afraid of being surrounded by thousands of these big guys?

He was shocked that the Raging Flame Cloud Leopards had not only moved backward slowly but had also parted and left enough space in the center for those three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys to pass through.

At this very moment, Qing Shui thought that these Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys were truly badass and invincible. They were coming through as if they were one of those ’’big shots’’...

When the three monkeys were halfway through the crowd, a fully matured and strong ’’Raging Flame Cloud Leopard’’ suddenly jumped out. Its speed was so fast;it was as if fire sparks could be seen. It left a trail of afterimages as it flung itself toward one of the nearest Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys.

The flames on the Raging Flame Cloud Leopard burned even more intensely, making it appear even more ferocious!

That Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey's figure didn't seem to move, only the golden glow of its body suddenly became brighter as it waved the Mahogany Staff in its hand strangely. With an even greater speed than the Raging Flame Cloud Leopard, it smashed its staff squarely on the head of that gigantic leopard.


A loud noise rang out along with the miserable howl of the Raging Flame Cloud Leopard. The enormous leopard was sent flying by the staff, half of its gigantic head had been smashed in. It instantly died on the spot before it could even finish howling.

Qing Shui stared at the Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey in dumbfound silence. He had even forgotten to breathe for a moment because he hadn't been able to sense the strength of these monkeys in his current state.

It had just bashed a demonic beast that had the strength of nearly ten countries to death with a staff...

Qing Shui could hardly believe what he had just witnessed. Just what strength did this Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey possess? Not even a Martial Saint level Demonic Beast could do this!

Was this the ability of the Chieftain?

He suddenly recalled a rumor about the Flowerfruit Mountain. It was said that there was a type of Chieftain level Demonic Beasts living among the enormous Flowerfruit Mountain. They were the tyrants of the Flowerfruit Mountain that possessed an exceptional strength that could also be considered an upgraded version of the King's Aura. It could definitely suppress the other demonic beasts...

Then the realization hit Qing Shui. Wasn't this just like his Emperor's Qi...?

The Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey was one of these rumored Chieftain Demonic Beasts. No demonic beasts could prevail over them when they entered the Flowerfruit Mountain, no matter how strong they were.

Could this all be true?

Qing Shui was extremely skeptical. He simply couldn't accept the fact that the Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey had bashed the leopard to death earlier just like that, no matter how long he thought about it.

Perhaps the death of the Raging Flame Cloud Leopard had aroused the ferociousness of the other leopards, as about ten of them suddenly leaped toward those three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys all at once.

Wham wham...

A continuous loud noise rang out;those ten Raging Flame Cloud Leopards were once again beaten to death on the spot.

The might and power of those Mahogany Staves were like a divine staff that exuded a sharp aura of absolute dominance...

Qing Shui's hands unconsciously curled up into fists, even the hair on the back of his neck was standing up. He tried to suppress the qi in his Dantian with all his might, but even his Upper Dantian couldn't stop rotating. The essence of Heaven and Earth poured forth through the Baihui acupoint.

It was as if Qing Shui's entire body was paralyzed while his soul had fled out of his body right now. He couldn't think straight, but he could look at everything happening below him.

The three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys had not only beaten to death those Raging Flame Cloud Leopards that had attacked them, but they had also killed about ten of those that were on the side. Qing Shui had seen a few of Raging Flame Cloud Leopard attacking the Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys. Even their powerful attack could only push the Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey that was about 4 feet tall a few steps back...

Everything had happened too fast. Qing Shui felt as if he was brought to a type of Emptiness Realm where the purest energy between Heaven and Earth was terrifyingly entering his body.

The qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique was circulating increasingly fast without him realizing it. The image of the Purple-eyed Golden Monkey gracefully waving its staff flashed before his eyes from time to time.

That pure energy was greedily engulfed by the ’’Heavenly Dan’’ when it passed through the Upper Dantian. It continuously moisturized the golden colored Heavenly Dan that was about the size of a grape within the upper dantian.

The ’’Heavenly Dan’’ rotated tirelessly. The golden light that it was emitting was also becoming brighter. There wasn't any change in its size, but it looked like it was thriving better and that it was glowing brighter. It made Qing Shui feel even more powerful than before. The difference between now and then was like comparing between pure gold and fake gold.


A thunderous roar rang out. Qing Shui snapped out from that odd sensation. It had felt like he had been in a dream or an illusion earlier. Qing Shui immersed his heart into his sea of consciousness, Inner Sight!

He had sensed that his Upper Dantian had actually broken through when he was enveloped by that odd sensation earlier! He could clearly feel the additional one million jin of strength and one million jin of defense in his body. His other attributes like speed had also been increased.

Qing Shui tried his best to control himself. He wanted to swing the weapon in his hand so badly to test out his current strength. The sight of the Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey waving its staff from earlier on had allowed him to momentarily enter a state of epiphany......

It was too bad that he had been interrupted by that roar. He didn't know if he should be happy or sad about it. But the epiphany this time had only raised the Heavenly Dan of his upper dantian to grade two!

He shook his head. This was a stroke of luck;he should be happy about it!

Qing Shui's thoughts were flying, but his eyes were staring off into the distance!

He had seen that all three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys had stopped when that heaven-shaking roar rang out and was staring at the source of the noise.

On the other hand, the Raging Flame Cloud Leopards were only howling softly!

But to Qing Shui, these leopards seemed to be extremely happy.

Two Raging Flame Cloud Leopards had emerged on the mountain summit in the distance!

One of them had a length of more than fifteen meters and was twice the size of a normal Raging Flame Cloud Leopard;its entire body was crimson with blazing flames. Both of them were crimson in color, although, one of them looked a bit taller and stronger than the other.

This pair were either mutated beasts or the Kings among the Raging Flame Cloud Leopard!

Qing Shui then sensed a powerful King's Aura, and it was obviously one grade higher than the Silver Wolf Queen!

This had given him a hunch that they should be a pair of Chieftain level demonic beasts!

The Flowerfruit Mountain was indeed a dangerous place...

Qing Shui felt that his trip to the Flowerfruit Mountain was very worth it. He had planned to return in a short while. It would definitely be dangerous to currently venture any deeper than this. For now, he really just wanted to watch for a little longer, after all, this was a very rare sight.

He desperately wanted to know the strength of those three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys and also the pair of Raging Flame Cloud Leopards that had later appeared. Were their strengths equivalent to the Martial Saint level of a human cultivator?

But when it came to demonic beasts, a demonic beast could fight three to five or more human cultivators of the same level. Qing Shui currently sensed that the Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys had the strength of thirteen countries and those Raging Flame Cloud Leopards should be a little higher than that.

This was because he could feel the restlessness of those three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys as soon as they saw the pair of Raging Flame Cloud Leopards!


After letting out another roar, the more powerful looking Raging Flame Cloud Leopard leaped down from the summit. Qing Shui could only felt the air of dominance it exuded.

Yes, definitely domineering!

The blood in his body raced as he watched such a tense scene unfolding in front of him. There were even some changes in that violet lump of gas that belonged to the Emperor's Qi in his Dantian.

It had left an unforgettable impression on Qing Shui, perhaps as unforgettable as the phenomenal appearance of a beautiful goddess! There was a flowing and gigantic suppressing force within that air of dominance as it flung itself towards those three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys.

Its thick gigantic forelimb moved, leaving a trail of afterimages as it locked the Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey!


Two thunderous noises rang out, shaking the surrounding mountain! The mountain ground looked like an explosion had just happened. The earth quaked, and the mountains shook, the powerful forces were enough to snap the surrounding trees.



The two Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys were sent flying over a hundred meters by this gigantic crimson Raging Flame Cloud Leopard. Only the middle monkey with white wisps of fur remained. It flung its Mahogany Staff fiercely toward one of the leopard's forelimbs.

A trail of afterimages followed and was accompanied by a noise that sounded like the wails of ghosts and the howls of the wolves. Its speed and strength were raised to an extremely terrifying extent!

A dense pink-colored fog was emitted from the Mahogany Staff. Within an instant, a rich peach blossom fragrance filled the air.

Almost at the same time, Qing Shui felt 40% of the regions in his dantian turned gray!

Nature Energy!

Qing Shui hurriedly activated Nature Energy!

He was shocked to find out that his Nature Energy, which had never failed before, could only recover 10% of his suppressed strength. The other remaining 30% was still being suppressed.

Peach Blossom Miasma?

Unwilling to give up, Qing Shui once again circulated the Nature Energy that had attained the second grade. But everything was still the same. Qing Shui felt that Nature Energy was still too weak right now.

’’Tch, Let's try Emperor's Qi!’’

Qing Shui was now quite upset by the fact that the Emperor Qi's could also recover only 10% of his suppressed strength. It seemed like about 20% of his strength was still suppressed right now.


A wave of fiery red glow emerged from the Raging Flame Cloud Leopard's body after it had let out a roar. Its enormous tail lashed out towards that Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey.

Agilely evading the leopard's attack, the monkey raised the Mahogany Staff in its hand once again and struck out toward the leopard's leg!

The other two monkeys that had been sent flying earlier had returned to the battlefield too!

Their defenses seemed to be even greater than the Diamond Gigantic Elephant...

But Qing Shui knew that these ’’Chieftain’’ level demonic beasts would experience a big reduction in their strength as soon as the left their ’’territory’’.

Just like how the strength of this Raging Flame Cloud Leopard and those three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys would be about the same as the Silver Wolf Queen as soon as they leave the Flowerfruit Mountain.

This was the ’’territorial’’ advantage of the Chieftain Demonic Beasts!

The tables had now turned with the three Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys participating in the battle. The Raging Flame Cloud Leopard had lost its earlier advantage. In just a short while, two attacks had landed on it, causing it to stumble about more than ten meters backward.

’’How f*cking strong!’’ Qing Shui observed how the area within a radius of 100 meters had become like a mound of crushed stones.

He was very envious of their strength. A pity that it was only confined within the Flowerfruit Mountain.


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