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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 485


AST 485 - The Power of the Violet Gold divine Shield (Changing the grades of gems)

Previously, Qing Shui had collected a significant amount of gems from the Yan Clan Treasury, but they were all Level 1 gems. Qing Shui had tried his luck with synthesizing the gems. However, he could only level them up to Level 3. After too many failures, he had given up trying to synthesize a higher level gem.

He suspected that it was because he was inadequate in his Ancient Art of Forging.

The Dark Jewel Necklace, with its +50% speed attribute, that the Old Ancestor had given him was extremely important. Qing Shui had previously removed his Black Treasured Stone and Moonstone as he did not want too much external assistance. Unless he was fighting, he usually only practiced with his existing base abilities.

Even now, Qing Shui kept his Black Treasured Stone Necklace with his Golden-Ringed Battle Armor stored, taking them out only when the need arises.

Ancient Strengthening Technique was the most powerful technique to strengthen one's body. At the pinnacle of the technique, it was said that the practitioner would have a Saint-level body, that couldn't be damaged even by diamonds. This was perhaps what was called the ’’God Dao Xuhe’’ in the World of Nine Continents.

That was the level that all martial art practitioners in the World of the Nine Continent strived for, though it was all rumors and hearsay. No one actually knew how powerful that sort of legendary existence is.

One of the legends was that God Dao Xuhe was able to strike the moon from the World of the Nine Continent, thus causing a piece of a moon to fall off.

This was the origin of moonstones!

No one could tell how true that was, Qing Shui felt that it couldn't be explained. Firstly, there was the gravitational force of the moon, and even if that piece of moonstone had fallen, it would have been disintegrated during the atmospheric entry.

However, Qing Shui had even able to come to this world, what else could be considered unbelievable?

Anyway, the moon in this world was not the same as the moon from the world he was from!

Furthermore, there was a rumor that a few moonstones naturally fell from the ’’moon’’ to the World of the Nine continents. If that was true, then it would be more logical.

If moonstones were only made when God Dao Xuhe struck the moon, the number of moonstones in the Central continent would be much fewer. Thus, it would be more logical if they had naturally fallen from the moon.

Qing Shui looked at his Moonstone Ink Slab which was placed at a distance.

Moonstones were a type of precious metal ore in the World of the Nine Continents. High-quality moonstones were considered priceless treasures.

His Moonstone Ink Slab was made of quite a high-quality moonstone. However, he did not know how the Art Maestro had gotten his hands on it. All of it didn't matter now because the Moonstone Ink Slab and the Golden Calligraphy Brush all belonged to him now!

Qing Shui was a little unsatisfied when he'd realized that the Black Treasured Stone that he usually brought into battle was only a Level 4 stone that could only raise his speed by 20%

Level 3 Black Treasured Stone could raise one's speed by 10%.

Level 4 Black Treasured Stone could raise one's speed by 20%.

Level 5 Black Treasured Stone could raise one's speed by 60%. It was related to the quality of the gem. A Level 5 gem was already considered to be of very good quality.

Level 6 Black Treasured Stone could raise one's speed by 70% - 100%.

Level 7 Black Treasured Stone could raise one's speed by 110% - 150%.

Level 8 Black Treasured Stone could raise one's speed by 160% - 200%.

Level 9 Black Treasured Stone could raise one's speed by 300%!

The higher level gems were those of legends. A Level 9 Black Treasured Stone could triple one's speed. (This was the same case for other gems.)

On the other hand, the black jewel on the necklace was actually a Level 5 gem. Qing Shui was currently only at Tricolor Art of Forging, that is to say, he could only synthesize a Level 3 Black Treasured Stone.

If he reached the Quad-color Art of Forging, he wondered what sort of level the gems he synthesized would reach. If it meant that he could only raise the gem one level up, that would mean that even at Rainbow Art of Forging, he would only be able to synthesize Level 7 gems.

Qing Shui had never entertained the thought of reaching Rainbow Level of the Art of Forging as he felt that it would take over ten years before he reached that stage.

Thus, Qing Shui inferred that it was more likely that the skill changes fundamentally at the Quad-color stage, just as with the Ancient Strengthening Technique. Although Qing Shui looked forward to reaching that stage, he did not dare to hold too many hopes for it.

After all, it wouldn't be easy to reach Quad-color Art of Forging.

Even though Qing Shui could feel that the Dark Jewel Necklace could counteract the ’’Speed Sealing’’ effect of the Violet Gold divine Shield. He was too excited to realize that he usually brought a Level 4 Black Treasured Stone with him during battle.

This meant that, even if the Dark Jewel Necklace could neutralize the speed seal of the shield, his overall speed will still be reduced by 10% (as the gem effects don't stack). However, he considered this acceptable as he already had Art of Pursuing, Binding Talisman, and a relatively good battle boots.

’’Let's try it out!’’

Qing Shui felt an intense desire to find out what it was like to use the Violet Gold divine Shield and how much it would impact his overall strength.

He wore his Golden-Ringed Battle Armor, battle boots, helmet, bracelet and hung the Dark Jewel Necklace on his belt. He could feel stronger with each equipment he wore.

He held the Violet Gold divine Shield in his left hand and his Big Dipper Sword in his right.

After equipping his whole battle attire, he did not feel restricted by the weight nor that his speed was curbed.

The Qi which the equipment possessed merged with his Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique. Qing Shui felt extremely heroic wearing them.

Nature Energy! Increase base strength by 10%!

Frenzied Bull's Strength! Combined with the armor to increase base strength by 70%!

Big Dipper Sword! Increase base strength by 50%!

Diamond Qi! Increase base strength by 50%!

Blood Boil! Increase effectiveness of Frenzied Bull's Strength and also increase base strength by 10%!

Violet Gold divine Shield! Increase base strength by 60%! With the addition 20% strength increase when using the shield to attack.

Qing Shui activated one of his Godly Force Talisman to increase his base strength by another 30%.

After Qing Shui had broken through the 180th cycle, his base strength was now thirteen million jin. Qing Shui was extremely pleased. Even though he knew that his strength would increase significantly every week after he broke through the 180th cycle, he did not expect that it will be fifty thousand jin of strength.

After taking into account all the other added boosts, Qing Shui could reach the terrifying strength of five and a half countries when he used the Violet Gold divine Shield!

The strength of five and a half countries!

The Old Ancestor was at the strength of six countries and he was already considered one of the few at the apex of the pyramid in the Greencloud Continent.

Qing Shui could feel his blood boiling, without realizing, he was already so close to his target. It wouldn't be long before he destroyed Sword Tower entirely.

He did know that he still had some ways to go since even the Old Ancestor could not destroy Sword Tower. Despite that, he was confident!

Qing Shui suddenly saw his Diamond Gigantic Elephant in a distance.

’’Well, let's test my strength!’’

Qing Shui suddenly felt hot-blooded as he thought of steely body of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

He called for his Diamond Gigantic Elephant and requested for it to rush at him.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant turned but it did not rush toward him.

divine Marionette (pellet) was really such a legendary medicine.

Qing Shui telepathically communicated to the elephant again. He commanded the elephant to dash towards him and even told the elephant that he would attack it.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant rushed towards Qing Shui like a gust of wind as its huge body carried a barbaric amount of strength. A fearsome Qi came toward him directly as the ground rumbled with the heavy steps of the elephant. Qing Shui did not dare to let his guard down.

Qing Shui calmly channeled his dense Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique to its peak.


Qing Shui yelled. His right leg stride forward as he stuck out his Violet Gold divine Shield.

Shield Attack!

At that split second, it was exhilarating. It was as if an unlimited amount of strength was released through the fist all at once. Not unlike during se*;the final release after 3000 times of fornication.



The Diamond Gigantic Elephant bellowed loudly as it was sent flying!

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was weaker than him. Qing Shui, however, did not expect that it would actually be sent flying when Qing Shui had used his shield to counteract.

This was the formidable power of the Violet Gold divine Shield!

Qing Shui did not even move from his position, his body just jerked a little.

Qing Shui could see that the elephant was not injured. He couldn't help admiring its defense. The reason why Feng Shamo was able to repel the elephant was due to his speed. He'd also avoided facing the elephant head-on. It was still quite easy to send the Diamond Gigantic Elephant flying with his strength of four countries.

If he'd really faced the elephant head-on, he probably could only force the elephant to retreat.

Speed was really important... If his Diamond Gigantic Elephant had the same speed as Feng Shamo. Not even three Feng Shamo's would be able to defeat it.

Qing Shui took off all his armor and weapons. He felt that his heart had become more steady. As if he could be a little less tense everywhere he went.

This was the boost in confidence brought by the increase in strength!

It was time for him to leave the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He felt that he was running out of time. He wanted to work on his Tigon Beast Champion skin but he had to wait until the next available opportunity.

The next day, Qing Shui continued with his normal routine.

Fei Wuji did not come for breakfast. During this time, the place had become very lively, living together, they had form bonds and they were already like family.

’’Grandpa Cang, I am leaving tomorrow and won't be back for a while.’’ Qing Shui said after finishing his meal.

The others were not surprised. They knew that Qing Shui had to leave eventually but was only delayed by the matter with the Feng Clan. Now that Qing Shui was ready, it was a given that he will leave.

’’Qing Shui, this is not like in the past. Many people outside have their eyes on you.’’ Cang Wuya frowned. Living till this age, the old man could infer such an outcome even without thinking.

Qing Shui smiled as he nodded. In his past world, Qing Shui had read a lot of novels. Even though he did not have much experience with the malicious wiles of society, he did have the knowledge.

Qing Shui immediate understood where Cang Wuya was coming from. He was actually not afraid that people will attack him as long as they were not as formidable as the Old Ancestor.

Even if he had an opponent like Feng Shamo, Qing Shui could easily kill him with his Violet Gold divine Shield. He was now only concerned about his speed.

Qing Shui's base speed was not fast. Within the same realm as his Diamond Gigantic Elephant, his speed was comparatively average. That was why Qing Shui had been trying to find ways to boost his speed.

’’Yes, I understand. Don't worry. This time I will be alright.’’

’’You said the same thing previously!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li frowned as she looked at Qing Shui but it was mostly out of worry.

Canghai Mingyue did not say a word but also gave Qing Shui a worried look.

’’I mean, I'm alright now, right?’’ Qing Shui grimaced.

’’Do you really want something to happen to you? If anything happened to you, how are we going to go on living?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Qing Shui with reddened eyes.

Qing Shui went over to sit beside Huoyun Liu-Li. He held her gentle hand tightly and reassuringly. Qing Shui had a good mood. There were so many people who worried about him and loved him, what more could he ask for.

’’The Old Ancestor gave me a present that boosted my strength significantly. You two wouldn't want your husband to be a coward.’’ Qing Shui laughed out.

’’You are asking for a beating. Who said that you are our husband. You scoundrel!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li protested coquettishly. She eyed Qing Shui with an inviting look. Qing Shui could not help being seduced by her, unfortunately, there were too many people around.

’’Then, bring me along!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li requested.

Qing Shui shooked his head. ’’I can protect myself but it won't be safe to bring you all along.’’

’’I am not scared!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li bit her lip as she muttered.

’’It won't do! Do you remember what happened at the Southern City? If anything happened to you, I'll go crazy!’’ Qing Shui shooked his head again.

The edge of Huoyun Liu-Li's lips curled a little, making her petal-like lips even more spellbindingly attractive.

’’You must quickly come back. You must remember that we are waiting for you. If you come back, we will promise you anything.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li said as she looked at Qing Shui with her pair of alluring eyes.

Qing Shui gently pinched Huoyun Liu-Li's sharp nose. He knew what she was thinking. Knowing that he had to leave alone, she wanted him to leave without burden, so she teased him that way.


A day passed by quickly. Qing Shui used his time in the realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to work on the Tigon Beast Champion skin. He preserved the bones, blood, veins and core of the beast well but did not create a talisman.

’’Qing Shui, come back as soon as you can!’’

’’Take care!’’


Qing Shui said a simple farewell and left in his Firebird. He didn't wish to drag out his farewell so that it wouldn't upset the ladies too much. Even so, the three ladies'eyes were wet.

Heavenly Palace Mountain was very far from Flowerfruit Mountain. Qing Shui only knew the general direction towards Flowerfruit Mountain. Luckily, Flowerfruit Mountain covered a large area and Qing Shui had some idea of how it looked. He had a rough map of the area and a picture of the mountain.

Qing Shui had spent quite some time at the Heavenly Palace. He had been there for over a year or so. Within the year, his Firebird and Diamond Gigantic Elephant had ate the black fishes, tortoises in the Realm very often. Their meridians had also strengthened over the period, so their strength was raised substantially.

For demonic beasts, one to two years was not considered much time at all.

Demonic Beasts had very long life spans so they needed a long time to slowly absorb the essence from their surroundings and slowly strengthen themselves. Only one in ten thousand demonic beasts had the chance to consume rare treasured items to boost their abilities. Most of the others would just have to accumulate strength slowly through the passage of time.

TN: The author changed the grading for the jewels. For editor: This chapter is a bit confusing. It actually means that Qing Shui usually have a level 4 gem when battling, so when he found out that the necklace can neutralise the seal of the shield, he was so happy that he forgot. As the stone effects don't stack, means he will lose the level 4 gem added attributes and replace it with the effect of the dark jewel necklace. This chapter is very confusing to translate so you can edit it to make sense if it doesn't.


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