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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 414


AST 414 - The Unlucky Crimson Gang, Eradicated, Poison Scriptures

Qing Shui wasn't fond of people like Li Hong. As for his scheme, Qing Shui didn't really put it in his eyes. Qing Shui was still really confident about the sturdiness of his body, and right now, he took in a Five Dragon Pellet just in case.

Hundred Miles City was not even a hundred miles away from Parallel Mountain. Even if he had taken a beast cart there, it would also be really fast. It would only take about six hours or more.

Along the way, Qing Shui gossiped about some unimportant matters with Li Hong. Qing Shui already had his own plan. To the people that wanted to do harm to him, he couldn't let them feel too comfortable. He could definitely not think twice when it comes to dealing with this kind of people.

Following the large and smooth street, the beast cart went out of Hundred Miles City very quickly. It went up a dirt road outside. However, the road surface was smooth and glossy, as opposed to what one might have expected. It was only a small city, like Hundred Miles City, that lacked a road with proper stony surface leading to the other cities outside, ones that Xiangzhou City and Jun City had. In those kind of big cities, their road not only led to the exterior part, they were all big streets which were accessible from all sides. Every single one of the streets were wide, and the smooth main street with stone surface.

The transportation issue was a huge problem in the world of nine continents. Of course, it would not matter if one had a flying demonic beast. The crucial point was, however, that the majority of the people still needed to rely on some beast carts. So long as there were smooth and flat huge streets, the speed of some of the beast carts would be able reach up to the speed of some normal flying beasts.

For example, the ’’Squallblood Horses’’ were not demonic beasts. However, its value was much higher than that of the demonic beasts. Its purpose was to be used to pull carts. Its speed was even faster than normal flying beasts. It was approximately four metres long and two metres and a half tall;it was as fast as wind with a hundred percent of endurance.

Unfortunately, the speed of this kind of Squallblood Horses was too fast. Their strength was also at the pinnacle among the ferocious beasts. Even the ordinary beasts were not able to deal with them, let alone the normal warriors. They were not able to catch up to their speed. Of course, the flying beasts would be exceptions. Those who possessed them were all people who held the status and symbol of influential clans, influential sects, and rich merchants.

Very quickly, the beast cart has already entered the Parallel Mountain. The mountain path was very narrow. For beast carts like this, there could only be approximately a maximum of three carts going together side by side to each other. Along the journey, he constantly saw the figures of people wearing red shirts passing over.

The road along the mountain path of the Parallel Mountain was only around thirty miles long. The old nest of the Crimson Gang was right at the centre of it. Along the way, they would constantly see the appearances of a few flying beasts. However, they would very quickly escape back into the mountain.

The old nest of the crimson gang was on a broken off mountain peak in Parallel Mountain. Qing Shui once again saw the stone steps forcefully opening up a staircase on the mountain. Of course, it was not as dramatic as the stone steps in Heavenly Palace.

’’Mister, we are here!’’

Shui walked out of the carriage after the voice of Li Hong came through, over to the stone steps to join Li Hong.

’’Second Boss!’’

’’Second Boss!’’


The people that he met when going up the staircase would all greet Li Hong.

The Parallel Mountain had a height that did not exceed a hundred metres. Thus, the stone steps were not actually that long. Very quickly, they have already arrived at the mountain peak after taking two turns.

There was only one building that resembled a palace. The rest of the buildings were all stone houses. And so, Li Hong led Qing Shui and walked towards the direction of the palace.

’’Second Boss!’’ A disciple from Crimson Gang that was guarding the entrance of the palace stooped down and called out.

’’Is the Boss inside?’’ Li Hong asked softly.

’’The Boss has informed that the Second Boss could go in immediately when you come back.’’

’’Mister, let's go in!’’

Qing Shui nodded his head while smiling. He followed Li Hong and walked into the peach wood entrance, which was still considered to be wide.

Immediately after entering, Qing Shui could see that it was a huge palace. In the middle were three golden statue of Buddha. There were many chairs in other places and a greasy sandalwood smell filled the air. Qing Shui saw quite a few purple sandalwoods, thick as an arm, burning in front of the statue of Buddha.

Qing Shui felt that his brain becoming a bit fuzzy, but very quickly, he came back to his senses again. At the same time, he also perceived a slightly unusual smell which was covered up by the sandalwood's smell. If the sandalwood was not there, it should be really easy to sniff the smell out. It was, however, present in his situation. If he had not known about the situation in advance, he reckoned that even after he fainted, he still would not be able to sniff out the extremely weak smell.

’’This Li Hong previously said that it had no taste nor color. Was he confusing me?’’


When Qing Shui saw Li Hong falling to the ground and losing consciousness, Qing Shui used his hand to touch his forehead. His body was vacillating and staggering as he held onto a chair and looked at the surroundings with shock.

After that, he slowly sat down on the chair, quickly took out a Poison Avoidance Pill, and ate it. This was the most common Poison Avoidance Pill in the continent.

’’Your antidote is useless. The poison that you breathed in just now was not the usual kind of poison.’’ As the voice dropped, a tall and mighty man carried an extremely huge horse chopping saber and came out.

The tall and mighty man walked to Li Hong's side. He took out a sparkling and translucent Snow White Pellet and put it into Li Hong's mouth while holding his chin. The medicinal pill went down smoothly along his throat.

Very quickly, Li Hong had already woken up quietly.


’’Li Hong, your method is indeed really intelligent.’’ The Boss said in joy after he saw Li Hong woke up.

After Li Hong looked at Qing Shui who was sitting there and holding on persistently, he smiled and said to the mighty and valiant Boss, ’’It's also because the poison of the Boss is good. Otherwise, even if we really did get to invite him over, we would just end up being destroyed by him.’’

’’Alright, you should go and inform all of the disciples to come back. Coincidentally, they are also nearby. Today is a happy day, let's all enjoy.’’ The Boss Wu YiTian said to Li Hong.


After Li Hong finished speaking, he once again looked at Qing Shui who was already unconscious. A cold light flashed across his eyes. ’’Brat, you are still a bit inferior when it comes to playing mind tricks. Do you really think that the useless medicinal pill that you took along the way will be able to resist the poison of the Boss? How funny. In the future, just be a killing machine.’’

Li Hong only left after looking at Qing Shui once more.

’’Qing Shui, haha, in the future, you are the greatest support that I, Wu YiTian, have. Using this divine Marionette on you is totally worth the price! And also the fan's incense. Today, I have invested my hard earned savings into it. I hope that you won't let me down.’’ Wu YiTian held the bright case as he approached Qing Shui while talking.

’’Don't be so sure!’’ At this moment, Qing Shui opened up both of his eyes widely as he looked at Wu YiTian who had walked to his side. Simultaneously, he stretched out his hand and extended it towards Wu YiTian at an incomparably fast speed.

Wu YiTian, who had just experienced a shock, quickly chopped Qing Shui from a slanted angle with the large horse chopping saber in his hand. A thread of fiery spark raised up in the air.

’’A warrior of the Martial King Grade. Unfortunately, there is still quite a huge gap between you and myself.’’


Diamond Qi!

Qing Shui's palm formed out a lump of yellowish underlying strength. It abruptly greeted Wu YiTian's large saber. The other hand of his maintained the constant look as it went into Wu YiTian's direction and grabbed the bright case of the divine Marionette.


A piercing noise arose!

The bright case of the divine Marionette was also grabbed by Qing Shui. After that, he immediately threw it into the realm of violet jade.

As soon as he saw the divine Marionette thrown away, Wu YiTian could no longer bother about the unique pellets that he had gotten by accident. With swords in both of his hand, he screamed ’’Someone please come!’’ He chopped Qing Shui and was about to run outside.

How could Qing Shui let him throw it away!

The large elephant trampled!

Qing Shui collapsed heavily onto Wu YiTian.



A tremendous strength equivalent to a 15 million jin!

Inside the realm of violet jade, the earth surface that had only been cracked has now completely parted from each other. The whole main hall also collapsed in an instant. Even a few of the stony houses in the surroundings had also collapsed.

Stone dust flew everywhere and filled the whole sky.

The moment his foot had stepped down, numerous rocks and talcum powder hit his body. It was extremely painful, but Qing Shui's defense was abnormal. That Wu YiTian however, was going to suffer a lot.

Not only was he shaken until he felt dizzy, when the earth below tore apart, it almost ripped him apart as well. At the instant when the earth quaked, his organs had already been shaken to the point where it started bleeding.

However, what came next were the rocks and talcum powder that filled up the whole sky.

The direction where Wu YiTian was in was the critical point. Moreover, it was only a few meters further. Under the footstep of such tremendous strength, the force of the rocks was even larger than the force of the concealed weapons that Qing Shui hit out.

Just like this, Wu YiTian was pressed into a mushy sieve.

Qing Shui also did not think that the stamp of the large elephant would actually possess such enormous strength. At this moment, he also found out about the unusual things about the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. In the external world, it could actually cause such a massive destruction.

With the tremendous strength of fifteen million jin, even a small mountain top had been razed to the ground.

Qing Shui's surroundings turned into ruins. The tremendous vibration straight away sputtered out into the surroundings of the main hall.

Qing Shui discovered that he has actually crushed almost half of the five hundred crimson bandits Li Hong had just recruited to death when he walked out of the ruins. The remaining people were almost already injured.

Li Hong, on the other hand, was expressionless. He watched as the surroundings within one hundred meters of him turned into ruins. Yet, the person who came out had already made his spirit fly to heaven.

’’How is he ok? Where is the Boss?’’ Even though he had thought it was a landslide, he knew from the heaven and earth shaking movement that he would have gotten shot to death by the sputtering rocks had he not escaped quickly.

He already felt that something was wrong in merely a second. Whatever he currently thought was only calm excuses that he gave to himself. When the figure showed up however, he knew that everything was done for.

There were only approximately ten injured crimson bandits left. Looking at the small mountain top that looked almost like it had been flipped over, Qing Shui was extremely satisfied with the trampling of this huge elephant.

’’Li Hong, are you making the move yourself, or shall I be the one to make the move?’’ These people have killed too many lives. There was no reason for Qing Shui to leave them behind. The best way of dealing with these people would be to eliminate them completely.


As Qing Shui looked at Li Hong's and other people's corpses, he once again stamped his feet.


Qing Shui looked at the land that was almost ten meters long getting trampled two meters down. There was smoke present everywhere, and it buried Li Hong and the others within it.

Qing Shui on the other hand walked towards the warehouse of the Crimson Gang that Li Hong mentioned to him about. After being bandits for so many years, there should be collections of quite a considerable value.

He penetrated through the thick stony wall of the warehouse with a single punch. All over the floor, the things that came in the largest quantity were still gold, silver, and precious stones. There were also armors and weapons that Qing Shui disdained.

Compared to the collections of Yan Clan, this was way too inferior. After all, Yan Clan was a treasure pavilion whereas this was only a warehouse that belonged to the Crimson Gang. No matter how small a mosquito was, it would still have meat. Qing Shui took away the gold, silver, and precious stones, leaving behind the remaining armor, weapons, and other stuffs.

Qing Shui walked out of the warehouse. Merely walking up to the abandoned main hall, Qing Shui had already seen something that made him felt incomparably astonished.

A jet-black beast leather book.

When he held it up, he saw the words on the surface of the book which were white in color. There were two words written on top of it.

Poison scriptures!

As Qing Shui flipped over and looked, all of the things that were drawn on it was unexpectedly the poisons in the world of the nine continents, the seven-tailed scorpions, red centipede king, three-colored scorpion, and jade toad......

Below each and every kinds of the pictures, they were all instructions on how to extract the poison from the poisonous substance. Next up was the instructions on mixing up the poison. Only the last part were instructions on refining the poisonous drugs.


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