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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 43


Qing Shui's Magnificent Strike

’’One move, if I can't defeat you in one move, it shall be counted as my loss!’’ Situ Bu Fan sneered. In Qing Shui's eyes, Situ Bu Fan looked like a buffoon by idiotically exclaiming such a nonsensical statement and trying to awe the audience.

However Qing Shui knew that despite Situ Bu Fan's megalomania, he should have seen the martial strength of Qing You, and yet, he still dared to enter the arena and make such a proclamation. Situ Bu Fan's cultivation level should either be at the peak of the Martial Warrior realm, or maybe he had already broken through the Martial General threshold.

Qing You, looking at the handsome and wildly arrogant guy in front of him, felt a sudden impulse to smash the twin hammers on Situ Bu Fan's head.

Qing Shui felt nothing but disgust when he looked upon that nauseating smile plastered on Situ Bu Fan's face. What a pretentious prick!

’’Come boy, I will gift you the first three moves, if I didn't... I'm afraid you wouldn't even get the opportunity to attack me.’’ Upon hearing that, Qing You had a nasty expression on his face. He wasted no time, and rushed forward while wielding his twin hammers with herculean strength. Fast and furious!

Situ Bu Fan was akin to a leaf floating in the middle of a tornado as he calmly sidestepped to the left, causing Qing You's attack to miss.

’’First move!’’

After hearing Situ Bu Fan's provocation, Qing You chopped both his hammers with a burst of speed comparable to lightning towards Situ Bu Fan. Still sneering, Situ Bu Fan lightly retreated in an instant, and continued his provocation.

’’Second move!’’

Just as Situ Bu Fan finished speaking, at the moment when he had dodged the attack of the twin hammers;Qing You joined both the twin hammers together in a stance resembling that of the character ’’一’’. It formed a weapon with over 5m in width, as he executed his whirlwind technique, swirling like a spinning top, once again speeding towards Situ Bu Fan.

For a moment, the arena itself was shaken by the tremendous might generated by the technique Qing You displayed. However, Situ Bu Fan executed his peculiar body movement technique, took a half step forward, backward, left and right. Evading the impact of the hammers by a paper-thin margin. Such was his level of mastery that he even had time in the midst of Qing You's ferocious attacks to alter the direction of the hammers attack!

’’Third move!’’

’’Ahhh!’’ Qing You roared again. It was unknown if he was panicking, or was cheering for himself as he maneuvered his twin hammers again, and aimed for the chest region of Situ Bu Fan.

At this moment, Situ Bu Fan curled his lips upwards forming an unpleasant smile, as he struck out with his fist. As he struck out, waves of soft green light were emitted from his fist, enveloping it, giving the impression that his fist had actually grown by a size!

’’Cha cha!’’


The former sound occurred as fist and hammer made contact, and the second sound rang out because Qing You involuntarily spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He was flung out of the arena from the impact of the blow, rendering him unconscious.

’’Awww, I'm sorry, I already held back. Who would have thought that brother Qing You was so weak that he would accidentally get injured by me.’’ Situ Bu Fan lightly said as he gazed admiringly at the fist he used to defeat Qing You. ’’What a pretentious bastard!’’ Qing Shui could not help thinking after he saw that, anger clouding his features.

Qing Luo was affected too, but he quickly regained his normal composure. After Qing You was carried away for treatment, all the members of the Qing Clan had unsightly expressions on their visages.

’’Martial General Realm, he must have broken through the Martial General Realm!’’ A low voice droned out as members of the audience began their discussions.

’’How impressive, he really used a single strike to defeat Qing You, I guess that he must have at least broken through to the 2nd Grade of the Martial General Realm.’’

’’Bullshit, what do you know. From my observations, he should be at the 5th Grade of the Martial General Realm. My cousin is at a 2nd Grade Martial General but when compared to Situ Bu Fan, he is still somewhat lacking,’’ a skinny youth retorted.

’’Ah, I see brother. Your cousin is really amazing, maybe I can befriend him in the future?’’

’’No problem!’’ The skinny youth replied.

’’I wonder what your cousin is busy with recently, when would he have the time to meet up?’’

’’Oh, surely he would have had the time, but what a pity that he was killed 2 years ago!’’ The skinny youth shook his head, sighing in depression.

The guy who was talking to the skinny youth almost vomited blood and fainted, ’’Dead people... I don't want to meet dead people urghhhh’’............................

Situ Nan Tian tried his best to suppress the elation rising in his heart, and was barely able to do so. Mumbling to himself in secret, he said ’’What a bunch of country bumpkins, fighting to see whoever is the strongest? Even if you are the strongest so what? In the end, only with a single strike, you were still defeated by my grandson. What a joke, what a waste of time.’’

As the head judge, it would not do for him to burst out into laughter, so the sly old fox could only fake embarrassment, coughing softly.

Standing on the arena, and looking the expression of awe on the faces of the audience, Situ Bu Fan's smile got wider and wider. Qing Shui felt like vomiting looking at that nauseating smile on his face. Unable to bear it any longer, Qing Shui jumped up onto the arena.

’’It's you? You want to challenge me?’’ Situ Bu Fan creased his face. He was in the midst of basking in the gazes of admiration when unexpectedly, he saw another youth jump up onto the arena. Wasn't this action equivalent to slapping his face, and trying to steal his glory?

Looking at that pretentious bastard, Qing Shui had long ago wanted to punch his face and send him sprawling on the ground.

’’Qing Shui!’’

Qing Shui heard Qing Yi called out, with worry clouding her beautiful features. Turning his head, he calmly gestured at Qing Yi, as if telling her not to worry, and that everything was under his control.

’’One move, if I can't defeat you in one move, it shall be counted as my loss!’’ Qing Shui knew that the best way to humiliate pretentious bastards, was to use their own words against them.

Situ Bu Fan had hated Qing Shui even back then when they first met. He felt that Qing Shui was a threat to him. His own fiancee, Shi Qing Zhuang was famed for being a ice princess. Shewould never hold a conversation with any guys, even if the guy was her own fiance - Situ Bu Fan! However, to think that she had actually spoken with Qing Shui!

After hearing Qing Shui say that he would defeat him with one move, Situ Bu Fan burst out laughing. But even before he finished laughing, Situ Bu Fan suddenly choked as he heard the next sentence from Qing Shui.

’’Come boy, I will gift you the first three moves, if not... I'm afraid you wouldn't even get the opportunity to attack me.’’ Qing Shui lightly spoke, mimicking the demeanor of Situ Bu Fan earlier.

The members of the audience could no longer hold back as they began to chortle with laughter. Situ Bu Fan knew that the words Qing Shui spoken was directed to him, mocking him for his earlier behaviour. All his earlier arrogance was replaced by a burning sense of killing intent as all his face was lost by Qing Shui's actions.

With fury suffusing his facial features, Situ Bu Fan rushed forward, striking out with his fist towards the chest area of Qing Shui, but Qing Shui who had the aid of the Ghostly Steps, was akin to a leaf floating in a tornado, mimicking Situ Bu Fan's actions earlier, and lightly sidestepped to the left.

’’First move!’’

Members of the audience were stunned for a moment, but quickly roared out laughing. All the words and actions of Qing Shui on the arena were exactly the same as what Situ Bu Fan had done earlier!

’’Ah!’’ Situ Bu Fang no longer had the arrogant expression from before, even he himself did not know why every time he meet Qing Shui, he would be filled with an inexplicable anger so intense that his blood would boil.

’’Second Move!’’

Qing Shui easily dodged the infuriated strike of Situ Bu Fan.

Situ Bu Fan no longer dared to underestimate the enemy as he finally used a fist technique. Both of his fists were emitting waves of light green light, punching towards Qing Shui with an incomparably quick speed as he caged Qing Shui in a flurry of fists shadows. Qing Shui outwardly looked to be in a difficult position, but he was inwardly calm as he used the Ghostly Steps, and faded in and out of the shadows, only dodging each hit at the last possible moment.

’’Third move!’’ Qing Shui spat out the word, causing Situ Bu Fan's hatred of him to rise to the heavens.

’’You piece of shit, if you truly have the ability, then don't dodge, let us directly clash with each other.’’ Brimming with killing intent, ’’Boom, boom!’’ Sounds of his fist strikes echoed in the air as Situ Bu Fan upped his speed, and unleashed even more fist shadows at the vital areas of Qing Shui's head. It seems that Situ Bu Fan no longer cared about his pride nor the rules of the competition. He was aiming to kill!

Truly angered, Qing Shui glared at Situ Bu Fan's increasingly desperate strikes. Qing Shui no longer hesitated and fully infused both his arms with divine strength, circulating the Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique, as he explosively shot up both his palms in the air. With his strength of 20,000 jin, he caught the arms of Situ Bu Fan in the midst of the fist shadows.

’’Ka Cha!’’



The first sound occurred when the explosive impact broke off both of Situ Bu Fan's arms from the attack. The second sound rang out because the explosive impact had directly travelled to his chest region, which caused him to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Lastly, the third sound sounded out just before Situ Bu Fan slipped inside the soothing embrace of unconsciousness. Qing Shui's efforts sent Situ Bu Fan flying from the arena, and finally landing on the ground 10m away.

’’It is you who wanted to clash directly with me, so you can't blame me for this. ’’ Qing Shui glanced at both his arms as he sheepishly said ’’ ’’Awww, I'm sorry, I already held back. Who would have thought that brother Bu Fan was so weak that he would accidentally get injured by me.’’

However, there was no laughter this time round. All members of the audience were staring mutely at Qing Shui, as if their voices had been stolen by the impossible situation that had just occurred. Even the Qing Clan was staring at him, as if thunderstruck. Qing Shui shyly scratched his head, assuming an well-behaved expression before saying: ’’’’I'm only up here because I couldn't stand his arrogance anymore.’’

Beneath the arena, upon hearing that, the adorable face of Qing Bei began to turn red from laughter. She was uncontrollably laughing, even after tears had started coming out of her eyes. That final sentence was what she had said after she defeated Lan Yan`er!


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