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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 492


AST 492 - Man and Horse As One, Realm of One with the Elephant and the End of Slaughter

He had to match each of his opponents with force, otherwise he will not be able to withstand their blows. Similarly, his opponents also had to match him with force as their physical bodies would not be able to withstand his attacks.

With this in mind, Qing Shui saw a glimmer of hope.

’’Be careful! Try to lead them on as much as possible.’’

Qing Shui gave a wry smile as he nodded.

He had to end this battle quickly. Once his Seven Stars Armour faded, it will make things even more difficult.

He nodded towards the white-haired man, then climbed onto his Diamond Gigantic Elephant and rushed forward.

The three men approached 5 meters closer. They stood in a triangular formation and faced Qing Shui.

The elder standing in the forefront waved the large sword in his hand. This action was mirrored by the two others behind him. Suddenly, a mysterious force extended from the three men and merged together.

Qing Shui was flabbergasted. Qing Shui could clearly sense the three people were merging into a singular body. He felt that no matter which one of the three he chose to attack, it would be as if he was fighting the three of them at once. This was the level of fusion the three could achieve.

’’The three brothers are connected in spirit!’’

Qing Shui remembered the white-haired man's words.

Mighty Elephant's Recklessness!

Qing Shui let his Diamond Gigantic Elephant rush ahead with its Mighty Elephant's Recklessness, and at the same time, he used his most powerful attack, Shield Attack!

Immovable Mountains!


Violet Gold divine Shield, with it majestic Qi, smashed into the old opponents with Qing Shui's shield attack.


Qing Shui was sent flying backwards as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood!

The three elders also simultaneously took two steps backwards!

But this had already startled the three elders. At this moment, the white-haired man suddenly attacked one of the old men standing at the back of the formation.


The white-haired man was also sent flying backwards. Qing Shui was extremely astonished by how craftily he angled his attack. The opponent was forced to react in a hurry, plus the man did not take the full impact so he was actually unhurt.


This was Qing Shui's assessment of the man.

Qing Shui wiped the blood off the side of his mouth and began to rush forward again.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

His Diamond Gigantic Elephant attacked the three men ferociously with its Mighty Elephant Stomp.

A chasm extended towards the three men!

The old man standing in the front suddenly waved his large sword downwards.


It smashed heavily on the ground. The great impact stopped the Mighty Elephant Stomp attack.


Qing Shui swore silently. Even with his shield attack, he only managed to make his opponent take two steps back. How was he going to continue this battle? His internal organs were already damaged.

The most depressing thing was that the three old man were just standing there. They did not initiate any attacks. This made Qing Shui feel like they were a large mountain.

Mighty Elephant's Recklessness

Hidden Weapon Technique!

With his Big Dipper Sword in hand, Qing Shui used a ’’Mountain Cleaving’’ stroke and hacked at the three elders.

Five Layer Strength!

Qing Shui was once again thrown back by the impact. This time, Qing Shui used the ’’softness’’ of his Taichi. This dampened the impact significantly compared to the previous time and his body was not hurt as badly. However, it aggravated the injuries he previously sustained.

Qing Shui felt a sense of helplessness as he faced the three elders. He felt a little incapable, like a kid fighting an adult, he had no chance at all.




Qing Shui did not know how many times he had been repelled away. His only consolation was that he could now better control his ability to reduce the impact of their blows.

If it was not for the fact that Qing Shui wanted to train his control over this impact reduction, he could just eat a Great Revitalizing Pellet and completely eliminate the men in front of him.

However, Qing Shui would not consume the pellet unless he had no other choice. He was still apprehensive about it.

He would be weak for a month and at this point in time, he could only remain in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for slightly more than half a month. If he was kicked out after that time and he still had other opponents after him, then that was the end for him.

If it was near midnight, Qing Shui had no qualms. He would just enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and come out when he had recovered.

Even though he was sent flying back each time, he was sent flying in a different direction to his elephant. But at the end, the distance between himself and his elephant got smaller and smaller.

Qing Shui wanted to be on his Diamond Gigantic Elephant as soon as possible. He tried his best to keep himself on the elephant. This was so that they can quickly shave down the opponents' stamina.

Even though he had three opponents, Qing Shui was quite confident in his recovery speed and stamina. Even if Qing Shui did not meet his goal of shaving down his opponents' stamina, and got badly injured in the process, the worst case scenario was that he would consume his Great Revitalizing Pellet.

Qing Shui attacked incessantly. Due to its high defense, his Diamond Gigantic Elephant faced no problems. However, Qing Shui was already turning pale as his blood loss might have been a little too much.

He paused to consume a Five Dragon Pellet.

Gradually, Qing Shui found that as he was repelled off, he was no longer separated with his Diamond Gigantic Elephant. Qing Shui was even aware that he could channel off the impact on his body to his Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

This was a pleasant surprise to Qing Shui!

Man and Horse as One!

Qing Shui suddenly envisioned a state. A state achieved by riders, where man and horse are one. This was a powerful state where the horse's speed is added to the man's strength. That bond and thrusting force will increase one's combative abilities massively.

The force of a sprinting horse was added to the person sitting on it. How can that force not be great? It is said that in the state of Man and Horse as One, the force generate by the synergy is greater than the combined force that both man and horse have.

There was a flash in Qing Shui's eyes!

’’If I could achieve Man Elephant Union, wouldn't I be terrifyingly strong?’’ A trace of healthy red appeared on Qing Shui's pale and white face.

Despite being sent flying over and over again, the expression on his face became happier and happier. Unconsciously, Qing Shui realized that he could now channel 20 percent of the external impact he received to his Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

20 percent!

It was almost the strength of two countries. With this Qing Shui could almost withstand the impact of his opponent's attack. But the main thing was that he was still injured.

The white-haired man and the three old men were more and more amazed by Qing Shui's change. Especially more so for the three old men as they could clearly feel the difference. They could feel that their repelling forcing was gradually being neutralized.



When they clashed forces again, Qing Shui only retreated two steps back! At this time, a suddenly mysterious brilliant glow surrounded both Qing Shui and his Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

The bright light abated almost as immediately but Qing Shui was elated!

Man Elephant Union!

Qing Shui had somehow barely managed to reach the state of Man Elephant Union but it was really at a very basic stage.

Qing Shui was familiar with that golden glow. It was just like when the ’’Golden Buddha’’ appeared. Qing Shui turned his head to look but he did not see that familiar Buddha image.

It did not matter to him if the Golden Buddha image did not appear. More importantly, Qing Shui felt that his Man Elephant Union was at a ’’halfway mark’’.

Qing Shui felt that when on the Elephant his defense would be at the strength of nine countries. Conversely, overall he had reached that scary strength of nine countries.

This was, of course, contributed by the temporary boosts like his Seven Stars Armor and others. Without them, Qing Shui had no idea what his strength was at.

The only thing Qing Shui knew was that it was enough!

This was enough for him to work together with the white-haired man, even enough for him to fight alone.


Qing Shui roared out to the skies.

Qing Shui channeled his techniques and Qi to their peak and rushed toward the three old men once again.

Man Elephant Union!

Shield Attack!


A thunderous noise filled the entire surrounding. There was a huge explosion of Qi as the two huge forces clashed. Large swathes of the surrounding area was immediately turned to wastelands and even a ridiculously large hole was created between them.

Qing Shui stood, his face a pale white, but a massive excitement filled his eyes.

The three old men only backed off a few steps but their faces turned white. They looked at him with disbelief. They knew the significance of Qing Shui's last attack. In the Greencloud continent, there were really only a handful of people who could repel their attack, and they were all reclusive 'old demons.'

Qing Shui felt exhilarated. He must have been thrown off more than a hundred times. Now, he did not even step back, he could even force his opponents to retreat backwards....

Qing Shui looked at his Diamond Gigantic Elephant and felt a wave of deep emotions!

If only Qing Shui knew that his elephant was considered a battle beast of a heaven-defying level in the Greencloud continent, he would not feel so amazed.

Rush Attack!

Shield Attack!

Shield Attack!


Qing Shui relied on the current strength of his body and fearlessly bombarded his opponents with attack after attack.

Sword of Fifth Wave!

His Sword of Fifth Wave was not the strongest but it was suitable in this situation as the attack came in waves!


The white-haired man suddenly started attacking. His targets were not the three old men but the other martial art practitioners who were staring blankly at the scene.

’’How despicable!’’

’’Bai Gui, you are still as unscrupulous as before!’’



Qing Shui called his Diamond Gigantic Elephant. While his Seven Stars Armor was still activated. He directly rushed into the group of Greencloud Continent experts. With each blow of his Violet Gold divine Shield and Big Dipper Sword, he manage to take at least one life.

Slaughtering the Peak Martial Kings were as easy as slaughtering dogs!

Within a span of a few breaths, everything became silent. No one could even escape because of the presence of the white-haired man.

A few of them called their flying beast but Qing Shui shot them down with his hidden weapons.

’’WOW! I haven't felt this good in a while. That group of idiots should have long been killed!’’ The white-haired man exclaimed.

His smile was weird, a little feminine, a little strange. Qing Shui just felt that it was awkward.

’’Senior, you are?’’ Qing Shui felt extremely grateful to this man who had saved his life.

’’Haha. I was sent by the Old Ancestor. He was a little worried for you. But I think he should be relieved now.’’

’’The Old Ancestor?’’ Qing Shui had previously heard from some person that this man was sent by the Heavenly Palace, it was indeed the Old Ancestor's will.

’’Yup. Don't you think that old man will be worried if you came out here alone? I mean it is quite easy to predict that such a thing will happen.’’

The sky at this point was already slowly turning bright. A trace of dawn appeared on the eastern side of the sky. Qing Shui knew that it would be daytime really soon.


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