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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 423


AST 423 - The Cloud Mist Sect in Jian Ye Country, Feeling a woman's warmth in his arms

Time has gradually passed by. The ’’talisman figure’’ that had been written on a bunch of python leather accumulated like a mountain under Qing Shui's feet. After numerous attempts to draw a proper talisman, not once had he succeeded.

Qing Shui never knew how hard it could be to draw talismans. It was extremely difficult to even develop one ’’Talisman-shape Beast Skin’’ successfully. Although he had a sharp spiritual sense and reached the realm of ’’ubiquitous ’’, he could not develop the ’’Talisman-shape Beast Skin’’ as quickly as he had initially thought.

The first few steps would always be the hardest to begin with. After a few trial and error, Qing Shui was able to pinpoint where he had gone wrong during the talisman drawing. Although it was not a success, he had gained experiences from doing it by learning various developing techniques. Because of the numerous trainings on drawing talismans, Qing Shui felt like he should be able to successfully develop a Talisman-shape Beast Skin very soon.


On the second day, Qing Shui faced the east where the sun rose and started cultivating his Taichi Fists. It had become part of his daily routine. Taichi Fists was the first technique he obtained after he has reached the realm of ’’One with Heaven’’, and the benefit of learning this technique had been nothing but beneficial.

The Diamond Demonic Boar moved around the vicinity once more. The boar wasn't frightened by the Darkgold Three-headed Python from yesterday as it strolled around calmly. Firebird was soaring the sky not far from Qing Shui. Once in awhile, it let out a few chirps that sounded loud and clear.


A loud sound growled through the air, crumbling and shattering the surrounding rocks on the mountain. The cracks from the vibration spreaded out into a trench below Qing Shui's feet and crept through the ground for about 10 metres in length. Rocks were flying everywhere, and the Flying Beasts around the surroundings fled in panic.




Qing Shui repeatedly used the ’’Mighty Elephant Stomp’’ around the area until everything has turned into shambles. He initially had an impulse to try out the power of the ’’Mighty Elephant Stomp’’ since he was still in the middle of the mountains. After all, this place felt like it would be the most suitable area to practice such a destructive skill. After using the ’’Mighty Elephant Stomp’’ twice, he fell in love with its destructiveness. It was a feeling he would enjoy, much like the feeling of making love to a woman.

Later that day, Qing Shui finally reached Cang Lang Country!

It was almost afternoon when he arrived. As soon as he reached there, Qing Shui quickly flew up towards the ’’Earthly Paradise’’. In his opinion, Cang Lang Country had been getting worse by the day due to its decline in strength.

Certain safety measures have been employed in bigger countries for aerial transportation. Flying beast transportations were forbidden to fly in altitudes below 2000 metres inside the country. Passersby travelling on a flying beast would also be required to fly on an altitude more than 2000 metres. If they needed to land from the sky, they would be required to land on the city public square. In other countries, landing on public squares may be prohibited.

However, there were no such rules in Cang Lang Country, possibly due to its location or other reasons. Qing Shui directly flew up towards the ’’Earthly Paradise’’ without any problems.

The most suitable explanation Qing Shui could think of was still the problem of strength. Firstly, country's overall strength has been declining, and secondly, the clans and sects representing the country have declined in power as well. Regardless, there were no Martial King level martial artists representing the name of Cang Lang Country.

Finally, Qing Shui found a spacious area to land. He quickly rushed into the ’’Earthly Paradise’’!

The crowd was never-ending. This flourishing scene was similar to the Hundred Miles City. It was the same as the other places in the world of nine continents that Qing Shui had been to. The world was vast, as were the people, almost to the point of overpopulation.

’’Earthly Paradise’’ was still a ’’thriving’’ scenery for Qing Shui. Only those who had the status and capability in Cang Lang Country were allowed to come here.

Regardless whether the passersby came from a local country or other countries, they would be able to go to the ’’Earthly Paradise’’ if they could meet the requirements. After all, this was one of the restaurants that could rake in the most reviews and praises in Cang Lang Country.

’’Mister, please come inside!’’ There were two unfamiliar faces standing in front of the door. The two young maidservant smiled sweetly at Qing Shui. He felt their youthful energy with the hint of loveliness.

Qing Shui nodded as he stepped inside the restaurant, then went straight to the second floor. Suddenly, about a dozen people came down from the third floor. They nearly tumbled from the stairs, looking quite panicked.

’’There's a fight, there's going to be a fight...’’

’’Another woman is going to be violated. She's also very beautiful!’’


Those people kept making noises as they ran down from upstairs.

’’Miss, is it so hard to have a drink or two with me?’’ Qing Shui was able to hear a man's voice with his sharp sense of hearing. He hastened his footsteps towards the scene.

’’Why should I drink with you? Get out of my way!’’

It was a familiar voice, almost too familiar. When Qing Shui heard this voice, he instantaneously went upstairs.

As he reached the third floor, there were only a few people having their meals. However, there was one table nearby making a disturbance.

There were about 10 men around the table, and most of the young men looked like they were in their 30s. There were also two middle-aged man amongst the group.

Huoyun Liu-li was trapped in the middle, facing a young man in his 30s who looked masculine. This man was tall, well-proportioned, and strong. Both of his arms looked graceful, but they were slightly longer than normal. He had a pair of deep-set eyes, but they looked barbarous. He didn't seemed to be the type to be easily controlled by other people as well. All in all, he was a charismatic man who seems to be attracted by a lot of women.

’’Why? I have the most power in the entire Cang Lang Country, so I can get whoever I want. Now that you've caught my eye, you should be honored. There are a lot of women who want to be with me, but they aren't my cup of tea.’’ The young man looked at Huoyun Liu-li intriguingly. His pair of eyes were greedy as a predator.

’’You're just a frog in a well. I feel sick just looking at you. I'm going to say this one more time, get out of my face!’’ Huoyun Liu-li wasn't interested in a man who was entirely different than Qing Shui. This man was arrogant, conceited, narcissistic, and was a classic example of a squanderer. Huoyun Liu-li looked at the young man with scornful eyes.

’’I like how savage you are. If you can be the same in bed, that would be great.’’ The young man snickered as he flashed a row of white teeth. This man was a real savage. However, some women would be attracted to this kind of wild men.

But at this very moment, before the young man could close his mouth, a rock that looked like the size of an egg suddenly struck through his teeth!


It was a sound that could set people on edge. The rock was just enough to plug the man's mouth, and in an instant, the rock was covered in red. The man was bleeding through his mouth.

The young man painfully let out a muffled cry. The wild eyes he had earlier have turned into a pair of watery painful eyes. He struggled a lot to remove the rock from his mouth. After the rock has been plugged out, almost all of his teeth have been shattered. The young man even accidentally swallowed some of the teeth from the impact.....

He felt sick knowing the teeth he had swallowed will end up inside his stomach!

Perhaps it was too sudden, but in actuality, everything occurred within the time it took for a person to take a deep breath!

’’To think two elementary grade Martial Kings would dare act so impudent. How reckless of you two.’’ Qing Shui's voice snapped the young man back to reality.

’’Where did this brat come from?’’

’’Young master Yun, are you alright?’’

’’Cocky brat, how dare you injure one of our people. We're Cloud Mist Sect from Jian Ye Country. You're dead meat!’’ A middle-aged man furiously said as he frowned at Qing Shui.

’’Jian Ye Country? Cloud Mist Sect?’’

Just then, Qing Shui remembered about skilled Xiantian martial warrior from the Situ Clan whom he had killed. Jian Ye Country was just right next to Cang Lang Country. Moreover, Cloud Mist Sect was one of the powerful sect in Jian Ye Country.

’’Qing Shui!’’

Huoyun Liu-li shouted happily and ran towards Qing Shui, hugging him. She felt it pleasant to see him.

He felt her womanly warmth in his arms, but he would have never thought that Huoyun Liu-li would act so intimately towards him in public. Qing Shui patted her gently as they hugged each other.

The young man known as young master Yun was stood back up from where he fell, assisted by his clansmen. He lifted his head to show a disfigured mouth and a swollen face. This man looked at Qing Shui and Huoyun Liu-li with deep hatred in his eyes.

’’Uncle, I want him dead. I want to kill him badly!’’ Because most of his teeth had fallen out, his words sounded muffled like he was spitting air through his mouth. Luckily, the words he spoke were still clearly understandable.

’’Liu-li, let's hug later. First, we have to kill all these people. We shall continue when we go back!’’ Qing Shui said softly, then proceeded to lick her ears gently. Perhaps he didn't feel quite satisfied, Qing Shui then tried to move his tongue in a swivel motion....

Huoyun Liu-li trembled all of a sudden as she held onto his neck tightly. After that, she quickly shoved Qing Shui away. Qing Shui looked at Huoyun Liu-li, her beauty glistening.

’’Qing Shui......’’

’’He is Qing Shui from the Qing Clan...’’

’’No wonder she wasn't afraid just now.’’

’’So what if he's Qing Shui? Uncle, I want to rip her into pieces, I want to....’’


’’Shut your mouth! Do you want everyone to die here?’’ The middle-aged man slapped the young man on his swollen face.

’’We were ignorant. I will compensate for what he has done.’’ The middle-aged man quickly bowed at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui remained silent and walked towards them calmly.

’’Mister, we are from Cloud Mist Sect. I owe you a favor. So would you please spare our faces?’’ The other middle-aged man said as he looked at Qing Shui.

The other youngsters had just realized what had happened. They were already on the edge of death when Qing Shui had come into the picture. They young men just wanted to seek some fun with the women in the city, and they were planning to play with whoever young master Yun has his eyes on.....

’’Spare your faces? Why should I? What makes you worthy of it?’’ Qing Shui said slowly while giving a spurious smile. However, he was filled with seething hatred deep inside his heart.

Qing Shui didn't want to imagine what would have happen if he wasn't here today. After all, there were two Martial King martial warriors amongst the group. Cang Lang Country has a weak reputation to begin with. It was of no surprise that Martial King martial warriors would dare come to Cang Lang Country to commit foolish acts, and this would not be the last time for them either.

Qing Shui disliked these kind of men the most. They were the sole reason as to why the people in Hundred Miles City wanted Qing Shui as their protector. Otherwise, any Xiantian martial warriors could have come into the Hundred Miles City and commit sinful acts, and no one would be able to do anything about it. It was just like the incident with the Medicine King Clan in the Xinan City.

’’You, you...’’ The middle-aged man stuttered as his blood began to boil!

’’Please tell us what we should do so you can spare us!’’ The first middle-aged man turned pale as he asked Qing Shui.

He wasn't the only one turning pale, the others were beginning to look frightened as well.

’’Did you know that I hate that kind of men the most?’’ Qing Shui said, ignoring the middle-aged man's plea.

As the others listened to the conversation, their hearts were beginning to sink even more. The young men only planned to accompany the young master Yun to the neighbouring Cang Lang Country to have fun for a while. The life of bandits performing acts of robbery, stealing treasures and women were definitely an addiction, as this wasn't their first time. Moreover, the two seniors from Cloud Mist Sect would usually accompany young master Yun whenever he came out to have fun. As long as they remained beside him, nothing would ever happen to him even if the entire Cang Lang Country were to be crushed to debrises.

’’Everyone, let's finish this...’’

One of the young men suddenly yelled out and took out his mid-length sword. Perhaps he couldn't stand the oppression anymore, or perhaps he thought Qing Shui was weaker because he was younger than him. He pointed the sword at Qing Shui and lunged forward.

The other three young men followed and took out their swords!

’’Stop!’’ A sudden dignified voice halted their movements.

’’Grandfather!’’ Young master Yun was taken aback by the voice.

’’Old man!’’

The two middle-aged men sighed a breath of relief.

’’Shut up!’’

An elderly man walked towards the table slowly, followed by two other old men. He berated his grandson heavily, then stared harshly at the middle-aged men.

’’Stop this nonsense!’’

After that, the elderly man turned to faced Qing Shui.

Qing Shui did not back away and stared at him as well. The elderly man wore thin, plain clothing made of cotton over his entire body even though it was still in the middle of winter. He had a smile on his hook-nosed face, but he gave an impression of a fierce, murderous, and resolute old man.

However, the two old men beside him looked benevolent and kind. They also wore fancy clothing, as opposed to the elderly man in the middle. The two old men stared at Qing Shui interestingly, as if they already knew who he was.

’’Mister, as they say, if things are not settled amicably, then there will be no end to it. It was a misconduct on my part. Luckily this lady wasn't harmed in any way. So perhaps you could...’’ The old man said leisurely to Qing Shui.

’’Wasn't harmed? If someone touch her by even a hair, I will overturn the entire Cloud Mist Sect. Would you believe it?’’ Qing Shui looked at the old man calmly. His words, however, made both of the fancy-clothed elderly men frowned.

’’Yes, of course we believe in your words.’’ The old man smiled.

’’Mister, then please forgive them. Please tell us your conditions, and we will do our best to satisfy you.’’ The old man let out a smile as he looked at Qing Shui with gentle eyes.

It was a fortunate thing that Huoyun Liu-li wasn't harmed because of the elderly men's intervention and his perfect timing. However, he has already decided to teach them a lesson about harassing Huoyun Liu-li.

’’Since you have offered, and I don't feel like committing a massacre, then I would like them all to disable their cultivation. After that, they are free to go.’’

For martial warriors, cultivation would be more important than their life. Just like the two 70 years old middle-aged men, if their basic cultivation skill has been disabled, they would not be able to live longer than a few more years.

’’You, you...’’

’’You want us to disable our cultivation?’’


’’Either you do it yourself, or I will do it for you. But if I were to do it, it will be much more painful than you can ever imagine.’’ Qing Shui said calmly, gazing angrily at the people around him.

’’Grandfather, save me!’’



A long thin silver needle pierced through young master Yun's temples!

A stream of fresh blood dripped from his head!


’’If the rest of you don't want to die, then do it yourself quickly!’’ The elderly man clenched his fists together as he urged the remaining people to make the move.

Horrible screams rang out across the sect!


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