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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 5


Chapter 5 - Qing Shui wants to practice martial arts

The day was quite tranquil. Qing Shui still perseveres every day with the ancient strengthening technique and although he still hasn't felt any kind of qi, he believes firmly that he will succeed!

The Yin and Yang picture continues rotating slow in his mind and constantly were refining his whole body. Now Qing Shui feels his body more and more better and it's not was the kind that was exercising his muscles but rather it was strengthening his bones and internal organs!

Qing Shui still looks thin and weak but inside his body, he was full of vitality. His two black and beautiful eyes were becoming more and more beautiful and their color deeper!

Qing Shui knows that his body is completely fine and he should let the others know as well and begin practicing martial arts. Originally he didn't want to let the other know but the eyes of his mother full of hope and love, Qing Shui must tell his mother even if it is to only make her happy!

Once again he returned from the mountain, going towards the Qing Family. In the martial field were training the healthy third generation of the Qing Family. They were refining themselves together with improving their strength and practicing the Blue Lotus!

Due to the distance he couldn't hear what they were saying but since Qing Shui wasn't able to practice martial arts for several years, when they see this ’’waste’’ passing though, they weren't astonished!

The inner court!

The slender body of Qing Yi was standing on the courtyard. That was the courtyard where Qing Yi and Qing Shui live and there was a feeling of youthful in there. And although it was a small courtyard, comes complete with flowers and plants. In the middle there was a small pond with clear water in which was possible to look at the group of blue carp playing with the water plants!

Qing Yi was standing beside the pool. Her graceful and elegant manners together with her beautiful complexion only by standing there, she looked like she was the most beautiful picture. But now standing there she looked lonely!

Qing Shui far from the door looked at his mother. He doesn't know how many times he heard his mother talking about what she wanted. Because he was different from the others children, maybe she didn't believe that he wasn't able to understand them talking so it's was natural to them to be helpless when talking about secrets. And although Qing Shui doesn't know completely her wish, he knows that he must be strong first to fulfill it!

Clearing his head of thoughts, Qing Shui pretends to run back from outside while shouting: ’’Mother, I returned, I'm fine, I'm fine!’’

When seeing Qing Shui and hearing his footsteps, Qing Yi change his expression, showing a kindly smile as if her previous melancholy was never there!

Qing Shui heart hurts, ’’My mother suffered greatly so I would be happy. In front of me she always was happy. She only showed her helpless side when is alone!’’

’’Mother, my body is fine now, is fine now!’’ Qing Shui was saying it in the same way that a kid would say it.

Qing can clearly see in her eyes that Qing Yi was happy!

’’Whether or not you are fine, I will not permit you to do it. Mother only thinks about your wellness, Qing Shui!’’ Qing Yi talked with a little of reproach to Qing Shui, after all, his weak heart was something that he was born with!

Qing Shui knows that it's improbable that his mother believe him easily. The happiness in her eyes perhaps was because she saw me happy!

’’Mother I'm really fine. Grandfather gave me two days before a lot of purple ginseng to drink and he said that was a very precious hundred years old purple ginseng!’’ Qing Shui still said it happily! Being a small kid he said it like one!

This time, Qing Yi feeling happy, said surprised: ’’Qing Shui, explain careful to your mother. This isn't like you speak normally!’’

’’Two days before, I drank a purple ginseng that grandfather gave on the soup, and I found that I could feel qi. Not only that, I felt powerful so I started to run slowly although you said don't. When running for a while nothing happened so happily I ran faster and I found that nothing happened to me!’’ Qing Shui says cheerful!

’’Really, what you said was the true?!’’ Qing Yi had the eyes slightly moist!

’’Grandfather already knows, he cried when he felt that my pulse was good. It was not definitive so he went to search for a doctor so I came to tell you personally, mother!’’ Qing Shui grabbed the sleeves of the garment of Qing Yi!

’’Good! We overcame it!’’ Qing Yi feeling happy grabs the small hands of Qing Shui. Qing Shui could sense it that she was really excited but tried to suppress it. This time mother was really happy. Qing Shui knows that she is happy because of him, so he must make her forever happy!

’’Master, let me congratulate you. The internal organs of the young master Qing Shui are fine. Compared with normal people they are better, his whole body is also fine. It's incredible!’’ Dr.Wu said happily.

The Dr. Wu said only a few words but that briefly words caused to Qing Yi to let a few tears to fall when she was hugging tightly Qing Shui! In this moment his mother was shedding tears, but they were of happiness!

’’Mother, don't cry!’’ Qing Shui was wiping the tears of her beautiful face!

After sending back the Dr. Wu, Qing Luo face expression was strange!

Originally Qing Shui body was weak and Qing Luo also regrets it. After all, it was the son of his beloved daughter, and now he was recovered. Even compared with ordinary children his body was stronger. This child in the future would become someone outstanding. He didn't reconciled with his daughter and her son was distressed for his mother. They must want justice now! Cough, what disaster!

’’Grandfather, mother, I want to practice martial arts!’’ Qing Shui only spoke a few simple words, nevertheless Qing Luo together with Qing Yi were startled!


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