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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 496


AST 496 - The Misty Hall Palace Mistress's Troubled Heart, Dreadful Encounter with a Wolf Pack.

This way, there would be some hope, given his current strength. Furthermore, he had the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, when all else failed, he could always retreat into it.


The peak of the stone mountain at Heavenly Palace!

The Misty Hall Palace Mistress, who was riding on the Blue Luan, slowly descended.

Ka Ji Ji!

After a deep sound rang out, the Heavenly Palace's Old Ancestor came out, smiling at the Misty Hall Palace Mistress who also had a smile on her face.

’’It's impossible that you would come and find me for no reason at all, it must be because of that boy again,’’ the Old Ancestor laughed.

’’Old Ancestor! What are you saying!’’ the Misty Hall Palace Mistress smiled as she walked to the side of the old man.

’’He already left for Flowerfruit Mountain!’’ the Misty Hall Palace Mistress said quietly.

’’En, Bai Gui had returned. Qing Shui's abilities had grown this strong, the Witch Trio from Sword Tower were publicly blasted to death by him,’’ The Old Ancestor was very happy when he said this.

’’But Flowerfruit Mountain is full of danger, if one's luck is bad, even a Martial Saint would fall,’’ the Misty Hall Palace Mistress said worriedly to the Old Ancestor.

’’Ai, young lass, you have been in the Heavenly Palace for 20 years and I have never seen you worried for anyone, why are you so worried about that boy?’’ the Old Ancestor laughed.

’’Old Ancestor! What are you saying!’’

The Misty Hall Palace Mistress had actually felt strange in her heart ever since that time when she was molested by him in the sea of flowers dream. Although it was just a dream, it had felt very real, following that, that scoundrel had continued to torture her multiple times every day, she could not even rest properly. This happened all the way till she met him, it was surprising that she did not kill him then. How could a person that seemed so proper have such thoughts so many times a day...

Of course, she was not aware of the existence of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, actually, he had only thought of it once per day...

Not long after, she had actually felt that there was a mysterious connection between her and that scoundrel, she simply just couldn't explain it, she even seemed to look forward to it. When she went to save him the last 2 times, it was because she felt that if anything had happened to him, she would regret it.

Even as she had thought this, she felt that it was incredulous. She thought back to when the Old Ancestor would keep teasing her. If she said that she had fell in love with that young man, she herself would not believe it.

The Misty Hall Palace Mistress admitted that Qing Shui was very outstanding, and not as irritating as she had thought him to be, his style of conversation and conduct also suited her ideals, he was not proud or hot-tempered, instead he was pretty steady, he was not ugly too ... only that he was too perverted, too fickle when it came to love...

The Misty Hall Palace Mistress shook her head and discarded these thoughts, she did not know what was wrong with her today, why was she thinking so much... Although she was waiting for a person, a person who could go back with her, so she could tell that man, the one she loved was not him.

’’Young lass, are you thinking of your foster father again!’’ The Old Ancestor quietly said.

’’Old Ancestor, you are already so old, what do you think I should do? My birth parents abandoned me, my foster family hopes that I will marry their son. What should I do?’’ the Misty Hall Palace Mistress asked with a perplexed tone.

’’I do not know why they abandoned you, but they definitely had a reason for doing so. By rights, given the size of the Di clan, they should not have had to do this. You don't have to feel wronged, the blood that flows in you is the blood of the Di Clan. If they were not forced by the circumstance to abandon you, then it means that they do not treasure your bloodline, in that case, why be so stubborn about it?’’ the Old Ancestor said after thinking for awhile.

The World of the Nine Continents did not have that kind of conservative mindset, in fact, it was very similar to Qing Shui's past life. This made Qing Shui feel happy, after all, this meant he did not have to change his worldviews. There was only one point that was different from his previous world, and that was in the World of the Nine Continents, one can openly marry many wives if they had the ability.

Although in Qing Shui's past life, there were people with mistresses... some even had a 2nd family somewhere, but only one was open, the rest had to be hidden.

’’Your foster father raised you, there is a need to be grateful to them, but there is no need to sacrifice your happiness.’’ The Old Ancestor already knew about the situation behind the Misty Hall Palace Mistress, he just did not know the specifics of it, like why had the Di Clan abandoned her.

’’Wouldn't I cause them to feel hurt if I did that?’’ the Misty Hall Palace Mistress paused for a bit before quietly asking, it appears that this was an important question to her.

’’The matter does not concern you, if you try to get involved, you might end up in a state of disorder. Young lass, if they truly loved you, then no matter what you do, you will not disappoint them, because they are still your parents, even if are your foster parents. If they did it only so you would marry their son, then there is no feelings to speak of, if it comes to that, then it is no longer a matter of disappointing them. You can choose other methods to repay them,’’ the Old Ancestor slowly reasoned out.

This woke the Misty Hall Palace Mistress up, she had thought things through before, but she had ended up losing hope. Although she did not believe in it, it was the truth, she was just a tool of the Di Clan and the Xuan Clan. She was the link between the Di Clan and Xuan Clan, a method to bring the Di Clan and Xuan Clan closer......

’’Young lass, get over it, keep looking forward, don't look back. Get a firm grasp on the present and future, only then will life will be wonderful, do you understand?’’ the Old Ancestor said.

’’Old Master, I suddenly feel very lonely, oh so lonely!’’ The Misty Hall Palace Mistress was really lonely, although she was alone here in the Greencloud Continent, but she knew that she had a family somewhere, with people who loved her. However, now she had figured it out and discovered that she was actually all alone.

’’Young lass, do you think I am lonely?’’ The Old Ancestor chose this moment to smile at the Misty Hall Palace Mistress.

This sentence caused her to be distracted, a 500 plus-year-old person, how could he not be lonely? He was even forced to kill his own son and his grandson does not acknowledge his grandfather...

’’Humans must grasp the present, once it is missed, they can no longer have it anymore.’’ The Old Ancestor let out a deep sigh.

’’Old Master, Elder Fei actually had forgiven you long ago, it is just he could not throw his pride away.’’

’’I know, that why I treated it as though I did not know, but the matter in my heart has already been undone.’’ The Old Ancestor smiled lightly.

’’Why doesn't the Old Ancestor hand the Heavenly Palace over to Elder Fei?’’ the Misty Hall Palace Mistress asked the Old Ancestor, as though she had just thought of something.

’’The way he thinks is too extreme, furthermore, his abilities are insufficient!’’

The Old Ancestor did not seem upset when he spoke of Elder Fei's inadequacy, in fact, he seemed happy about it!

The Misty Hall Palace Mistress could figure out why after thinking about it. It was not easy to take the seat of power, there would be no peace for that person, thus the Old Ancestor was looking for someone suitable for the job. If the Heavenly Palace was safe, then the people of the Heavenly Palace would be safe.


’’Elder Sister, Qing Shui has already left for a month, he should have arrived by now!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li and Canghai Mingyue were walking along the stony path in the Heavenly Palace.

’’He should have arrived, but Flowerfruit Mountain is too dangerous.’’ Canghai Mingyue sighed, there was a trace of worry on her face. This kind of worried expression would have caused other men to be jealous.

’’Hm! Good job killing those trash, this way those trashy sect would not send anyone after him again!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li felt angry after hearing the news. There were so many of these old men with one foot in the grave chasing after their death instead of enjoying life.


At this moment, Qing Shui had entered Flowerfruit Mountain, After he'd entered, Qing Shui knew why it was termed a land of prosperity, a heaven on earth.

There was the fragrance of flowers and birds chirping everywhere, there were countless numbers of colorful fruits hanging on trees. This was a very vast basin, and from somewhere nearby, there was the sound of flowing water.

There were no huge, fierce demonic beasts in sight,, Qing Shui needed a moment to adjust to it..

When Qing Shui walked towards the sounds of flowing water, he discovered that it was a winding river, its end could not be seen. Within the fifty-odd meters wide river, there were all kinds of fish, prawns, turtles and frogs. The fish were all at least one feet long, and the turtles were at least the size of a wash basin; Qing Shui could see that the river was full of life.

The Spiritual energy of Flowerfruit Mountain was plentiful, Once Qing Shui entered the Flowerfruit Mountain, he had sensed it. He also knew that it was the reason why the plants were so lush and the demonic beasts so fierce.

Qing Shui had found a piece of high ground and climbed onto it. He found that the geography was very complicated, there were many mountain ridges crisscrossing each other, many of which there was no road to, many of the mountain peaks could not be seen. There was even one mountain that extended for five hundred kilometers, one could only attempt to fly over it.

Qing Shui rode around on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant before following along the canyon towards the inner parts of Flowerfruit Mountain. Qing Shui wanted to find the vegetation that appeared in the treasure map first.

Qing Shui alway felt that it was strange that the Flowerfruit Mountain was so quiet, he could not understand it despite thinking it over. After an hour, Qing Shui stopped, the was a sound of running, similar to war drums beating, from the front.

He stopped moving and waited, Qing Shui saw a large pack of wolves, there were at least tens of thousands of them, of which, none of them were low-leveled.

This was a pack of One-Horned Silver Wolf, its height was about two meters, and its length was about four meters. Its body was snow white, and its white dense teeth caused people to feel a chill. Its speed was fast, the countless numbers of them seemed to cover the earth. Given that he was in the mountain valley, Qing Shui could not even give way to them, because behind him were also more than 10 thousand of those One-Horned Silver Wolf.

Qing Shui was sweating, it was said that the hardest battle was against a lone tiger or a pack of wolves, it looked like today he could only attempt to rush through!

Qing Shui prepared all his armor,. In this situation, the bow would be useless, since it would be insufficient. He was better off directly rushing at them.


There was a long wolf howl, it suddenly caused the speed of the pack to increase, rushing towards Qing Shui, causing the atmosphere to seem even more severe.

There was a Wolf King?

Qing Shui had planned to summon out the Fire Bird, but there was a flock of divine Black Crow circling them in the air.

’’What is going on?’’

Qing Shui was depressed, he found himself trapped in the middle and the sky was blocked. The strength of these wolves ranged from Elementary to Martial King Expert , no Peak Martial King had been found yet...

But that Wolf King was definitely at least a Peak Martial King, for it to be able to command one hundred thousand huge wolves, it definitely was not ordinary!


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