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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 472


AST 472 - Massacre, My Name is Feng Yu

At the Feng Clan!

’’Old ancestor, there are people everywhere outside the house. Qing Shui is already at our front gate,’’ a middle-aged man informed the Elders who were having tea around the table.

’’Understood, go now!’’

One of the Elders in the middle casually instructed the middle-aged man, while drinking his tea without lifting his head up.

The Elders were inside a pavilion located at the backyard of the Feng residence. The scenery of this backyard was idyllic and picturesque! It was peaceful and quiet here, unlike the buzzing noises outside.

’’Old ancestor, he actually came. What should we do now?’’ An Elder with silver hair asked the elderly man sitting in the middle.

’’Dear Mingze, you are already a very old man, why are you still being impatient!’’ The elderly man lifted his head up and gazed at him. He was the old ancestor, Feng Shamo of the Feng Clan. His pruny face was full of wrinkles, the old distressed eyes revealed a depressing expression. He was an old man who was well past his prime.

’’Yes, yes. I am becoming impatient. I was thinking of killing that kid myself,’’ Feng Mingze said anxiously.

’’No need to be agitated. Your chance will come,’’ said Feng Shamo calmly.


Qing Shui turned around and steadily walked toward the direction of Feng Clan, which was about 200 meters away. He was equipped with a Golden-Ringed Battle Armor, a pair of battle boots, a helmet, Holy Bracelet, a belt, and a Big Dipper Sword on his hand.

’’Who are you? This is the Feng Residence. Only personnel are allowed!’’ A young man in his 20s stood forward and blocked Qing Shui from going further.

Qing Shui observed the happy expression in the man's eyes. He looked a bit nervous and excited as he pursed his lips.

Qing Shui could tell that the young man recognized him;he knew who Qing Shui was at the very least. His eyes were filled with envy and anger, as evidenced by how tightly he held his sword on his hand.

’’Step aside!’’

Qing Shui tilted his head slightly downwards as he barked softly at the young man!

The young man gazed sharply at Qing Shui. The volcano inside of him was about to erupt!


The young man swiftly swung his sword imbued with a white aura and aimed at Qing Shui's throat!


The young man was sent flying into the air after Qing Shui lightly tapped his chest with the Big Dipper Sword. Unfortunately, his internal organs were ripped apart by the force of Qing Shui's sword. The young man vomited all his fragmented internal organs in mid-air.

’’Since you seem to be focused on a swift sword technique, then it is unnecessary to have a scabbard. Don't you know you are just wasting precious time unsheathing your sword?’’ Qing Shui approached the young man who was breathing his last few breaths.

Qing Shui looked back at the remaining men standing guard. They had lost their nerves and scattered back into Feng Residence!

Qing Shui slowly advanced into the residence from the front gate. He was a few steps away from officially setting his foot on the Feng Clan grounds. Whether he would be able to defeat them was unknown.

This was the front courtyard of the residence. There was a flower garden and a pond, as well as a broad pathway that led to different directions of the courtyard. Past the garden and pond, there was also a meandering corridor.

A large tree stood tall in the garden. It seemed to have matured into its golden years. There was also an artificial decorative mountain facing the front gate. From where Qing Shui was standing, he could barely see the pavilion at the far end of the residence.

The pavilion was very colorful, especially the brilliant hue of the glazed roof tile. The roof glimmered magnificently under the sun, which gave off a noble feeling.

’’Kid, your strength must be as insane as your arrogance!’’

Qing Shui heard an elderly voice as he passed by an artificial decorative mountain in the garden. He looked up and saw three elderly men blocking him from the broad pathway behind them.

The message was straightforward;If Qing Shui wished to beat Feng Clan, he would have to defeat the elderly men in front of him before he could continue on!

The one who spoke was the leader of the trio. His weapon, a ’’cudgel’’, looked like an iron rod with dimensions as thick as a man's arm. The size of the weapon was longer than his height by the length of a head when he wielded it in his hand.

The weapon was also pitch-black in color!

The other two seemed significantly younger than the leader. However, Qing Shui could tell from their eyes that their ages were more than 80 years.

Two of them wielded a long sword in their hands!

’’If you are not the members of Feng Clan, I will let you leave alive. If not, I will show no mercy.’’ Qing Shui was calm, but his words felt like muffled thunder striking into their minds.

In an instant, their expressions changed. However, they quickly recovered their composure!

’’Be careful, he has a strong spiritual energy!’’ The leader warned the two elders beside him.

’’Father, why did Feng Zhixing arrange us as the first line of defense?’’ The man on the left scowled heavily.

’’Enough. We just need to kill this kid now, otherwise we will be the ones to die by his hands.’’ The elderly man said as he gripped his ’’cudgel’’ tightly.


Qing Shui tilted his head backwards and gave a loud roar. A silhouette abruptly emerged from Qing Shui's body!

Big Dipper Sword's ’’Total Annihilation’’ sweeped toward the trio. A shrilling noise rang out in the air, which was blended with Qing Shui's roar. The noise was piercing, as if a gust of wind suddenly blew up fiercely.

Immovable Mountains!


The leader was directly knocked away by Qing Shui, while the other two plunged at Qing Shui with their long swords like a pair of poisonous snakes aiming for his throat and tailbone. Moreover, their movements were completely silent!

’’So reckless!’’

The Big Dipper Sword wielded by Qing Shui was fast and ruthless. He steadied himself by pointing the tip of the sword at his opponents. Then he leaned to the side and kicked the man's wrist in reflex, as if he had grown an eye on his legs.

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!



The man screamed in pain as his bones were crushed from the impact. While he was still screaming, Qing Shui took the opportunity and swiftly rushed toward the other man retreating from the battle.



The man's head was smashed into smithereens by Qing Shui's sword!

Everything happened in a flash. The elderly man rushed toward Qing Shui with bloodshot eyes after he realized what had happened.

’’I will kill you!’’

The ’’iron rod’’ harnessed a great amount of energy that created an imposing force to suppress Qing Shui!

Qing Shui sighed!

He swung the Big Dipper Sword upwards and released a greater force toward the elderly man.


This was only the first round. The elderly man's strength barely reached the Peak Martial King realm. This was unsurprising for Qing Shui as Feng Clan had also anticipated him to be at the same level as the elderly man.

It was unexpected, however, that Feng Clan would send these elderly men to defend the front end of the residence. They did mention that it was Feng Zhixing who had allocated them here, not Feng Shamo, which meant that Feng Zhixing was the actual master of Feng Clan. Feng Clan seemed to have internal tensions as well.

The others were of no concern to Qing Shui, because there was only one person who could make him feel restless.

Feng Shamo, the old ancestor of the Feng Clan. He was about the same age as the Old Ancestor of the Heavenly Palace. This man was almost at the end of his life too.

’’Don't kill me.....’’

’’You are unworthy of living in this world!’’ Qing Shui abruptly stomped the ground with a great force, crumbling the ground under his foot. He booted one of the rocks upwards with his midfoot and kicked it toward the elderly man with broken arms!

With the Big Dipper Sword in one hand, Qing Shui followed the straightforward pathway and entered the residence. There were two chambers inside, but it was quiet, as if no one was in there.

After travelling 150 meters into the residence, three people appeared in front of him. However, Qing Shui was confused by their sudden appearance!

There were three women in front of him!

The woman in the middle stood out the most. Qing Shui couldn't tell how old she was, but she had a graceful figure. She wore a set of battle skirt, which couldn't cover the shape of her voluminous figure. However, it gave her an aura of a woman who could act and talk like a man.

Her skin was porcelain white, her dark eyes were profound like deep waters, her small nose was straight, and the corners of her lips were slightly lifted, which gave her a slight air of arrogance. Men had the tendency of wanting to conquer both her mind and body.

Qing Shui has seen so many beautiful women in his life, and she was considered one of them. She was definitely an alluring woman, especially when she had such a firm bosom. Qing Shui wanted to see how they looked like without the armors.

The other two women beside her were far less appealing, but still beautiful. The left woman had a oval-shaped face, a pair of arched eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes, and a small red lips. Meanwhile, the se*y woman on the right had a pair of phoenix eyes, and her hair was tied into a high ponytail.

’’If you are not the members of Feng Clan, you still have the chance to leave right now!’’ Qing Shui said to the woman in the middle wearing the battle skirt.

’’My name is Feng Yu. I am the youngest daughter of the Feng Clan master!’’

Her voice was pleasing to the ears, like the sound of a wind chime. He felt that the women he met mostly had pleasing voices. For example, the Misty Hall Palace Priestess had a sanskrit-like voice;Canghai Mingyue had an intellectual and seductive voice;Yiye Jiange had an extraordinary voice;and Huoyun Liu-li had a charming voice. This woman's voice was different than the women he knew.

Qing Shui despised using ruthless methods to win against other people. These methods were considered one of the advantages utilized by a beautiful woman, and they were also considered as the common failings of a sad man.

Qing Shui admitted that he had a lust for women, but that did not apply to all the beautiful women he had met, just like the woman in front of him. The thoughts of conquering her or making her as his woman had never occurred to him. However, he would feel quite uncomfortable if he had no choice but to kill her.

It may be the frivolity inside of every men, or it could be the fascination toward beautiful things. However, the latter would be most appropriate to this kind of situation. In any case, it would not matter right now.

’’You are Qing Shui? What matters do you have with Feng Clan?’’ The woman frowned.

Qing Shui felt different when he saw her frowning. He couldn't exactly tell what he was feeling, but as he saw her expression, his emotions overcame him. It was still important to know his place once in awhile.

’’The people of Feng Clan are domineering and arrogant. Should I not kill them because of that?’’ Qing Shui asked the woman in the middle.

’’Feng Clan is domineering and arrogant because we have the absolute strength. There are many clans who behave like this everyday. Do you think you have the capability to destroy them all?’’

Qing Shui was surprised by her words, but he shook his head and said: ’’I do not care for the others. But I cannot forgive Feng Clan because they have troubled my friend.’’

’’Tell me, what would have happened if you hadn't been able to defeat Feng Yunyang or my brother that day?’’ The woman asked calmly.

’’Then I would have died!’’

’’Then aren't you relying on your strength to do more evil things right now? There are so many people in the Feng Clan. Do you really think there's not a single good person here? So what, you want to destroy the entire Feng Clan because of one person? I am not doubting your capability, but what you are doing is no different than Feng Yunyang. What is the point of plastering a kind appearance on your face if you are just like him?’’ The woman said softly while looking into Qing Shui's eyes in a composed manner.



At the highest point of the stone house in Heavenly Palace, there stood an elderly man with plain garments. His eyes were looking at the direction of Feng Clan!

’’Qing Shui, I hope you will succeed this time. When the time comes, I will hand over Heavenly Palace to you!’’


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