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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 420


AST 420 Dao of Talisman Drawing, Nine Grades of the Heavenly Talisman!

Such a significant change! Aren't the Diamond Demonic Boars supposed to be the weakest demonic beasts? Why would they have so much potential to grow? Qing Shui was really puzzled.

Seeing as the Diamond Demonic Boar's gaze was still fixed on the other remaining Endurance Pellet in his hand, Qing Shui smiled and threw the endurance pellet into its mouth.

Like before, a brilliant golden light yet again emerged from its body. This time, its body was once again approximately half a foot bigger than before. The golden skin from all across its body had a metallic feeling. Both of its eyes also appeared to spark with more intelligence than before. It roved around Qing Shui in joy. From time to time, it would give out two cries and let Qing Shui knew that it still wanted more.

Qing Shui knew that demonic beasts could only eat two such pills. Hence, he could only tell the Diamond Boar that he no longer had any left through telepathy.

The Diamond Demonic Boar looked at Qing Shui and cried out twice in joy. Qing Shui on the other hand, he felt fascinated as he looked at the nose of the Diamond Beast. It went without saying that the noses of wild boars would be longer than those raised domestically. However, at this moment, the nose of this Diamond Demonic Boar was obviously longer than those of wild boars by a small margin, so much so that it was slightly sagging, seemingly adding a bit of cuteness to it, which inadvertently made it look a bit less vicious than the typical wild boar.

Qing Shui was indeed a lot happier as he observed the changes of the Diamond Boar.

During the refinement, he once again refined two stoves of Endurance Pellets and managed to make twenty-four additional Endurance Pellets. After adding them to the ones from prior, there were thirty-four of them in total. Not only could this number of pellets feed each and every one of the Qing Clan members, he would still be left with a few in reserve.

Very quickly, the time in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal had passed. The morning exercise proceeded as usual. However, Qing Shui distributed the endurance pellets for everyone to take..

After having his breakfast, Qing Shui went into the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and took out the Chen Liang that he had valued for a long time. After all, it had been stashed away into the realm from since he was in Southern city.’’ Qing Shui sensed that it was actually not that much inferior to Thousand Years Chun Niang due to the unique existence of the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

Qing Shui knew that Lin Zhanghan enjoyed drinking alcohol. That's why he only visited Lin Zhanhan's place after he brought two bottles of Nv`er Hong and Immortal's Drunkness with him. This was because, today, Qing Shui wanted to learn how to draw Talismans from Lin Zhanghan.

’’This is bad. I have actually forgotten to take a look at it in advance.’’ Qing Shui felt upset. Originally, he had wanted to take advantage of the time he spent yesterday night when he was in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to take a look at the book known as ’’Heavenly Talisman’’. It was just that he got interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Diamond Demonic Boar.

As soon as he arrived at Ling Zhanhan's courtyard, he saw Ling Zhanhan testing a few boxing techniques that helped extend the vessels right off the bat. The current him no longer needed to rely on the Qing family's Book Pavilion. Ever since the time when the Qing Clan members had gone to Hundred Miles City, Ling Zhanhan had stopped going to the Book Pavilion.

That was mostly because the Qing clan's collection had turned obsolete. Ever since Qing Shui started teaching the people of his clan his martial art skills and technique, it no longer had any uses.

’’Qing Shui, you are here!’’ Ling Zhanhan was obviously in a splendid mood. He spotted Qing Shui exactly as he walked in, calling out merrily with a smile on his face..

’’Yeah. Grandpa Ling, are you feeling unwell?’’ Qing Shui smiled and asked.

’’No, I am feeling really good. It has been more than ten years. In fact, I thought that I had lost this feeling.’’ Ling Zhanhan said happily. He was brimming with vital qi.

’’Grandpa Lin, I know that you enjoy drinking wine, so I have purposely brought you some. When you are free, you can try it out. I guarantee that you will like it.’’ Qing Shui smiled. He was already standing next to Ling Zhanhan.

’’Nv`er Hong? Immortal's Drunkness?’’ Ling Zhanhan felt particularly amazed. These two kinds of wine, despite their names being authentic, were actually the most common goods across the continent However, one point about them was that if they reached a sufficient amount of years spent aging, they would still be able to rise through the ranks of the most costly wine in the continent.

’’Could it be that these Nv`er Hong and Immortal's Drunkness were goods that have aged a thousand years?’’ Ling Zhanhan smiled as he took over the two bottles from Qing Shui's hands. He walked towards the room along with Qing Shui.

’’Qing Shui, let's learn talisman drawing together today.’’ Ling Zhanhan put down the wine bottles in his hand. After that, he went straight to the main topic and said.


’’Let's go to the study room. I have already prepared the things that are needed.’’ After Ling Zhanhan finished speaking to Qing Shui, he led him towards the study room.

The study room was really close. They walked abreast along a one-metre-wide stony lane, and after walking less than fifty metres without taking any turns, they arrived at their destination.

The study room was a two-story building. It was located in the Qing clan's village. Only a few of the rich clans were capable of building a two-story building. They pushed open the wooden door and immediately walked up to the second floor.

As soon as Qing Shui entered the study room, his nose puckered up slightly. This was because the scent of beast blood struck him. Furthermore, it was the beast blood of those that were at least at the demonic beast level or above.

The first floor was just like a living room. It was a bit dim and empty without anything in it. However, as soon as he went to the second floor, he felt that it was totally different compared to the first floor. It was bright and airy. The warm sunlight shone into the room from the windows on the east side, dyeing it golden yellow. It could even boost one's mood and make one feel happy.

An extremely huge desk was placed in the middle of the room. It was the first time Qing Shui had seen a desk installed in such a way, but he didn't feel like the arrangement was awkward. The desk was slightly tall. There weren't any benches or chairs surrounding it. There was only a couch at a spot not so far from it.

Qing Shui saw a lot of bloody things placed on the desk, appearing to be at least ten metres long. Qing Shui could smell how there were beast skins, writing brushes and beast blood on it.

Qing Shui followed Ling Zhanhan and kept on walking up to the edge of the extremely large desk. At this moment, Qing Shui had swept a cursory glance through the things placed onto it.

’’Grandpa Ling, are these the things that are going to be used for talisman drawing?’’ Qing Shui looked at Ling Zhanhan with a strange expression. If this were in his past life, Qing Shui would definitely think that he was a priest who deceived other people. However, Qing Shui did not have even an iota of such a thought in mind now.

’’Correct, the minimum requirement for talisman drawing is that it has to be the blood and skin of the demonic beast grade. The hair of the writing brush also has to be at least those of the weasel bristles, a thousand years demonic beast.’’

Qing Shui sensed mildly potent spiritual fluctuations from the golden yellow-colored writing brush. Actually, Qing Shui had figured out that the spiritual fluctuations that emerged from the Golden Calligraphy Brush in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal were something that the writing brush in front of him could never match up to even if it was a horse being urged on by getting its bottom patted.

’’Grandpa Ling, yesterday, I did not take some time out of the day to look at the ’’Heavenly Talisman’’ book that you gave me.’’ Qing Shui felt that he had to admit it.

’’It will still be the same no matter whether you have seen it or not. For starters, why don't you look at me drawing first. Reading it in the future will make no difference. Later on, observe me drawing carefully.’’ Ling Zhanhan said with a smile. At this moment, he gave out a strong self-confidence.

’’These things are only the things that I stored in the past to practice talisman drawing. I hadn't thought that I would end up putting them here for almost ten years. What I didn't expect more-so was that there would actually be a day when I would take it up again during my lifetime.’’ Ling Zhanhan took up the writing brush. He let out a depressing sigh and said.

’’The purpose of talisman drawing are for humans to use their own Xiantian Qi through a unique drawing style, and also by relying on the demonic beast's beast skin, using the power of their blood to draw out a special existence. It can either increase one's strength or lower the strength of the opponent within a short period of time.’’ Ling Zhanhan said while taking up the writing brush and dipping it into the red blood in the inkstone.

’’There are a lot of varieties of talismans. There were the attribute talismans that revolve around strength, speed, defense and energy. These kind of Talismans are capable of increasing one's physical attributes within a short period of time, and thereupon lay waste to their opponent. There are also those that are useful against the opponents. their purpose is to lower the opponent's strength, speed, defense and energy.’’ Ling Zhanhan, like before, was still slowly dipping the writing brush inside the demonic beast's scarlet blood and lightly ’’polishing’’ it at the edge of the inkstone.

Qing Shui listened attentively. He understood it. Merely, he thought the ’’Heavenly Talisman’’ was too mysterious. Moreover, Qing Shui did not know how much this ’’Heavenly Talisman’’ could increase his specifications. For example, how much stronger would it make him, and how much faster would he be?

Perhaps, it was because of Qing Shui's Ancient Forging Skill, but the armors and weapons that he forged would have a few additional attributes. Qing Shui had high hopes for the Heavenly Talisman, so he was afraid that it would disappoint him. However, Qing Shui thought that since Ling Zhanhan, as a Martial King warrior at his peak, thought so highly of it, surely it must be worth its salt.

’’There are actually still many kinds of talisman that are useful against the opponent's talents. For example, poison and weapon talismans......’’

After Qing Shui heard Ling Zhanhan speak up to this point, Qing Shui only understood that this Heavenly Talisman might truly be really powerful if not useful. While it can strengthen the user, it can also disempower the opponent.

’’Alright, I am just telling you these things to let you familiarize yourself with Heavenly Talismans. Today, I will teach you the method to draw them.’’ Ling Zhanhan smiled and told Qing Shui, who was still deep in thought.

Qing Shui hurriedly came back to his senses and smiled at Ling Zhanhan. He went two steps closer and took position beside him.

’’These talisman formations, they are in the Heavenly Talisman that I gave you. The talisman drawing procedure emphasizes the usage of Xiantian Qi. Whether to keep it well-proportioned or steady, you should decide which one is more important inside the drawing. After that, form them in one go.’’

Qing Shui took mental notes of Ling Zhanhan's main points in silence.

With a flourish, the tip of the writing brush that Ling Zhanhan was holding dropped down onto a snow white beast skin.

It was incomparably fast and nimble;the brush went off like the roar of dragons and the slither of snakes, and the drawing assumed the vague outline of a body with each scatter of blood-ink.

If it wasn't because Qing Shui's eyes were keen, he estimated that he wouldn't have been able to see clearly how Ling Zhanhan drew.

Even though the time it took was really short, the drawing process still lasted for as long as three breaths. Merely, despite the complexity of the Talisman and the amount of time it took, Qing Shui still felt entranced by Ling Zhanhan's hand as it flickered about like a butterfly flying at peak speed with a flutter of its wings. It was gorgeous and magnanimous.

Ling Zhanhan wiped the sweat from his forehead once he was done. Only now did Qing Shui catch on and realize that the three breath's of time spent drawing had actually caused Ling Zhanhan to exhibit sweat, even in a state where he had recovered some of his Xiantian strength. Furthermore, he looked like he was extremely drained of energy.

’’Grandpa Ling, are you alright?’’ Qing Shui asked in concern.

’’I am fine. In the past, drawing out this second-grade talisman was something that would happen in a flash for me. I would not even feel tired after having drawn it relentlessly for an entire day. I never would have thought that, now, it would actually be laborious to this extent.’’ When Ling Zhanhan spoke of this, he was unable to cover up his sad expression.

’’Grandpa Ling, you needn't worry. I will definitely let you recover your strength back to when it was at its peak like before.’’ Qing Shui comforted Ling Zhanhan and said. Actually, Qing Shui still had a lot of confidence in the Great Revitalizing Pellet. However, when all was said and done, he did not have a hundred percent of assurance.

’’After you are old, the only thing left would be groaning. Alright now, did you see it clearly just now?’’ When Ling Zhanhan said this, he was looking at Qing Shui seriously, so much so that his expression had appeared to look a bit nervous.

’’I saw it very clearly. But it would be very difficult for me to draw it now. Just now, I felt Grandpa Ling's qi, soul and drawings. I reckon that, at most, I would only be able to mimic your form. Even if I manage to jot down the Talisman, there would not be any of the same charm or grace.’’ Qing Shui only said in a serious manner after thinking over.

Ling Zhanhan looked at Qing Shui seriously. He felt that it was too unbelievable. After all, for a second-grade ’’Movement Restriction Talisman’’, there was a vivid and lifelike thousand-feet centipede and a spider intertwined within the spider web. With one false drawing alone, it could possibly disintegrate the whole talisman. He had actually managed to see it carefully in one go This was already completely unbelievable. Furthermore, the most important part was that he could mimic the whole thing and draw it out. After all, for an ordinary beginner, being able to see merely one third of it already qualified them as genius.

Qing Shui, why don't you try it!’’ Ling Zhanhan passed over the writing brush in his hand to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui nodded. He extended his hand and took over the writing brush.

After that, he started to slowly dip the brush in the scarlet demonic beast blood. In his mind, however, he was recalling the whole process when Ling Zhanhan drew the talisman just now. He did not miss out on any spots.

He slowly sped up the revolution of his Ancient Strengthening Technique and purposely used its expansive vital energy. As for the other Frenzied Bull's Strength and Golden Qi, they revolved on their own.

Qing Shui, who took a deep breath, swiftly waved the writing brush in front of the beast skin. Ling Zhanhan who was next to him, on the other hand, was already stunned at the instance of Qing Shui moving the brush and drawing a head.

Genius! A devil-like genius!

Qing Shui took approximately a normal person's five breaths worth of time. Of course, Qing Shui was holding his breath all along. He did not dare to relax at all. At the moment, when the last stroke of the brush got lifted up, Qing Shui felt a bit of Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique in his body and the other energies getting passed through the writing brush and across the talisman drawing.

Qing Shui also knew why Ling Zhanhan would be this exhausted. This was the first time he drew a Talisman, so he reckoned that the quality did not pass, so much so that he even reckoned that there wasn't much effect to it.

After letting out a long sigh, Qing Shui turned around and looked at Ling Zhanhan who was staring blankly back at him. He promptly called out: ’’Grandpa Ling......’’

’’Hahaha! Good! Good!’’ Ling Zhanhan laughed loudly in joy.

Yet, this laugh had made Qing Shui feel dazed.

However, it was not a bad thing. After all, what he said just now was good.

’’If it wasn't because I knew about your condition, I would definitely not believe that this is your first time drawing a talisman. This is really good, such a good innate skill. You can definitely practice this Heavenly Talisman up to the ninth grade.’’ Ling Zhanhan was incomparably happy.

’’Nine grades? Before that, the Movement Restriction Talisman that you said you would draw was only second grade? How are these grades divided up?’’ Qing Shui felt doubtful. He was thinking about it secretly in his mind.

’’Grandpa Ling, how are these nine grades divided up?’’ Qing Shui still decided to ask.

’’For talisman drawing, it would be fine as long as you can draw it out. As for the division in grades, it is based on your drawing skills, strength and materials. Actually, there isn't a clear division, let me tell you about the common difference in the divisions.’’

After stopping for a while, Ling Zhanhan continued to explain: ’’For example, let's talk about the second-grade Movement Restriction Talisman just now. It is used to restrict the opponent, that is, restrict twenty percent of the opponent's speed. However, it isn't based on twenty percent of the opponent's speed, but instead it uses the user's own speed as the standard. That's why talisman masters would never use ordinary talismans to skip a grade and challenge someone. But if they use some unique demonic beasts or martial saint level demonic beast's skin, the talisman made by that blood would increase the strength of the talisman by folds, so much so that it would be by a number of folds, up to almost ten folds.

’’Grandpa Ling, you mean to say that the ability of this talisman to lower down the capability of the opponent is based on one's own standard, but not their opponents?’’ Qing Shui said in shock. There was even a bit of surprise in his words.

’’Of course. If not, wouldn't a Xiantian talisman master have been able to cut down half of his opponent's speed in just a short while just by using something like a fifth grade Movement Restriction Talisman?’’ Ling Zhanhan smiled as he said so.

’’But even if you guys are at the same grade, wouldn't battling the talisman master be too terrifying? They could weaken the opponents at the same level as them to a level where they are unable to withstand even one blow in just a short while.’’ Qing Shui looked at Ling Zhanhan and asked in shock.

’’Aren't you looking down on the difficulty of Heavenly Talisman a bit too much? The things that were mentioned previously were all normal. One more point, most of the Talisman masters have formidable spiritual energy. However, they are significantly weaker than warriors in other aspects. Furthermore, I have only cultivated to the fifth-grade Talismans after reaching the pinnacle of Martial King grade, and I am already finding it really difficult to improve further. And it's still only the ’’Movement Restriction Talisman’’ that reached the fifth grade for me.’’ Ling Zhanhan smiled bitterly.


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