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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 431


AST 431 - Phoenix Mountain. Liu-li gets a Demonic Stonegold Rabbit King

It had already been one day since Qing Shui and the two ladies started their journey back to Heavenly Palace.

The speed of his Golden Winged Thunder Condor had increased greatly. It also had an astonishing amount of endurance. However, as Qing Shui decided not to rush back to Heavenly Palace so quickly, they decided to take a rest when the sky turned dark. Whenever they reached a city, they would stay the night in an inn, or else they would have to camp outside.

On the first day, they left Cang Lang county. When it was close to dusk, he told the two ladies, ’’It is getting dark. Let's rest here for the night, we can continue tomorrow.’’

’’Okay. The scenery here is quite nice. There are mountains, rivers and forests. I will take a walk with Liu-li.’’ Canghai Mingyue replied with a smile as she surveyed the picturesque scenery.

Qing Shui shared the same sentiments once Canghai Mingyue brought it up. There was a rapid-flowing river. On its left, there was a long mountainous range at the height of about 1000 meters, and such rock formations were considered small mountains in the World of the Nine Continents. On the right of the river, there was a forest filled with tall maple-like trees. The trees were all bare and it would take a least another month before their leaves sprout again.

As Qing Shui's eyesight was sharp, he could easily see some of the small wild beasts or flying beasts as he scanned the area while he was on the back of his Golden Winged Thunder Condor.

With a loud condor call, there was an eruption of flapping wings and scurrying wild beasts from the forest and hills below.

Swish swish~

Qing Shui shot out two stones from his hand as his Golden Winged Thunder Condor landed.


Two Mountain Leaping Rabbits were hit, the stones penetrating through their heads. Qing Shui decided that they would have these two rabbits for dinner tonight. Mountain Leaping Rabbits were about a foot tall. They were no different from the rabbits from his previous world. The only difference was that they leapt around on their two rear feet akin to kangeroos while holding something in their forepaws... Their ears were very big and their back limbs were muscular. They could jump up to 100 times their body height. As their speed was very fast, they were difficult to catch albeit belonging to the lowest level of the food chain in the mountains.

When the condor was landing, Qing Shui had spotted about 200 mountain rabbits on the hills. They scurried away so quickly in fear when Qing Shui shot out the stones, so now there were only the two dead rabbits left.

Qing Shui did not allow the two women to help him with the skinning and washing. He really detested it when women had to do this sort of thing. He would rather they kill treacherous people or use their long swords to cut down demonic beasts. He just did not like them doing what he was doing now. Perhaps, he thought that women should be more gentle, so he preferred to ’’cruelly’’ hunt those rabbits over seeing the ’’cruel’’ side of the women when they do it. Similarly, in his previous incarnation, Qing Shui did not like watching women kill chickens and fishes during new year.

Qing Shui did this very quickly, taking out the utensils. There was meat soup and there was barbecue meat, and they were seasoned with the best spices. Furthermore, Qing Shui's cooking skill was quite good, as this was part of the ’’Culinary Arts’’ skill.

Although his cooking skills were not bad, the most important thing were the spices. Those imperial cooks and similar personnages actually had their own special spice mix, or rather receipes for their flavouring. They usually did not teach it to others.

Qing Shui did not feel the need to do this. When he was at Earthly Paradise, he once taught many of his culinary skills and tips to Mei Yanxue who had great interest in cooking.

So now, Mei Yanxue usually called him ’’Teacher’’. In the world of the Nine Continents, the term ’’Teacher’’ was an honorific analogous to ’’Sir’’ but signified a closer relationship.

Qing Shui was not able to convince her otherwise. Even with Huoyun Liu-li's teasing, Qing Shui became the ’’Teacher’’ of that beautiful chef.

’’It smells really good. Sister, isn't Qing Shui bad. He wants to feed us till we are fat. I really want to eat, but I am scared that I will get fat.’’ Huoyun Liu-li said dejectedly to Canghai Mingyue.

’’Don't worry. If you get fat, look for Qing Shui, he will take the responsibility for that.’’ Canghai Mingyue chuckled.

When she was among friends, especially when it was the three of them together, Canghai Mingyue could be quite easy-going, and she would joke from time to time. Sometimes, she would even join Liu-li in teasing Qing Shui.

’’Our Liu-li will not get fat no matter how much she eats!’’ Qing Shui laughed as he handed each of them a cooked mountain rabbit hindleg. He did not really feel confident saying that, as this was not usually how he spoke even if it were true.

’’It's your responsible if I grow fat.’’ Huoyun Liu-li said mischievously as her se*y eyes fluttered.

Canghai Mingyue just smiled without saying a word.

’’Fine, my lady. Even if you become a little piggy, I will not abandon you.’’ Qing Shui said and bit into the piece of meat in his hand.

It tasted good!

’’You are the little piggy. Huh!’’ Huoyun Liu-li rolled her eyes at Qing Shui and bit off a huge chunk of the barbeque meat she was holding.

The setting sun was fading away, but the red skies made the two ladies look so much more breathtaking that, for a moment, Qing Shui stared blankly at them.

’’Sister, there is a hoodlum.’’ Huoyun Liu-li blushed as she said to Canghai Mingyue, smiling at Qing Shui coyly.

’’Alright, Liu-li. Let's go walk around nearby!’’ Canghai Mingyue was made slightly uncomfortable by Qing Shui's stare. Qing Shui's eyes were not lecherous, rather, from a third person perspective, they appeared clear and filled with a sort of warmth and admiration.

Qing Shui could not do anything. This was not the first time he had been teased by Huoyun Liu-li. When he saw the beautiful figures of the two ladies, he subconsciously started thinking about the three Portraits of Beauty.

Qing Shui felt that Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-li were as beautiful as the women in the Portraits of Beauty. Canghai Mingyue had a beauty that could ruin cities, so while she had an aura of magnanimity, her eyes could also hold disdain. Her overall appeal was not inferior to the women in the portraits.

On the other hand, Huoyun Liu-li was enchanting, which was a sort of appeal that came from within. She had se*y and alluring eyes. All her facial features were considered beautiful, but when they came together on that perfectly shaped face of hers, they became even more attractive and exquisite.

It is beauty that came from within, a charm that extends from her soul!

’’Are you coming with us?’’ Huoyun Liu-li grumbled after a few steps and looked back at the dazed Qing Shui.

’’Yes, let's go!’’ Qing Shui touched his nose as he recovered from his daydreaming. He always let his imagination run wild, so he did not know if the two ladies thought he was thinking of depraved things.

’’Are we climbing the mountains or going into the maple forest?’’ Huoyun Liu-li asked Qing Shui, who was standing beside her.

’’It's up to you. They are the same to me.’’

’’Then, let's climb!’’ Canghai Mingyue smiled.

The three of them walked towards the mountain range. Even though the mountains were not tall, the paths were rugged and meandering. They were at the start of the mountain range.

As they walked and slowly climbed up the mountain, the wind grew stronger. Their sleeves fluttered noisily against the howling gale.

The sight of the two ladies' hair dancing in the wind was an extremely captivating scene.

At this moment, a golden mountain rabbit appeared in front of the group. It seemed to have been startled. It leapt upwards towards the mountain top, every leap bringing it as high an amazing 100 meters.

Its shining, golden-colored pelage was very eye-catching. It was so much more beautiful than the other grey or stone-colored Mountain Leaping Rabbits. It was not much bigger than the normal Mountain Leaping Rabbit, but its hindlegs were more muscular and it seemed stronger.

’’Demonic Stonegold Rabbit King!’’ Canghai Mingyue exclaimed.

Qing Shui had already shot a stone at it. Qing Shui wanted to catch the rabbit not because of Canghai Mingyue's exclamation, but because he felt that he needed to catch this golden rabbit that appeared formidable. He felt that this rabbit would be useful for his Core Qi Method from the Black Armored Jumping King.

Qing Shui targeted the rabbit's back as he locked on to it in midair. He did not want to kill it, nor did he want to damage its legs.


Qing Shui was shocked when the stone was smashed to pieces as it hit the rabbit. It did not affect the golden rabbit even a bit, let alone bring it down.

Before Qing Shui could respond, the golden rabbit had already flipped its body mid air. It was now lunging towards him, baring its set of golden rabbit teeth. It was as agile as a bird, and incredibly lively.

’’This thing is even more agile than a flying bird?’’

Only then did Qing Shui use his Spirit Sense on the rabbit. It was a Xiantian level rabbit. Before Canghai Mingyue's exclaimation, Qing Shui had already dashed out, so he did not hear what she said. That was why he only used a very small amount of strength to attack the Xiantian demonic beast.

’’So even rabbits will bite when they are anxious.’’ Qing Shui could not imagine that even this sort of Mountain Leaping Rabbit could reach Xiantian level. Seeing that it had this dazzling golden color, it probably evolved after eating some sort of treasured items or herbs.

Taichi Cloudhand!

As the golden rabbit approached in its attacking stance, Qingshui reached forward and grabbed it with a smile!

The golden rabbit struggled and kicked in Qing Shui grasp. It was certainly quite strong, but unfortunately it was Qing Shui who caught it. If it was a Xiantian level warrior like Huoyun Liu-li, she probably wouldn't have been able to handle it.

The golden rabbit was about a foot in length, which was only half the size of his arm. Surprisingly, Qing Shui discovered that it weighed close to 100 jin...

This was an evolution of constitution.

It did not feel soft. The golden rabbit felt a bit hard. At the moment, it looked at Qing Shui with its two large pitiful rabbit eyes.

Qing Shui wanted to curse out. This little thing seems to be quite intelligent. Knowing that it cannot use a ’’hard’’ approach, it was changing its tactics to a soft approach.

’’Qing Shui, don't kill this Stonegold Rabbit King. It is so precious.’’ Huoyun Liu-li rushed over when she saw that Qing Shui had caught the rabbit. Her eyes were filled with envy as she looked at the foot-long golden rabbit.

Huoyun Liu-li reached out to touch the Stonegold Rabbit King. The little thing actually closed its eyes and looked like it was enjoying that!

’’What the f*k. Perverted Rabbit. You better watch out, or I might peel off your skin!’’ Qing Shui yelled at the rabbit in his hand.

The Stonegold Rabbit King managed to slyly pull away its loach-like muscular hindlegs from Qing Shui and leapt towards Huoyun Liu-li.

Being surprised, Qing Shui almost hit its head instinctively.

’’Don't kill it!’’ Huoyun Liu-li shouted suddenly. She was not afraid that the Stonegold Rabbit King would harm her and actually stepped forward and hugged it!

Qing Shui felt his heart tense up. Even if the Stonegold Rabbit King wanted to attack, Qing Shui still had the ability to protect Huoyun Liu-li. The hindlegs of the Stonegold Rabbit King were strong enough to rip open the chest and stomach of Xiantian-level warriors. Furthermore, it had a mouthful of gem-like teeth. Qing Shui knew that it was not as cute as it looked.

Shockingly, the little thing stayed obediently in Huoyun Liu-li's embrace. It even gazed at Qing Shui with a pair of scared-looking eyes, as if Qing Shui was extremely scary...


Qing Shui gloomy expression made Huoyun Liu-li extremely happy, even Canghai Mingyue started to laugh softly!

’’Qing Shui, don't kill it. Let it go. This sort of creature only appears every once in a hundred year. It is even rarer than a Mutated Beast.’’ Huoyun Liu-li already knew about the rabbit's uniqueness from Canghai Mingyue.

Qing Shui originally wanted to catch it so that he could observe it for two days and then eat it. But he did not know that its body was that hard. Since he had seen it leaping a few times, he agreed with a nod, not wanting to disappoint Huoyun Liu-li.

Huoyun Liu-li gave him a warm smile. She bent down and placed the Stonegold Rabbit King on the ground.

’’You can go, little one!’’ Huoyun Liu-li touched its little head to indicate that it could leave.

Surprisingly, the Stonegold Rabbit King glanced around and jumped back into Huoyun Liu-li's arms.

’’This perverted rabbit!’’


Qing Shui did not expect this Stonegold Rabbit King to actually get smitten with Huoyun Liu-li. He thought that it would just run away immediately, but now it was actually staying.

Qing Shui was afraid that this was only temporary. Since it seemed to have chosen Huoyun Liu-li, Qing Shui decide to grab the opportunity. He secretly stuffed two Endurance Pellets into Huoyun Liu-li's hands so that she could bribe the little creature. Sadly, he no longer had any Imperial Beast Pellets.

Huoyun Liu-li looked at the two Endurance pellets. She remembered that he had given such a thing to her before, but she could not remember where she kept it.

When Huoyun Liu-li placed one of the extremely fragrant pellet in front of the Stonegold Rabbit King. It was visibly attracted by the fragrance, but it seemed hesitant.

Qing Shui was a bit astonished when he saw the Stonegold Rabbit King's gaze. It was really intelligent - it was probably as intelligent as his Diamond Demonic Boar.

Huoyun Liu-li smiled as she held out the Endurance pellet, looking lovingly at the Stonegold Rabbit King's two huge eyes.

After about ten breaths, the Stonegold Rabbit King raised its front paw and took the Endurance Pellet. It swallowed it and closed its eyes, showing the same expression it had previously when it was in Huoyun Liu-li embrace.

’’This is one perverted rabbit. Let me see if it is a male or female. I will castrate it if it is a male.’’ Qing Shui was astounded. He reached out to check just as he finished his sentence.

’’Qing Shui, you are a baddie! Do you want to die!’’ Huoyun Liu-li said furiously.

Qing Shui was only kidding!

The Stonegold Rabbit King emitted a golden light!

’’Ji Ji!’’

The Stonegold Rabbit King leapt with joy as golden light surrounded it. As it was only a small bounce, it only bounced up around half a foot high, while its voice was filled with joy.

Qing Shui looked at the Stonegold Rabbit King expressionlessly. He realized that the rabbit had absorbed the entire Endurance Pellet, and that it seemed to emit a strong medicinal aura when it was surrounded by the golden light. It was as though the rabbit itself was equivalent to a 1000-year herb.


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