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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 453


AST 453 - The Old Ancestor's Present, Flame Phoenix Pellet, Golden Carp Pellet

’’Ha ha ha!’’

The Old Ancestor suddenly laughed, causing his snow-white hair to bounce slightly. Even though he did not any of his strength leak out, he had the semblance of an insurmountable mountain.

’’You have just reached the peak as a Martial King. In the future, you will realise that the further you go the harder it is to grow. However, you can obtain better opportunities, as, for instance, a divine weapon would raise your abilities significantly. Being able to use weapons, armour or pills can count as your strength, as long as you can use them to display an overwhelming strength. Since you are here, let me give you something.’’

Qing Shui was at a loss for words. However, the Old Ancestor just got up and started moving towards the stone house.

Qing Shui felt excited at this moment: ’’At his age, the Old ancestor's life span must be coming to an end, and furthermore, he's probably intending for me to inherit the Heavenly Palace, so the stuff that he is giving will probably not be too bad.’’

Qing Shui could not help but let his imagination run wild.

In a blink of an eye, the Old ancestor came walking out with a Interspatial Silk Sachet in his hand. This Interspatial Silk Sachet could not be any more ordinary.

From the inside, he took out an old and ordinary yellowed parchment. This parchment lead Qing Shui to think of a historical relic dug out in a grave robbing session. However, the fluctuations of spiritual energy it gave off caused Qing Shui to be shocked.

When the Old Ancestor noticed that Qing Shui was not surprised at the sight of the Interspatial Silk Sachet, even when he took out that parchment that was larger than it, he knew that Qing Shui had either seen one before or was in possession of one. Instead, the old parchment was the only thing to strike his fancy.

Qing Shui did not know if anyone else could feel the spiritual energy emitted by the parchment, but he could feel it. If it was a precious item of special value, Qing Shui could feel the spiritual energy from it.

When Qing Shui looked at the yellowed surface of the parchment, it had two words on it!

Heavenly Dan!

Even after Qing Shui saw the two words, he still did not understand what it was. At first, he guessed that it was some kind of powerful pellet, but it felt like it was not.

’’Qing Shui, this Heavenly Dan is a type of cultivating art. I managed to obtain this by accident, but sadly it is not suitable for me to cultivate. I give this to you, but as to whether you can successfully cultivate it is dependent on yourself.’’

The Old Ancestor placed the Heavenly Dan book on a stone and then took out a tri-colored embroidered box. Despite its small size, it was abnormally exquisite, and the flowing tri-colored light on its surface was especially beautiful.

’’What in the world would require a tri-colored box to contain it?’’ Qing Shui was especially amazed, guessing that the object inside was far from ordinary.

’’This is the Flame Phoenix Pellet. It will increase your strength by fifty percent after consuming it!’’

’’50%? And furthermore it is based on the current strength one has?’’ Qing Shui was astonished. Even the Small Revitalizing Pellet and Beauty Pellet only increased one's strength by 10% and 20% respectively.

Qing Shui finally understood why there could be such a gap amongst peak Martial Kings, making medicinal pellets mandatory at such a level. When Qing Shui thought about medicinal pellets, he felt full of confidence, for his talent in martial arts was actually weaker than his skill in concocting pellets

And that coupled with the Ancient Art of Forging and the very promising Big Dipper Sword!

Qing Shui thought about the strength of 10 countries needed. As long as he could achieve that level of strength, he would naturally advance into the Martial Saint level. Qing Shui started to feel restless in his heart.

’’Old ancestor, is the any difference between those who touched the saint threshold and the ones who trained to the level of having the strength of 10 countries?

The Old ancestor, who just placed down the tri-colored box, was stunned, and then he laughed and replied: ’’the difference is big, because those who advanced as a result of touching the Saint threshold required some special attribute fruit. The strength obtained after advancing is coincidentally the strength of 10 countries. However, for those who advanced by accumulating the strength of 10 countries, no one knows, but rumors state that they have at least the strength of 20 countries.’’

’’The strength of 20 countries? And furthermore it is at the minimum? Doesn't this means those who advanced that way can sweep away those who advanced by means of the special attribute fruits?’’ Qing Shui knew about these special attribute fruits through Lin Zhanhan.

’’haha, its normal. If one can advance to the Martial Saint stage by gaining the strength of 10 countries, it would not be surprising, but for such people, even considering the long history of the World of the Nine Continents, you can only find a few.

The Old Ancestor once again reached into the Interspatial Silk Satchel and took out a pair of violet-colored long swords. Qing Shui saw that the swords appeared to be 1 meter in length, emitting violet light and a strong fluctuation of spiritual energy.

’’Another great object!’’ Qing Shui stared in amazement.

’’This is a pair of Violet Cloud Swords. Even though it is a pair of twin swords, you can use them separately!’’ The Old Ancestor chuckled and kept the swords without explaining further.

’’On the inside, there are still some small objects;take a look for yourself, they all have a description. Use what you can for yourself and give what you can't to those important to you.’’ The Old Ancestor then stowed the twin swords, Flame Phoenix Pellet and the parchment back into the Interspatial Silk Satchel.

’’It's too precious......’’

’’Don't reject it, just keep it. In the future, the Heavenly Palace will have to rely on you, but you can't do it without strength.’’ Although the Old Ancestor said it gently, it was very difficult to reject him.

’’Thank you Old Ancestor!’’ Qing Shui said sincerely.

’’That's the spirit. Come, let's go outside and have a spar.’’ The Old Ancestor said as he handed the Interspatial Silk Satchel to Qing Shui.

’’A spar?’’ Qing Shui looked at the Old Ancestor in surprise. If he hadn't just heard the Old Ancestor's statement clearly, he would have thought he was hearing things.

’’En, come, it will be beneficial to you!’’ the Old Ancestor said as he laughed lightly.

’’En!’’ Qing Shuo now realized that the Old Ancestor wanted to give him some pointers! Happily, he hurried after the Old Ancestor.

’’Let's do it here. Do not use any of your strength, as though you are a ordinary person. Pay attention to the concept and feeling, not your moves.’’

After he got into position, the Old Ancestor slowly said.

Qing Shui answered while smiling, expecting such a stipulation beforehand to not lay waste to the stone hall!

’’Come!’’ The Old Ancestor said, but he did not change his position.

Qing Shui nodded his head and adjusted his mentality. Qing Shui's best unarmed skill was the Taichi Fist. Although he had the Back Connecting Fist, he felt it hadn't been cultivated adequately yet.

Qing Shui rushed towards the Old Ancestor swiftly, and at the same time he stretch his hand out to hit the Old Ancestor!

Taichi Cloudhand!

This move was the most agile amongst all the forms of the Taichi Fist, with the strongest concept of exerting great force with small strength, which had been practiced to the 'One with Heaven' level.

The Old ancestor looked on as Qing Shui made his move. Seeing the profoundness of his move, a smile appeared on his face. Without retreating, he formed a claw with his five fingers and targeted his wrist, attempting to grab it. Not only was it similarly profound, it even seem to have the power to suppress the heavens and earth. Although there was no Xiantian Qi involved, Qing Shui could still feel a pressure pressing down on his body.

’’What realm of mastery is this?’’ Although Qing Shui did not know if the Old Ancestor had entered into the Providence Realm, he could tell that it was higher than his own. However, Qing Shui felt that it still belonged to the One with Heaven Realm, albeit higher than his own One with Heaven Realm.

Qing Shui rapidly withdrew his hand, took a step back, and then quickly executed a Taichi Single Whip!


From the air came a loud resounding explosion sound! At this realm of mastery, even if an ordinary person's level of strength was used, it would still look very imposing.


Qing Shui's hand finally made contact with the Old Ancestor. Immediately, he had to retreat 3 steps before he could stop. At this moment, Qing Shui knew that he was still weaker in some aspects.

At first, Qing Shui felt that the level of strength used by the Old Ancestor could only be weaker than his. However, it could cause him to retreat, but Qing Shui felt that the usage of strength that the Old Ancestor displayed was very simple.

It was only the the strength used by the Old Ancestor was precise without equal, and even his movements seemed precise, as though it was all calculated, using the least amount of strength and movement to make the most effective and formidable move.

Qing Shui felt that the timing and location of the Old Ancestor's move was very wonderful. Just like the crowbar, the same principles applied;the move was made when he was at his weakest. The key factor was that the moment when he was at his weakest was the instant proceeding the moment he was at his strongest. However, that interval was also precisely the moment the Old Ancestor was at his strongest.

’’This is the realm of true strength, a kind of formless realm!’’ Qing Shui now knew how inadequate he was, and even though he was already in the Minute Subtlety realm, the feeling differed too much.

There was no end to learning.


Once more on the upper body!

Half Step Hammer Explosion Technique!



Although Qing Shui had to retreat 3 steps again, the Old Ancestor's face displayed astonishment and appeared pleasantly surprised, nodding his head every now and then.


As a result of all the Light Stones in the ceiling of the stone hall, there was no difference between day and night, Qing Shui had no idea what time it was or even what colour the sky was outside.

’’Let's stop here today. I won't keep you any longer. If you don't go back today, Wuji will probably come pounding on my stone door.’’ The Old Ancestor stated while laughing.

’’Thank you, Old Ancestor!’’ Qing Shui sincerely thanked him once again before getting up to leave.

He went back the same way he came in. The stone door was opened once again, and Qing Shui saw that the blue sky outside had already turned dark. He watched the stone door slowly shut behind him before turning around and leaving.

The night wind blew, and the bugs were crying continuously in the surroundings. However, it was quieter than usual, and Qing Shui quickly walked back on the path from where he came. Right now, the first lanterns were being lit, and it was about time for dinner. [1]

When Qing Shui made it to Cang Wuya's dwelling, he found that little Yuchang had already fallen asleep in Mingyue Gelou's embrace. With a face reminiscent of a red apple, she was quiet and in deep sleep, a faint trace of a smile playing at her lips.

After greeting everybody, Qing Shui noticed that there was a long couch at the side. Seeing that there was no one sitting on it, he picked up the young lass and placed her on the couch. He then took a blanket and covered and tucked her in. Fortunately, it was no longer as cold.

’’What did the Old Ancestor want with you?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li asked as she looked at Qing Shui with a faint smile.

’’He wanted to give me some stuff!’’ Qing Shui chuckled.

’’Come on! We are not after your stuff. You don't have to be so secretive about it.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li charmingly threw her gaze at the now pale-looking Qing Shui. Huoyun Liu-Li's appearance had left Qing Shui speechless.

’’I am not that petty. There is some stuff in there that I want to give to you all, so I'll pass them to you after we eat.’’ Qing Shui said as he used his forefingers to pinch Huoyun Liu-Li exquisite nose.

’’You are doing it again! You are not to pinch my nose - it is almost flat already!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li panted in rage as she removed Qing Shui's hand.

’’It is not flat. It's still very erect and straight!’’ Qing Shui said as he stretched out his hand. However, Huoyun Liu-Li evaded him.

Mingyue Gelou was feeling very reserved in a new environment, so it was a good thing that no one treated her like an outsider. Furthermore, Cang Wuya was very kind and amiable, thus, as the days slowly passed, she started to get used to it.

What caused Qing Shui to be the most surprised was that Mingyue Gelou and the other 2 girls all addressed Cang Wuya as Oldfather. Qing shui was very happy about this, as it meant that Mingyue Gelou did not feel like she was an outsider. This was good.

Qing Shui smiled towards Huoyun Liu-Li with a grateful look. However, she only rolled her eyes at him and appeared slightly exasperated.


After dinner!

’’Right! The stuff the Old Ancestor has prepared for you. I'll pass it out tomorrow. Gelou, why don't you carry Yuchang upstairs to sleep!’’ Qing Shui spoke in tandem to Huoyun Liu-Li and Mingue Gelou.

After that, Qing Shui said his goodnights before heading up. He intended to stay here tonight, as a means for Mingyue Gelou to get used to this place.

’’Hrm. Why are you running away? We are staying here tonight too. I'll look for you later.’’ Huoyun Liu-li shouted to Qing Shui.

However, Qing Shui already went upstairs. It was time to enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Once he entered the room, he left a sign outside on which was written, ’’Dear Miss Liu-Li: Currently cultivating. Please do not disturb, or else I might end up in a state of Qi deviation.’’ He shut the door and locked it shortly after.

Qing Shui then entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

He took out the Interspatial Silk Sachet and started taking out the items inside: the Heavenly Dan, the pair of Violet Cloud Swords, and the Flame Phoenix Pellet.

When Qing Shui saw the Flame Phoenix Pellet, he got excited again and was planning to use it at a later time. He then placed these items aside and started to inspect the other contents. He realized that there was a great number of items in the sachet. However, they were mostly some small trinkets.

There were 3 pairs of Violet Earrings of astonishing workmanship, glittering with a mesmerizing gleam. Not only that, they even gave off a faint wave of spiritual energy, causing Qing Shui to glance towards them.

Violet Earrings were made from precious amethyst and had a wondrous ability that increases one's strength by 1%. This was the information Qing Shui gleaned when he used his Heavenly Vision Technique.

Qing Shui laughed. Although 1% was not much, it was made of precious materials, and it was worth at least a city merely based on its elegant appearance.

Qing Shui recalled the Old Ancestor had said that there were some some items in there that he could give to those precious to him. Did he mean these?

Qing Shui continued to look through the items and fished out a small bottle on which was written Golden Carp Pellet. Other than these words, there was nothing else on the bottle. Qing Shui knew there had to be a description since the Old Ancestor had mentioned it earlier.

Qing Shui popped open its cork and caught whiff of a piscine fragrance. It was subtle but fragrant. There were 10 pills that were golden yellow in colour, each about the size of a soybean. However, Qing Shui found neither a description nor any instructions.[2]

Qing Shui later found an Alchemy Recipe that he recognized. It was the Threefold Spirit Concentrating Pill!

Qing Shui was beside himself with joy, as the additional fold could increase the duration of the pill's effects. He perused the recipe and found that it was not that much different from the Twofold Spirit Concentrating Pill, with the main ingredient being different as the only exception. The supporting ingredients saw no change apart from the age requirement increasing by a grade.

Qing Shui had no desire to cultivate the Sixfold Spirit Concentrating Pill, or even higher, as it required high amounts of abilities and rare herbs. Hence, the Threefold Spirit Concentrating Pill was very suitable at the moment because he did not have to pay too great a price to produce it.

’’Oh! Found it!’’ Qing Shui held up a piece of beast skin that was silver in color with red words on it.

Golden Carp Pellet Effects: Every Golden Carp Pellet can increase the user's progression in their martial technique and cultivation art by 1%


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