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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 490


AST 490 - Great Revitalizing Pellet, Enormous Strength, Killing the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King

After wearing the armour, Qing Shui now had the defense of three countries. Among the cultivators of the same level, he was considered exceedingly strong. He had, after all, consumed the Pure Gold Mystic Turtle Core, achieved to the realm of Buddha Apparition, allowing his ’’Mental State akin to that of Immovable Mountains’’ to advance to a whole new realm.

However, even this defense still could not be compared to that of the demonic beasts, not to mention the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, he couldn't even be compared to the big tiger. But, Qing Shui had a perversely strong item, as long as he used it, he would be like a tiger that had grown wings.

Seven Star Armored Vest!

For one hour, the Seven Star Armored Vest could directly raise Qing Shui's defense to the strength of six and a half, almost seven, countries. Qing Shui's blood boiled at the thought of it, he felt the impulse to directly rush out to that bunch of bastards and killed till he was satisfied.

But Qing Shui knew now was not the time, he needed to leave an escape route for himself. Of the time he had left in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he needed to leave half of it available, in case there was danger, he could rely on it.

’’There's still a few days left, what should I do?’’

Qing Shui used his sword to execute the Sword of Fifth Wave with ease, thinking in his heart, it was best to make himself more dependable!

’’Great Revitalizing Pellet!’’

When Qing Shui saw the almost matured Stonegold Phoenix Tail Grass, he remembered the Great Revitalizing Pellet, which he had not refined. Given the situation, even if he failed, he had to try at least once.

If he was successful in refining it, Qing Shui had confidence he could destroy all these people!

The materials for the Great Revitalizing Pellet had long been prepared, Qing Shui just had not dared to refine it. He was afraid that with his current levels, he would fail. He was thinking of waiting for the Everlasting Pellet to be refined first, to wait for his Alchemic experience to be raised some more first, before attempting it.

However, Qing Shui decided to refine it today, after all, he had no guarantee that he could keep his life, living was the most important thing.

The recipe for the Great Revitalizing Pellet called for the Flower of Life, this time, Qing Shui had picked the 2nd flower, then started to familiarize himself with the process of the refinement.

Once Qing Shui completed all the preparatory work, he sat down to practice his Ancient Strengthening Technique, had something to eat and took a nap before attempting to refine it.

When using his primordial flames, Qing Shui circulated the recently improved second grade Nature Energy!

This was the first time Qing Shui had gotten so excited when refining Medicinal Pellets, even when he'd obtained the recipe for the Great Revitalizing Pellet, he hadn't been as excited. At that moment, he never imaged that his strength would be so great, that the strength added could be so strong.

Expanding his Spiritual sense, he was absolutely focused on the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron, using his hands to manipulate the primordial flames, making adjustments according to the changes in the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron.


Three days of time quickly passed by!

The primordial flames in Qing Shui's hand were two foot long, the gray flames looked very frightening, the kind that seemed to devoured everything in the air.

Only after refining the Medicinal Pellet, Qing Shui realized that the earlier breakthrough also caused the primordial flames increase in strength by 100%, this caused Qing Shui to be even happier.

Because the primordial flames could finally be used as a weapon!

The might of the previous primordial flames had been weak, even when used to attack someone, it wasn't able to do any significant damage within a short time.

A regular silver needle would not be able to withstand the strength of the primordial flames, in most situations it would not be useful. There was no way to use the Gold Needles to pierce the heart like in the past, much less the Gold Needles imbued with the primordial flames.

When fighting with Feng Shamo, Qing Shui had thought about it, but hadn't had the opportunity to do so, most importantly, there was no need to do so.


After a pleasant sound rang out, Qing Shui suddenly opened his eyes, a smile crept onto his face, as he then lowered the strength of the primordial flames in his hands slowly.

This continued for another day.

After stretching his body, he washed his face, as well as drank some All Aspect Nourishment Soup before slowly moving towards the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron.

Excitedly opening the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron!

’’Two pellets! Two pellets! Two pellets...’’

Qing Shui prayed as he slowly opened the cauldron, Qing Shui was stunned.

’’Damn! It was three pellets, I should have prayed for four...’’

There were three Medicinal Pellets rolling around in the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron, giving off a gentle golden light. They were about the same size as peaches and they looked especially beautiful.

Three pellets, Qing Shui had never expected that such a grade of Golden Flint Iron Cauldron had been capable of refining three pellets on his first try. After keeping one aside for Lin Zhanhan, he still had 2 for himself. He possibly had to use one tonight.

Without realizing it, half a month had passed. Qing Shui had undergone a great change,

Yet, only one hour had passed outside!

Qing Shui could still stay in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for more than twenty days, but Qing Shui wanted to leave an escape route for himself. Thus, Qing Shui had decided to rush out and make an attempt, after all, it was not as if he had no hope.

Resting till he recovered all his strength, he equipped his armor, weapon and the Violet Gold divine Shield.

The Fire Bird's injuries were all healed long ago!

Qing Shui looked outside!

Perhaps it was because it was late in the night;although they weren't exhausted, they weren't particularly full of energy either.

Only the position of that big tiger was problematic, Qing Shui realized that once he'd rushed out, regardless of direction, he would be attacked by it.

There weren't many people around him, there were demonic beasts than there were people. Although their strength wase not equal to the tiger, they were still quite strong.

Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King, it was a Peak Martial King Demonic Beast, and it had great strength and defenses. Its damage was at the strength of five countries, its speed was normal, but when it executed the Tyrant Bull Rush, it could temporarily raise its speed by 100% and its strength by 50%;but it would only last for the time it takes for half a joss stick to burn, then it would be weakened for three days, leaving it at half its regular strength.

’’Damn it, once it used the Tyrant Bull Rush, in addition the that big tiger, wouldn't I be finished?’’ Qing Shui felt depressed, Qing Shui was familiar with the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King, he had read about it in the Archive of Demonic Beasts. The one in front of him was only an adolescent, a fully matured Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King would be nine meters long, four meters tall, and have two silver horns at least five meters long, pointing towards the heaven.

Qing Shui looked at another direction, this time it was not a demonic beast, but an old man, his head was full of silver hair, his eyes are pitch black, as though there were no whites, he gave off a weird and terrifying feeling, his eyes had a cold gleam.

The old man's figure looked slim, he wore the attire of the Sword Tower, there did not seem to be anything strange about him. Although he was not holding a weapon, because of his experience with Sword Tower, Qing Shui felt that this man specialized in the Sheathed Sword!

What lead Qing Shui to feel uneasy was not his strength, but that he was exuding a certain weirdness and an air of danger,

Qing Shui looked at the sky, causing him to smile bitterly. There were three Blue-eyed Storm Sparrowhawks, among the flying beasts under the Martial Saint level, it was one of the faster ones. Qing Shui noticed their wingspan was about 18 meters, its speed was slightly faster than the Fire Bird. If he stuck the Gale Talisman on the Fire Bird, it should still be faster than the Blue eyed Storm Sparrowhawk, however, they were already in the air, giving them the advantage.

Finally, Qing Shui had decided to rush toward that big tiger, he had to make ample preparations first, for there were at least two other life-threatening threats.

The Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King and the weird old man from Sword Tower!

Summoning the Diamond Gigantic Elephant!

Now he had the added 20% strength from the Nature Energy, defense of one country and 20% body's strength from the Mental State akin to that of Immovable Mountains.

At this moment, Qing Shui stuck the Godly Force Talisman, divine Shield Talisman on his body, each of them increasing by 30% with him as the standard.

Qing Shui's current body's strength had reached 15.6 million jin of strength, adding on the auxiliary effects, the effects of the shield, Qing Shui's strength had reached a terrifying strength of seven countries!

The strength of seven countries!

Qing Shui's eyes were fiery, there was no longer a need to fear the tiger!

Seven Star Armored Vest!

There was a flash, under the effects of the Vest and the Shield, he also had the defense of seven countries!

It was time to take action!

Aside from the weird old man which had caused Qing Shui to be worried, there were no other things that would make him helpless.

Each hand was holding a bunch of talismans, there is the Armor Break Talisman, and the Binding Talisman!

Furthermore, on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, he stuck on the Godly Force Talisman, divine Shield Talisman and Gale Talisman!

Once he found a suitable moment, Qing Shui rode out on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. In the blink of an eye, Qing Shui and the Diamond Gigantic Elephant executed the Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

At the same time, he used his hidden weapon skills to send the talismans towards his surroundings, especially the big tiger, Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King and the weird old man.

Everything had happened so fast, without the slightest warning!

However, that tiger was quite quick witted, when the Mighty Elephant Stomp was executed, it avoided it. Causing the Mighty Elephant Stomp to only kill about 10 cultivators, whom Qing Shui had no interest in.

A loud sound shook the mountains, a nearby mountain had directly collapsed!

It was foggy everywhere! There were two deep fissures that had appeared, and a few large stones were dropping off a nearby cliff.


There was a heaven shaking moo, following that, Qing Shui could sense the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King madly rushing toward him.

’’This animal, it actually immediately used the Tyrant Bull Stampede.’’ Qing Shui looked at the rushing Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King, deciding to kill it first.

Mighty Elephant's Recklessness!

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant carried Qing Shui and rushed at the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King. There were no cultivators riding on it, this caused Qing Shui to be very confident.


At the moment the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King collided, the Violet Gold divine Shield in his hand bashed the head of the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King with all his might.

Although the coordination had not been good, causing some of the strength to be wasted, it was still sufficient to kill the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King.

A loud sound followed as the large Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King flew back, its brain was partially gone, a shower of blood followed it.

However, Qing Shui did not notice, under the dense fog, when Qing Shui had attacked, the weird old man had also made his move. His speed was not slower than that big tiger, in his sleeve was a cold gleam that flashed toward Qing Shui's back.


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