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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 447


AST 447 - Leaving the stage, Enter Tan Yang and the Iron Spine Falcons

Fifteen minutes later, Zuo Shandiao turned pale and began to sweat all over. The area around him turned into a puddle of water, and at this rate, even if he was not beaten to death, he would die of dehydration


Qing Shui had proficient control over his strength, so even though the hammer strike landed on Zuo Shandiao's shoulder, it did not result in a fracture, but it basically left a weak crack on the bone



Zuo Shandiao clenched his teeth and fist because those insufferable hammer strikes would only keep coming, enough to put him six feet under. However, humans have always been incredibly resilient creatures

Zuo Shandiao regretted his decision. This time he had kicked an iron plate.

’’Hit him to death!’’

’’For this kind of thing, it is best not to kill it;it is better to let everyone see that ugly mug of his!’’ A humorous youth shouted with enthusiasm.

’’Right, cripple him!’’ The people who were previously calling for his death yelled loudly


’’Pu Pu!’’

Zuo Shandiao flew back in reverse, blood leaking from the corner of his mouth. Qing Shui just stood at the far corner and did not kill him;this was not because of soft-heartedness, but because Zuo Shandiao would not live past three days from now.

Qing Shui had earlier severely damaged all his bones, meridians and internal organs. Qing Shui realised that the ’’Minute Subtlety’’ realm could be used like that, where he could have an extremely precise control over the damage done, to the point where even the slightest bit of damage would result in an immediate death.

The current Zuo Shandiao could barely be said to be able to move. However, there no longer existed anyone who could bring him back from the dead, unless there was a divine medicine as such the Bones of the Living Dead. Only then could he be saved.

Capable of bringing someone back from the dead, medicine of Bones of the Living Dead's caliber would be mostly the talk of rumors and long-standing legends.

’’Haha, look at that silly look on Zuo Shandiao.’’

’’Where did your earlier look of high spirits go!’’

’’Look at the Feng clan young master's face - could it be that he sent Zuo Shandiao to challenge Qing Shui? If that is the case, then it is too shameless and despicable.’’ shouted the humourous youth from earlier.

This shout of his caused many people to glance thoughtfully towards the chief disciple of Starday Hall, who averted his eyes from their gazes with resentment.

Everyone present knew a lot of things, but no one would speak of it. There was a saying that went 'you will eat well if you have thick skin, but you will be insufficient if you have thin skin', which made a lot of sense.

Many people despised the method Zuo Shandiao had used, but Qing Shui himself had not. If he had lost due to lacking strength, many people would talk about how shameless Zuo Shandiao had been. However, this was also what was so good about him.

Sometimes, the simpler a person was, the more they would receive, whereas sometimes the most direct method was also the best method, and of course nothing was absolute.

Just like how Zuo Shandiao could never have imaged how the results of today would have played out!

The defeated will forever have a loser's exit, so Zuo Shandiao's entrance and exit were in the polar opposite ends, with the exit accompanied by the blaring noise of ridicule.

For every cause, there is an effect;the situation that occurred today was not strange, for even if he did not meet Qing Shui today, he would end up meeting someone else who would do the same to him.

After Zuo Shandiao exited the arena, Qing Shui also moved to exit the arena. However, at this moment, there was another unexpected voice that caused Qing Shui to come to an abrupt stop.

’’Didn't you wish to challenge me the last time? Now you have an opportunity;I am standing right here. I do not wish for there to be any room for gossip, so the grudge between us can be settled today if you want to. It is up to you. We can do it today or another day. However, I am usually quite busy and do not have a lot of spare time.’’

Under the arena stood a handsome, roughly thirty years old man dressed in gleaming silver armour, helmet, and boots;on his waist was a gold belt as wide as his palm;with a straight-looking nose, accented by the thin lips beneath it.

Tan Yang!

Even as his enemy, Qing Shui had to admit that this man was very handsome. Tan Yang had a kind of devilishly handsome countenance, giving off a feeling that he was somewhere in between evil and good on the moral compass.

It appeared that Hai Shiya favoured him for a reason. Compared to Tan Yang, Jin Changzheng had a type of attractiveness that was able to attract mature women rather than younger women.

’’Damn! Since when have these kinds of shameless methods become popular!?’’ Someone from the Starmoon Hall shouted.

’’Could it be that the Starmoon Hall is collaborating with Sword Tower?’’

’’Brother Cai, be quiet! You can eat whatever you want, but you have to watch what you say.’’ A youth with a distinctly scholarly air advised the other.

’’Isn't it so? Damn his granny, did someone not bully the people from starmoon Hall?’’



Qing Shui's upper body had almost turned completely red, and he looked as though he was in terrible straits, his face pale. However, Qing Shui's eyes had a fiery look in them as he stared at Tan Yang, the man who had everything within the palms of his hands and was smiling.

This was a dangerous man. Qing Shui still clearly remembered their last encounter.

’’Qing Shui, right? Let me inform you that the woman beside you has already been legally married to me, Tan Yang. Are you trying to steal my woman?’’

’’Qing Shui, I know you are from the Heavenly Palace, and not only that, you are also the youngest elder from the heavenly palace, but I am from Sword Tower. Are you trying to start a war between Heavenly Palace and Sword Tower?

’’Let go of my woman, or else don't blame me for annihilating your Qing clan.’’

’’I challenge you. The loser leaves Mingyue.' Qing shui shouted to Tan Yang with bloodshot eyes.

’’Challenge? The day will come, but this challenge I am not accepting. She is already my woman, so why should I bet with you?

’’State your conditions, I will accept anything.'

’’Not interested!’’ Tan Yang simply stated.

Qing Shui felt that this was the most embarrassing moment in his life. He knew this guy was not simple from the onset. If Qing Shui was in his shoes, he was not sure if he could tolerate his woman acting like that, let alone if he could do the same as him.

He was a clear-headed person but also a heartless person

’’Never mind, looks like you are not able to do it today. I retract my words. We will see again next time if you still want to challenge me.’’ Tan Yang's words had been leisurely and calm throughout and, most importantly, put emphasis on Qing Shui challenging him.

Qing Shui knew that it was just his wishful thinking. However, he felt that it was not easy to pass on the chance the had today, or else he would not be able to undo the knot in his heart

The sky changed as it seemed to near noon. Between now and Jin Changzheng's battle with the Ferocious Lion, the other boring battles whom Qin Shui had no interest in, filled up the time in between that.

Since the appearance of that woman, up till now, Qing Shui felt that his mental status was not in a good state. At the same time, he was surprised at the control Tan Yang had over his emotions.

He could tell that he was more exhausted mentally than he was physically.

’’No need, since you are here today, let me get some pointers from you!’’ Qing Shui smiled lightly at Tan Yang, who was below. From the looks of his attire, it appeared he had been prepared long ago. However, Qing Shui still insisted on challenging him.

Qing shui was still standing on the arena......

Qing Shui issuing the challenge rapidly caused the people around him to panic, but this was because their understanding of Tan Yang was deeper than Qing Shui's.

They all remembered from the inter-sect competition that had been held in the time Qing Shui had left the Heavenly Palace. In that competition, Sword tower had sent someone again, and that person was Tan Yang. However, there was no one else in Qing Shui's generation that could beat him, and the attire he wore then was the very same today.

’’Are you sure you want to challenge me?' Tan Yang asked as he frowned.

In the eyes of others, it looked like Tan Yang was feeling that it was unfair to Qing Shui, but only Qing Shui knew that Tan Yang was trying to demoralize him, trying to agitate him.


Qing Shui calmly stated! Or maybe he was trying to keep himself calm!

Tan Yang frowned and thought for a moment. He then slowly made his way up the arena.

At this moment, Qing Shui took out his battle armor, helmet, boots, and greaves and started putting them on in an unhurried manner. Qing Shui did not dare to be careless when going against Tan Yang.

Tan Yang could be said to be one of Sword tower's most outstanding talents. At his age, he was already a level 10 martial king, inferior only to Hai Long even amongst all the promising youths in Cang Lang Country.

’’Looks like Sword tower already made plans early on. Last time, Qing Shui caused them to lose face to the heavenly palace, and originally they wanted to take revenge in the Heavenly Palace's Nine Halls Competition, but Qing Shui had already left.’’ A slightly old, gentle-looking man said.

’’Uncle Yun is right even though Tan Yang was in the limelight last time, Sword Tower will never regain their face if he doesn't defeat Qing Shui.

’’Xiao Song is right, for within the current six generations, it does not matter who is stronger amongst the ancestors. As long as they don't step into the Martial Saint Level, then there is nothing to speak of. Amongst the six generations, the most important is the youngest generation, for it is them that can continue to pass down the legacy of the sect.’’ Uncle Yun said merrily.

’’Then Uncle Yun, are you saying that Aing Shui is able to defeat Tan Yang?’’ It appeared that the one known as Xiao Yun Idolized this Uncle Yun.

’’haha, you overestimate your Uncle Yun. With my level of abilities, how can I tell who is stronger.’’ Uncle Yun shook his head while smiling.


’’Young Master Hai, how many moves do you think Tan Yang will take to defeat that fellow?’’ A man equally handsome as Hai Long asked.

Hai long just stood there, looking intently at Qing Shui, who had already donned all his equipment, and ignored the youth.

When that handsome youth saw the serious look on Hai Long's face, he could not help but look towards Qing Shui and Tan Yang on the arena..

’’I don't know. I feel that things are not as simple as they seem.’’ Hai Long finally replied and looked at that handsome youth.

’’Hai Long, could it be that you cannot tell how many moves Tan Yang will take to defeat that Qing Shui?' The handsome youth said in shock.

’’I am saying that I don't know who would win!’’ Hai Long said with a complex expression on his face.

The handsome youth was in shock, because did this not mean that Qing Shui's abilities were not below the 10th level of martial king? Furthermore, Qing Shui was currently injured.

Qing Shui slowly arranged his armour neatly and then swapped out the Heaven Shaking Hammer for the Big Dipper Sword, looking towards Tan Yang, who had arrived within ten metres of him. Qing Shui could feeling his blood boiling.

Qing Shui's armour was made from the skin of the Golden-Ringed Snake King. After he put it on, he looked dazzling, with only the Big Dipper Sword looking simple and dark.

Tan Yang wore a flowing silver armour. In his hands was an azure longbow that was of an incomparable quality.

Qing Shui watched, and Tan Yang stopped walking when he got within ten metres. On his back was a sword of about 90 cm, but Qing Shui knew that his opponent intended to use the bow against him.

Tan Yang waved his hand!


’’He actually summoned out three Iron Spine Falcon!’’

’’Iron Spine Falcon!’’

’’Martial King level Iron Spine Falcon!’’

’’Is this Tan Yang a beast tamer?’’

’’Some expert from Sword Tower probably gave it to him!’’

’’This time Qing Shui is in danger!’’

’’Probably not. It's just three low-level Martial King beasts, so where is the danger?’’ Muttered someone in return.

’’Stupid cunt!’’

’’Stupid cunt!’’


Qing Shui looked at the three Iron Spine Falcon circling Tan Yang's head and frowned. He was familiar with this beast. An Iron Spine Falcon was about a metre tall, its wingspan about four metres, and it could not be ridden on for long-distance travel, and on its back was a section of protruding spines as hard as steel, hence the name 'Iron Spine Falcon'.

The Iron Spine Falcon was as black as ink from head to tail, and in addition to its cold black eyes, it was definitely a demonic beast. Furthermore, since it was an elementary Martial King beast, its speed was like the wind. its claws and beak were its most lethal weapons, and at the same time, its defence was superb.

At this moment, Qing Shui finally felt the danger and did not dare to display any weakness. He hurriedly summon out the Firebird in response. However, despite its strength, it could probably only deal with two of the Iron Spine Falcon on its own.

’’A mutated Red Luan!’’

’’They are both playing big!’’

’’Today truly opened my eyes. Even this level of mutated beast has appeared.’’


Qing Shui knew that Tan Yang was intending for the Iron Spine Falcon to distract and tie him down, but the true killing weapon would either be his bow or the sword on his back.

The Diamond Demonic Boar was also summoned out by Qing Shui. Although it was only a peak Xiantian-level beast, it should have the power of an elementary Martial King, with its defence being the prime reason for Qing Shui's confidence.

’’Be a meat shield. At least you can interfere with Tan Yang's actions!’’

’’Another mutated beast......’’

’’Strong, too strong. Today is going to be a battle of the titans.’’

’’That might not be so, as it's hard to judge who will come out on top.’’


Qing Shui continued to take out two talismans, and without any further sounds, he slapped them onto his own body. The two talismans were the Godly Force Talisman and the divine Shield Talisman!

Qing Shui did not feel any heartache over the usage of these talismans, for he currently had a decent stockpile of those in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Each of them were actually able to last thirty minutes each;this, and the results of their effects, led Qing Shui to suspect he actually drew 2nd grade talismans. However, he could not have learnt how to draw 2nd great talismans from the get-go.

Tan Yang pulled out an arrow from behind his back!

A pitch-black arrow!

Although it did not cause as big an undulation as the Cloud Piercing Arrow, many people could still feel the destructive power of the arrow.

’’Seven Star Armored Vest!’’

Qing Shui activated the Seven Star Armored Vest at this moment, temporarily feeling comfortable as his body grew stronger.


The first to attack were the three Iron Spine Falcons!

The Iron Spine Falcons moved like lightning and left a black shadow in the sky.


The Firebird flapped its huge wings, causing a huge purple tornado to spin towards the Iron Spine Falcon. The Diamond Demonic Boar also charged towards one of the Iron Spine Falcons.


Tan Yang fired his first arrow, and its target was actually the Firebird that was in the midst of battle with two of the Iron Spine Falcons!



The Firebird gave out a cacophonous shriek.

Fresh blood began dripping down, and Qing Shui frowned. The destructive power of this arrow was overwhelming, and he did not even know if it was poisoned or not.


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