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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 425


425 Canghai Mingyue's Sensitivity, Refining the Talisman-shaped Beast Skin

Qing Shui peeled his hands away from the delicate back that he was infatuated with and sat in front of Canghai Mingyue, feeling a little exhausted. Her legs were covered by a thin blanket, but those slender and well shaped legs were bewitchingly gorgeous under that black sleeping dress.

When he was behind her, or even when he was holding her hands in front of her, he did not feel as restless as he did right now. Qing Shui remembered that gentleman, Liu Xiahui, from his previous world. He had a feeling that the guy was either a female in male disguise or an eunuch. To sum it up, he was definitely not a man.

Seeing Qing Shui's current state, Canghai Mingyue felt relieved instead. She recalled that this bastard had actually seized the opportunity to take advantage of her back when they were in the

Southern City, especially during that one time when he told her that she should feed the baby milk.....

Now when she replayed the memories, she no longer felt utterly ashamed like she felt at that time. Instead, she felt like if that had really happened then perhaps she would feel very intimate. She could not help but to raise her head and gaze at Qing Shui who was currently feeling awkward.

Seeing his hands clasped together highly amused her!

Qing Shui could only laugh along with her when he saw Canghai Mingyue looking at him. In actuality, he was waiting for her to expose her own legs. However, he had been waiting for a while and Canghai Mingyue still did not seem to have any intention to do so.

’’Mingyue, I'm going to start this,’’ Qing Shui said after he slowly drew a breath of air. However, he obviously seemed to be a little unconfident about it.

Canghai Mingyue gave him a nod with a smile before kicking off the thin blanket covering her legs, giving Qing Shui a full display of her fair and delicate feet before his eyes. Her slim feet were like white jade, exuding a gentle radiance that was dazzling to Qing Shui's eyes.

They were small, exquisite and perfectly unblemished. Qing Shui did not have any foot fetish, yet he had the sudden impulse to kiss them. This realization made him feel as if he was startled awake from a dream.

Seeing the faint smile gracing the corners of Canghai Mingyue's lips, Qing Shui bravely reached out to hold the pair of divine feet in his hands.

Almost, almost!

The moment Qing Shui's hand made contact with those delicate feet that had a trace of the warmth of warm jade, Canghai Mingyue abruptly retracted her feet back. Her slight quivering was accompanied by a soft yelp.


Canghai Mingyue said that with a slightly red face, but Qing Shui felt that it was something else because the quivering he felt from just now was exactly like Huoyun Liu-Li's when Qing Shui kissed her ear.

Huoyun Liu-Li's sensitive spot was her ears. Qing Shui could not stop staring at this pair of perfect feet and then glanced at Canghai Mingyue who was behaving a little unnaturally.

Could this be her sensitive spot?

Actually none of this mattered right now. Because if a woman was willing to let a man hold her feet, that was an indication that at least she definitely had some good feelings towards that man.

He remembered about that Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, Di Chen. If she could be like Canghai Mingyue around him, her ’’Yongquan Acupoint’’ would have been cleared by now.

He was returning to the Heavenly Palace soon. When would he possess the strength to protect her rather than having her come to his rescue from a thousand miles away......

Canghai Mingyue slowly extended her legs once again, but her head was still slightly lowered, unable to look at Qing Shui in the eyes. Her heart was pounding very fast.

Qing Shui reached out again and placed the palms of his hands on Canghai Mingyue's soles. He then separated her big toes from her other four toes and slowly grasped them tightly, feeling Canghai Mingyue quivering once again but she did not try escape from his clutch this time.

He then proceeded to gradually channel the Ancient Strengthening Technique from the palm of his hands and feeding it into her meridians through the soles of her feet!

This time Qing Shui could feel Canghai Mingyue quivering violently. He lowered his head to look at her. Although she had her head lowered as well, Qing Shui could see her lips pursed up, as if she was enduring something.

Qing Shui did not feel any better. Having a pair of such warm and soft petite feet in his hands was a great pleasure yet he was not allowed to play with them......

Canghai Mingyue, on the other hand, was trying to endure that numbing sensation that made her feel like her bones were jelly and there were even some holes in her brain. She bit down on the tip of her tongue, trying not to lose herself.

Qing Shui took a deep breath before shutting his eyes to fully focus on helping Canghai Mingyue to strengthen her meridians.


Huoyun Liu-Li returned once in between, but left after seeing the serious look on both of their faces as she did not want to bother them. Yet she did not know why her heart felt a little heavy.

By the time it was nearly evening, Qing Shui only gradually pulled back and feeling a little mentally exhausted. At almost the same time, Canghai Mingyue also opened her eyes.

She could feel the subtle changes in the meridians throughout her body. There had been signs of Xiantian's weaknesses in many spots throughout her meridians. Although she could not normally feel anything, she could feel the lack of strength whenever she was using her full power or when she was breaking through to some great wall of hindrance.

Just like how Canghai Mingyue tried to break the wall hindering her from breaking through to the Martial King. If the qi of Xiantian in her dantian had reached the necessary level, it would mean that she had also fulfilled all the other conditions. But in the end, she still failed to make it through because the meridians were unable to handle such an immense pressure. Such cases were not rare.

It was Canghai Mingyue's first time having her meridians strengthened by someone else. She was even surprised by the fact that her meridians had become 30% stronger with Qing Shui's assistance this time.....

She knew that it was because this was her first time, but she had also heard stories about people who had gone through the process of getting their meridians strengthened. Generally each person could only undergo this process three times. To have their meridians strengthened by 10% on the first time was already considered to be quite high, the gain would be cut down into half on the subsequent attempts.

Yet she was able to gain 30% of strength increase on her first time. This gave her the hunch that Qing Shui's cultivation art was definitely above the Legendary grade because rumor had it that people who strengthened meridians with the help of cultivators with Legendary grade cultivation were able to gain 20% effects on their first attempt. Since she was able to gain 30%, just what grade was that cultivation art......

Then she suddenly remembered that those cultivation arts that Qing Shui had given her and the people of Qing Clan were rather uncommon. ’’Are those separated or part of his cultivation techniques? What grades are they?’’

’’Mingyue, how do your meridians feel?’’

’’Thank you!’’ Canghai Mingyue exclaimed joyfully.

’’Do you really have to thank me?’’ Qing Shui frowned at Canghai Mingyue. He did not like it whenever she expressed her gratitude to him. Her overly courteous attitude instead made him feel like they were less intimate to each other.

As soon as Canghai Mingyue saw Qing Shui's frown, she knew that she should not have thanked him. She smiled and extended her hands to pat Qing Shui's head. ’’Not thanking you then.’’

Qing Shui almost passed out from her beautiful smile. Although he had always patted other people's heads, especially on Qing Bei's, only his mother and grandfather had done this to him when he was little.

Qing Shui reached over to ’’peel’’ the hand that was rubbing on his head away and huffed. ’’You can only rub my head after we are married, but not now. Unless we get married right now. Then you can rub however you want and wherever you want.....’’

’’Stop your nonsense,’’ Canghai Mingyue reprimanded Qing Shui.


As for those who hailed from the Cloud Mist Sect of the Jian Ye Country during the day, although Qing Shui currently did not possess the strength to crush the Sword Tower, he could not care less about the Jian Ye Country which was not that impressive.

The words that he had spoken before he left were directed at that elder man. With his Martial King grade 4 cultivation and experience, he was also aware that Qing Shui was not someone they should mess around with.

’’Mingyue I'm going out first. Come join us for dinner later.’’ Qing Shui informed Canghai Mingyue before exiting the room.

The three of them had dinner together. Qing Shui had passed the spices that he had been accumulating over a long time to Mei Yanxue before dinner, making this gorgeous chef of the ’’Earthly Paradise’’ so happy that she nearly gave Qing Shui two kisses and a hug.

Everyone was very happy and it was not just them. News had also quickly travelled across the Cang Lang Country. Those people from the Cloud Mist Sect who left with a dead body and injuries had sent a clear message to everyone.

A strong cultivator had emerged in Cang Lang Country!

Cang Lang Country had been the weakest country on the Greencloud Continent. Although the Jian Ye Country was not that impressive, any country was still more powerful than Cang Lang Country. This was because Cang Lang Country of such a big size had a reputation of not having cultivators of the Martial King grade.

However, right now people were spreading the news on the streets of Cang Lang Country!

’’Did you know that our Cang Lang Country has a Martial King grade cultivator now?’’

’’Martial King? How did you know that?’’


’’Did you see those people who came here riding on a flying mythical beast? Do you know who they are?’’ a youth asked excitedly.

’’Don't keep us guessing. Hurry. If you don't tell, how would we know?’’ an obviously impatient fatty yelled.

The youth happily looked around as more people surrounded him. He coughed before slowly continuing. ’’Those people from just now are from the Cloud Mist Sect of the Jian Ye Country.’’

’’Cloud Mist Sect of the Jian Ye Country? How can that be? I heard many of them walked out of the Earthly Paradise injured and there was even one casualty! How could they be from the Cloud Mist Sect?’’ An alluring and well developed woman cried out in surprise.

Seeing the woman's surprised expression, the youth swallowed and smiled even more excitedly. He scanned around the ring of people gathered around him before returning his gaze on the woman's well developed body part. ’’Yes, they are indeed the people from Cloud Mist Sect of the Jian Ye Country. Even Yui Yilong personally came. He was actually a Martial King grade cultivator. Even with his presence, he still didn't manage to save his grandson.’’

’’So you're saying Yun Baichi was the one who died?’’ the woman suddenly asked the youth;she was unable to conceal the excitement in her eyes.

’’That's right!’’ the youth said with certainty.

’’Serves him right. He forcefully slept me then waved me off with only 2,000 taels of silver. It wasn't even half a day later he died. That wretched man took advantage of me!’’ the woman said in a loud voice.

The other people looked at the woman. Many men sighed, not sure over what. But most of their gazes stopped at her especially full breasts and perfectly round buttocks.

At first they were all secretly stealing glances. But as soon as they heard that she had just been defiled not long ago and she did not seem too sad about it, her reputation quickly changed in their hearts.

’’Then wouldn't that mean there is also a Martial King grade cultivator from our Cang Lang Country?’’

’’Of course. Not just any Martial King grade cultivator, but also possibly one with potential,’’ the youth said proudly, as if he was that Martial King grade cultivator with potential.

’’You've met him?’’

’’Yeah right. How did he look like?’’


’’If you want to know then shut up. If you don't then stop standing around here,’’ the youth snorted, displaying an imposing manner.

’’I see that brother is a cultivator, too. I am, too. I am a Martial Warrior Grade 3 cultivator who is about to breakthrough to Grade 4. Am I a genius in cultivation.....’’

’’Ouch, stop it, I'm not gonna tell!’’

’’He can flatten the Cloud Mist Sect all by himself and he is quite young on top that. Guessing that he should be around the age of twenty,’’ the youth said with a longing tone in his voice.

’’Twenty years old? Martial King grade cultivator? You must be bluffing!’’

’’Yeah, that must be a bluff!’’

’’Do you know where is he from? If I tell you his origins, those with knowledge will definitely be quiet,’’ the youth smiled at their skepticism.


’’The Hundred Miles City!’’

’’That Qing Shui who opposed against that Xinan Medicine King Aristocrat Clan!’’ someone exclaimed in surprise after a moment of silence.


In the end the youth fled from the scene. He knew all of this because he was on the third floor and witnessed everything from the beginning to the end. He was one of the Skysword Sect's disciples who had seen Qing Shui there and heard quite a lot about him.

Qing Shui was already standing on the apex of Cang Lang Country without realizing it. He had virtually tied Cang Lang Country to himself, much like what he did to Hundred Miles City.

This had been something unimaginable to Qing Shui. The country was as huge as ten million kilometers. It was no simple task to stand on the summit of Cang Lang Country yet Qing Shui had done it now. He had not only did it, but also surpassed the goal by far.

Sitting at a higher position, his field of vision had broadened yet it made him feel smaller and insignificant. He would be the most supreme being if he stayed in Hundred Miles City or Cang Lang Country. If he was content with his current situation, he could enjoy glory, splendor, wealth and rank for generations in Cang Lang Country, but he would be nothing more than just an ’’influential figure’’.

The Skysword Sect!

’’Martial Brother, did you hear that? The Cloud Mist Sect was sunk by Qing Shui's hands.’’ Gongsun Sanqian told Baili Jingwei, who was drinking wine.

’’Yes, he was simply too outstanding. Our Skysword Sect was too small. Back then, I had merely acted to resolve the debt of kindness.’’ Baili Jingwei laughed heartily.

’’Senior Martial Brother's judgement is indeed seasoned. You actually manage to foresee how capable Qing Shui would become during that one time.’’ Gongsun Sanqian chuckled. He really admired this Senior Martial Brother of his from the bottom of his heart. It would not be wrong to say that Baili Jingwei had been the Skysword Sect's pillar of support up to today.

’’Hoho, I had only sensed that he was a persistent man that time. But I could feel that he has a ferocious tiger in his heart from those clear eyes.’’


Qing Shui still spent most of his time in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal refining on beast skin because he knew that he almost got it.

He had succeeded by accident once. Unfortunately, he had been failing on the subsequent ten attempts and then later followed by yet another ten consecutive attempts.........

Qing Shui held up the two successful pieces of Talisman-shaped Beast Skins. The distance between him and his sweet success was not too far now. The success of these two pieces was just stroke of luck.

Qing Shui opened up his senses and expanded his ’’Heavenly Vision Technique’’. He discovered that the pattern around the center of the Talisman-shaped Beast Skin was actually a very vague ’’swastika’’ symbol that did not really look square.

He hurriedly examined the other successful Talisman-shaped Beast Skin and also realized that it had the same ’’swastika’’ symbol. Qing Shui stared at it blankly for a while before picking up the failed Talisman-shaped Beast Skins off the ground.

This revelation had excited Qing Shui. He examined more than ten Talisman-shaped Beast Skins that had failed and most of them had an ’’x’’ instead of the ’’swastika’’ symbol. This led Qing Shui to believe that the success and failure definitely had something to do with this ’’swastika’’ symbol.


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