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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 445


AST 445 - Jing Changzheng, Qing Shui, I want to challenge you!

The Cloud Piercing Arrow pointed at Jing Changzheng. At this moment, the whole battle stage was dead quiet as a lot of people realized that something there was something special about this arrow.

’’Father, shall we let Zheng Er admit defeat?’’ A courteous and handsome middle-aged man asked the grey haired old man beside him. They were not panicked even under this kind of situation.

The old man had a head full of grey hair and even his eyebrows were snow white in color. His eyes, however, looked bright as they seriously observed everything going on on the battle stage.

’’It's not necessary! Zheng Er will do just fine!’’ The elder said confidently. He did not actually look at the handsome middle-aged man beside him. Both his eyes did not leave the battle stage for even a second.

’’You can choose to admit defeat now!’’ Kuang Shi knitted his brow and told Jing Changzheng.

’’Give me it you got! Just don't complain about it when you lose later,’’ Jing Changzheng said casually. When he finished talking, a beautiful golden light fluctuated from his body.

It was accompanied by a scattering formidable wave-like aura. The people surrounding theml looked at Jing Changzheng in amazement because they could feel his strength constantly and rapidly growing.

’’Jing Clan's Art of Golden Thread!’’

’’Art of Golden Thread!’’

’’He had actually mastered the Art of Golden Thread of Jing Clan's up to this extent!’’

Qing Shui had heard about the ’’Art of Golden Thread’’ before. He did not find it unfamiliar as he already heard a few topics related to Jing Clan's Art of Golden Thread even before he met the people from Jing Clan.

The people in charge of the Golden Throne Palace was Jing Clan. They cultivated the Art of Golden Thread. Only people who were direct descendants of Jing Clan could cultivate the Art of Golden Thread. However, the ’’golden light fluctuation’’ that occurred on Jing Changzheng previously was considered to be one of the most rebellious kinds among the Art of Golden Thread. It was a technique that could instantly increase one's strength.

It could temporarily promote one's strength up a grade from their current cultivation.

For example, Jing Changzhang, who was at his early eighth grade Martial King stage had, for the time being, increased his strength up to the early ninth grade Martial King.

Of course, if one was at the pinnacle of their Martial King stage, they would not be able to be promoted to the Martial Saint stage. However, the amount of strength that increased would still be equivalent to the strength that they had for their cultivation at that time.

The price was that their body would exert five times more energy, hence it would be hard for it to last long!

A brilliant light flashed through Kuang Shi's eyes. The Cloud Piercing Arrow in his hand shot towards Jing Changzheng like a Green Flaming Aura which was crossing the horizon. At that moment, it was as if time had stopped. Even the weather seemed to be changing.

Jing Changzheng looked at the arrow that was flying towards him. He was well aware it was something that he would never be able to avoid no matter what he did. He waved the cold moon in his right hand conventionally.

An even more powerful sword afterimage swung out. That slash contained an abundant smell of destruction. This was Jing Changzheng's most powerful attack. It was also a slash that was only usable when his strength was increased.

Destruction Slash!

At the same time, a thread of golden light flickered from Jing Changzheng's body.

Heavenly Protection!

At this moment, Qing Shui witnessed Jing Changzheng using Heavenly Palace's most powerful defensive technique.



Jing Changzheng was hit directly by the cloud-piercing arrows and the impact flung his body backwards. He regurgitated a huge amount of fresh blood in mid-air. However, after his strength was greatly enhanced from the effect of the Art of Golden Thread, he was two grades higher compared to Kuang Shi. He then slashed apart Jingzong Kuangshi, who was at Grade Six Martial King, with a single cut and his powerful blade qi carried on and hacked off an arm from Kuang Shi behind.

Jing Changzheng dropped out of the battle stage. Even though he had both the Golden Thread Armor and the formidable ’’ Heavenly Protection’’ on, the defensive essence of his Heavenly Protection was still penetrated by the Cloud Piercing Arrow. His shoulder was badly mutilated, but when compared to Kuang Shi who had one arm directly blown away, he was already considered to be in a much better condition.

Similarly, Kuang Shi was also pushed out of the battle stage by the formidable sword qi.

There was an uproar at the bottom of the stage. It was just that coincidentally, Jing Changzheng, who got blown out of the stage, was heading directly towards Qing Shui. His body that got bombarded by the Cloud Piercing Arrow was flying at an extremely fast speed with a formidable screeching force. If he had crashed into a person or the ground, there was a high chance that he would have damaged his brain or even died on the spot. After all, the current him basically did not have any strength left for the time being.

Xi Ri extended his hand hesitantly. However, he knitted his brows tightly. He wanted to catch him, but he did not dare to because he felt that if he were to catch him under this impact, he would not only injure himself, but he would not be able to guarantee Jing Changzheng's safety.

Right at the time when Xi Ri was at a loss, a hand extended out.

It was Qing Shui's hand!

Qing Shui used the Taichi diversion technique and directly spun Jing Changzheng three times in his hand before putting him down.

Jing Changzheng was not actually unconscious. After seeing that it was Qing Shui who saved him, he smiled and said, ’’Thank you, I will remember this!’’

’’This Cloud Piercing Arrow was indeed violent!’’ While Qing Shui was saying this, he took out a bottle of ’’ Golden Sore Ointment’’ and poured it onto Jing Changzheng's shoulder. He poured out the entire bottle.

’’Zheng Er......’’ Everyone was restless. A group of people consisting of both men and women proceeded quickly. Their speed was even faster than the running speed of a normal person.

’’What are you doing? We, the Jing Clan have medicines, we don't need yours,’’ A charming middle-aged woman shouted out agitatedly when she saw Qing Shui giving him medicine. She reacted as if the thing that Qing Shui was pouring was poison.

’’Shut up!’’ A handsome man shouted out.

Qing Shui lifted up his head and looked calmly at the woman who screamed previously. After that, he looked at the man who screamed at her again. Through their facial features, Qing Shui could already confirm that Jing Changzheng was their son.

’’Zheng Er......’’ The woman stopped saying anything more. She only weeped as she approached Jing Changzheng.

’’Mother, I am fine, it's this brother of ours that saved me.’’

After he finished speaking, Jing Changzheng turned around and told Qing Shui, ’’I'm really sorry, it's because my mom is also really worried about me. Sorry for the inconvenience!’’

’’Yeah, thank you for saving Zheng Er. She is a woman who hasn't been exposed to the society. Little brother, don't lower yourself to the same level as her.’’ At this moment, the man smiled bitterly at Qing Shui as he thanked him.

’’It's fine. I feel really good that she reacted that way. She is really good to her son,’’ Qing Shui said with a smile. He quickly poked Jing Changzheng's shoulder a few times behind them.

’’Little brother, I am going to bring Zheng Er back to treat his injuries first. Do come to Jing Clan when you have time. We will welcome you at any time,’’ The man politely said.


’’Qing Shui, I have noticed how deep and immeasurable your strength was.’’ Xi Ri looked at Qing Shui and smiled.

’’You are in luck! Finally, a slight breakthrough!’’ Qing Shui chuckled.

One of Kuang Shi's three Golden-haired ferocious lions died. The other one was disabled whereas the remaining one was heavily injured. Kuang Shi had really been careless for this match. If he had used the Cloud Piercing Arrow earlier, this would not have been the way it ended.

’’It actually ended up as a draw!’’

’’This Cloud Piercing Arrow was indeed powerful!’’

’’Jing Changzheng indeed deserved to be called one of the most powerful teenagers among the new generations of Golden Throne Palace.’’


Later on, the battle stage became really active. The contestants kept on changing frequently. This had also made Qing Shui understand the relationships between the six sects. Heavenly Palace, Sword Tower and Mythical Beast Sect shared gratitude and grudges with one another. The remaining Qing Clan, Hai Clan and Academy of Demon Refinery were neutral.

But this did not actually mean that Qing Clan, Hai Clan and Academy of Demon Refinery would not go up the battle stage. They were still beating the exchanging fist sign and challenging one another. It may seemed like they were interacting with each other, they were still taking responsibility for their own life and death.

From the battle, Qing Shui noticed that the three neutral sects and clans also shared a few gratitudes and grudges. This was because if there happen to be any casualties in the midst of the battle, it would cause them to accumulate grudges between one another. Even though they didn't express it out, they would still hold a bit of resentment deep in their heart. After all, it's still a battle of life and death. Hence, they would still try their best to heavily injure their opponents.

The level of the warriors that went up later on were limited. Hence, Qing Shui discussed other matters with Xi Ri. When a startled and cheering noise rang up in the surrounding, Qing Shui once again looked at the battle stage.

At this moment, a woman who looked like a portrait was standing on top of the battle stage. She had an exoticbeautiful face and slender and fertile body.

Her plump breasts supported up her clothes. It made people feel dry just by looking at it. The connection from the waist down to the butt was like the work of god, making the butt look plump, round and smooth. Her legs were slender and straight. She managed to give out a unique charm just by wearing a set of simple clothes.

’’Such a beautiful woman! She is a mature and sophisticated woman!’’

’’Elder Yun from Feng Clan! Such a clever person!’’

’’This is the true Sister Yu! From her body all the way through her heart!’’

’’This kind of woman has actually made guys from all ages obsessed with her, this is truly interesting.’’


’’It's actually her, who does this woman want to challenge? Does she hold any grudges towards anyone?’’ Qing Shui knitted his brows. Qing Shui did not know the reason, but he subconsciously did not like the fact that she was standing on top of the battle stage.

It's just that when Qing Shui looked at the woman, he noticed that she was also looking back at him. Her eyes were incomparably complex. When Qing Shui locked eyes with her, he felt strange.

’’Qing Shui, I want to challenge you!’’ The elegant and attractive voice rang up!

The sweet-sounding and captivating voice had actually shocked almost everyone. She wanted to challenge Qing Shui. It was not that the people from the same sect could not challenge each other. This woman was from Starsun Hall. Qing Shui on the other hand, was from Starmoon Hall. It did not matter if it was the Starsun or Starmoon Hall, they were still allowed to challenge one another.

It was just that no one could figure out why this elegant woman would challenge Qing Shui. At this moment, a teenager from Feng Clan stared at Qing Shui maliciously. He looked like he was itching to pull out Qing Shui's tendons and peel his skin off.

’’She wants to challenge Qing Shui;could it be that Qing Shui had done something to her before?’’ There were people whispering and speculating.

’’It couldn't have been that Qing Shui actually abandoned this woman before? How would he be so willing to give up such a great woman? How great would it be if I could be abandoned by him for just once.’’ A pretty and flirtatious woman with eyes of a fox whispered.

’’Such a whore......’’ A man shook his head and said softly.

’’Your mom is the whore! Your whole family is filled with whores.....’’

The man was silent.

Xi Ri looked at Qing Shui mockingly. Even though he said nothing, Qing Shui could already tell what he wanted to express just by looking at his eyes. He could not help but also think about how juvenile he used to be when he was young. In the past, it was him who was always clinging to women. Now he was the one avoiding them instead.

Qing Shui smiled bitterly as he looked at Xi Ri. After that, he slowly approached the battle stage.

Qing Shui's figure was decent and well proportioned. His face looked a bit delicate and pretty, but there was an additional trace of maturity upon experiencing many things. The good-looking eyes of his looked clear, making it difficult for people to hate. The light purple colored mole that was the size of a a bean and at the area between his eyebrows had somewhat made him look a bit bewitching.

He was not really considered handsome, but he had a bewitching look. He had a decent manly feeling. But all of these combined together also made him not much inferior compared to Hai Long from Hai Clan. It was just that Qing Shui and Hai Long were two different kinds of men.

Hai Long would drive women crazy with just a glance. Qing Shui did not. Qing Shui belonged to the type that would progress at it little by little. He was more like a kind of wine. One would only notice that it became more tasty as time passed.

When Qing Shui stood on top of the stage, the noise of people's discussions became even louder. A lot of people were deeply curious about this teenager from Heavenly Palace who emerged suddenly like a comet. They were all thinking about what kind of a guy he was.

Qing Shui kept on walking until he was three metres away from the woman before coming to a stop. From the beginning up till now, his eyes never left hers.

The woman, however, looked at Qing Shui without any sign of making concessions. Her hands were still grabbing the long sword tightly.

As the people at the bottom saw this turn of events, they all became agitated. It was impossible to not drive someone with wild and fanciful thoughts with this kind of subtle atmosphere between a man and a woman. Let alone other people, even both Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li noticed that there was something going on.

’’Sister, this bastard must be having an affair with this woman.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li pouted and told Canghai Mingyue.

’’Liu-Li! Don't spout out nonsense!’’ Canghai Mingyue softly told Huoyun Liu-Li as she looked at the suspicious expressions around them.

’’Guys, look, is this a martial arts tournament or a date?’’

’’Haha, how great will it be if I can go up and share gazes with that woman......’’ A middle-aged man said casually.

’’You, just forget about it. Just look at your eyes, can it be compared to Qing Shui's?’’ A person immediately offended him.

’’Your gaze is like that of a wild beast, how can you even lock eyes with the gentle gaze of the woman......’’


’’Why?’’ Qing Shui asked with his brows knitted.

Qing Shui was truly frowning. The incident last time was a deal. Other than that, he had never interacted with her. At present, her challenging him was definitely for the incident last time!

’’There is no particular reason for it. I just want to challenge you. In fact, I will kill you.’’ At this moment, there were no changes in the woman's eyes. She looked at Qing Shui calmly. That expression was still like before, the majority of it consisted of complexity.

’’Alright, stop joking around, I don't have time for this!’’ After Qing Shui finished speaking, he was about to go down.

A lot of people at the bottom still heard Qing Shui's words. Immediately, people started discussing with one another the things that were going on on top of the stage. This time, everyone knew that the relationship between the two on the stage was extraordinary. They were throwing tantrums at each other.

’’Wow, I would have died of happiness if there is a mature lady like this throwing tantrums at me!’’

’’Yeah, that's why you are still alive,’’ A teenager said in a joking manner.

The people were startled. Everyone roared with laughter.

However, on the battle stage, an outrageous situation arose, so much so that it instantly stunned everyone.

The woman looked on as Qing Shui was about to leave the battle stage. Generally speaking, whoever that walked off the stage first would be considered to be humiliating themselves. However, at present, Qing Shui didn't feel humiliated in the least despite what he said before and him walking off the stage. The woman on the other hand, she behaved in a way that looked more and more like she was throwing a tantrum to the man.

At the moment Qing Shui took two steps forward, the woman suddenly stabbed Qing Shui's back. It was a direct thrust, the most important thing was that she actually pierced through him.

Furthermore, it penetrated deeply!

Very quickly, the fresh blood had already dyed Qing Shui's clothes red. Qing Shui took one more step forward, making the sword that pierced through his body to leave it. He did not bother about the wound on his body. As he turned around to look at the woman, she was already frozen in shock.

’’I will consider this thrust as returning you the guilt that I used to have towards you!’’ Qing Shui said with a smile. From the woman's perspective, his smile was a bit cold.

This thrust had caused the guilt that Qing Shui held towards her to completely fade away. At this moment, Qing Shui's heart was as if it had let go of an extremely large burden. Qing Shui did not thought that he would ever be cold and ruthless, just like how he would hold a sense of guilt even just by the deal he made with this woman. He kept thinking of making it up to her whenever he had time.

But at this moment, Qing Shui felt just how unfamiliar the woman right in front of him was. The bite mark that she left previously was as if it was also fading at this moment. Qing Shui had all along been controlling himself to not let the bite mark fade away. But now, he felt that the fearsome recovery ability of his body slowly healing the bite mark. Very quickly, it had already disappeared.


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