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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 461


AST 461 - Consumption of the Beast Pill! The Monstrous Aura which shook the Nine Continents!

Five Beast Pills would be enough to increase all of the Diamond Demonic Boar's abilities by fifty percent!

An entire fifty percent!

It'd have an entire two full counties worth of resistance.

Its offensive power would be slightly greater than a single county.

And this was just a single grade-three Martial King level demonic beast!

Qing Shui stood there in a daze as he held the hundreds of Beast Pills he'd refined. He was so overcome with joy that he simply didn't know how to react. Since he could obtain ten percent of its strength, if its strength were to be increased by fifty percent, he'd once again be able to advance even more.

Qing Shui summoned the Diamond Demonic Boar immediately, planning to feed it the Beast Pills as soon as possible to make sure its strength increased by the time they set off for Flowerfruit Mountain. This could also be considered as him raising his strength. If the Diamond Demonic Boar were to be regarded as unrivalled, then it would mean he too would be regarded as unrivalled amongst others.

Diamond Demonic Boar, I summon thee!

The Diamond Demonic Boar, which was almost the size of a calf, rushed over joyfully. It ran around Qing Shui in circles. Compared to those humongous demonic beasts, its body appeared to look really small. However, despite its body being small, once it started running, the pounding noise generated when it stomped the ground seemed as heavy as a small mountain.

Back then when he'd first captured it, it had only been a meter long. After that, while he was looking after it, it got even smaller instead of bigger. Qing Shui never expected it to increase in size by as much as an entire fold when it advanced to the Martial King Grade.

Regardless of its size, Qing Shui felt that it would be fine so long as it was powerful. Take the current Diamond Demonic Boar for example;it was already able to drive Martial King Grade warriors into a corner.

It had approximately two countries worth of resistance. Even though it was still somewhat lacking in power, if it consumed a Beast Pill, its strength would exceed one's imagination! At that point, it would have a super powerful defense.

He took out a perfected Beast Pill and tossed it into the Diamond Demonic Boar's mouth.

It closed both of its eyes as if it was indulged in the taste, and Qing Shui waited patiently. After about half an hour, specks of golden light started to emerge from the Diamond Demonic Boar's body.

It wasn't long before the golden light started to revolve around the Diamond Demonic Boar, just like the last time when it was in the process breaking through. Qing Shui felt that the aura emitted from the Diamond Demonic Boar's body was becoming more and more powerful.

A faint beastial roaring noise was suddenly heard in the surroundings. It was akin to the sound of screeching metal. It sounded really oppressive, but made people feel both fired up and eager. Qing Shui gazed at the Diamond Demonic Boar in silence.

The flickering golden light suddenly became even brighter. Afterwards, it slowly went back to its original form. For a moment, Qing Shui as if there was something new in his core Qi.

Qing Shui immediately knew that this was the additional ten percent strength that the Diamond Demonic Boar had provided him with after its own strength had increased. From this, Qing Shui was able to roughly tell how much its strength had increased. Even though he felt that this amount of growth wasn't anything significant, it was still better than nothing. Furthermore, the amount by which his strength had increased was also quite considerable.

Even though Qing Shui had personally witnessed the Diamond Demonic Boar's strength increase by ten percent, he still had a feeling that its innate talent had yet to be awakened. Furthermore, it hadn't developed any innate skills.

Qing Shui took out another pill.

As soon as the Diamond Demonic Boar saw Qing Shui take out another Beast Pill, it howled in joy. It's voice sounded a bit sharp and loud.

The Diamond Demonic Boar quickly swallowed the Beast Pill, and crawled around on the floor like it was enjoying the feeling. It wasn't long before a revolving golden light emerged from its body, its body once again giving out a dazzling golden light.


A loud roar with a bit of a metallic-like screech was heard.

The Diamond Demonic Boar's body was covered in abundant golden light.

At that moment, Qing Shui once again felt as if something had increased inside of his Dantian, but he didn't know what it was.


It didn't take long for him to feed four of the Beast Pills to the Diamond Demonic Boar. It's strength might have increased by forty percent, yet there still wasn't any sign of its innate skills or talents awakening.

Luckily, Qing Shui didn't lose faith. This was because, when he'd first fed the Fire bird, the situation had been exactly the same. However, in the end, he'd still succeeded by simply using a large amount of Beast Pills. He wondered to himself if there were any other people that were as extravagant as him that still existed in the world. He also wondered if there would be anyone who would choose to do it this way.

’’This is the fifth pill. However, I don't know how many pills are needed to awaken the innate talent of a demonic beast as luxurious as the Diamond Demonic Bore. Since I've already used nearly a hundred pills on the Fire bird, this Diamond Demonic Boar shouldn't take any less.’’ Qing Shui knit his brows and thought bitterly.

When the golden light faded, Qing Shui temporarily dropped his bitter smile. So far, five Beast Pills had already been consumed by the Diamond Demonic Boar. Apart from looking tougher and its body getting slightly bigger, there weren't really any visible changes that occurred.

He looked at the hundreds of Beast Pills in his hand these were the Beast Pills that were superior to the previous ones by one grade. However, their effects still weren't significant enough. It might be that, aside from their basic features which improved strength by ten percent, its other aspects had been enhanced slightly.

’’Danger can never be overcome without taking risks. I'll just have to sacrifice these Beast Pills first. If it still doesn't awaken, then I'll just have to refine more. If it still fails, even after that, then I'll have no choice but to stop. Not all demonic beasts are capable of awakening their innate skills and talents.’’ As Qing Shui gazed at the Demonic Boar, a trace of hope flashed through his eyes.

’’I can go to that place!’’ Qing Shui's heart trembled. He thought about the place that he'd encountered by chance not to long ago. The spirit energy there was quite a bit denser, compared to normal places.

Qing Shui left of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, since it was also almost time for him to leave.

He rode on the Fire bird, and quickly flew in the direction of the Heavenly Palace.

Where he was going wasn't too far away from the Heavenly Palace Mountain. In fact, it was a valley. It wasn't really very big, but it's landscape was extremely confusing, with uneven mountains, disorderly arranged large stones, and woods.

If one only took a rough look at the place, they would find it really messy. However, if one were to look at it carefully, they would find that it contained a sort of natural, pleasing scenery. The landscape here was well-hidden, with a lot of demonic beasts in the surroundings. Legend had it that there was a demonic beast at the peak of the Martial King stage there as well.

This place was eight hundred kilometers away from the Heavenly Palace, and had the entire Heavenly Palace Mountain as its barrier. Furthermore, Qing Shui has heard that there was a Guardian Beast on the Heavenly Palace Mountain before. It was really powerful. Unfortunately, legend was that it could never leave Heavenly Palace Mountain. It had been protecting the Heavenly Palace for three thousand years.

Qing Shui didn't know how powerful this Guardian Beast was, nor did he have any idea what kind of Demonic Beast it was. However, he did know that it was at least a demonic beast that had reached the peak of the Martial King stage. Most importantly, it had already protected the Heavenly Palace for three thousand years. A demonic beast that was capable of protecting the Heavenly Palace had to at least a demonic beast of the Martial King stage. So, how much longer did this Demonic Beast have left?

'Five thousand years? Six thousand years? Maybe even longer?!'

Qing Shui drew a cold breath as he thought about it. He thought about the Guardian Beast of the Skysword Sect, the Sage Monkey, which was at the peak of the Xiantian stage. However, the stongest warrior of the Skysword Sect was currently only at the peak of the Eighth Xiantian stage.

Hence, the Guardian Beast of the Heavenly Palace had made it really unpredictable for Qing Shui. Even though age wasn't the standard way to measure the strength of a Demonic Beast, Qing Shui really wanted to make a guess that it was in fact a Martial Saint stage demonic Beast, he just felt that it shouldn't be one.

Eventually, Qing Shui concluded, by suspecting that it must be a very powerful demonic beast, that was at the peak of its Martial King stage.


It didn't take long for Qing Shui to arrive at the valley.

The moon in the sky shone both brightly and clearly, causing the entirety of the ground to be covered in a layer of silver sand. The night-time scenery was undeniably beautiful. Unfortunately, it was already late, midnight. Wherever you went, there was complete silence. From time to time, there would be the occasional noise made by bugs and rustling leaves, but it sounded unusually clear and lofty.

He slowly disembarked from the Fire bird.

Qing Shui took a deep breath as he felt the abundant spirit energy in his surroundings. Even compared to the spirit energy in Heavenly Palace Mountain, this was way more abundant. Unfortunately, the only limiting factor was that this place was a bit small.

Most importantly was that, within a ten metre radius of the place where Qing Shui was standing, was the spot where the spirit energy was the most abundant. In the past, Qing Shui had roughly looked through both the Eight Trigrams Book of Changes and the ancient Odd Evasion Door Cycle before. He hadn't investigated it in detail. At most, he had only taken it out to trick other people.

But now, Qing Shui had noticed by chance that this valley was the ’’Door to Life’’, one of the eight doors in the Odd Evasion Door Cycle, which namely consisted of the Door to Life, Door to Death, Door to Meditation, Door to Injury, Door to Restriction, Door to Scenery, Door to Fear, and Door to Departure.

Qing Shui only had superficial knowledge about the Odd Evasion Door Cycle, so little that some might not even deem it worthy of being regarded as 'superficial knowledge'. However, strangely enough, he managed to notice that this valley was coincidentally one of the natural eight trigrams seal.

Qing Shui didn't know why nothing had happened to him when he'd stepped into it. Could it be because he'd flown into it directly?

That was definitely wrong! Eventually, Qing Shui concluded that there were only two possibilities. It was either that the seal didn't get activated, or that the seal had been destroyed. Hence, it couldn't be activated.

In the past, Qing Shui used to look forward to learning about the Odd Evasion Door Cycle. He'd really hoped to be able to master something as mysterious as this. However, Qing Shui had never expected it to really exist.

The 'odd door' stood for the so-called eight doors. It was capable of trapping one's enemies and killing them within the eight doors. 'Evasion' meant being invisible. As for 'cycle', it was the part that Qing Shui felt the most reluctant to interact with. He only knew that it was an approximation. Sixty years meant one 'cycle'. At that time, Qing Shui also hadn't paid any attention to it. He only looked forward to the 'odd door' and the 'evasion'.

Summon the Diamond Demonic Boar!

Qing Shui's Diamond Demonic Boar intimately rubbed its big head against Qing Shui.

Qing Shui took out a Beast Pill, and fed it to the Diamond Demonic Boar.

After the golden light flashed for a while, Qing Shui noticed that its strength had stopped increasing. The Demonic Beast Boar however, had squinted its eyes as if it seemed to really enjoy the feeling when the golden light appeared.

He fed it another Beast Pill.

The golden light was still the only thing that emerged when he did.

He fed it yet another one.


In an instant, it had already swallowed twenty of them, but he'd yet to see anything happen to the Diamond Demonic Boar.

Twenty one...

Twenty two...

Qing Shui apathetically fed the Diamond Demonic Boar pill after pill while the Fire bird patrolled the sky.

Once again, when Qing Shui, like usual, fed the Diamond Demonic Beast Boar a Beast Pill, its body which was already emitting golden light suddenly emitted a bright light again.

It was actually a dazzlingly bright light. Qing Shui didn't know how many different colors it contained, but he felt that it consisted of at least a few tints. It was so eye catching that it made people squint their eyes. The Diamond Demonic Boar, on the other hand, was covered by the bright light, and turned more and more hazy.

’’Ang!’’ A heaven-shaking roaring sound rang out. Its voice sounded as if it wanted to dash all the way up to the highest part of heaven.

Qing Shui's expression changed dramatically. He quickly retreated backwards with an indescribable expression.

The current Qing Shui only felt the powerful rebellious roar penetrate deep into his soul. Even though the noise echoed across the sky, it was nothing compared to the arrogant aura it demonstrated. This was the completely comparable to a disdainful look. When Qing Shui felt the powerful aura affecting himself, he noticed that it had actually become quite gentle. He knew that it was the divine Marionette pellet taking effect.

The Fire bird in the sky, on the other hand, quickly went back into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. This caused Qing Shui to secretly praise the Fire bird's cleverness and speed.


The surrounding rocks and mountainside kept on giving out collapsing noises.


Far away in the Central Continent, an old man that was currently meditating in the night opened both of his eyes. The old sage was wearing a red frock, and his snow white eyebrows hung all the way down to his shoulder. His eyes gave out a shocking light as he looked towards the Green Cloud Continent.

’’Such a formidable Legendary Blood Beast has actually appeared!’’ The old monk said softly.


In a temple within the Eastern Victory divine Continent, was also an old man that was dressed normally. His gown, which looked really normal, was still unable to cover up his unusualness. His snow white hair was combed into a bun shape on top his head, and his snow white eyebrows similarly hung all the way down to his shoulders. His eyes opened, and seemed to be even brighter than the stars in the night sky. He looked far away, towards the Green Cloud Continent, and knit his brows.

’’In the future, there's going to be yet another Heaven and Earth Battle Beast!’’ The old sage said to himself. After he finished talking, he quickly closed both of his eyes.


The Northern Sacred Lu Continent

A two metres tall old man stood atop a mountain. His figure was really tall, and was sturdy to the point that it could make people feel stunned. On top of his spacious warrior's gown was a fierce flame lion. Both of his eyes looked like two ice-cold, sharpened swords as he gazed at the distant Green Cloud Continent, ’’When will our Lion King's Ridge ever get to tame a Heaven Rebelling Beast such as this?’’


The Southern Viewing Ministry Continent!

On top of the Southern Blue's Heavenly Star Palace was a woman wearing a brilliantly colored light muslin. A five-colored ray circulated around her. However, her long black hair was wantonly swept through the air. Her face was covered in a layer of faint mist, preventing people from seeing what exactly she looked like. However, that trace of hazy outline that could be seen made people feel as if she could be best described with a single word.


At this moment, she was floating in mid-air, gazing at the distant Green Cloud Continent.


This was a mansion, an extravagant mansion. A mansion that took up as much as ten kilometres of space in the most golden location of Heavenly River City. You wouldn't be able to find another mansion such as this in the Heavenly River City.

’’Grandpa, the energy that skyrocketed just now must have originated from the Green Cloud Continent, right?’’ A teenager that looked like he was in his 20's said to an old man wearing traditional garb.

The young man had expensive Golden Silk Cloth clothing all across his body. The outline on his face looked as if it was something that had been sculpted. He looked both handsome and masculine. His eyes looked gentle, but at the same time, didn't seem to lack in aggressiveness. His two sharp and thick eyebrows added three additional points to his appearance.

Even though the old man looked quite old, he felt more like a normal old man. He had a pair of kind eyebrows, and a pair of pleasant eyes. His white eyebrows hung down by about an inch, and both of his blue-green eyes seemed to hold evidence of him living for an extremely long time.

’’Hehe, good Hao Er, you were actually able to sense this energy. Not bad. Can you sense what kind of energy it is?’’ The old man smiled as he spoke.

The teenager smiled bitterly as he shook his head, ’’I can't. I can only faintly sense an energy fluctuation, which seems to be coming from far away from the Green Cloud Continent. That's why I was able to determine that the aura was really powerful.’’

’’This is a kind of rebellious aura that seems to be challenging the heaven. Else, it wouldn't have been transmitted this far! Unfortunately, it's still lacking a bit of fire power.’’


The grand ancestors of the Heavenly Palace abruptly opened of their eyes. After that, they also closed their now-bright eyes very quickly. Their face went back to their usual calm look very quickly, but not before a shocked expression flashed across their face.

Within one thousand kilometres, a lot of Demonic Beasts were extremely scared by the heaven-shaking roar, to the point that they started whimpering on the ground. Under this quiet night sky, a lot of people were suddenly frightened and woke up. All of them looked in the direction of where the roar came from in shock.


Qing Shui anxiously looked around him. He kept on operating his spiritual sense in order to feel his surroundings. There were constant noises of both demonic and wild beasts escaping coming from his surroundings.

He then looked at the Diamond Demonic Boar that was currently surrounded by an enormous bright light. What Qing Shui was concerned about was that this would provoke powerful demonic beasts, and also a few hermit sages.

Qing Shui wasn't foolish. Now that he knew about the unusualness of the Diamond Demonic Boar, he didn't want to reveal all of his strength at such an early stage.

That's why he anxiously looked around, and paced back and forth restlessly.


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