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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 452


AST 452 - The Old Ancestor's past, Gateway to Martial Saint, The strength of 10 countries

’’Those were very blissful times for me. I realized that being married was as enjoyable as my previous lifestyle. I experienced what it was like to have someone pining for me and to worry for someone. It didn't take long before my wife was pregnant. We had much hopes for our child. As the saying goes, ’’Good things are worth the wait’’.

As he said this, the Old Ancestor finished drinking his tea. Qing Shui immediately poured another cup for him.

’’There was an unfortunate mishap during his birth. We could only keep the mother or the child. In the end, my wife died and my son survived. I did not hate my son for that. Instead, I gave him all my love and never remarried. I brought him up myself. But as he grew up, he picked up more vices. It was useless to lecture him, but I could not bear to discipline him. ’’

The Old Ancestor regretted not being able to raise his son up well. But above all, he missed his son.

’’As an adult, he was out of control. Despite not putting effort in cultivation, he was blessed with talent, so he was somewhat capable. However, he was too much of a womanizer, and this caused us a lot of troubles. On my account, most of these troubles were forgiven. I arranged a marriage for him in hopes of curbing his tendencies. Yet, it wasn't long after his marriage that he reverted to his old ways.’’

Qing Shui did not prompt the Old Ancestor, knowing that he would continue with his story, and instead he just quietly listen and refilled the Old Ancestor's cup.

’’My grandson was born and everyone was very happy. I thought that my son would settle down. At first, he did change for the better. He really loved his newborn son.

However, when the child was one year old, turned back into the wastrel that he was. He took any woman that he wanted.’’

’’After four years, he provoked a woman that he should have never offended. The other party forced me to choose between killing my own son or the fate of the entire Heavenly Palace.

I had no choice but to kill my one and only son. Out of grief, my daughter-in-law committed suicide on the spot. This was witnessed by Wuji, who was only 4 years old. The incident was etched into his memory. This is the reason why he hates me and chooses not to settle down.’’ The Old Ancestor sighed deeply.

Qing Shui was shocked to discover that the Old Ancestor was actually Senior Uncle Fei's grandfather. He could sense that this weighed heavily on the old man.

The Old Ancestor did not reveal which clan the woman belonged to. Qing Shui only knew that the clan must be incredibly powerful. Only such a powerful clan could threaten to eliminate the entire Heavenly Palace. By forcing the Old Ancestor to kill his own son, they demonstrated their strength and dominance to everyone else.

Qing Shui did not ask the Old Ancestor which clan it was. He knew that the Old Ancestor would have already told him if he intended to do so from the beginning.

’’Old Ancestor, let bygones be bygones. After all, not everything is within our control.’’ Qing Shui consoled. He laughed at himself as he said that;it was slightly ridiculous for him to say such a thing to the Old Ancestor.

’’Haha. I feel much better after I got this off my chest. You're right. I should have just accept. Let's not talk about these unpleasant events.’’ The Old Ancestor laughed.

This was the first time Qing Shui saw the Old Ancestor laughing. He looked very benevolent and still gave off that indescribable feeling.

’’Can I ask why you asked to meet me today?’’ QIng Shui smiled. He found that being with the Old Ancestor was not as stressful as he expected previously. Perhaps, he did not even feel stressful at all. He felt that the Old Ancestor was just a kind old man.

’’Actually, it is nothing much. I just wanted to see you.’’ The Old Ancestor chuckled.

Qing Shui was a little dazed. He did not believe the Old Ancestor, but he smiled. ’’You must be joking.’’

’’Qing Shui, of all the people that I have seen, you have the highest potential. An old fart like me can still live for some time. Would you be interested in my position?’’ The Old Ancestor offered.

Qing Shui was at a loss for word. The Old Ancestor's position? That is the highest post in Heavenly Palace! What rights did he have to take the position? Furthermore, the higher you go, the more responsibilities you'll get;even the Old Ancestor was forced to kill his own son...

Qing Shui smiled wryly and shook his head, ’’You overestimate me.’’

’’Overestimate you? No. I might not have long to live, but I still trust my foresight. I can see your perseverance, capabilities and aggressiveness behind the facade. Will you be satisfied if you are under someone else? You have your own views, and above all, you have a flame within you. It is a flame that represents your tolerance and willpower;it is a flame that represents your drive towards your goal;and most importantly, you are clear-headed.’’ The Old Ancestor acknowledged Qing Shui with a smile.

Qing Shui looked at the Old Ancestor blankly.

’’Do you think I am some kind of old demon?’’

Qing Shui immediately denied this in an awkward manner. There was no way he could admit this! Anyway, that thought only flashed in his mind for a second!

’’It is alright. There is still time. I am not requesting you to accept this immediately, but I think that you will accept my offer in the future.’’ The Old Ancestor smiled warmly.

Qing Shui was shocked. He did not doubt the Old Ancestor's remark. He wondered if he would really take over Heavenly Palace in the future and whether he had the capability to do so.

Qing Shui stared at the old man with a startled expression. He really could not sense any strength from the old man.

’’Old Ancestor, have you already reached the Martial Saint level?’’ Qing Shui could not resist asking this unfathomable man.

’’I knew you would ask this question. I will tell you about the variances between Peak Grade Martial Kings.’’ The Old Ancestor took a sip of tea.

’’I am all ears!’’

’’Qing Shui, you are considered a very strong Peak Grade Martial King. You should know that the strength of a Peak Grade Martial King is equivalent to a country. But the variances in strength between different Peak Grade Martial Kings can be very wide. Take for example, let's compare a person who has been at Peak Grade Martial King stage for 3 centuries to one who has been at that level for a century. There will be a huge gap between them. The accumulation of 2 centuries of experience and other various reasons such as the level of their techniques, their effectiveness, their efficiency, their speed, their armors, weapons, medicines and much more..’’

Qing Shui silently poured another cup of tea for the Old Ancestor.

’’Strength and speed are important, but you must not neglect your techniques. Let's compare two people with the same strength. If one of them is able to reduce his opponent's strength and speed, this will turn the battle to his favor. Yet, some people may even have medicines, cards, talisman and all sort of paraphernalia that can temporarily boost their capabilities. So sometimes, it makes more sense to observe a person's total offence than his actual strength - that is, who he can defeat. For example, you now have the strength of one country, but if you are able to defeat multiple opponents who have the strength of two countries, you are a Two Countries Peak Grade Martial King.’’ The Old Ancestor explained serenely, not rushing his words.

Qing Shui totally agreed with the Old Ancestor. One's strength was indeed determined by what one can truly demonstrate during a battle.

’’Old Ancestor, is it really that hard to breakthrough to the Martial Saint level?’’ Qing Shui gazed at the Old Ancestor who seemed so close to reaching the Martial Saint level.

’’Becoming a Martial Saint is dependent on neither your efforts nor your talents. The requirements are too stringent. The most important requirement is obtaining the enlightenment to the Saint Threshold.’’

’’Are you saying that you have to be able to sense the gateway before you can achieve a breakthrough?’’ Qing Shui thought about his Ancient Strengthening Technique. If he was able to surpass the 6th Layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, he wondered if that was the so-called realm of the Martial Saint.

’’A Peak Grade Martial King can accommodate the strength of ten countries. It is rumored that one will naturally break through to the Martial Saint level once one exceeds that. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, it is almost impossible to reach that level. It not only requires talent, time, medicines, and techniques, but most importantly of all, you need a stroke of luck.’’

Qing Shui was dumbfounded. The strength of ten countries, what horrifying level of strength was that? If he pushed himself to the limit, he could barely be considered a Peak Martial King. The strength of ten countries is 10 times his present strength!

Having the strength of 10 countries would mean that a person can flatten a mountain with just one strike. That is the magnitude of such power!

’’Old Ancestor, what do you mean by the Saint Threshold?’’

’’It is actually a sort of abstraction or concept, and I have only heard of it before. I am only a Peak Grade Martial King, one that has been at this level for 4 centuries.’’ The Old Ancestor said with some resignation and bitterness.

’’You mentioned that a person will naturally break through to the Martial Saint level if they have the strength of 10 countries. How much strength have you accumulated in these 4 centuries?’’ Qing Shui was curious to know how much strength this enigmatic old man actually had.

’’I have only reached the strength of 6 countries. I should have been able to sense the Saint Threshold when I was at the strength of 5 countries, yet I wasn't able to.’’

6 countries, he must be one of the most powerful people in the Greencloud Continent. The Old Ancestor's words opened a window to a new path for Qing Shui, albeit an extremely difficult path to the Martial Saint realm.

Qing Shui knew that it would be very difficult to raise his strength to two countries. There were only a handful of people in Greencloud Continent, like the Old Ancestor, who could reach the strength of 6 countries in just 400 years. At the strength of 5 countries, it is possible to sense the Saint Threshold. If he was lucky enough, he would have a breakthrough to the Martial Saint level.

’’Luck is something that works in mysterious ways. Who knows? You might even sense the Saint Threshold tomorrow.’’ Qing Shui could not help but feel that his words were so superficial.

’’Haha. When you are at my age, you will come to accept many things. Living becomes the easiest thing. I don't wish for much. My only concern is Wuji.’’ The Old Ancestor said with disappointment.

’’Senior Uncle Wuji does express himself in words, but he knows that you're getting old.’’ Qing Shui muttered.

’’Qing Shui, I hope you will take care of your Senior Uncle Wuji. It'll be best if you could encourage him to have a family.’’

Qing Shui could not imagine that the Old Ancestor had actually said that. Could he even persuade Fei Wuji?

’’I'll try, but I doubt he'll listen to me,’’

’’He will. In the future, he'll definitely heed your words.’’ The Old ancestor said with a affirmative tone, smiling.

Qing Shui felt slightly helpless. It was as if he was standing stark naked in front of this Old Ancestor;nothing escaped the old man's eyes.

’’Old Ancestor, does it take a long time to raise one's strength after becoming a Peak Grade Martial King? Now, I think I might not be able to reach the strength of 6 countries even if I was given 8 centuries!’’ Qing Shui was anxious to change the subject, so he asked the question he had been keeping in his heart.


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