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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 480


480 - Feng Shamo's Interspatial Silk Sachet, Treasures

’’How would you prove it?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li asked doubtfully.

Qing Shui lifted Huoyun Liu-Li in an embrace and gently whispered in her ear. ’’Why don't we share the same bed tonight?’’

’’Go die! You can still think about something like that when you're in this state!’’ Huoyun Liu-li pushed Qing Shui away and glared at him.

’’Then can I just lie down while you help me with my bathroom needs......’’

’’No way. Go yourself!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li huffed angrily but quickly burst into laughter shortly after.


The sky quickly darkened. Although Qing Shui was determined to return to his own residence, he instead returned to Cang Wuya's residence to stay for the night under everyone's request. Tonight was another night where everyone was gathered together.


After Huoyun Liu-li assisted Qing Shui back to his bedroom, she gave him a smile. ’’If you want me to accompany you tonight, then you have to leave the door unlocked for me.’’

Her voice wasn't loud, but it was loud enough to be heard by the others!

Qing Shui was speechless for a second. He knew Huoyun Liu-Li did this on purpose. He embarrassedly threw a glance at Canghai Mingyue and Mingyue Gelou and discovered that both of them were quietly smiling.

That night, Qing Shui was forcibly sent back to his room to rest after he had some food!

’’I like to be naked at night, so don't come in......’’

Qing Shui said this to prevent them from entering his room since he remembered that he was supposed to visit the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. If they came in and couldn't find him...

He had delayed this for a week. That was about seven or eight months of time within the realm. Qing Shui felt sorry for the time that was lost but he was extremely content that the Ancient Strengthening Technique had entered the 180th cycle. If he had relied on cultivating himself, he would need at least three months time outside of the realm to enter the 180th cycle.

He locked his bedroom door, and the locking noise could be heard!

’’Sister, this scoundrel even locked the door. Could it be that he was afraid that we would rape him while he was vulnerable......?’’

Canghai Mingyue looked at her speechlessly.


Qing Shui immediately entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. At least his wounds could recover faster in here. The heaven-defying beauty of the realm lies in the fact that the time in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal followed the same ratio of time albeit with a different scale with the time outside. This meant that Qing Shui would not age even though he was within the realm, or else the realm would have lost its heaven-defying effect. So a month within the realm was equivalent to a day outside, the passage of time was irrelevant.

As for, the medicinal herbs, the fishes, and turtles in the pond...... It could be due to the fact that they had always been inside the realm, they grew and aged as though they would outside the realm. As for the Fire Bird and the Demonic Diamond Boar, they were like Qing Shui, able to raise their strengths within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

It was rare for Qing Shui to be this free within the realm. He strolled around, feeling the rich and concentrated spiritual qi within the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal as he felt the injuries sustained on his body slowly heal.

He had collected four Vermillion Fruits, but he never used it even once. Even those snowy white Plum Blossoms had blossomed for the second time and could be plucked soon. The previously collected batch had been used for winemaking. He was reluctant to drink any of them and had instead stored them for the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress.

The 5,000-Year Golden Flesh LingZhi had firmed up even more than before and appeared more golden in color. This made Qing Shui extremely happy. With it around, he never would have to worry again about medicinal herbs of the LingZhi species.

Qing Shui looked at the second Flower of Life that had fully bloomed. The second Peach of Immortality had also formed its shape. However, it seemed to require some more time before it would ripe.

The other medicinal herbs were still thriving. However, the oldest among the batch were only about 700 years of age. If nothing changed, then in two years time they would become 1,000-Year medicinal herbs.

The pond was filled with a lot of water grass. Qing Shui discovered that the coral reefs at the bottom of the pond had expanded again. The Blood Corals that had recently grown on it was actually of the 1,000-Year grade.

To start at 1,000-Year grade, their starting points were much too high compared to other medicinal herbs. One should not underestimate these 1,000 years as many medicinal herbs could not make past their 1,000th year. They either got plucked, naturally withered or were destroyed by beasts. 1,000 years to a medicinal herb was like the Xiantian realm to a cultivator.

Qing Shui also discovered that there were thirty Golden Horn Firetail Fish now. This had puzzled him. But his confusion was cleared as soon as he recalled that a pair of mice could breed a great number annually.

These items could be distributed to the people of the Qing Clan for building up their foundation in a year's time!

He turned to admire the spectacular lotus flower sitting in the middle of the pond. It was the reason that the entire pond seemed to be alive. It was also Qing Shui's first time witnessing such an enormous fire lotus. He could only sigh at such a magnificent sight.

It was not only beautiful but was also able to speed up the growth of all living things in the water by 20%!

The Golden Medicinal Turtle was still living in this gigantic pond, uncontested as usual. The black fish was completely unable to penetrate its defense and even the Golden Horn Firetail Fish tried to avoid it.

Over this period of time, quite a lot of spices and fragrant fruits had been accumulated. He had a pile of Perilla Leaves and Thyme. Even the Drunken Fragrance Fruit which had been used the most was still accumulated to quite a number.

Qing Shui looked at everything and felt at peace in his heart. It was just like how he'd feel when he looked at his savings of a few million or even ten millions of dollars in his previous world. Peaceful. These were the resources that Qing Shui would need to establish himself in the World of the Nine Continents in the future.

He didn't really like money in the World of the Nine Continents. It wasn't that he didn't like;it would be fine as long as he had enough to spend. Besides, Qing Shui didn't really have a shortage of money yet. The Yan Clan Treasury and Crimson Gang warehouse had a mountain of money and treasures. Moreover, pooling money would be an easy task for Qing Shui.

For example, his art of healing, those spices from the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, or he could even randomly forge armors or weapons and exchange them for money.

Truly good items were priceless and could not be bought with money. And truly valuable items were usually some extremely precious items.

The second Stonegold Phoenix Tail Grass was about to mature. This made Qing Shui extremely happy. He had never touched it because he had been afraid to fail in his concoction and worried that the Stonegold Phoenix Tail grass would not grow a new one.

Qing Shui had decided to immediately concoct as soon as his injuries had healed. This would further ensure his safety leaving for the Flowerfruit Mountain!

He then recalled the Bloody Butcher and wondered if he was dead. But Qing Shui was actually concerned about his Tigon Beast Champion that had died. He had wanted that badly damaged beast leather and decided to ask Old Man tomorrow.


Qing Shui saw the silk sachet that Feng Shamo had given to him. He had almost forgotten about it after he threw it into the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

He picked up the Interspatial Silk Sachet that he had seen before and slowly opened it. He explored around it with his spiritual sense and found out that it wasn't very big. Only about the size of 8 cubic meter, with a breadth, length and height of 2 meters.

The items inside it had only taken up about a little more than one-third of its space or so. He couldn't really tell because it was difficult to really see clearly what was in the Interspatial Silk Sachet.

Qing Shui thought to himself that the size of Feng Shamo's collection over the past few hundred years wasn't that impressive. But he didn't really mind after thinking about it.

After all, it was quality over quantity!

He reached out to some medicine bottles that looked very familiar. There were about ten bottles and he took them all out!

Spirit Concentrating Pills!

Spirit Concentrating Pills with sixfold effects!

This old guy was quite rich. These ten bottles of Spirit Concentrating Pills of sixfold effects were worth quite a lot! Ten bottles would consist of about a thousand pills. Every pill lasted for a day. If he didn't eat, drink or sleep it could last him about three years. But of course, adequate rests were needed in between so this amount should be enough to last him for five years.

Five years of intensive cultivation, sixfold of effects. That was equivalent to thirty years of intensive cultivation for an average person. So these ten bottles of Spirit Concentrating Pills alone were of considerable value.

Qing Shui took out all the ten bottles of Spirit Concentrating Pills and opened them one by one. All were completely filled. He smiled and set them aside.

He then continued to take stuff out from the Interspatial Silk Sachet. Qing Shui quite liked this kind of feeling. He was looking forward to find out all the unknown treasures in it. It was the same feeling when one got weapon drops in video games.

This time he took out a piece of beast leather that was neatly folded. It was glossy and as thin as a cicada's wing. It was emitting a wave of strong spiritual qi.

’’Demonic Beast Leather of the Martial Saint level?’’

Qing Shui was sure that this was the Demonic Beast Leather of the Martial Saint level. The spiritual qi of a peak Martial King level would never even come close to this!

He was very puzzled. How would Feng Shamo possess such a Martial Saint Level Demonic Beast Leather? But since he was already dead, Qing Shui decided that it was pointless to think about it any further. He then continued thinking of what he could use this thing for.

For talisman drawing? Or for forging armor?

He unfolded the neatly folded beast leather. The folded beast leather that was small and light in his hands was actually more than 5 meters wide and long after being unfolded and was extremely thin.

Qing Shui took a hold on one corner of the leather. It was not only glossy but extremely tough. The one country of force that he had exerted couldn't even rip it. He felt foolish after thinking about it for awhile.

It would be ridiculous if the strength of merely a country could rip a Demonic Beast Leather of the Martial Saint level apart. He had only done it in the first place because this beast leather was as thin as a cicada's wing.

But Qing Shui perished the thought of forging an armor for himself out of this after looking at its material. This type of beast leather was more suitable for a woman because it was too gorgeous looking.

He should forge armour for the few ladies. He then remembered about the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress and made a note to himself to reserve one for her too. But in the end, Qing Shui decided that he might as well forge female garments.

Qing Shui had planned to use a little of this beast leather later. He should draw a few talismans with this Martial Saint level Demonic Beast Leather in preparation for his journey towards the Flowerfruit Mountain in case he needed them for emergency use.

So he folded up this piece of Martial Saint level Demonic Beast Leather once again and set it aside!

He recalled that Feng Shamo had mentioned that the items inside this Interspatial Silk Sachet were much powerful than the items within the Feng Clan's warehouse. It seemed like he wasn't lying after all. Qing Shui was already content with just the Spirit Concentrating Pills of sixfold effects from earlier on and this piece of Martial Saint level Demonic Beast Leather.

Demonic beast's core?

The next item that he took out was a core that was about the size of a human head and it was green in color!

It turned out that it was a 5,000 to 6,000-Year Demonic Beast's core! How could Qing Shui not be surprised by this? Even a peak Martial King level Demonic Beast only possessed a 4,000-Year Demonic Beast's core.

Qing Shui turned his gaze towards the Martial Saint level Demonic Beast Leather that was as thin as a cicada's wing. He had a hunch that this Interspatial Silk Sachet was storing a Martial Saint level Demonic Beast's stuff inside it.

He continued to take out the items!

A few jars of Demonic Beast's blood!

A plateful of Demonic Beast's tendon!

A bunch of Demonic Beast's bones!


Qing Shui could feel the wave of spiritual qi that exuded from them!

With all these items taken out, he discovered that there weren't a lot of things remaining in the Interspatial Silk Sachet. But Qing Shui already thought that all these were good harvests. A Martial Saint Level Demonic Beast's blood, tendon, and bones. They could be used for forging and could be fused into weapons and armors to greatly raise their sturdiness.

They could also be directly used in forging. Bones of Martial Saint grade were good stuff. They could be used to forge bows and arrows. He had thought about forging some throwing weapons for himself. On top of that, he had a plateful of tendons. With these, Qing Shui planned to try his hands on forging a few bows and arrows.

There were still a few items left in the Interspatial Silk Sachet and he decided to take them all out. Qing Shui reached his hand into the sachet. He was instantly shocked when he saw what he had pulled out!


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