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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 469


AST 469 Overlord Storm Beast Armor, Golden Calligraphy Brush Drawing Talismen

Speed increased by 30%, attack increased by 5000 Jin, defense increased by 5000 Jin.

Qing Shui looked at the necklace with confusion to make sure that he sees it clearly. It is normal that speed is increased by 30%, but since when did the extra attributes turn to be like this? Before, it was just adding some attributes, and it still need calculation to tell how many Jins of power that is. Could it be that the power of the Art of Forging has elevated?

Anyway, this is a good thing. It is not that the change in adding extras are good, but because earlier when he forges the necklace, there are not other attributes. So Qing Shui is happy about this improvement.

Qing Shui calls the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and put this huge necklace onto its neck.The color of gold and silver shine for one moment, then turns into a quaint color without any light.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant roared loudly and run around in joy.

Qin Shui allowed it to run rampant!

Do not underestimate the necklace that Qing Shui forges. Although the added 5000 Jin power can be neglected for the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, that 30% speed addition is really powerful.

Qing Shui wish to forge a set of armours for the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. With the strength that it has, any powerful high-tier armour or ’’weapon’’ can increase its strength a lot.

Qing Shui looks at the enormous body that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant has. The armour does not need to cover the whole elephant. Quite different from armours for human, animal armours only need to cover the heart and core, and through the Qi of demonic beast in companion with the armour, its defense power can be greatly increased.

Two things called ’’Overlord Storm’’ and ’’Tremor of Wind and Cloud’’ come into Qing Shui's mind. Qing Shui feels like making the animal armour into the shape of ’’Overlord Storm’’ first, then forge ’’Tremor of Wind and Cloud’’.

Qing Shui think of ’’’’ because he realizes that also the Diamond Gigantic Elephant has great brute force, it doesn't have sharp horn like many other demonic beasts. The elephant teeth is really short, and basically cannot be used as an attacking weapon.

Is it thus that Qing Shui think of ’’Tremor of Wind and Cloud’’ from Ancient Art of Forging in his Consciousness sea. ’’Tremor Wind and Cloud’’ is a huge sharp horn, pointing obliquely into the sky.

It's just like the demonic animal is holding a weapon!

Overlord Storm has the shape of the lounge chair with a backrest, but with a slightly larger slope. Qing Shui looks at the massive body of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, and realize that this is a huge project. Although it doesn't need to be as big as the back of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, fixing it onto its body still requires a lot of material.

Qing Shui has been riding the Fire Bird for too long. He also wants to know how it feels to ride the Diamond Gigantic Elephant when it gallops in mountains and forest. That experience of going up and down must feel wonderful.

Qing Shui gathers all the usable metals, which are quite a lot, and finds that there are enough to forge Overlord Storm. But Qing Shui keeps seeking for the stack of items he got from the Yang Clan Treasury.

’’Huh, it'll be you!’’

Qing Shui brings out a huge brown bear skin with a smile. This is the skin of a demonic beast. Just like forging a pair of Battle Boots, forging Overlord Storm requires not only the frame, but also a skin.

The thickness of that bear skin in Qing Shui's hand is a whole foot, which tells the strength of that bear when it's alive.

Skins of bears are pretty thick, and for those who reaches the level of demonic beasts or Martial Emperor demonic beasts, their skins are unbelievably thick. Take the skin in Qing Shui's hand for example, thickness of over a feet, fascinating flexibility. These are reasons why bear type demonic beast have such strong defense.

This one feet thick bear skin is even more comfortable than those soft couches and mattresses in his last life. After he finds all the materials, Qing Shui start to hammer those metals.

This is also the process that Qing Shui skipped without realizing before he entered the level of ’’Three Color Art of Forging’’. The process is to hammer the ’’Raw Ores’’ or the raw material.

This is also called ’’Blacksmithing’’

The quality of the ’’Raw Ores’’ will be improved using this method.

Qing Shui lifts up the Heaven Shaking Hammer, which is what he uses for forging for such long time.

Crossing throwing air with a curve, the Heaven Shaking Hammer strikes the Raw Ore on the forging platform.


With dull sounds from the hammer, huge spark suddenly appears and disappears at almost the same moment.

Qing Shui strikes the ore hammer after hammer, desolated, elegant, while quaint at the same time. That charm would deeply touch people.

An ore as big as a man shrinks bit by bit with Qing Shui's strokes, and finally shrinks to the size of a head. When Qing Shui feels like it could come to an end, the ore starts to glow with eye-catching white light after the last stroke falls.

This time Qing Shui is pretty surprised. He could not imagine before that condensing by this much would bring such a large quality change. Qing Shui has actually been doing this ’’hammering’’ for quite long, but thinking about the smelting that follows, he felt like it's not worth it to spend much time on hammergin.

What truly surprises Qing Shui is that ’’Blacksmithing’’ have such a magical effect. At the beginning, Qing Shui felt like only the normal metals need ’’hammering’’, now he realizes how a low-end mistake it was.

Qing Shui senses the head sized raw ore. The spirit power emitted by it satisfies Qing Shui a lot. Qing Shui then starts to make models, smelt, shape, and quench the ore.

Qing Shui is very passionate in doing these things. He discovers that he love this forging process. He feels really happy to see what he has made by forging, with a sense of accomplishment and expectancy.

After finishing all these, Qing Shui starts to melt together that brown Demonic Beast skin and the frame of ’’Overlord Storm’’. This smelting process is the same as how Qing Shui make his boots.

The foot-thick bear skin is soft beyond comparison. Qing Shui smelt it with utmost concentration. He is not concentrating because he wants to sit comfortably on it, but because that ’’Overlord Storm’’ is also the armor for the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

Holding up the two-hand fist, Qing Shui slowing starts the quenching so that the bear skin will melt into the frame. Qing Shui it really careful this time.

Qing Shui did not () until the familiar light starts to shine. Qing Shui enjoys such an intoxicated state. Looking at ’’Overlord Storm’’ with some imposing manner, Qing Shui cannot resist to look at its attributes.

Overlord Storm, which is the name that Qing Shui gives, attributes: defense improved by 30%, stamina improved by 10%, attack increased by 10,000 Jin, defense increased by 10,000 Jin.

No bad! The 30% improvement in defense is what Qing Shui has expected, what he doesn't expect is the 10% improvement in stamina. As of the 10,000 Jin increase is attack and defense, they are not very good, nor are they too bad.

’’Overlord Storm’’ is a little bigger than a one-person couch. A man can half-lie on it. Qing Shui looks at the curve, and realize that even half-lying on it can make people feel like an overlord.

It's really fits the name Overlord Storm!

Qing Shui thinks that he can forge one for Canghai Mingyue, or forge one for Misty Hall Master. Qing shui gets excited just by picturing them sitting on the Overlord Storm.

Putting the ’’Overlord Storm’’ aside, Qing Shui revolve a big circle of Ancient Strengthening Technique. The process of 179 circles is getting noticeably harder and harder. Qing Shui can clearly feels the resistance.

This however, is also in Qing Shui's expectation. All he can do right now is to work hard, wait for the moment to come, or just naturally have the breakthrough.

Qing Shui stops to have some food, then continue to forge ’’Tremor of Wind and Cloud’’. Qing Shui spends quite some time, but doesn't find good materials for it.

It is due to the fact that ’’Tremor of Wind and Cloud’’ is a single horn, and compare to the size of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, this horn has be at least a meter long and has the diameter of a human calf.

’’If the Diamond Gigantic Elephant has a sharp horn, he would become so much stronger!’’

Qing Shui feels like the Diamond Gigantic Elephant now has great physique and striking force, but is still lack of something else - like a pair of sharp claws, or long penetrating horns.

However, when Qing Shui sees in the sea of consciousness how the Diamond Gigantic Elephant flies up into the heaven and down into the earth to battle those that exist in legends, shine like gold, roar to the whole world. Those powerful strikes looks way more exciting than claws tearing and teeth biting.

It is just that right now, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant has not yet understood those great strength, not to mention the ability of traveling in heaven and earth. That's why horns and sharp claws are still necessary for now, just like weapons of human martial artists.

Qing Shui now has a lot of ores that can be used to forge weapons and armors. They are all from Yang Clan Treasury, but Qing Shui is hesitating.

He sorts out two ores, both of which satisfy Qing Shui, it's just that one of them is Earth attribute, the other one is Metal attribute. Earth attribute increases heaviness and stamina, while Metal attribute would increases sharpness, but more likely to break.

Qing Shui considers the huge strength that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant has, and believes that it does not need to much sharpness. Its heaviness is more important.

Qing Shui decides to use the Earth attribute ore.

After making the decision, Qing Shui starts to hammer the ore knowing the importance of ’’Blacksmithing’’. Traditional hammering is actually also a type of quenching, which can improve its quality a little.

Qing Shui thought at first that the Ancient Art of Forging will just do better, not to mention that the ores used right now are quite good. That's why Qing Shui just ignored the process before.

Now Qing Shui feels the importance of ’’Blacksmithing’’, as it could at least concentrate the ore. If ’’Blacksmithing can reach a certain realm, even a normal metal could turn into a magical one.

Qing Shui would not believe it before, but he starts to now.

Believing the power of his Ancient Art of Forging, Qing Shui knows that this has finally stepped into the beginning realm.

Because ’’Blacksmithing’’ is crucial to forging.

This is not yet too late, though. Qing Shui couldn't imagine that forging a set of ’’Overlord Storm’’ for the Diamond Gigantic Elephant would actually let him discover the benefits of ’’Blacksmithing’’. That is truly a unexpected surprise.

Worth it!

Qing Shui starts ’’hammering’’ this Earth attribute ore. This time, Qing Shui tries really hard to let him enter the ’’intoxicating’’ stage, but he was not successful.

This sort of things cannot be forced by Qing Shui. Although this Earth-attribute ore does not experience a major quality change, its density has increased by several times. This way, the intensity and flexibility of it will be really high too.

Quenching is the following step. Qing Shui hesitates a little on the appearance of ’’Tremor of Wind and Cloud’’, because helix shape suddenly comes to Qing Shui's mind. That would give it more fatality.

’’Tremor of Wind and Cloud’’ is surprisingly easy to forge. When the three-color light starts to shine, Qing Shui finally relieved a little. ’’Tremor of Wind and Cloud’’ takes Qing Shui quite some effort.

Qing Shui looks at the attributes of ’’Tremor of Wind and Cloud’’ with high hope.

Attack improved by 30%, Harden.

Qing Shui is confused. Qing Shui looks at this meter-long huge helix shaped light yellow horn. Its attribute is only a 30% attack improvement, which is expected, but the following ’’harden’’ attribute probably just mean that this long horn is hard.

This attribute might still be considered at good!

Now Qing Shui has finally finished forging everything for the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. He accidently forges the necklace for Fire Bird, but left other things unforged.

Qing Shui calls out the Diamond Gigantic Elephant again, and fixes ’’Tremor of Wind and Cloud’’ and ’’Overlord Storm’’ onto it, and the wonder of the Art of Forging is suddenly shown.

’’Tremor of Wind and Cloud’’ is fixed stably on the head of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. The meter-long horn looks really balanced on the head of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. The long horn with light golden color stays on its head like there are roots going deep into it. The long helix-shaped horn points obliquely into the sky, add to it some dominating manner.

When Qing Shui puts on ’’Overlord Storm’’, it gives the Diamond Gigantic Elephant some splendor, and makes it quite beautiful. However, compared to beauty, its defense is way more important.

30% defense improvement!

Disregard the Diamond Protection, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant originally has a defense of 4 countries.

It's a improvement of over a country! This defense of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant even makes Qing Shui jealous. He has a blood boiling excitement just to think about himself with that defense.

That's Diamond!

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant probably also feels the benefits brought by what it's wearing and jumps happily around Qing Shui. Qing Shui leaps onto the back of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. When he sits on that Overlord Storm, a strange feeling arises.

That is a feeling of having power increased by leaps and bounds, and also viewing others as worthless ants. Could this be the the feeling of being and Overlord?

Qing Shui has the Diamond Gigantic Elephant runs around the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and experiences such feeling that Qing Shui likes a lot. As he comes down, he glances upon the Golden Calligraphy Brush and Moonstone Ink Slab.

’’Huh, it's close to going to Feng Clan, I can try to see how the Talismen drawn by Golden Calligraphy Brush are.

Qing Shui originally planned to wait until his Talisman Drawing skills reaches the next level to start trying with Golden Calligraphy Brush and Moonstone Ink Slab. But what happens with the Feng Clan makes him want to try them right now.

After preparing everything, Qing Shui pours the beast blood into Moonstone Ink Slab's scarlet notch. He then starts to stir and grind with the Moonstone stripe.

It takes over quarter of an hour!

Qing Shui then grabs the Golden Calligraphy Brush. At the moment he grabs on to then, that feeling appears again - He just wants to flamboyantly write anything. That feeling is miraculous. It gives a confidence like you have already practiced for tens of thousands of times, and now you're just doing it again.

Takes a deep breath, Qing Shui calms his mind. After Qing Shui puts Golden Calligraphy Brush into the notch, he realizes that the amount of beast blood in Moonstone Ink Slab continues to reduce even after the whole nib is dyed by the ruby beast blood.

When every single drop of beast blood in the notch are absorbed by Golden Calligraphy Brush, there are no mark of beast blood in Moonstone Ink Slab at all!

Qing Shui falls into silence again.

Qing Shui then puts Golden Calligraphy Brush at the correct position of the talisman-shaped beast skin. The Godly Force Talisman that has been practiced for thousands of times is finish in blink of an eye. The brush moved like a dragon, containing a majestic and imposing air.

When the Godly Force Talisman shone, Qing Shui surprisingly stares at this talisman that is clearly better than all those he has drawn before. Although how much better is not yet determine, he is sure that it will be by a lot.

To prove what he is thinking, Qing Shui slaps this Godly Force Talisman onto his body. When that familiar warm current arises, Qing Shui was shocked.

Godly Force Talisman that increases strength by 30 percent!!


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