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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 464


AST 464 - Heavenly Palace's Internal Corruption, Strength, Conflict

’’Brother Yang, I will grab this girl for you. She will not be harmed, I promise!’’ The skinny man who seemed to be around 30 years old had a pair of unruly eyebrows, triangular-shaped eyes, extremely bulbous nose, and thick lips. He could be described as a stereotypical ugly man.

’’Haha, when Lang Yin gets his hands on her, she won't even have the strength to commit suicide!’’ A fat guy behind Lang Yin snickered.

Normally, fat people would look sincere and honest, with smiles on their faces like a laughing buddha. However, this fat person displayed a ruthlessness smile on his face, which was awfully creepy, especially when he laughed.

’’Don't come closer!’’ Yan Ling`er shouted as she pointed her long sword at Lang Yin.

’’Haha, go ahead and shout. It is futile to call for help since they will be defeated instantly by Brother Yang anyway. Be good and come with us. You have nothing to lose if you make us happy. You can have everything you want here in the Starmoon Hall.’’ A disgusting smirk plastered on Lang Yin's wretched face.

Suddenly, Lang Yin waved his hand and let out a loud wolf howl incorporated with a blast of green essence. The essence was absorbed into Yan Ling`er's body!

’’Little girl, even though I haven't completely mastered our Wolf Clan's ’’Wolf Toxic Gas’’, the gas will still greatly affect you. How is it? Do you feel out of control? Don't worry, you will still be conscious of your surrounding.’’ Lang Yin's smirk became more intense. He extended his crimson tongue and licked around his lips pervertedly. His tongue seemed longer than normal, and it stood out because of its crimson color.

The long crimson tongue was part of the distinctive characteristics of his bloodline. This kind of tongue has a special ability that could boost his sense of smell by 10 folds.

’’Don't come near.....’’ Yan Ling`er pleaded helplessly. Her voice sounded extremely terrified!

The bystanders stood around them in a 10 metre radius. No one dared to stop these hooligans!

’’Sigh, looks like this girl is going to be wrecked!’’

’’What else did you expect, it's so obvious!’’ One of the bystanders interrupted.

’’She wasn't the first, but she won't be the last either. This is sinful!’’ said an old man in the crowd.

’’How could you? What kind of man bullies a girl like that!’’ A good-looking young man with slanted eyebrows stood forward and shouted.

Qing Shui was surprised that someone would come forward in this type of situation. He could see the young man's real intention from his eyes.

He wanted to be a hero, but not for the reason of justice!

’’Kid, I will teach you what it takes to be a real man!’’ Lang Yin immediately dashed towards the young man!

Lang Yin had always hated men with a handsome appearance. Worst of all, the type of handsome men he hated the most were those who sprouted nonsense about being a real man. Unquestionably, he was a skinny man with a workable ’’shaft’’, albeit smaller than average. He was able to last longer than unexpected, but the women whom he had se*ual intercourse with would always ridicule his size. He held onto their disdain inside his heart and kept building up his anger even after he had killed all those women.

’’You are not a real man. What is this, I feel nothing. Get up!’’

’’And you wanted to rape that woman. Don't make me laugh, you don't even have what it takes!’’

’’What a wimp!’’


Lang Yin's eyes slowly turned red. His powers have neither reached the point where he could change parts of his body, nor he could find the medicinal pills to enhance his ’’shaft’’. The constant reminder of his small ’’shaft’’ eventually became his source of anxiety.

Unfortunately for this his young man, his words have unwittingly ignited the anguish inside Lang Yin's heart. Lang Yin gave a murderous look at the young man before he swiftly pounced at him. The young man tried to stab Lang Yin as an act of defense, but Lang Yin was fast enough to land a kick while dodging his upper body from the young man's long sword!

The young man was apparently much weaker than Lang Yin, which was why after he managed to dodge Lang Yin's kick, he wasn't flexible enough to anticipate the next strike from Lang Yin - a claw-like assault aimed directly at his chest.


The sound of clothes ripping was followed by a gush of blood!

Lang Yin became more excited when he saw blood draining from the young man's chest. The red glow in his eyes have intensified!

’’Don't kill me, please don't kill me......’’ The young man quickly begged for his life!

Lang Yin stopped, but looked at the young man amusingly!

’’So you don't want to be a hero anymore?’’

’’No, I don't want to save her anymore, I don't want to die....’’ The young man went pale as he tried to reach a compromise for his life.

Meanwhile, Qing Shui gripped the stone in his hands once more and prepared for a window of attack!

’’Good, so you don't want to die!’’ Lang Yin took out a small bottle from his inner chest pocket and poured the contents onto the young man's chest. It seemed to have a healing effect on the wounds as the blood eventually stopped flowing. It wasn't a fatal wound to begin with since Lang Yin did not use his full power to ’’claw’’ the young man.

’’Thank you so much.....’’ The young man said nervously. He never thought that a ferocious man would do something like this for him.

’’No need, you can thank me later. Didn't you say I wasn't a real man before?’’ Lang Yin has a playful smile on his face, which sent the young man into a panic mode.

’’No, no. You are a real man, and I am not!’’ The young man was scared because knew his life was being threatened. Lang Yin was a real fright to him.

’’Hmm, yes. Since you don't want to be a real man, then I shall grant your wish!’’

As soon as Lang Yin finished talking, his playful expression turned more sinister. He stomped his feet in between the young man's legs!



The bystanders were shocked. The cracking sound was shuddering to these men!

Qing Shui, however, was calm. He had already prepared himself to save the young man from Lang Yin, regardless whether the young man liked Yan Ling`er or he really stepped forward in the name of justice.

But Qing Shui changed his mind. That man should be responsible for his own choice when he cowardly chose to compromise with the scumbags to save his own life. Qing Shui disliked this kind of behavior from a man like him.

The young man fainted instantly. Lang Yin took the chance and kicked him to the other side.

Plop! He fell on the far end of the ground!

Lang Yin turned around and walked towards Yan Ling`er. He didn't even look at the young man as he fell!

’’Don't come near me, don't you come closer!’’

’’Save me.....’’

’’Save your breath, let's go!’’ Lang Yin smirked as he pounced towards Yan Ling`er!



Lang Yin who was leaping in the air towards Yan Ling`er suddenly fell to the ground. He let out a terrible cry!

Everything happened in a flash. The bystanders looked at each other with disbelief and shock. Yan Ling`er was the only one looking at Qing Shui's direction with a delighted expression.

’’Brother Qing Shui.....’’

’’Brother Qing Shui?’’

’’Qing Shui?’’

’’Indeed it's Qing Shui. Wait, is Qing Shui her brother?’’

’’This is getting interesting. Qing Shui will completely cripple Lang Yin at this rate. It's questionable whether he will survive from Qing Shui's grasp. Their defeat be the shame to both Lang Clan and Feng Clan.’’


The bystanders were getting excited, as if someone has found a pot of gold!

At the same time, Feng Yunyang and the others gazed at Qing Shui confusingly. They were well aware of Qing Shui's strength and power, but they weren't as impressed as the bystanders since he was not as strong as Hai Long. After all, Tan Yang mentioned at arena the other day that Qing Shui had barely reached Peak Martial King.

’’I am Feng Yunyang from Feng Clan!’’ He said to Qing Shui in a serious tone.

It was clear what Feng Yunyang was trying to convey to Qing Shui. He was indirectly telling him who they were and what kind of influence they have in the Feng Clan. It was a warning towards Qing Shui so he would think about his next move.

He had a clear message for Qing Shui - would you dare challenge the entire Feng Clan alone?

Qing Shui laughed at himself for falling into this kind of situation numerous times. He understood how important it was to have a clan supporting his back in times of crisis. But he didn't have any, which was why Mingyue Gelou was taken away from him easily.

Qing Shui felt angry and disgust at the threats Feng Yunyang was throwing at him. He didn't need to acknowledge Feng Clan as a dangerous threat since he could depend on his own power, as well as the strength of both Fire Bird and Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

Qing Shui remained silent and walked towards Yan Ling`er. He stood beside her and started patting her body a few times with his Nature Energy to dispel the toxic essence.

’’Brother Qing Shui!’’ Yan Ling`er didn't cry in front of him last time, but now she was wailing as loud as she could!

Qing Shui didn't know what to do to calm her down. It wasn't easy for a girl like her with no clear background to stay in the Heavenly Palace. She was an exemplary genius like all the disciples in the Heavenly Palace - they were all considered one in a thousand from millions of people in the world.

Her best friend Xi Yue was no longer in the world of living. She would help Yan Ling`er if she was still alive. However, even if Xi Yue was here, she would not be able to help Yan Ling`er since Feng Clan had never once viewed Xi Clan as a potential threat.

The Starmoon Hall Palace Priest had already lost more than half of their rights to interfere with any matters. Cang Wuya belonged in the Heavenly Palace Elder Association, so he would not care for the affairs relating to Starmoon Hall.

The Supreme Elders in Feng Clan would not be able to interfere as well, albeit the assemblage of Supreme Elders in Feng Clan. However, most Elders in the Starmoon Hall were from Feng Clan. One-third of the members in Starmoon Hall comprised of people from Feng Clan despite only covering less than half of the hall.

This was the reason why Feng Clan became so powerful!

However, all that meant nothing to Qing Shui. Heavenly Palace Old Ancestor once told him that the legislation of the Heavenly Palace had specifically formulated the following rule: Members were prohibited to bully the weak and fight inside the palace! The Old Ancestor knew everything about the Heavenly Palace despite his depleting life force.

However, they were allowed to challenge other people!

Feng Yunyang made a huge fuss to apprehend Yan Ling`er because she slapped him in the face. Everyone knew about the rules, but no one dared speak of it.

Favoritism was clearly in the play. These rules were used to control those without the strength to hold their grounds!

’’It's alright. Everything is fine now!’’ Qing Shui gently patted on Yan Ling`er's back!

’’I will admit that you are a strong kid. But I advise you to not meddle in other people's business. Trust me, you don't want any trouble with Feng Clan.’’ The ruthless-looking fat man said sarcastically.



Qing Shui quickly darted to the side of the fat man as if his silhouette flashed across the area. He used the Tiger Tailwhip Kick on the fat guy and exploded his head, exposing the remains of his brain tissues.

Qing Shui felt the need to kill him savagely because of the malevolent expression in the fat man's eyes. If he was allowed to live, he would only repeat the incident of Situ Clan, causing endless despair and sadness. It was better to finish him off sooner than later.

The bystanders were once again shocked by the sudden situation. Their eyes were wide opened as they couldn't believe that someone would attack a member of Feng Clan, let alone murder! The bloody scenery was a shocking sight to see!

’’That was brutal!’’

’’That was aggressive!’’

’’So powerful! This is definitely a slap to the people of Feng Clan!’’

’’Qing Shui is the pride of our Starmoon Hall. I don't want anything to happen to him!’’ A lady said in a worried tone.

’’Sigh. Many people think the rules and regulations of the Heavenly Palace are strict. But no one knows how messy internal conflicts are.’’

’’Every sect are the same. Strength is everything in this world!’’


Qing Shui was looking at the bystanders in front of him commentating at the situation. Then he shifted his gaze at Feng Yunyang and said: ’’I can kill you now, you know.’’


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