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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 487


487 - Senior Martial Brother of Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, Charging Out

Ever since he could draw the Godly Force Talismans, divine Shield Talismans and Binding Talismans, Qing Shui hadn't drawn other talismans again. He knew he shouldn't bite off more than he could chew. On the contrary, he had studied a few types of the most basic talismans for countless times. This was so that in events of emergencies, he could use the assistance from the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

He poured the blood of Tigon Beast Champion, that he had just refined, onto the Moonstone Ink Slab and positioned it.

To be using such extravagant items just for his talisman drawing practices was too wasteful, but there was nothing he could do. He had a lot of them anyway, and besides, using good quality items would allow him to get the hang of it easier. But similarly, this also meant that using lousy graded beast leather and beast blood in the future would affect him.

Qing Shui shook his head after thinking. He reckoned that he wouldn't be using those lousy beast leather or beast blood in the future anyway since his strength was improving. Killing a low grade peak Martial King Demonic Beast shouldn't be much problem to him now.

The talismans that he wanted to draw right now were the Gale Talisman and Armor Break Talisman!

The Gale Talisman was a heavenly talisman for speed enhancement. It could be used on any living beings. The effect amplifies accordingly to the standard of the talisman user, which meant it referenced Qing Shui's speed as a standard!

Armor Break Talisman was a heavenly talisman that reduced the effect of armor and defense. It could be used on any living beings. The effect amplifies accordingly to the standard of the talisman users, which also meant it referenced Qing Shui's defense as a standard!

Qing Shui had only understood that sometimes speed could be the key to determining victory, after his battle with Feng Shamo. If the Diamond Gigantic Elephant had enough speed, he felt that it should almost be capable of smashing the Feng Clan into smithereens.

It was unfortunate that he could only face attacks because he lacked in speed, even though he had an extremely solid defense. Fortunately, he was able to settle this matter in the end with the help of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

So he was really looking forward to getting the Gale Talisman on his hands. To Qing Shui, talisman drawing had now become a hobby to him. He felt intoxicated every time he was drawing talismans.

He slowly dipped the Golden Calligraphy Brush into the Moonstone Ink Slab!

The dark red blood slowly seeped into the Golden Calligraphy Brush. Qing Shui only lifted the Golden Calligraphy Brush when every last drop of blood in the Moonstone Ink Slab was gone.

He pressed the tip of the Golden Calligraphy Brush on the correct position on the refined Talisman-Shape Tigon Beast Champion Beast Skin that he found. After drawing in a deep breath of air, he started dragging the brush in his hand.

With his innumerable talisman drawing experiences, Qing Shui had already understood many main points of talisman drawing. He had originally thought that one must be fast when drawing talismans and complete it in one attempt.

But he'd later realized that he was wrong. It was true that talismans were to be completed in one attempt, however, it didn't mean that it had to be drawn all in one go, or be completed in one breath. It was all about the feeling;that feeling of completing it in one go.

Qing Shui's hand was very steady. He sketched out those complex patterns at an appropriate speed. The brushstroke and his skills were more reserved yet vigorous now compared to before.

If Qing Shui wrote a character, many would have thought that it was written by an old person. This was an artistic mood that couldn't be achieved without experiencing life and death as well as joys and sorrows.

Mood and sentiments!

The mood of a person was extremely important, or was the most important. For Qing Shui who had gone through life in two worlds, he felt indifferent towards many things, yet also at the same time cared about many things. But he had learned how to cherish the most.

These thoughts flashed across his mind. Qing Shui once again focused all of his attention on the Gale Talisman and sketched calmly.

The diagram on the Gale Talisman was a mythical beast of the wind attribute. The figure on the diagram was a small white beast that was glowing with silver. There was a horn on its head, and its entire body was covered by snowy white fur. It was wingless yet it could soar above the Ninth Heaven. Such was the most remarkable ability of having the wind attribute.

Qing Shui started from the head and stopped at the hind leg and tail!

Qing Shui wouldn't force himself to finish drawing after the feeling had faded away. This wasn't like painting;something that could be accustomed to, given time. This thing was all about feeling. Let the God guide your pen and channel the ’’divine Force’’ into the effects of the talisman.

He tossed this defective Gale Talisman from the forging platform!

This was the first time Qing Shui had used an ordinary calligraphy brush of weasel bristle, but it was a quite decent one. Even so, he had still stopped half way through. When Qing Shui examined the drawing, it was actually 90% done.

This was the unexpected effect of the Golden Calligraphy Brush and the Moonstone Ink Slab. He was already excited to know that it was able to raise the grade of Heaven Talismans by one, but he didn't expect that it could also raise the success rate of talisman drawing. Judging from this situation, the success rate had been increased quite significantly.


Without realizing it, three days had passed. Aside from eating and short breaks, Qing Shui spent almost all of his time on this Gale Talisman.

He was only left with performing the finishing stroke on the tail!

Although it was said that most things were difficult in the beginning, the most difficult part in talisman drawing was the finishing stroke. Qing Shui had already failed at it for 100 times!

At the final finishing stroke, a copious amount of spiritual qi was needed to form a circle on the Heavenly Talisman. This made him feel that talisman drawing was a little similar to formations in his previous word which he'd had only very little knowledge about. But as to whether they were the same in the first place, Qing Shui couldn't be sure.




Qing Shui stopped and examined the tail of the ’’divine Wind Beast’’. It appeared to be similar to a cat's tail in his previous world, or should he say a tiger's tail. The small beast in this drawing was sprinting as if it was treading on the clouds. Its tail was extended straightly behind him like a javelin.

’’Is it because I was exerting too much force?’’

Qing Shui was trying to think about the reason behind the previous failure!

So for this time round, he channeled the Nature Energy into his Taiji Fist technique when he reached his finishing stroke and slowly drew it on!

His drawing speed became slower yet more vigorous. If someone had seen this, they would be surprised by Qing Shui's grace.

He looked like he had experienced the vicissitudes of life and appeared a little otherworldly!

Qing Shui slowly pulled away when the Gale Talisman was glowing a faint green color.


He wasn't particularly excited about it. It was as if this achievement was insignificant to him and it was also as if he had known it would succeed.

Putting down the Golden Calligraphy Brush in his hand, Qing Shui picked up the Gale Talisman and slapped it on his body!

He immediately broke into a smile!

He had gained an additional speed of a little more than 30%. For Qing Shui, he no longer compared this Heavenly Talisman, or more like, talismans that were drawn with the Golden Calligraphy Brush to the grade recorded in the <<Heavenly Talisman>>ancient records.

It could be said that the grade of his Heavenly Talismans no longer held any significance to him. All he cared about now was their effects;how much they could boost his strength or how much they could reduce the opponent's strength.

After a short break, Qing Shui continued drawing the Gale Talisman!

He simply couldn't deny the mightiness of this Golden Calligraphy Brush and the Moonstone Ink Slab as well as the Tigon Beast Champion's beast skin. He knew that they could raise more than 30% of his speed. This additional 30% ought to have something to do with the Tigon Champion's beast skin and blood.

And this had allowed Qing Shui to witness the might and prowess of the Heavenly Talisman. If he had used a Martial Saint level Demonic Beast's skin and blood, he was sure that the effects could reach up to 40%.


What a powerful Heavenly Talisman...

Qing Shui never failed in his subsequent attempts. He drew almost close to 100 pieces of Gale Talisman. Each of their effects could last 30 minutes, which was good enough.

A day had passed again!

Qing Shui set his brush down and cultivated the Ancient Strengthening Technique and practiced a Taichi Fist technique!

Time passed quickly!

Qing Shui was going to be kicked out soon. He could only come back later at midnight after being kicked out!

Just right then, Qing Shui became aware of the situation outside!

The place he was currently in was actually surrounded...

Qing Shui even sensed the presence of that terrifying big tiger...

Time didn't allow Qing Shui to think too much. He quickly dressed himself up in armor and everything that could amplify his strength. Otherwise, he'd be in danger when he was kicked out of the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

Qing Shui saw, through the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, that there were about more than thirty flying beasts in the sky outside. Some were enormous falcons, hawks, and even big birds. But none of them were beyond the demonic beast level. They were very ferocious existences, even if they were birds.

Qing Shui spotted a Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger among them!

A man about the age of 40 was solemnly standing on the Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger. He had a dashing appearance with gray sideburns.

’’Is that the Senior Martial Brother of Misty Hall's Palace Mistress?’’

Qing Shui would never be able to forget this man. If it wasn't for the arrival of the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress that time, his visit to the Yan Clan would have left a massive knot in his heart.

All this because of the man standing before him. He was a very domineering man. Qing Shui wouldn't say that he was wrong because he was only trying to save his disciple. He only had his own incompetence to blame.

Hatred immediately welled up within Qing Shui the moment he saw him. This had nothing to do with tolerance. The Yan Clan incident had been the most worrying thing to Qing Shui in 20 years, and that Second Master Xiao was one of the main reasons. Because of this, Qing Shui had an exceptional hatred towards this man.

On top of that, he was a Martial Brother of Misty Hall's Palace Mistress. He remembered the conversation they'd had before and recalled the way this man had looked at the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress.

Qing Shui knew that they didn't really get along with each other and there were even some disputes between them. He was extremely curious about the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress. Just which sect did she and this man belonged to?

Qing Shui had a murderous intent because he saw this man today. Needless to say, the man had also come to kill him.

Just then Qing Shui also saw an enormous tiger on the ground. It looked quite impressive from close proximity because it looked more intimidating than that Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger in the sky.

Although ’’a tiger that had grown wings’’ was an idiom to express doubled might, Qing Shui personally thought that this golden-eyed, white, gigantic tiger on the ground appeared mightier than the one in the sky. If this gigantic tiger had grown wings, then he'd truly be ’’a tiger that had grown wings’’.

That enormous tiger was the Golden Eyed Hurricane Tiger, and the one riding it on its back was Gong Qi of the Demon Beast Sect!

No one had realized that a white haired thin man had blended himself ’’into a stone’’ and was observing his surroundings with a dull gaze.

Qing Shui thought that the situation could be quite troublesome and had evaluated that his only way out was by escaping in midair. He had no confidence on the ground because the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was a little slow on its feet.

He wondered when his Diamond Gigantic Elephant would achieve the size and might of the ’’Diamond Gigantic Elephant’’ portrayed in the few portraits within his sea of consciousness. The one standing before him wasn't even close.

He summoned the Fire Bird. He'd think about it after charging out. Otherwise, the consequences of being kicked out by the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal would be too horrible to contemplate.

Qing Shui, who was fully dressed, stood on the Fire Bird's back and took out two pieces of Gale Talismans. He slapped one on himself and the other on the Fire Bird.


The bird let out a joyous cry!

Looking at the Violet Gold divine Shield in his hands, he felt more confident!

’’Whether we can charge out of here, it'll all depend on you!’’


Qing Shui told the Fire Bird to charge telepathically in the direction of that strongest-looking silver colored flying tiger in the air!

Nature Energy!

Diamond Qi!

Frenzied Bull's Strength!

Heavenly Thunder Slash!

Blood Boil!

Big Dipper Sword!

Godly Force Talisman!

divine Shield Talisman!

Seven Star Armored Vest!


The Fire Bird dashed out with Qing Shui on its back like a fiery cloud. It soared upwards from below!

Although the Fire Bird was a mythical beast of Martial King Grade Five, it was also a mutated beast with exceptional talent and it had a very distinctive speed.

It left an upward trail of crimson afterimages as it soared rushed towards the Heaven Soaring Tiger!

Shield attack!

Qing Shui immediately struck out with his strongest attack toward the heavens without any hesitation!

In addition to the uniqueness of the shield attack, it was also a terrifying attack!

’’He's coming!’’

’’Quickly stop him!

’’Don't let him charge out, that Red Luan is very fast.’’

’’Use poison!’’


’’This brat is seeking death!’’

The man riding on the back of the Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger flung his sword toward Qing Shui who was coming from below. A gigantic image of a sword came rushing down as if it was going to strike Qing Shui back to the ground.

But the expression on his face finally changed when Qing Shui's big shield that was glowing violet golden, drew near. It was too late even if he had wanted to fall back.


The Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger tried to escape Qing Shui's formidable shield with all his might, but there wasn't any time!

divinity Protection!

With only the absurd defense of the Seven Stars Armored Vest and divinity Protection, Qing Shui had pierced through that sword aura. Without any reduction in his power, he delivered a blow on the Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger with all of his strength!


A loud wail rang out. The Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger plunged down from the sky like an arrow, with the man on its back.

The strength of five and a half countries in addition to the special properties of that shield attack was indeed powerful!

It was thanks to the special property of this shield attack that a ’’recoil’’ hadn't occurred. Qing Shui wouldn't fall back to the ground because of the impact!

Qing Shui saw the rain of blood raining down the sky and ordered the Fire Bird to dash towards the Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger which was at a higher altitude!

’’Chase him...’’

’’No way, how could that bird's speed be this fast...’’

’’It's finished. The Guardian Lin is going to be finished. How are we going to explain this to the Old Ancestor?’’ an elderly person frantically asked.

’’Kill this brat first, or else it'll harder to explain ourselves,’’ another elderly man dressed in Sword Tower's clothes spoke through his teeth, as he chased toward Qing Shui on his Ironback Azure Hawk.



The Fire Bird's cry reverberated, it once again latched on to the Heaven Soaring Silver tiger, which was struggling to fly with its sustained heavy injuries. He once again struck out with the Violet Golden divine Shield in his hand. That attack from earlier had been Qing Shui's most brazen attack with his shield!

Shield attack!

Lin Yuchen paled. He was at such a high altitude and had already sustained internal injuries from the shocking attack just now. The Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger was basically done for. If he hadn't fed him a ’’Time Reversing Pellet’’, he would have already died by now. After all, its five viscera and six organs had already been smashed from the impact of the attack just now.

Seven and half minutes!

The ’’Time Reversing Pellet’’ could only allow the Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger to survive for another seven and half minutes more!

That brat was already rushing towards them now and the Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger was going to be finished. But right at this moment, the powerful guardian of the Sword Tower didn't panic. Instead, he gradually calmed down.

His only chance of survival was to snatch that Red Luan that this brat was riding!


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