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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 457


AST 457 - Yang Revitalising Grass, Great Revitalizing Pellet, Long Sword Tower's Tan Clan

At this moment, the doors to the pavilion opened and a few people came out in succession. Out of the few of them, Qing Shui recognized some;standing in the middle, looking as pale as ever, was Jin Changzheng;there was also that scholarly looking middle-aged man and that aging but attractive woman;and aside from them, there were two girls, who Qing Shui could at a glance identify as Jin Changzheng's sisters.

Qing Shui was somewhat convinced they were his younger sisters, at least, as Jin Changzheng was already past his thirties. The two of them may seem to be younger, but appearances could be deceiving, so it was mostly based on Qing Shui's feeling.

These two girls had a mature build to their bodies, especially considering their ample bosoms and perky butts, and the curves on their bodies were just right. Despite all these, there was still a gentle contour to their bodies.

They were both dressed in golden silk clothing, which added to their radiance. They smiled at Qing Shui, revealing pearly white teeths and bright eyes. Most importantly was that they were a pair of tender and beautiful sisters.

’’All these should be Jin Changzheng's relatives, so this is a family banquet. That's great, I like it!’’ Qing Shui said as he smiled, calmly and collectedly, and looked at those who walked over.

’’Come come, Let me introduce them to you!’’ Jin Shang hurriedly said to Qing Shui.

’’This is my son Jin Yuanlong, whom you have met;this is Changzheng's mother;and these two are my granddaughters, the older is Jin Guyan and the younger is Jin Guyao.’’

Qing Shui hurriedly sent his regards to them!

’’Qing Shui, I am older than you. You should call me big sister!’’ Jin Guyao said to Qing Shui as she gently smiled at him.

’’Yao`er, don't be impolite!’’ Jin Shang hurriedly reprimanded.

’’Elder Jin, it's fine. They are indeed older than me, so calling them big sisters is natural. There is no need to be reserved, otherwise I will feel uncomfortable.’’ Qing Shui said as he stopped Jin Shang.

’’Hrm! Grandfather does not love Yao`er.’’ The younger sister said, pouting her lips.

’’Alright alright, don't be like this! I love you the most! Even your brother and sister say that I am partial to you, so how can you say I don't love you!’’

’’I know grandfather won't admonish me, you're the best!’’ Jin Guyao said as she went overboard and hugged one of Jin Shang's arms. However, her eyes were focused on Qing Shui.

Qing Shui smiled as he observed the pair of grandfather and granddaughter. He felt that Jin Shang must be feeling very blessed, to be able to have his grandchildren pandering to him at his age;there was probably nothing else that could make him happier. At such an old age, he could have whatever he wanted. Material objects had lost their meaning to him, which was exactly how the Old Ancestor treasured his kins, what more Jin Shang.

With the passing of time, the violence, hot bloodedness, passion, lust, possession, beauty, etc... after a certain age is reached, all these becomes meaningless. Only kinship will be hard to give up. No matter who, humans are creatures with emotions;we were all raised by our parents, and the human heart was not made of stone.

When Qing Shui saw that doting look on Jing Shang's face, he understood that, although he admonished her, he was not stern. He could not help it as he had to keep up an image for Qing Shui.

When the others saw that Qing Shui was easy-going, they were elated, and even that attractive mature woman revealed a faint trace of a smile.

’’I'm sorry for that day. I was too impulsive and misunderstood mister.’’ The lady seriously said to Qing Shui.

’’Aunty, just call me Qing Shui, and don't worry about that matter. In fact, it made me happy to see you do that as his mother, which proves you care and worry for him. You were not in the wrong;having a mother like you is his good fortune.’’ Qing Shui sincerely said.

’’Younger brother, it looks you are a very filial son to your mother.’’ Jin Guyao said.

Qing Shui, now speechless, truly wanted to cover her mouth up. The term little brother could mean so many things, but he could not even figure out which was it.

’’Come, Come, let's all go in!’’

At this moment, Jin Shang hurriedly ushered Qing Shui in!

Since this was their first time meeting, the conversation between Qing Shui and the Jin Clan was very superficial. However, they had a congenial conversation, and Qing Shui could sense the Jin Clan's willingness to befriend him, which was in line with his plans.

After all, Qing Shui could not forget what the Old Ancestor had told him. Furthermore, now that his strength had grown explosively, he felt that the Old Ancestor's position might truly end up being his.

’’Brother Qing Shui, let me offer you a toast. This life of mine was rescued by you, not to mention the small stuff, so as long as it is not some immoral request, I am yours to command;even if you want my life, it is yours.’’ Jin Changzheng stood up and said to Qing Shui resolutely.

Qing Shui hurriedly got up and faced this handsome and unyielding man, saying: ’’Brother Jin is too polite, come, let us drink;after this cup of wine, we shall be brothers.’’

Jin Changzheng was startled and immediately happily replied: ’’ Good! Good! We are now brothers!’’

After saying that, he emptied his cup!

Qing Shui did the same!

Although they were brothers in name, the Jin clan was here and they did not perform any formal rites. However, their bond was definitely stronger than those who simply called each other brothers, so Qing Shui was sure that this brotherhood is a firm one.

Everyone was happy except Jin Guyau, who was pouting. However, no one noticed her.

In this big drinking party, the atmosphere was quite congenial. However, it was time for Qing Shui to go, so he got up and faced Jin Shang to bid them farewell.

Jin Shang repeatedly tried to convince Qing Shui to stay, but Qing Shui was determined to go back. Thus, after a few attempts, he got ready to send Qing Shui back.

’’Old man Jin, you don't have to send me back with the Golden Eagle. I have my own flying beast, so why don't you have an early rest?’’ Qing Shui smiled and said, releasing the Fire Bird meanwhile.

Since that day, everyone knew that Qing Shui had two mutated beasts, and furthermore, one of them was a mutated Red Luan!

Qing Shui waved his hands to send him off and stepped onto the Fire Bird, but then heard Jin Guyao's voice!

’’Can I come and find you in the future?!’’

Qing Shui looked at those eyes full of hope and nodded: ’’of course you can!’’

After waving goodbye to everyone again, the Fire Bird flapped its wings and disappeared from sight, leaving behind Jin Guyao, who had a complex look in her eyes.

Jin Shang looked at his granddaughter. He knew that when she beheld the sight of Qing Shui defeating nine of Sword tower's disciples at the arena, she had developed some feelings for him. He could not help but sigh and kept quiet, because he knew that they had no chance of being together.


When Qing Shui got back to Cang Wuya's place, it was already noon. Without realising it, he had spent 3 hours at the Jin Clan. In the interim, the two girls had already returned to the Misty Hall, leaving only Mingyue Gelou.

Since he did not have any appetite for lunch, Qing Shui just sat in a recliner outside. It was rare for it to be this quiet. With his increased strength and Mingyue Gelou's return, Qing Shui could feel the pressure in his heart alleviated by quite a bit.

Although Sword Tower had to be destroyed, it required a long-term plan. The issue between the Yan Clan and Qing Shui was now resolved, and the burden that Qing Shui had carried for twenty years was now solved, which resulted in him feeling much more relaxed.

Turns out that sword tower was not as difficult as he imaged to destroy. As a result of the conversation with the Old Ancestor, he knew that Sword Tower had a person of the same level as the Old Ancestor. For him to surpass them would take some time.

Furthermore, there was the Lion King's Ridge of the Northern Sacred Lu Continent, as there were rumors of the existence of Martial Saint Practitioners out there, but he decided that he had to bring Yiye Jiange to the Lion King's Ridge and ask for justice.

Qing Shui did not feel that he was reckless or brainless, or even doing it just to please a beauty;among the women around Qing Shui, she was the one whom he did not have any wicked thoughts of. Since he called her master, the help she had provided was worth the effort.

A gentleman is aware of his abilities and knows when to restrain himself. Qing Shui did not think that he was reckless, although the Lion King's Ridge was strong without equal, but Qing Shui felt that it wouldn't be impossible with time - it was not as though he intended to go right away.


Sword Tower!

In a mansion not far from Long Sword Tower of the Nine Towers of Sword Tower!

This was the residence of the Tan Clan, Long Sword Tower was also the Tower belonging to the Tan Clan. Within Sword Tower, Long Sword Tower was an existence that could not be ignored.

The Tan Clan was the ruler of the Long Sword Tower!

’’Brother Tan, the young master has been thoroughly crippled. I have already done my best.....but all I managed to do is allow him to care of himself.

’’Haiz... thank you, brother rui. Oh my god, this is the lifeline of my Tan Clan!’’ The old man appear to have aged a few decades.

After Tan Yang appeared, they had considered grooming his genius as most prevalent to the future of the Sword Tower, causing his status to exceed even the existence of the Elder's Association.

The Tan Clan had the most elders within Sword Tower, they did not lack talent, but what they lacked was a super genius.

Tan Yang's progressive cultivation improvements lead the Tan Clan to see hope, to the point they had a plan for the Sword Tower to fall under the Tan Clan's control after a few decades;at that moment, the Tan Clan would be the Greencloud Continent's number one clan.

Then when Tan Yang ditched Mingyue Gelou for the Hai Clan's young mistress, the Tan Clan members were happy, because if he could marry a woman from the Hai Clan, the Tan clan would be like a tiger that had grown wings within the Sword Tower. In the crossfire of this, Mingyue Gelou and her daughter did not matter.

Only, they could not have imagine that someone like Qing Shui existed. They originally thought the arrogant, favored genius of the Heavenly Palace was much weaker than their own after all, there was a huge gap between the 7th level and 10th level of Martial King .

Now, they knew who was the weaker one!

Thus, the Tan Clan had fallen. Originally, they could compete with the Giant Sword Tower, but now the gap between the Tan clan and the Xing Clan would get further and further. In a few decades, they would be surpassed.

Tan Yang was covered with a thin blanket, resting on a pillow placed behind him. His eyes stared blankly in front, or perhaps he was in a daze, and his thin, pallid face had regressed to such a state in merely the span of a day.

The number of people who could accept such a situation was few, going from hero to zero, a cripple who could not even compare to an ordinary person just who could accept that?

At this moment, his heart had already caved in, and if he could even continue to live on after such a setback, he would be considered a vegetable!

’’Yang'er, don't worry, grandfather will find someone to heal you.’’ The old man frowned as he came in.

’’Grandfather, no need to look for anymore doctors;I have disappointed you.’’ he said in an apathetic voice that was clearly completely disheartened.

Although the old man did not sense anything, just from his voice, he knew that Tan Yang had thoughts of death. His heart felt an intense pain;Tan Yang's father was his eighth son, but he died early, so Tan Yang was raised by himself. Out of his sixty odd grandchildren, the one he loved the most was Tan Yang, and he also did the most for him.

’’Silly boy, don't do any silly things. A real man must be able to let go. Your situation is not hopeless yet.’’ The old man sternly said as he sat by the bedside.

’’Grandfather, you don't have to console me anymore. I understand my condition clearly. It is already a miracle for me to keep my life.’’ Tan Yang said as he smiled bitterly.

His smile may have been bitter, but he seemed to have matured a lot at the same time!

’’Have you heard of this Herb called Yang Revitalizing Grass, and the Medicinal Pill called the Great Revitalizing Pellet?’’ The old man said as he held Tan Yang's arm, helping him stand up.

’’Yang Revitalizing Grass? Nope, but I have heard of the Great Revitalizing Pellet.’’ Tan Yang knitted his brow and said.

’’The Yang Revitalising Grass is one of the World of the Nine Continents' most miraculous herbs. It can revive the dead, heal all diseases and injuries, increase your lifespan by 100 years, and furthermore, it can double your strength. The Great Revitalizing Pellet can be refined by a Alchemist, so even if you only have a breath left, it does not matter if your meridian is broken or your dantian is shattered, this can restore you to your initial state.’’ The old man said in a hurried manner.

’’Grandfather, how can it be so easy to obtain this kind of heavenly treasure?’’ Although the old man's words gave him some hope, he knew these things were not easy to come by.

’’It is said that the Yang Revitalizing Grass can be found in the Phoenix Paradise. That stuff is difficult to get, so you can't buy it even if you want to, and no one is silly enough to sell it for money. However, there is hope for the Great Revitalizing Pellet.’’ The old man said while looking at Tan Yang.

’’Grandfather, if I am not wrong, even the Greencloud Continent's Medicine King Aristocrat Clan and Academy of Demon Refinery are not able to refine a Medicinal Pill like the Great Revitalizing Pellet.’’ Tan Yang had a pretty good understanding of the Greencloud Continent;thus, if the old man wanted to lie to him, it was not easy.

’’The Medicine King Aristocrat Clan and Academy of Demon Refinery might not have it - after all, it needs many precious herbs - however, many of the aristocratic and alchemist sects from the other continents are able to. The Medicinal Pill from the Central continent should be sufficient. Furthermore, don't look down on our Greencloud Continent;what you see is not our true strength, it is merely the tip of the iceberg, so remember to not look down on any country or even a city.’’ The old man said in an indifferent voice.


’’The reason I tell you all this is to tell you that there is no unsurpassable threshold. A man shouldn't so simply go seek death. To overcome the hurdles in life, you must rely on yourself - only by living can you find hope..’’

’’En, thank you, Grandfather!’’ A gleam of determination appeared in Tan Yang's eyes.

’’Recuperate your wounds properly and leave the matter of the Medicinal Pill to me. However, it may take a few years.’’ The old man could now breathe more easily.

’’Thank you, Grandfather. Don't worry, before knocking down Qing Shui, I will not go and seek my death.’’

’’Now this is a good man from my Tan Clan......’’


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