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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 471


AST 471 - Arrived at Feng Clan, The Situation There

Today was meant to be an extraordinary day!

Most of the people from Heavenly Palace had fixed their sights on Qing Shui and Feng Clan. Feng Clan, on the other hand, was the place in which people paid most attention to. This was because an incident that people been looking forward to the most was about to happen.

When they were eating, Qing Shui noticed that everyone was absent-minded. Even Cang Wuya behaved this way. From time to time, he would knit his brows as if he was hesitating about something.

’’Master, I have asked. He said to let Qing Shui do it by himself. He would only be able to grow further by experiencing things similar to this.’’ Fei Wujing said, letting out a sigh.

Since the Old Ancestor has said so, Cang Wuya no longer had a say in it. It was just that his mind was a mess. Cang Wuya understood Feng Clan really well. He was even more aware of what kind of a person Feng Shamo was.

Very quickly, Qing Shui has already filled up his stomach. He looked at the others who were inattentive, smiled, and said: ’’I am going to get myself ready now. I still have to fight in a while. I am going to put on a few armors first.’’

Without waiting for other people's opinions, Qing Shui already went up in a rush. He immediately took out the Golden-Ringed Battle Armor from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and put it on. He also wore a pair of battle boots, a helmet, a bracelet, and a golden belt.

The golden belt was something that Qing Shui had forged by accident this year, so he had never used it before. It only had one ability which was known as Surging Blood.

Surging Blood!

Qing Shui had tried it once before. During the time when he had operated Surging Blood, he was able to draw out an additional ten percent power increase to the Frenzied Bull's Strength. To Qing Shui, this was an accidental joy. For now, a ten percent strength increase would have already been considerably impressive.

When Qing Shui took up his Big Dipper Sword, a kind of confidence emerged in him. That kind of feeling was exceptionally wonderful. It felt just like the time when he took up the Golden Calligraphy Brush and drew talismans.

When he walked out of the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and arrived on the first floor, Qing Shui saw the people who cared deeply for him. He felt really warm deep in his heart. Being concerned and worried by other people have always been a kind of joy. This kind of worry and concern involve neither gender nor age. It existed even amongst the most basic friendships.

Worries and concerns could improve one's feelings and relationships!

At present, the sun was already three poles high. Sunlight shone into the hall, making it look really bright. Qing Shui stopped saying things like not letting the girls tag along. When he saw the girls' expressions, he knew that he would have no choice unless he stopped them himself. However, Qing Shui knew that he couldn't do that.

’’I know I can't stop you guys from tagging along, but I need to emphasize one thing first. You guys must first observe from far away. Do not act rashly if I can't beat the opponent. By then, it will be no longer be of my concern.’’

Qing Shui had said this because he was fully aware that it was pointless for him to say other things. By putting it this way, it would at least make them a little more cautious.

This time, just as Qing Shui wished, the three women nodded their head. They were really smart. They only wanted to go along with Qing Shui. If Qing Shui was no match for the opponents, what good would it do for them to act? In fact, they might even cause him more trouble.

However, this was the problems with humans. Even if they knew of the consequences, they would still insist on going. It's just like a lot of people who insisted on doing the things that they knew were wrong. Furthermore, they wouldn't even have any regrets after they had committed the mistake.

’’Do you guys still want to eat more?’’ Qing Shui said, looking at their nearly untouched food.

The girls shook their head.

’’Grandpa, how about you and senior uncle?’’

Qing Shui looked towards Cang Wuya and Fei Wuji. Originally, Qing Shui had insisted on going alone. Now, however, he knew that it would be impossible. Qing Shui started to think from another perspective. If it had been someone else in his place, he reckoned that he would have acted like them too.

’’Then, we will go together! The Feng Clan is a family, this old man has at least a few friends. Even though it isn't a lot, they are still considered friends. They should have arrived by now.’’ Cang Wuya said as he chuckled.

Deep in his heart, Qing Shui felt nice and warm. Just as he was about to say something a senior's voice could be heard loud and clear.

’’Old man Cang, we're here!’’

Cang Wuya laughed as he went out. Qing Shui and the others also followed him.

’’To think that you guys have actually come. Good, haha!’’ Cang Wuya laughed as he told the six old men.

’’What are you talking about? How can we not come if it's about something like this?’’ The one taking the lead was a tall and sturdy old man. The old man laughed as he spoke with a loud and clear voice.

Qing Shui had not been able to clearly see the six old men until now. The old man taking the lead looked really tall and strong. Even though he had a head full of white hair, he still looked really energetic. No one would have recognized him as an old man if it hasn't been for his white beards, browsand hair.

’’Qing Shui, this is You An!’’

’’Greetings, Grandpa An!’’ Qing Shui smiled and bowed his head to the old man.

’’You are Qing Shui? Good, a dragon among men! Good!’’ You An was really outspoken and straightforward. He laughed while patting Qing Shui's shoulder.

’’This is Xu Ziming!’’ Cang Wuyan introduced the thin old man on the far left to Qing Shui. The white hair on the old man's head happened to be at shoulder length. His eyes looked really wise and bright, giving other people the impression that he was unusual.

’’Greetings, Grandpa Xu!’’


Qing Shui has also found out that these old men were all the Supreme Elders of Heavenly Palace. Furthermore, the one who was the least closest to Cang Wuya also had more than a hundred years of friendship with him.

Qing Shui suspected that Cang Wuya might have had even more friends, but they were unable to make it due to other kinds of issues. Just like Jin Clan, Qing Shui didn't blame them at all. It didn't matter whether it was because human nature or a force outside of their own will. To put it another way, it could also be described as a responsibility.

Qing Shui thought back about Jin Guyao's words. No matter what happened, he would still have to rely on himself at the end of the day in order to solve the problem.

It has always been said that friends were easy to find, but it was difficult to find those that knew you well. In actuality, a real friend was even tougher to look for than a soulmate. Some people had a lot of friends. Wherever they went, there would be escorts both at the front and back. This only happen when one was rich and powerful. Once they fell, they would lose almost all of their friends within a night. These things were already considered to be fairly common.

This couldn't be considered friends!

There were a lot of definitions for the meaning of a true friend. However, as Qing Shui had been living for the past two generations, he had already understood clearly the concept of being a friend. Thus, Qing Shui still had little to no guy friends up until now.

True friends was about affection and honesty. It involved promises that must be kept and help that must be given when one most needed it. It was about sacrificing oneself for each other and entrusting each other's children as they approached their end. True friends were people who got drunk together, people who shared things on their mind with no restraint. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

True friends were just these groups of people: the people whom you would easily forget in times of happiness and people who you would first think of in times of sorrow. They were the people who lended you helping hands yet never asked for anything in return. They were the people whom you didn't need to feel guilty with after you had become agitated. They were the people who never expect anything from you, people who you didn't need to guard against. They were the people who wouldn't change their opinions of you even when you were at the lowest point of your life. They were the people whom wouldn't change their way of calling you even when you were steadily rising.

True friends would encourage you during your failures and give you a hand when you fall. They would comfort you in times of sorrow and remind you when you were too unrestrained. They could tolerate your unintentional mistakes, they could take away your loneliness, they could give you happiness and joy.

When Qing Shui saw the six old men behind Cang Wuya, he had a feeling that these old men were Cang Wuya's true friends. Even he who had lived for hundreds of years only managed to get six friends.

Six friends were more than enough!

’’Young man, you are really hot-blooded. Alright, originally, I thought that my weary old body would be scattered by today, it seems like this may not be the case. Today will definitely be a noisy day.’’ An old man named Lu Biao exclaimed. His body shape was really similar to You An's, although his expression looked arrogant and intimidating, giving people the impression that he was a hot-blooded old man.

Today's weather was unusually good. Today, however, was a day meant for a bloodbath.

The Fire Bird was flying in the air. It was prepared by Qing Shui for the two women in case anything happened. Qing Shui asked Mingyue Gelou to stay behind to look after Yuchang. Hence, she didn't tag along. But she could still see from far away. It was just that they didn't want to let Yu Chang see it.

Children were not advised to watch such bloody scenes.

As soon as they stepped out, they were already the centre of attention to the people around. The reason being that incidents like these were something that happened rarely in Heavenly Palace. There was a few times more people in Starmoon Hall today compared to normal.

Qing Shui and the gang slowly walked up to the road leading to Feng Clan.

Qing Shui has mentioned before that he wanted to go to Feng Clan. At that time when he saw Feng Clan's doings, he said that the day in which Feng Clan was prosperous has come to an end.

When Qing Shui said something like that, he must make sure that he did it even if he ended up being smashed into pieces. As a warrior, this was their most important honor and commitment. This was a promise of his as a warrior that must be kept.

Feng Clan on the other hand, was an influential clan, in other words, a clan which was more powerful in Green Cloud Continent. And now, it was being challenged by a young man. They didn't care about who was right and who was wrong, they only cared about who had bigger fists.

Feng Clan was located on a mountain peak located to the left of Starmoon Hall. The Heavenly Palace Mountain was really enormous and vast. In the Heavenly Palace's territory, there were at least a hundred million thousand people. Even though it may not be as good as a city, so much so that it might not even be the size of Hundred Miles City, this place was still really advanced.’’

There were still a lot of residential areas around the halls nearby the mountains in Heavenly Palace. Inside there, there were all kinds of people. Normally, they wouldn't allow people to randomly go in and out of the Heavenly Palace's Nine Halls. Some of them were the indigenous people nearby. But even more was from the cities in Green Cloud Continent. There were also some who were the subordinates of Heavenly Palace, for example, the family members of the Heavenly Palace's disciples. Hence, a lot of them came from either the aristocratic clans or commercially important family.

Around the nine halls of the Heavenly Palace, the flat land on the mountain peak was at least several hundreds miles. It almost opened up a path across the Heavenly Palace Mountain. This was precisely the city on the mountain. Compared to the Hundred Miles City, it wasn't any much bigger. A lot of people there wouldn't bother about going down the mountain in years.

Qing Shui and the gang were walking exactly towards Feng Clan's mansion house. They walked out of the mountain peak where Starmoon Hall was and followed along a wide and flat mountain road. Along the journey, there were a lot of people who followed them from far behind. It was really obvious that those people were from the halls in Heavenly Palace. They mixed themselves among the pedestrians.

At this moment, Qing Shui was really calm. He was feeling the things in his surroundings, including the people and the scenery. He felt as if he could resonate to the things around him, or rather, he felt like he could blend into the surroundings.

Qing Shui didn't know about the imitation of nature. Nor was he aware of what he was facing. But he knew that this kind of situation must be really precious. This was because he felt that the nature energy within his body was slightly more concentrated than before.

’’Who is the young man wearing the golden armor? He seems really interesting even though he doesn't have that kind of godly might.’’ A woman pointed at Qing Shui as she asked a few women beside her.

’’I don't know, look at the women behind him. They all looked exceptionally beautiful. They seemed to share an unusual relationship with the young man in the golden armor! A woman with a pair of large eyes noticed Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-li who was following him from behind.

’’You all are so stupid, haven't you heard about what the people was discussing in the surroundings? They are saying that there is a young adult called Qing Shui who declared that he wanted to destroy Feng Clan.’’ Said an attractive woman among the women with alluring bodies. The woman clearly looked a lot more mature than others.

’’Sister Wei, you mean to say that this young adult is Qing Shui?’’ Said the first tall woman from before in shock.


Even though the pace at which he walked wasn't fast, he was still getting closer and closer to Feng Clan. A lot of people has also found out that the person who was wearing the Golden Armor was none other than the teenager Qing Shui. He was precisely the person who madly declared that he was going to eliminate the people in Feng Clan.

’’He is such a good kid. For someone that looks so handsome, why would he do something which is out of his league? This is such a waste!’’ An old woman sighed in a regretful manner.

’’Yeah, do you want to save him and make him your granddaughter's husband?’’ Towards the side, a trembling woman laughed at the old woman from before as she spoke.

’’That's enough, I am not even sure if that brat in my place will admire him. Let's just carry on watching the play!’’ The old woman from before chuckled and said.

’’That's right. Oh yeah, Su Qiu, what did you say about this brat's strength?’’ The trembling woman once again opened her mouth and said.

’’This brat is really weird. When I am sensing him now, he feels like he possesses the strength equivalent to only one country. But obviously, he has definitely possessed even more power than what I sensed.’’ The old woman turned around and told the married woman.

’’Nonsense! He doesn't look like an idiot. So obviously, it's either he is really powerful or he has people backing him up. I feel that the possibility of the latter is really vivid.’’

’’That's what I thought, could it be that he is a powerful Beast Tamer?’’

’’It's hard to say. Normally, there would at least be a Demonic Beast beside the Beast Tamers. But now, I am not feeling anything.’’ The trembling woman said in suspicions.

’’We will see!’’


Very quickly, the tall and mighty gate appeared in front of Qing Shui. In front of the gate was a vast vacant land. It looked like a plaza. The areas that Feng Clan occupied were considered to be one of the largest one that Qing Shui has encountered so far.

The black iron gate was almost ten metres tall. At this moment however, it was opened widely, absolutely wide. There were two rows of guards below the gate. They were all around their thirties. They were all wearing the guard costumes that were exclusive only to Feng Clan. Each of them held a sword in their hands.

Qing Shui turned around and looked at the two women, Cang Wuyan, Fei Wuji and the six elders.

’’I will go in by myself. You guys stay outside for now.’’ Said Qing Shui after he thought over the matter.

’’No! I want to go in!’’ Huoyun Liu-li responded back immediately as soon as Qing Shui finished talking.

Qing Shui realized there was already a terrifying amount of people in the surroundings. Unknowingly, Feng Clan has already been so closely surrounded that it became impossible to break out, so much so that a lot of people had begun to fly in mid-air with their demonic beasts. This has caused a lot of people to feel jealous of the warriors with flying beasts.

’’Liu-li, listen to me!’’ Qing Shui grudgingly looked at Huoyun Liu-li.

’’Like I am scared!’’ Huoyun Liu-li looked back at Qing Shui. Her eyes were already starting to look confused.

’’I promise you, I will be fine. Remember? I am the one who is going to bring you to travel around the World of the Nine Continents in the future, why would I die so early?’’ Qing Shui extended out his hand. He seemed like he wanted to touch Huoyun Liu-li's face, but his hands wavered in mid air.

In response to that, Huoyun Liu-li grabbed Qing Shui's hands that stopped in mid-air and put it on her face.

Qing Shui pinched the fragile skin as he felt the smooth sensation on his hand. After that, he let go and said: ’’Be a good girl, wait for me here along with master. Don't you remember that you have said before that you want to have a baby with me? I am still waiting for the baby, I won't die.’’

’’You still have the mood to say this kind of stuffs at a time like this? You scoundrel, gutless scoundrel, good-for-nothing pervert!’’ Huoyun Liu-li whispered softly.

’’Come back, I am going to turn you into a woman tonight!’’ Qing Shui said while clenching his teeth.

’’Come at me, I am not afraid of you, why would I be?’’

Qing Shui: ’’......’’


Feng Clan!

’’Old Ancestor, there are people everywhere outside. That Qing Shui has also appeared at the clan's frontgate!’’ A middle-aged man informed a few elders who were drinking teas around a tea table.


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