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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 475


AST 475 - Tigon Beast Champion, Diamond Gigantic Elephant

’’Old Man Feng, you think I can't beat this kid.’’

’’The reason I called you here today, is for you to watch a show. You are not from the Heavenly Palace, nor someone from the Feng Clan, it is best to not be a part of this.’’ Feng Shamo casually said.

’’We have 30 years of friendship between us, furthermore, I am no longer with the Demon Beast Sect. The life which I owed you, I will use to stop this Qing Shui. Like I said, if aside from you, no one can stop him, I will do it. The kid will battle you only over my dead body.’’

’’Then let us go together, and see what has this devilish young man achieved.’’ Feng Shamo as he slowly rose.

The Feng Clan had many casualties, they were his descendants as well as people with the most power in the Feng Clan, but Feng Shamo's face, which was dry and full of wrinkles, had not changed.

’’Old Man Feng, are you regretting it now? That so many of the Feng Clan's strength passed away.’’ Bloody Butcher and Feng Shamo walked side by side, out of the backyard.

’’The development of a clan, decline, and rising from the ashes again... as long as the roots are not eradicated, there will be no problem. There is no such thing as an eternal clan, furthermore, this is not the first time the Feng Clan encountered this situation.’’ Feng Shamo calmly said.

Bloody Butcher did not say any more, he knew the Feng Clan had been completely destroyed in this battle. Those who could support the clan were all dead, even if Qing Shui died at the hands of himself and Feng Shamo, it would not change the outcome of the Feng Clan.

Because Feng Shamo did not have much of his lifespan left, once he died, the Feng Clan would become like an ordinary clan, for they did not have any other Peak Martial King cultivators.

The remaining Xiantian and Martial King Cultivators weren't able to uphold the clan unless they were able to produce a pillar of support before Feng Shamo died. Otherwise, the Feng Clan was doomed to a life of misery after the death of Feng Shamo.


From a distance, Qing Shui saw an old man and a large monk slowly walk out of the backyard, his Spiritual sense told him that one of them was Feng Shamo, and the other's strength was not inferior to Feng Shamo, this had caused Qing Shui to knit his eyebrows.

The old man was tall and slender, dressed in silver, it looked simple but it was more expensive than gold or silver armor. He had white hair and eyebrows comparable to the Heavenly Palace's old Ancestors, they grew down to his calves;under the sunlight, it looked very striking, exuding a demonic atmosphere.

As for the monk beside him, he was bulky and at least two meters tall, his body was thicker than the old man beside him by at least three times. He was dressed in gold clothes that looked to be extraordinary. Despite his bulky body, his footsteps were light and agile. He had regular snow-white eyebrows and was clean shaven, but this resulted in people feeling that he wasn't much younger than the old man beside him.

The old man was grasping a silver longsword in his hand, it gave off a gleam similar to moonlight, gentle and dignified. Strapped to monk's back was a large battle-ax, it was even longer then the monk himself, and it gave off a strong killing intent.

From a distance, they saw a bloodied youth standing under the sun, at that moment, Feng Shamo felt that the youth was very awe-inspiring.

’’Look, it's Bloody Butcher!’’ someone shouted.

’’Bloody Butcher? What is that?’’ A slightly plump youth asked in confusion.

’’Kid, you actually never heard of Bloody Butcher's great name before? Just that sentence of yours would be enough for him to slaughter your entire family,’’ said a short and fat middle-aged man at the side.

Hearing the words of the short and fat middle-age man, the slightly plump youth couldn't help but shiver and wisely shut his mouth.

’’Elder Brother, I don't know about Bloody Butcher either, will you tell us? So that this little one knows how he dies,’’ a youth with shifty-looking eyes pandered toward him.

’’Do you know the Demon Beast Sect?'

’’En, I do, the Demon Beast Sect, the big sect that rose the fastest.’’ Qing Shui quickly said.

’’Bloody Butcher is from the Demon Beast Sect, but he had left. His strength then was within the top three, he also has a Peak Martial King beast.’’ the fat middle-age man said.

’’Really that great?’’

’’What do you mean 'really that great'? Bloody Butcher, the number of people he killed, if it did not reach 10000, it would at least be 8000,’’ the short fat man looked disdainfully at the youth, his meaning was clear, this youth has not seen the world.


’’Bloody Butcher, this time, let me fight!’’ Feng Shamo said, after he and Bloody Butcher had stopped moving.

’’Old Man Feng, do you think I'm not his match?’’ the red faced man said as he looked at Qing Shui, this was the second time saying this.

’’Of course not, how about this, If I am not his opponent, you can give me a hand.’’ Feng Shamo said it casually, If others had heard it they would be shocked.

’’Old Man Feng, I said it before, let me fight this time!’’ The red faced man said firmly, looking at Feng Shamo.

’’Then how about we join hands to kill him?’’ Feng Shamo looked at the nearing Qing Shuo.

’’I cannot give up on him, look at the number of people around, even if I win, what face would I have?’’ Bloody Butcher shook his head in rejection.

’’Even more important than your life?’’ Feng Shamo said quietly.

’’If it is like that, I would rather die!’’

’’Very well, since you insisted, I'll agree to it. However, you must summon your beast the first moment you can.’’ Feng Shamo said, as he looked at Bloody Butcher, a firm expression on his face.

Bloody Butcher saw Feng Shamo revealing a smile, and nodded his head. He knew Feng Shamo did not want him to drop his guard, using this method to tell him to not hold back.

At this point in time, Qing Shui was less than a 100 meter away!

’’Old Man Feng, even if die, you are not to interfere.’’ Bloody Butcher said as he faced Feng Shamo.

Feng Shamo nodded his head, he knew what Bloody Butcher's character was like, as long as Bloody Butcher put in all his effort, the possibility of winning was still quite large. He was just afraid that Bloody Butcher would hold back at the start and not summon his beast, creating a lifetime of regret.


Bloody Butcher grasped the humongous battle-ax behind him with one hand, roared loudly towards the sky and suddenly a large demonic beast appeared beside him.

Qing Shui was shocked, he could feel strong fluctuations of vigor!

Peak Martial King level Demonic beast!

Qing Shui could not imaging that it was actually a Tigon Beast Champion. The discussion from before had been heard by Qing Shui, he knew that Bloody Butcher was from the Demon Beast Sect!

Qing Shui stopped and looked at the colossus in front of him, it had a length about ten meters, a height of six meters, and a width of at least four meters. It had a large malevolent tiger head, a violet lion's body the size of a small mountain, and exuded a breath odor that was fearsome.

Roar! Roar!

The Tigon Beast Champion raised its head and roared twice at the sky, the resounding roars caused many flying beasts to disperse, even some Xiantian level flying beast dropped from the sky, causing chaos and killing dozens of people.

Only the Ice Crane in the air had not ben affected, but gave a few loud and resounding cries!

Qing Shui raised his head and saw the huge Ice Crane in the air, knowing that the Ice Crane was probably a Peak Martial King Demonic Beast as well, one that was even more refined than the Tigon Beast.

Qing Shui stared at the huge beast, he could clearly sense the tremendous strength of it, at the same time, thinking that the strength of this beast was not without reason.

This old monk actually possessed a Peak Martial King Demonic Beast. This was not within Qing Shui's calculations, in fact, the assistance of this old monk was either a coincidence or had another reason. After all, this was the first time that they knew of his strength, in fact even he himself was not sure how much strength he had.

The unknown scares people!

’’Wow, Tigon Beast Champion!’’

’’How strong! If only I had a Tigon Beast Champion,’’ said the earlier shifty-eyed youth, eyes full of envy.

’’I must become strong!’’

’’When can I also bring a Tigon Beast Champion around the World of the Nine Continents.’’ Many people expressed sounds of envy.


Feng Shamo slowly stepped back and quietly watched!

’’Since you are not from the Feng Clan, then don't waste your life in vain.’’

Qing Shui frowned at Bloody Butcher, If he did not have the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, he would not know how to manage the situation. Just trying to combat the Tigon Beast Champion would be a headache.

Qing Shui did not know the exact strength of the Tigon Beast Champion, but he could feel that it had about the strength of six countries and defense of three countries, much stronger than himself.

The Martial King level beast had above average strength!

’’Hahaha, you think you are so great for killing a few Peak Martial King? The difference in strength between the Peak Martial King level is quite vast, do you have the confidence to combat my Tigon Beast Champion?’’

Qing Shui frowned, it would be hard to say if he had to deal with it himself!

’’This youth is really arrogant, to say these kind of words, unless he was actually scared silly.’’

’’Yeah, looks like this young man going to be buried in the tigon's belly.’’

’’Such a pity that a talented person will die,’’ sighed the short, fat middle age man from earlier.

’’How puzzling, how could the Heavenly Palace bear to let such a heaven-defying person die here?’’

’’Elder Sister, Why hasn't Qing Shui summoned the elephant yet?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li asked Canghai Mingyue.

’’Should be soon, believe in Qing Shui.’’ Canghai Mingyue stared unblinkingly at Qing Shui.


The discussions below were proceeding in full swing, however the girl on the Ice Crane did not even move. No one could see her expression but everyone felt that she was looking below seriously.


The Tigon Beast Champion gave another deep roar, its enormous body was swaying, giving Qing Shui a death stare, looking at the puny human.

Qing Shui knew now that things had progressed to this level, he could only defeat the opponent. While killing his way here, Qing Shui had conserved his strength, to prepare for the battle against Feng Shamo or any other strong experts.

’’Just let my Tigon Beast Champion play with you!’’ Bloody Butcher smiled at Qing Shui, that smile looked very cruel.

’’No need for that, let my beast play with it!’’

After Qing Shui had said that, he summoned the Diamond Gigantic Elephant!


A loud roar was heard, although it was not as shocking as when it had awoken, it caused people to feel terrified, just by the sound.

The glittering Diamond Gigantic Elephant appeared at Qing Shui's side. Standing in front of the Tigon Beast Champion, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant looked smaller by about half.

The ’’Tremor of Stormy Cloud’’ and ’’Overlord Storm’’ were equipped on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, the ’’Overlord Storm’’ on its back caused many people to feel an urge to sit on it.

’’Oh, so the Beast roar from that day was this elephant!’’

’’This is lively, only, can the elephant defeat this Tigon Beast Champion?’’ a simple and honest youth asked.

’’Don't be silly, look at the size and you will know,’’ said another youth directly.

’’This fool is calling another foolish, not knowing that the strength of demonic beast has nothing to do with their size, or else we can just compare their size,’’ rebutted someone.

The earlier youth blushed and immediately looked away!

When Bloody Butcher saw Qing Shui summon the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, his eyes opened wide, he could feel that this elephant was not ordinary, even his Tigon Beast Champion was very restless. In fact, the elephant was the one that was calm and unaffected in the face of the Tigon Beast Champion's might.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was happily running circles around Qing Shui, seeming not to even notice the Tigon Beast Champion, this caused Qing Shui to feel bewildered.

’’Fight! ’’ someone unknown shouted!




In a short period of time, all sorts of chaos erupted!

Qing Shui, however, just took out two talismans!

Godly Force Talisman and divine Shield Talisman!

Pa! Pa!

Qing Shui stuck them directly onto the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, increasing its strength and defense by 30%!

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant had become ridiculously strong, the frightful defense reached the level of ten countries. Qing Shui wanted to laugh, the fellow across him had no way to break the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's defense.

Qing Shui once again took out the Godly Force Talisman and divine Shield Talisman, and he stuck them onto himself!

This time, Qing Shui's strength was increased significantly, he was now at the strength of four and a half countries.

Qing Shui has finished his preparations for battling Bloody Butcher and Feng Shamo.

After Qing Shui stuck on the talismans, Bloody Butcher took action and ordered the Tigon Beast Champion to attack the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, he also made a move towards Qing Shui.

When Qing Shui took out the Godly Force Talisman and divine Shield Talisman and he stuck them onto himself and the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, the girl on the Ice Crane was shocked, but no one had seen her facial expressions.



In an instance, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and Tigon Beast Champion collided against each other! The Strength of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was weaker than the Tigon Beast Champion, but the defense was stronger. However the ’’Tremor of Stormy Cloud’’ was blasted aside.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was pushed back by ten meters but was unharmed, however, it let out a muffled, stuffy roar.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant once again rushed towards the Tigon Beast Champion!

Mighty Elephant's Recklessness!


This time the Tigon Beast Champion just used it's giant lion paws and scratched at the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's body. The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was knocked back by ten meters again, the huge body causing complete disorder to the surroundings , the ground had many deep cracks;it had suffered terrible damage.

These were the results of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and the Tigon Beast Champion's body colliding with each other!


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