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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 494


AST 494 - A Strong Bow, Refining Bone Arrows, Gale Talisman

Qing Shui was amazed, this bow was an extraordinary item. Qing Shui recalled that this bow was called the Crimson Dragon Bow and there also the Poison Dragon Arrow.

Flood Dragons existed in the World of the Nine Continents, it was said that snakes could turn into Flood Dragons after 10 thousand years. Although a Flood Dragon was not a true dragon, it still possessed a terrifying might.

A Flood Dragon was at least a Martial Saint Level Demonic Beast, They evolved from snakes that cultivated for 10 thousand years, there were Crimson Flood Dragons, Black Flood Dragons, White Flood Dragons, Green Flood Dragons, Gold Flood Dragons, Poison Flood Dragons, and Silver Flood Dragons.

Although they did not have wings, they were able to rule the skies. They were tyrannical and possessed great strength.

Through the Spiritual Energy the Crimson Dragon Bow was emitting, coupled with the fact that when the Violet Gold divine Shield was shot at, he vomited blood, the might of the Crimson Dragon Bow could be seen.

The Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique was infused into the Crimson Dragon Bow, Qing Shui could feel the toughness and strength of the Crimson Dragon Bow increased significantly, even the atmosphere it gave off underwent a great change.


There was a loud roar coming from a nearby demonic beast.

From the level of strength emitted, Qing Shui could tell that it was a Martial King Level Demonic Beast, only, it was a low-grade Martial King.

’’Let's try out this Crimson Dragon Bow’’

Qing Shui was reluctant to use the Poison Dragon Arrow, he took out some ’’trash’’ equipment he refined in the past from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. These items could only be considered trash in Qing Shui's eyes.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant flipped over a stone the size of a small mountain in the forest.

He could not see what was happening behind the stone;it was two demonic beasts fighting. The one which roared was an Iron Armoured Turtle, it was three meters tall, seven meters in length, and it had a blackish green shell covering its whole body. However, it had a surprising speed, its strength and defense were also above average;within the same ranks, it barely had an opponent.

Fighting against it was a huge python, about thirty meters in length with a diameter of more than two meters, on its body there tiger stripes and there was two black protrusion at the side of its body.

芗够2br >

It was sufficient!

The strength of these two was Martial King Grade, the Iron Armoured Turtle was a Grade three Martial King Demonic Beast, the Black Back Tiger Python was a Grade four Martial King Demonic Beast. The two Demonic Beast were currently fighting fiercely with each other.



The tail of the Black Back Tiger Python whipped toward the Iron Armoured Turtle, its speed surpassing the speed of sound.


The Iron Armoured Turtle flew back and crashed into a stone, creating a crater, even with its thick shocking defense, the Iron Armoured Turtle was howling with pain.

What speed! Even with the speed of the Iron Armoured Turtle, it was not able to escape.

’’It's you!’’

Qing Shui looked at the Black Back Tiger Python's protruding spines, he took a three feet long Greenedge Sword and nocked it on the bow.

’’The Bowstring is very tight, it deserves its name as the Crimson Dragon Bow.’’

Qing Shui used his strength to draw the bow


That sound was very relaxing to the archer.

Qing Shui was not in a hurry to fire, but instead, he meticulously compared the difference between hidden weapons and the bow.

Feeling the most appropriate amount of strength to use, he suddenly circulated the Nature Energy.

Nature Energy!

Diamond Qi!

If that wasn't enough, Qing Shui also added the energy of the 2nd grade Shield Attack onto the sword.


There was a piercing sonic boom.

Qing Shui suddenly felt like trying another one.

He was looking forward to the results of that sword which had shot out with a sonic boom.


It had the profound Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, domineering Diamond Qi, righteous energy of Nature Energy, as well as the unique repelling effect of the Shield Attack

There was a loud sound!

Although the long sword shattered, but the energy contained in the sword cleaved the Grade four Martial King Demonic Beast into two, then continued to fly for another one hundred meters.

Qing Shui had blasted a hole of seven inches through his target.

The Black Back Tiger Python had been shot dead on the spot

A while later, Qing Shui had shot dead quite a few snake type Demonic Beasts, he had already lost count of the exact number.

The Iron Armoured Turtle took the opportunity to flee.

Qing Shui laughed loudly and rode off on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

When it was the time for the sunset, Qing Shui switched to the Fire Bird and continued to rapidly head toward the west.

He would be able to enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal in another four hours, thus Qing Shui let the Fire Bird move at a rapid speed. The sun was no longer as hot, although Qing Shui was not afraid of the extreme temperatures, for safety, he had traveled in the forest.

The Fire Bird continued to rapidly carry Qing Shui toward the setting sun, Qing Shui had stuck a Gale Talisman on the Fire Bird from the start.


The Fire Bird let out a happy bird cry as its speed was raised significantly.

Qing Shui felt very safe on the back of the Fire Bird, after all, there was still the Soulshake Bell, as long as it was not a perversely strong demonic beast, Qing Shui would be able to deal with it.

The Fire Bird was much faster than the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, even though Qing Shui had ridden on the Fire Bird many times, he still felt contentment. Watching the many mountains and rivers below him come close, then disappearing again.

The Crimson Dragon Bow was already stored back in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, the might it had displayed was due to both the strength of Qing Shui and the uniqueness of the Crimson Dragon Bow.

After it became dark, Qing Shui rested on the mountain peak, this way he could see any movements ahead of time. Even against those who could match his strength, Qing Shui just had to escape on his Flying Beast.

Under the bright moonlight, a large flying beast would be very eye catching.

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Qing Shui discovered that the recovery abilities of his body had increased again. He could no longer feel any discomfort within his body, he knew that this was the result of the Nature Energy and Mental State akin to that of Immovable Mountains.

What Qing Shui wanted to do now was to deal with the corpse of the two large demonic beasts.

Skinning it, removing the tendons, releasing the blood, taking out all the precious materials;especially the inner core, which was easily the most precious part.

Qing Shui started with the big tiger first, feeling the smell of the big tiger, Qing Shui was very happy.

’’No wonder the tiger's speed was so fast, it was actually of wind attribute.’’ Qing Shui removed the skin of the big tiger and put it aside.

Next was the bones and tendons.

However, Qing Shui was not interested in the meat and directly threw it out. Aside from the aforementioned items, Qing Shui kept a few other items.

The Tiger's pen**es!

This was one of the ingredients listed on one of the Medicinal recipes.

After that, he dissected the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King, it was a strength type fire-attributed beast. On the head, naturally the silver horns were gone too, but Qing Shui was not disappointed. Qing Shui was more interested in the bones, tendon, blood, skin and inner core, after all, he needed these items in large volume for refining or drawing talismans.

After dealing with all of this, two days had passed. Of course, during these two days, he spent half a day practicing every day, using the other half to deal with the corpse, it was after all, too large.

Finally, Qing Shui kept some of the meat from the best parts of the bull.

After resting for awhile, Qing Shui decided to try something new;it was related to that Crimson Dragon Bow.

Fletching some arrows.

The bones of the big tiger were of the wind attribute, it had a great speed that was unrivaled. Furthermore, this was the bones of a Peak Martial King Demonic Beast, its hardness, strength, and other attributes were all especially strong.

Qing Shui had also found a piece of bone from the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King;arrows made from this would be stronger, and more robust.

Refining them was still the same process as before;Qing Shui first melted the bones with the primordial fire, it was easy. The Peak Martial King demonic bones were stronger than some metals, and even had some special characteristics, like elemental attributes.

Even if it was just a bit, a regular blacksmith would find it difficult to smelt. If there was only some work done on the exterior of it, then its might would be decreased, thus in the Greencloud Continent, there were very few blacksmith who can make weapons out of them by smelting.

The bones slowly melted into a milky white liquid. After mixing it, the density would be increased, that was why smelting was an important process of blacksmithing.

Next, Qing Shui started to shape it, the arrow shaft had no arrow head, it was a whole piece, Qing Shui did not need the rest. Under the Crimson Dragon Bow and his handling, if it couldn't pierce through the opponent's defense, even if it was sharper, it would be useless.


Qing Shui's tempering methods were the same but used his hands as the hammer.

Tempered one by one.

Just like this, another week had passed, the majority of the week had been used on tempering the arrows.

Now, there were close to a thousand arrows, Qing Shui was delighted. Qing Shui had gained another great power.

With his skills in hidden weapons, Qing Shui was not inferior to those divine archers when using the bow, he was possibly even stronger. Qing Shui knew where the weak points were, the acupoints and Eight Extra Vessels;he would be able to utilize the strength of the bow better. He was confident that if the opponent was not wearing armor, he would be able to take them down.

Tempering of the beast skins.

The skin of the big tiger was of wind attribute. Qing Shui tempered some, preparing to use it to draw Gale Talismans, there should be some special effects, only, Qing Shui was not so confident.

As for the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King, Qing Shui felt that it was suitable for drawing the Godly Force Talisman, once he drew it, he would know for sure. Hopefully, the trip to Flowerfruit Mountain would be smoother.

Ever after all the troubles, when Qing Shui saw his target, he became more relaxed. Qing Shui tempered the beast skins and beast blood. Retaining a big piece of the beast skin, when Qing Shui saw the snow white skin, Qing Shui thought that this wind-attribute skin might be suitable for making shoes.

It was a good thing that he was able to draw talismans with ease now, with the Golden Calligraphy Brush and Moonstone Ink Slab, he basically did not have even one failure. But before the drawing of the talisman succeeded, he had failed tens of thousands of times.

After there was a flash of light, Qing Shui happily stored the Golden Calligraphy Brush.

This was the Gale Talisman made using the tiger skin.

He directly stuck it on himself.

Qing Shui suddenly smiled.

40% increase in speed.

The strength of Qing Shui's talisman drawing and experiences was totally different from what Lin Zhanhan told to him in the past.


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