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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 446


AST 446 - A silent pain. The despicable Zuo Shandiao!

The woman stared at Qing Shui in shock. Fresh blood dripped off the long sword in her hand. The sheer redness of that fresh blood made it unpleasant to look at. It made her feel reluctant to open up her eyes.

At this moment, she felt her heart aching a lot. It was compounded by Qing Shui's statement just now. Even though at that time, he made love with her she had never once thought of herself liking this man. For some unknown reasons, however, upon hearing the things he said, she felt that it sounded as painful as when he ’’went into’’ her body back then.

At that time, it was like her body was being torn apart. Now on the other hand, she felt as if her heart was the one being torn apart.

She came here with the purpose of killing him. But why would she feel flustered? Why didn't he avoid it? She finally managed to pierce through him, but why didn't she feel as happy as she thought she would be?

The woman slowly turned around in shock and gradually walked down the battle stage. Qing Shui continued standing in the same spot. For a moment, it made everyone in the plaza felt burdened.

’’I feel like crying!’’ A woman looked at the woman who was slowly walking down the stage.

’’I don't have any idea what is going on between those two on the stage. It feels like they're in love with each other, but why are they hurting each other instead?’’

’’Qing Shui is too harsh. Why is he treating himself like this? Doesn't he know that she would feel even more hurt than he himself?’’

’’It's just difficult to be a man huh!’’ Complained the man who envied Qing Shui before.


’’A man who only knows how to bully women! Do you think that you will be able to lie to all of us just by pretending to be miserable? Today, I am going to fight for the right that woman deserves!’’ The voice of a man could already be heard before he showed up.

The person who walked up the stage was a man dressed up in the attire of Starsun Hall. He carried two dark-gold colored hammers that were about two feet long on his back. Each of them was the size of a human head. Their handles were also as thick as the arm of an adult.

Qing Shui lifted his head up and looked at the man who was quite near to him. He looked around thirty-five to thirty-six in age. He was tough and powerful and looked really valiant. It's just that he was a bit short, causing him to look a bit strange.

’’Haha, it's Zuo Shandiao again. This despicable man must have spotted Qing Shui's injuries. That's why he came to take advantage of the situation.’’ The people below said in disdain.

’’Brother Zuo Ming, you're right. Zuo Shandiao has always been using the excuse of being a hero to do stuff that only nasty people will do.’’ A big fellow added. The most obvious feature about him was the net-like sideburn of his.

’’Even though this is the case, Zuo Shandiao does have a few things up his sleeves. After all, he has even defeated a warrior that was once at the seventh Martial King Grade. Even though he did it with difficulty, this is still enough to prove his strength.’’

’’Do you know why Zuo Shandiao wants to stand up for the woman?’’ An exciting atmosphere would never lack people participating. It would also never run short of stupid questions.

’’Perhaps, this woman is Zuo Shandiao's lover?’’

’’Even if Zuo Shandiao had wanted a lover like this, he would still have to see if that person was willing to do so.’’ A man in the Starmoon Hall attire said mockingly.

’’Hehe, I know. This question is already considered to be quite common. Zuo Shandiao has gone after this woman before, but it's just that he got rejected in the end. Today, he saw this woman having tender feelings for Qing Shui, so it might be that he felt jealous. Moreover, as he saw Qing Shui get injured, he most likely showed up to release his frustration.’’

’’Indeed, nothing can get away from your sharp ears.’’


’’To be bullying a woman like this, are you still considered a man?’’ Zuo Shandiao pointed at Qing Shui and spoke as though the injustice he had witnessed made him feel indignant.

If it was someone who wasn't familiar with him, they would have thought of Zuo Shandiao as a righteous person. People who had experienced this countless times knew that he was someone whose glib talking skill exceeded even his personal seventh grade Martial King strength.

Qing Shui took a quick glance at this chattering, tough man. After that, he casually took out a Golden Sore Ointment and poured it on his back.

’’What's wrong? You have nothing left to say after I figured out your tricks? Do you think that you will be fine by keeping quiet? Where did that arrogant look of yours when you were bullying women go? Bring it out!’’


’’You are such a despicable person!’’ Qing Shui couldn't help but retort faintly.

’’That person has always been a despicable person from the very beginning!’’ Some people from below immediately carried on and said.

’’Beat him to the point where even his mom will not be able to recognize him! Seriously, I have never seen such a cheap person before!’’


’’You dare accuse me? You actually dared to accuse me?’’ Zuo Shandiao was waiting exactly for this moment. At this moment, he feigned his anger to the point of shaking all over. He looked as if he had lost his ability to reason as he took out the two dark-gold hammers from his back.

’’My god! He is always like this! Does he still think so highly of his own pathetic tricks?’’

’’Qing Shui, be careful. Zuo Shandiao does have a few skills up his sleeves.’’ Xi Ri shouted at Qing Shui.

Perhaps, Zuo Shandiao wanted to take advantage of Qing Shui's injury to defeat him. By doing so, it would not only enable him to establish a place for himself in the Starsun Hall, it would also help him spread his name across the continent. Something like this, which could help him hit two birds with one stone, why would he not go for it? That's why he had been so impatient to come up as soon as the woman had stepped down from the stage.

His eyes were sharp. He could see through the severity of the injury as a result of that thrust. If it had been an ordinary warrior, their strength would definitely drop significantly, so much so that if they operated their martial art, they would increase their blood flow and as a result die of blood loss.

Zuo Shandiao was still considered to be quite a well-known person. His skill in terms of using wicked methods had definitely reached the point of perfection. He didn't bother the least about the derisively taunting audience. For now, he only had one goal, and that was to defeat the man in front of him and establish himself on the totem pole.

But now, Qing Shui hadn't accepted his challenge. Therefore, he acted like he had been through a huge suffering with only one purpose, which was to force Qing Shui to accept the challenge. Otherwise, all of his preparations would have gone to waste.

Half of Qing Shui's body had long since been dyed red, making it look really morbid.

’’Qing Shui, come down! Stop fighting! Come down!’’ Without anyone noticing, Huoyun Liu-Li had already run to a place close to the battle stage. She lifted up her head and looked at Qing Shui, who was still on the battle stage. She seemed to be sobbing as she spoke.

Canghai Mingyue didn't say anything. She only anxiously looked at Qing Shui.

’’Qing Shui, the only thing you are good at is bullying women, especially letting them down! You always try to confuse them first and then wait until the end to abandon them! Say! A guy like you, just what kind of face do you have standing here? If you still consider yourself to be a man, fight me fair and square!’’ Zuo Shandiao once again screamed holier-than-thou. His voice was incomparably loud and clear.

’’Shut up about fighting you fair and square! You filthy thing!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li directly scolded Zuo Shandiao.

Zuo Shandiao: ’’......’’

All along, Zuo Shandiao had been pretending to be a gentleman. So even when he was being scolded by Huoyun Liu-Li, he also couldn't fight back. Or else, the ’’elegance’’ that he had accumulated so far would have all been for naught.

For a woman as beautiful as Huoyun Liu-Li to open up her mouth and accuse him in front of so many people, not only did the crowd not find it abnormal, they even found her to be courageous. She not only had good looks, she also had a good heart! A lot of people envied Qing Shui's luck with women. At the same time, they were also accusing Qing Shui for being insensitive.

’’Since you want to challenge me so badly, I will realize your wish!’’ As Qing Shui looked at Huoyun Liu-Li and her eyes that were filling up with tears, he felt painful but at the same time happy. He felt really blessed.

After getting Qing Shui's approval, Zuo Shandiao was overwhelmed with joy in his heart. However, he couldn't express it. He looked on as Qing Shui stood there empty-handed and said once again: ’’ I will not take advantage of you. Reveal your weapon!’’

’’My god! He is so despicable! Qing Shui, what weapon do you need? I will give it to you.’’ People immediately started to console him him.

’’You scum! When will you die!’’

’’Qing Shui, don't kill him! Disable him! I'd like to see the face he makes when he can't get the things he wishes for.’’ A humorous teenager shouted out suddenly.


’’Then I am going to bring out my own weapon!’’

’’Wow! He has an Interspatial Silk Sachet! If only I had one, I wouldn't have to carry so many things no matter where I go.’’ A well-endowed woman said infatuatedly.

’’Damn it. In the future, I will definitely give you an Interspatial Silk Sachet.’’ A man said as he stared at her huge breasts.

’’You? Get lost!’’


The huge and black Heaven Shaking Hammer gave out a sharp killing aura. It even had an aura.

After Zuo Shandiao saw Qing Shui's hammer, his eyes showed a trace of excitement. Following that, he started being more cautious. Qing Shui carried the hammer in his hand as he gradually employed his Ancient Strengthening Technique.

The wound at the back of his shoulder was also slowly healing. If Zuo Shandiao had known about Qing Shui's recovery speed, he would definitely not wait any longer.

Zuo Shandiao held the hammers with both of his arms. Both of the dark-gold colored hammers were shining with a faint dark-gold colored light.

The technique that hammer-users would normally cultivate was the Earth Elemental Technique.


Zuo Shandiao shouted out loudly as he stomped on the ground.


After a huge explosion, Zuo Shandiao charged at Qing Shui like an arrow that had just left the bowstring. His already short and stocky body became even more robust and short. His whole body was like a huge spinning bucket.

From the very beginning, Qing Shui had already despised this person. He found this kind of fake person who only knew how to take advantage of other people's losses was the most hateful kind of individual. Therefore, as Qing Shui looked at Zuo Shandiao, who was closing in on him, he didn't have the slightest thought of holding back.

Zuo Shandiao was just like a whirlwind. His double-hammer dance was so intricate that not even rain and wind could pass through it. The sharp, jarring noises could pierce through one's eardrums.

Qing Shui calmly operated his Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique.

Nature energy!

Immovable Mountains!

Diamond Qi!

Qing Shui also didn't want to act recklessly. He struck out heavily using the Thousand Hammer Technique.

Hengshan Tiger Technique!



The huge explosion caused the whole arena to shake slightly.

At the moment when Zuo Shanheng arrived at his side, Qing Shui used the huge Heaven Shaking Hammer to stop Zuo Shandiao's attack. His hammer collided with his opponent's hammers.

The opponent's spinning hammer was nothing compared to Huang Qing's Volution Force.

Qing Shui didn't move an inch. Zuo Shandiao on the other hand, got pushed back three steps by the strong impact. Exactly at the moment when he was overwhelmed with shock, Qing Shui made his move.

He launched the attacks of the Thousand Hammer Technique when it was at its peak. They were like hurricanes and Fierce Thunderous Beast. A huge black curtain enveloped Zuo Shandiao.


The people below could almost only see intensive afterimages of the hammers and hear the noises of the intensive hammers colliding together.

However, the people who possessed formidable strength could clearly see that each and every one of Qing Shui's hammer swings forced Zuo Shandiao to collide with them, forcing Zuo Shandiao to go all out and defend with all his might, so much so that he wasn't even able to speak. Under those circumstances, so long as he made a mistake, he would be knocked down by Qing Shui's Heaven Shaking Hammer.


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