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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 484


AST 484 - Dark Jewel Necklace! Pound that Violet gold divine shield!

Qing Shui left. As the Old Ancestor watched him walking away, he smiled with joy.

As Qing Shui walked along the street, he put on the necklace. In that exact moment, an agile power was transmitted throughout his body. Qing Shui's eyes turned bright.

A fifty percent speed boost!

Now, Qing Shui was so surprised that he immediately stopped at the mountain pathway. The feeling of having a speed boost made Qing Shui felt like running around madly. It was just like when a normal person could cover their usual two or three steps with just one step. Who wouldn't feel good about that?

If he had the necklace with him earlier, he might have been able to avoid being injured so heavily by Feng Shamo.

However, what was truly on Qing Shui's mind at the moment was that-

He could finally use the Violet Gold divine Shield!

It happened to be able to neutralize the fifty percent speed decrease of the Violet Gold divine Shield. At this rate, he would be able to use the Violet Gold divine Shield!

’’Let's just pretend like the Old Ancestor has never given me the Dark Jewel Necklace before. And let's just pretend that there has never been a fifty percent speed decrease for the Violet Gold divine Shield.’’ Qing Shui thought about it joyfully.

It turned dawn just a moment ago. The light of the sunset shone on the mountains. It looked like it was covered up by a layer of gold color, making people felt unusually comfortable.


Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

The incident with Feng Clan was already history. The entire Feng Clan was considered to have sunk completely. Their elders, as well as grand elders, had died. Most of their Clan members were wiped out with few injured ones remaining. But this incident has helped Qing Shui gain popularity.

It wasn't just the entire Heavenly Palace, even other sects and clans across the Nine Continents have become aware of Qing Shui. Most importantly, the sects that had disputes with Heavenly Palace before all felt a sense of crisis.

Demon Beast Sect!

’’Grand elder! That Qing Shui from Heavenly Palace must be eliminated!’’

At this moment, next to a pond at the backyard of the Demon Beast Sect, a rough and powerful voice was heard.

It was a middle-aged looking man. He was at least two meters tall and looked abnormally huge. Even though he had worn a shirt, his terrifyingly ripped muscles were still visible.

’’Gong Qi, I am also aware that Qing Shui must be eliminated. But at present, we can't really do anything about it.’’ An old man's voice was heard.

The person speaking was an old man known as the Grand Elder. The old man had a head full of white hair, but it was all tied up with a silver rope. The old man had a slender body. His face looked well proportioned. The pair of eyes that looked like they were full of wisdom were lined up equally to each other. He looked reserved. The green-white coat that he wore made him looked unusually amiable.

’’Grand elder, Bloody Butcher was killed by him. A lot of people were asking us about what the sect was going to do about it!’’ The tall and huge middle-aged man who was known as said while looking at the Grand Elder in doubts.

’’We need not feel hurried. That young man would still need a bit of time to grow.’’ The old man said thoughtfully.

’’The people in the Elder Association are already feeling impatient. But how is Grand Elder so calm?’’ Gong Qi asked doubtfully.

’’Because there are people who are even more impatient than us!’’ Said the Grand Elder as he chuckled.

’’Is Grand Elder talking about the Sword Tower?’’ Gong Qi knitted his brows. After that, his eyes turned bright while he asked happily.

’’Yup, you were quite fast to work out who I was talking about.’’ Said the Grand Elder as he smiled in joy.

’’So does Grand Elder mean to say that...’’

’’We will just sit still and watch. We will wait for a crucial moment to punish the dog in the water.’’

Actually, the Grand Elder has missed out on one part. Other than punishing the dog in water, they still have to tuck their tails between their legs and keep a low profile.


Sword Tower!

’’Grand Ancestor, what shall we do? If we don't eliminate this Qing Shui, one day, he will definitely turn out to be Sword Tower's most formidable enemy.’’ An old man with a head full of white hair said in agony.

The old man wore a brocade robe. He had an average body shape which looked really well-trained. He was sitting upright on a stone chair drinking tea in the pavilion.

On the other hand, the old man opposite who had both of his eyes closed didn't actually look that old. It was just that his appearance gave people the impression that he has had a lot of experience in life. That made people feel that he was magnificent like a mountain.

The way the old man dressed up himself was really plain. It formed a clear contrast with the old man opposite who was wearing a brocade robe. He was wearing a rough and simple cloth. But when it was worn on him, he actually caused the brocade robe opposite to look unbearably vulgar.

’’Sha Mu, you have been taking charge of the Sword Sect for fifty years, why are you still so impatient? That Qing Shui may have been a devil, but he is still just at the peak of his Martial King Stage, he is just a decent Martial King warrior who is at his peak. It isn't actually difficult to destroy a person like this, it's just that you need to do it thoroughly.’’

’’Old ancestor, please teach me.’’

’’If I'm not mistaken, that young man must also have been one of the most brilliant rookies from the Heavenly Palace. As long as he is there, there would definitely be a lot of experts protecting him. Therefore, it won't actually be easy to eliminate him.’’ The Old Ancestor from Sword Tower took up his teacup and gently took a sip from it.

’’Then how are we going to eliminate him? It's not like we can go all the way up to Heavenly Palace to murder him right?’’

’’Yeah, we definitely cannot head to Heavenly Palace to destroy him! It's not like anyone from the Green Cloud Continent would be able to do it!’’

’’Could it be that we will need to wait for him to come out?’’ The old man wearing the brocade robe said impatiently.

’’Sha Mu, your bad habit of being impatient still hasn't changed even after all these years. It may not be a bad thing to be impatient when you were young, but if you were to continue being like this even at this age, it would cause delays in your work.’’

Sha Mu's forehead started sweating beads. As he thought of the stupid things that he had done, the beads of sweat instantly became as big as beans.

’’Since things have already turned out this way, let's just think of a way to clean up this mess. The sudden growth of this young man may be considered a good thing to Heavenly Palace. But to other sects, it's the worst of the worst thing that could ever happen, do you get what I am saying?’’

’’Yes, Old Ancestor, know what I am supposed to do now!’’ Sha Mu lowered his head as he responded.

’’Tell me about it.’’

Even though the thundering voice didn't sound like it was an order, it made people feel powerless to fight back.

’’Communicate to as many sects and clans as possible and try our best to destroy this Qing Shui.’’ Since he was capable of becoming the head of Sword Tower, he must also have had his outstanding features. It's just that he tend to get too nervous when he was in front of the Old Ancestor.

’’Very good! When necessary, you can use all kinds of methods to get them involved in the plan to destroy Qing Shui.’’ After the Old Ancestor of Sword Tower finished speaking, he stood up and left.


Qing Shui's body had fully recovered. At present, he was cultivating in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Originally, he had planned to go to the Flowerfruit Mountain to look for the place shown in the treasure map after the incident with Feng Clan. It was just that he never thought that he would almost lose his life on his trip to Feng Clan. This made Qing Shui who possessed the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to realize that there would be times when he failed to enter the realm in time.

The one hundred and eighty cycles of Ancient Strengthening Technique had made Qing Shui's strength improved significantly. Most importantly, he felt that he has also improved quite a lot in terms of his cultivation state.

After going through one cultivation, Qing Shui practiced all of the techniques that he wanted to practice. This made him felt more relieved.

After eating a bit of food!

Qing Shui laid down on the ground and took a break. He looked at the four suspended portraits of beauty, not knowing how he felt.

Qing Shui took out the prescription for the Tiger Vitality Pill. Qing Shui decided to refine it. He wanted to first collect a few of them so that he could deliver to his house later.

Qing Shui could have refined all of the ingredients listed on the prescription of the Tiger Vitality Pill by plundering people's money. Furthermore, he has also gotten quite a few of them during the day time by holding the Heavenly Palace's ’’Medicine’’ plate.

At present, refining medicinal pills like the Tiger Vitality Pill has become as easy as ABC to Qing Shui. It was just that the time consumed would be slightly longer. But the speed at which the medicine refining experience progressed was also considerably fast.

Seeing as he already refined a hundred medicinal pills, Qing Shui finally stopped. Just when he was about to cultivate once more, Qing Shui saw the Violet Gold divine Shield.

’’Yeah, it's worth a try!’’

Qing Shui decided to try pounding the Violet Gold divine Shield to see if there would be any changes. If the seal was successfully removed, his safety would be more secured when he proceeded to the Flowerfruit Mountain.

Time was running out. Hence, Qing Shui decided to do it right away.

Qing Shui took out his Heaven Shaking Hammer and once again practiced the Thousand Hammer Technique. After his mind calmed down, he only put down the Violet Gold divine Shield on the forging platform.


’’I don't feel anything! It is indeed a strong shield!’’

Nature Energy!

Diamond Qi!


’’Not bad!’’ Qing Shui was feeling really good!

Shield Essence!



Qing Shui's hammer struck down slowly. It kept on transmitting loud and heavy noises. Luckily, the forging platform was not like the one before. Or else, it wouldn't have been able to withstand the hammer strike.

The current forging stage was made of stones. But it was a specific kind of stone known as the ’’Touchstone’’. Apart from it being really hard, there wasn't really anything special about it. It's about three meters long, more than one meter tall and two meters wide.

Qing Shui's hammer took a curve every time it struck down. It was a really simple action, but it gave people an indescribable feeling. The loud noises would make people feel hot-blooded and gave them a kind of thrill which felt like they were in sync with it.

Even Qing Shui himself was immersed in this exciting feeling. He was clear-headed but at the same time, he also felt a bit fuzzy. It's a shame that it wasn't an epiphany. Even though it was only a step away from being it, but often, a little error could lead to a large discrepancy to the final result.

Qing Shui tried his best to forget about it. He only focused on hammering the Violet Gold divine Shield.


Qing Shui struck down once more with his hammer. This time, it immediately gave out a dazzling purple light. That was one of the most traditional kinds of purple light. Even though Qing Shui didn't know what color the auspicious violet cloud was. But Qing Shui felt that the aura that the Violet Gold divine Shield exuded at that instant was the violet cloud.

Qing Shui stopped the hammer in his hand. He realized that his heart was beating faster and faster. He noticed a change was already occurring to the Violet Gold divine Shield, he was only uncertain whether or not it was the seal that has been removed.

He couldn't help but use his Heavenly Vision Technique to take a peek at it.

Violet Gold divine Shield: A lost object in the world of Nine Continents since ancient time. It has miraculous uses.

Effect of use: People who used the Violet Gold divine Shield could have a sixty percent increase in physical strength.

Secondary skill: Godly Armor Shield, it could cancel out fifty percent of opponent's attack for twelve hours.

Passive Skill: divine Attack. When using the Violet Gold divine Shield to attack, an attack which could bring about an additional twenty percent increase in the physical strength!

Conditions of use: Achieved one country worth of Physical Strength

Violet Gold divine Shield would cause a forty percent speed reduction.

State: Sealed!

He had actually only managed to unseal it by a bit. His physical strength increased from fifty percent to the current sixty percent. And also, his speed which was originally reduced by fifty percent was now only reduced by only forty percent.

’’An accidental joy!’’

Qing Shui was really happy, he was quite happy. The ten percent increase in physical strength made Qing Shui felt that he might be able to gain a one hundred percent boost in terms of his physical strength if he could manage to successfully remove the seal. if he would have a one hundred percent increase in terms of his physical strength once the seal was completely removed.

But for now, the thing that Qing Shui felt the most delighted about was that the decrease in speed which was originally fifty percent had now been reduced to forty percent.

If he included the Dark Jewel Necklace, he would still be able to increase his speed by ten percent. A man who was never content would be like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. Qing Shui told himself that he should feel content with what he had now.

Qing Shui touched the Dark Jewel Necklace on his chest. He felt really upset. One could only wear one accessory for each kind of the gems. Just like the Dark Jewel Necklace, wearing one would increase one's speed by fifty percent. It would still stay at fifty percent even if you wore more.


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