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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 434


AST 434 - Return to South City, things were the same, but people have changed, massacre!

Qing Shui was even feeling a bit ecstatic. The power he could achieve with the Golden-Ringed Battle Armor excited him, so he lifted up the Big Dipper Sword and unleashed every assisting technique that bolstered his strength at his disposal.

An additional thirty percent increase in strength to the sky thunder slash!

The Golden-Ringed Battle Armor in unison with his own frenzied bull strength alone made for an increase in strength that was no less than seventy percent!

The fifty percent increase in strength from the Big Dipper Sword.

The fifty percent increase in strength from the Mighty Elephant Stomp!


And now, there was an additional twenty percent of strength!

The amount of cycles of circulated qi that Qing Shui has been breaking through recently, following the addition of divine Arm and divine Feet Clearing, had caused the strength of his body to already reach four million jin.

At present, if Qing Shui were to attack with all of his strength, he could most likely produce a terrifyingly colossal force of ten million jin in a single instance. With this kind of strength, Qing Shui knew he could be regarded as having fully stepped into the pinnacle of the Martial King rank.

Even though it was an overstatement, Qing Shui already felt content. After all, he would still have a lot of room for improvement provided that he had enough time.

The most important thing about a warrior was still their own body strength. Normally, techniques increasing body strength would result in hefty consumption. As for things like Qing Shui's battle armor and battle weapon, it went without saying that they were mere worldly possessions.

Any person able to reach the pinnacle of the Martial King stage in the world of the nine continents would most likely also have a few formidable battle . Hence, Qing Shui could only be considered to be at the bottom of the Martial King rank even after barely advancing up to it.

Besides, the continent had a lot of treasures that could restrict the opponent's movements. There were also a few techniques that were just like Qing Shui's Art of Pursuing. They were capable of secretly raising one's strength through limiting the strength of others.

Qing Shui then thought of the Mighty Elephant Stomp. Each and every expert would have a formidable technique that belonged to themselves. There were some of them who would even be able to display enough strength to move mountains and drain the seas by relying on the might of heaven and earth.

Following the increase in strength, Qing Shui began understand more and more. In the past, back when he still had the power of about five million jin, he already thought that he would be a challenge to the people at the pinnacle of Martial King. But merely the thought of it made him feel a little funny now.

However, after experiencing his newfound power that exceeded ten million jin, Qing Shui felt that he would only be able to barely achieve the standard criteria in terms of strength among Martial Kings even after laying all his cards to bare. Strength indeed decided one's horizons.

For a moment, Qing Shui felt quite emotionally stirred. For now, he still needed time to calm down. This was just the weakest part among the world of the nine continents, the GreenCloud Continent, and he already felt quite reluctant when it came to dealing with the warriors at the peak of Martial King stage. For those old monsters in the sword tower, they all had over a few hundred years of attainment in their own martial skills. They were capable of displaying their formidable might to a point that would absolutely give people goosebumps.

This was precisely the part that Qing Shui was the most worried about.

After that, Qing Shui continued to draw talismans. With the experience from before, Qing Shui's rate of failure began to diminish, so much so that he could basically succeed every time later on.

Qing Shui let out a sigh of relief and stopped. The Godly Force Talisman could be considered to have been completed. Through the Godly Force Talisman, Qing Shui also came to know of the formidability of the Heavenly Talisman. At the same time, he had also began to have expectations towards the Heavenly Talisman.

Qing Shui cleaned up the abandoned Talisman-Shaped Beast Skin and once again cultivated the Mighty Elephant Storm and Back Connecting Fist techniques.

The time in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal went by in a flash. Qing Shui was also the most efficient from both his soul to his body when he was in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

On the second day, he continued his journey to GreenCloud Continent. But along the way, there was an extra StoneGold Rabbit King.


Time flew by. The whole journey was really quiet and peaceful. Perhaps, it might have something to do with the Flying Beast that he was straddling. Other than running into a Martial King grade flying beast in the middle of the journey, there wasn't really anything dangerous.

As for the Martial King grade Flying Beast, it was scared away by Qing Shui's roar, Art of Pursuing, and Soulshake bell. This time, Qing Shui witnessed how formidable the Soulshake bell was. Even though it didn't kill the demonic beast, it was actually able to frighten it to death, causing it to run away for dear life.

After a month's time, South City was already within sight!

’’Qing Shui, I feel like going home to take a look at the situation!’’ Canghai Mingyue said gently.

’’Yeah, sure! We will go together.’’ Qing Shui said with a smile.

He thought about the escape last time. At that time, had he been as strong as now, the Canghai couple wouldn't have died. In life, a lot of things would change. The things in the world were also unpredictable, and a lot of things wouldn't go as one wished.

Qing Shui saw that Canghai Mingyue was a bit distracted as she looked at the South City that was within sights.

Huoyun Liu-Li was also a bit absentminded. After all, she almost lost her life the last time she was here. Qing Shui was the one who had pulled her back from the brink of death. He grabbed her and never let go at the time when she needed the most help. Regardless of whether it was mentally or physically.

’’He is the person that I have recognized. No matter how he turns out to be in the future, even if he becomes a bad person, I will rather accompany him to fall.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li told herself in her heart.

Qing Shui and the two girls jumped down from the Golden Winged Thunder Condor. On their trip back to South City this time, they felt that everything had changed. At the moment, Qing Shui recalled clearly the agnoizing events of the past.’’

’’Soon. Soon, I will not need to compromise with anyone. I don't want to let people around me be sad and I don't want to make myself regret anything even more.’’ Qing Shui told himself secretly.

The Golden Winged Thunder Condor landed directly nearby the Canghai Clan home.

The trio didn't say anything as they advanced towards the Canghai Clan. Once again, Canghai Mingyue unconsciously burst into tears. The parents that loved her dearly had unwittingly passed away for such a long time. The kind of heartbroken feeling of once again stepping into the house entrance was still very distinct.

It would be so much better if their parents were still here.

Often, children regret not having reciprocated the love of their parents before they pass away later on.

It's just that they got stopped as they approached the house entrance of the Canghai Clan.

’’Who are you? Hold on, this is Yang's Court!’’ A middle-aged man standing in front of the entrance said loudly. The man's eyes were really small, but his nose was really big. He spoke in a low muffled voice, and even though he was really strict, he made people feel really amused.

’’Yang's Court?’’

Qing Shui lifted up his head and looked. He realized that the two words that were previously ’’Canghai’’ had already been changed to ’’Yang's Court’’.

At the same time, Canghai Mingyue also lifted her head and looked above the huge door.

The sorrow in her eyes could not be concealed.

’’Yeah, this is the Yang's Court. People with no fixed duties, please stand aside. Our elder isn't free to bother with you guys.’’ The man said arrogantly with his small eyes opened. His pair of kept on glancing at the figures of the two girls without covering up any of his lecherous thoughts towards them.


A miserable shriek was heard. As it turned out, it was the Stonegold Rabbit King in Huoyun Liu-Li's chest that had swiftly snatched away the man's eyes under Huoyun Liu-li's command.

’’You are digging your own grave. I could already tell that you are not anything good just by looking at you.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li said angrily.

’’Ah, kill all of them!’’ The guy covered his face with both of his hands. The fresh blood kept on pouring out from the cracks in his fingers. He kept on rolling on the floor and howled in grief.

The other three people didn't actually move. They were frightened to the point that their face turned pale as they looked at Qing Shui and the other two. One of the men with a youthful look said while shivering: ’’Who are you guys? Elder Yang is the elder of the Immortal Sword Sect. In South City, no one has dared to pick on us......’’

’’Just by looking at your clothes, I already know that you are from Immortal Sword Sect. In South City, the thing that I hate the most is the Immortal Sword Sect. If you don't want to die, get out of the way quickly.’’ Qing Shui said in a way that seemed like he was laughing but at the same time not.

The remaining three people quickly stepped aside. Qing Shui and the two girls stepped out and walked in. It's just that the instant Qing Shui walked into the compound, the large board that had the words ’’Yang Court’’ written on it dropped down. It hit the ground and shattered into pieces.

This place was once the place where Canghai Mingyue felt most at home. The flowers and trees and the pavilions and the kiosks had not changed one bit. However, in Canghai Mingyue's eyes, it was already so unfamiliar to her that she found it unsightly.

Canghai Mingyue began to shed tears. After that, she immediately walked towards the spot where she buried her parents. When she reached it, it made her feel as if she was struck by thunder. Almost nothing had changed in the whole Canghai Clan. However, the tombs had disappeared.


Canghai Mingyue fell to her knees, and the tears in her eyes were just like pearls with snapped strings.

At this moment, the flame in Qing Shui's heart had already reached its peak. The dead people would be better off being buried and put at rest. Since they have dared to do this kind of thing, it seemed like there was no longer any reason for the Immortal Sword Sect to exist.

’’Haha, it really is you lot. You're truly digging your own grave.’’ An aged voice called out. Qing Shui knitted his brows and turned around. He saw three doddering old men approaching from far away. The person who was talking was precisely the old man with long eyebrows in the middle. His eyes were as sharp as swords, which undermined the traits of the gentle long brows.

As soon as Qing Shui saw these three old men, he could already recognize them as the three elderly men who once convinced Qing Hanye's grandpa, the Grand Elder of the Immortal Sword Sect, to kill off a few of his own people.

It indeed was an inevitable clash between opposing factions. Before this, Qing Shui had already felt dissatisfied with these three old people. Now, he was feeling even more angry. With his brows knitted, he asked the three men: ’’Does that person's surname start with Yang?’’

’’I am, precisely......’’

’’Is this where you are supposed to move?’’ After confirming who the person with the sharp eyes in the middle was, Qing Shui directly interrupted him.

The brows of the elderly man in the middle raised slightly. Obviously, he was incomparably mad. But after he heard Qing Shui's question and looked at the place from where Qing Shui asked. He smiled: ’’Yes, I am......’’



In response to that, Qing Shui suddenly made his move. He was as fast as the descent of thunder. He straight away smashed the old man's mouth with one punch. Both of his legs on the other hand kicked the knees of the elderly man. That loud and ear-piercing noise indicated that the bones had disintegrated.

’’Ah...Wu-wu.....’’ Qing Shui smashed that old man so badly until he knelt on the ground and was screaming in agony with a blood-filled mouth.

The other two old people remaining on the other hand only looked at Qing Shui in dismay. This sudden change had directly made the two old men frown. A Fourth Grade Martial King expert actually didn't stand a chance?

’’Where is your Grand Elder?’’ Qing Shui said gently.

They didn't answer anything. They only looked at each other. The flickering gazes seemed to be really struggling. Obviously, they were coming to a consensus.

But Qing Shui had also seemed to understand something.

’’My grandpa has been locked up by them.’’ A voice that sounded a bit depressive and attractive called out.

When he heard this voice, Qing Shui couldn't help but feel shocked. It was too familiar. He turned around and saw a familiar-looking girl, the girl that had the most beautiful peach blossom eyes.

As before, the way she walked was still as gentle as ever. Every step she took embodied an uncontrollably magnetic charm.

Qing Hanye!

’’Elder Huo, Elder Yang, Elder Xu, you three unrespectful old men. You people didn't not only lay your hands on my grandpa, but you had even dared to get your hands on me. If it wasn't for the expert who saved me, I reckon that I would have died a long time ago. Speaking of it, have you people ever thought that a day like this would come?’’ Qing Hanye sauntered over slowly. Her beautiful eyes were filled with raging fire as she looked at the three.

Suddenly, both Elder Huo and Elder Xu leaped onto Qing Hanye. Their motive was clearly obvious. They wanted to capture Qing Hanye to threaten Qing Shui. So far, this was also the only way.


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