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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 405


AST 405 - The Woman Named Di Chen, Clearing of Many Acupoints!

Standing atop the Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger, the man grimly looked at Misty Hall's Palace Mistress. Standing at the bottom, Qing Shui could tell that there was a hint of complication in his eyes.

’’Chen Di, why is it that you must go against me every time?’’ The man looked towards the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress and asked.

’’Chen Di? Misty Hall's Palace Mistress's name? This man knows her name... Do they know each other?’’ Qing Shui was puzzled. With Misty Hall's Palace Mistress's character, she should know not know someone from Sword Tower, let alone talk to them in such a tone.

Moreover, Qing Shui seemed to have perceived something from this man's face, but he was not sure. After seeing that person's handsome face with an aged aura, however, he felt that this guy was much better than those gigolos. Could it be that...

Qing Shui did not understand the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, and even more so, their relationship. However, he was still astonished by this thought.

’’He belongs to our Heavenly Palace, what's wrong with me standing up for him?’’ Misty Hall's Palace Mistress's said, not even looking at that guy.

’’Younger Martial Sister, even if I had done something wrong in the past, you had not lost anything. Why do you need to keep doing this to me? Moreover, I, about you...’’

’’I'm not your Younger Martial Sister, nor do I want to listen to anything you say. Another thing, in the future, don't bring up the Sword Tower to threaten members of our Heavenly Palace. If it comes down to it, I don't mind going for an all out war between Heavenly Palace and Sword Tower. That is, if you guys are willing and can handle it.’’ Misty Hall's Palace Mistress interrupted what the man was saying.


The man let out a sigh, looking silently at Misty Hall's Palace Mistress who was not looking back.

’’You've never done this before, but for the sake of this fellow, this is the 2nd time you've come so far here. Is it that I can't be compared to him?’’ The man looked at Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, not willing to give up.

What answered him was silence. There was no reaction to what he had said, as if she had not heard anything. She stood there on the Blue Luan alone.

From the north came a ravishing maiden, whose beauty stands alone. One look at her, and cities would fall... [1]

The man flew off on the Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger!

Standing below, Qing Shui looked at the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress who was on the Blue Luan's back. She looked back at Qing Shui, then at the Red Luan and the people on the Red Luan.

’’Palace Mistress!’’

Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Misty Hall's Palace Mistress happily!

Misty Hall's Palace Mistress nodded towards the two ladies and revealed a faint smile. It was a long distance between them, and one must be at least the level of Xiantian to be able to see that faint smile.


The Nine Heaven Immortal Silk shot out towards Qing Shui!

Qing Shui caught it and was tugged by the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress. He was lifted up and soon landed on the back of the Blue Luan.

’’I'll be back in a while!’’

After he told his family, Qing Shui left with the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress. This was the second time. He had also rode on the Blue Luan the same way the other time.

’’Thank you!’’

Qing Shui said, smiling bitterly. Towards Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, Qing Shui no longer knew what feelings he had. Both times, she had come to save him when he was in the most dangerous predicament. No matter what kind of person she was, she had already become an indestructible presence in Qing Shui's heart.

’’In the past, I had really underestimated you. To be able to achieve so much progress within this little time, it seems like you'll be able to become a figure who'd be able to take on great things very soon. No need to thank me. I only rely on my own instinct when I do things.’’

Hearing her casual tone stunned Qing Shui. Following her instincts when she does things would mean that whatever she does would be subjected to her own intent. If it was something she wanted to do, she would not care about personal losses.

Qing Shui had originally wanted to ask why she had done this, but he decided to shut up after thinking about what she had said earlier. Moreover, the two of them did not really knew each other well, therefore Qing Shui had also dismissed the thought of asking her about the man.

’’Do you still have that wine you gave me...’’ The Misty Hall's Palace Mistress seemed to embarrassed when asking this.

Before Qing Shui could reply, she continued, ’’That wine had helped me with my breakthrough. I can trade for it with items...’’

Looking at Misty Hall's Palace Mistress's expression, Qing Shui knew that it could be the first time she had taken the initiative to asked someone for something, or to trade things...

When Qing Shui heard her words, he felt overjoyed. It was not because she had agreed to trade for it with other items, but rather, because he was finally able to be of help to her. Having received her help for twice in a row, he finally could feel a little more at ease after knowing that she needed this item. Sometimes, one would be able to feel extremely happy just by being able to help others.

A debt of gratitude is the heaviest to bear!

He did not think much of his Plum Blossom Wine, but the same could not be said for other people. Therefore he quickly said, ’’No need for the trade, but you have to wait for me for one day. This thing cannot be brewed in large quantities each time. I'll bring them to you tomorrow. In the future, I'll save them all for you.’’


Misty Hall's Palace Mistress looked at Qing Shui and replied. The two of them then fell into silence. It was true that Qing Shui did not understand her, but the same could be said for her. She did not understand Qing Shui either.

Qing Shui had a lot to say but did not dare to speak up. His feelings towards her were mostly that of respect.

Suddenly, he recalled that the man had addressed her as Chen Di. Her surname was Chen. This surname was very rare, but it was reputable surname. An extremely large clan in Central Continent went by the surname of Chen.

’’This must be the reason for why you've left the Heavenly Palace!’’ Misty Hall's Palace Mistress might have felt it to be too awkward, therefore she spoke up.

’’Mmm. I had originally thought that I'd be able to handle this with my abilities. It's just that I would never have thought that the one who came was another expert from Sword Tower. If you had not come today, I'd probably be filled with regrets.’’ Qing Shui said bitterly.

Misty Hall's Palace Mistress also felt a little helpless. There were various mysterious connections between Qing Shui and herself. This time around, that connection with Qing Shui made her feel very uneasy, just like the previous time. It was why she had no choice but to make another trip.

This was already the second time. It was just like what that beastly Martial Brother of his had said, she had never gone through so much effort for the sake of a man. But now, she had made exceptions, and she had done it twice for the same man.

’’In the future, don't be overwhelmed by such threats. The Heavenly Palace is your backing. His Sword Tower will not go out on war with the Heavenly Palace, at least not now. You still have me. If you have any problems, you can look for me as well. If it's within the Greencloud Continent, I'll still be able to help you.’’ Misty Hall's Palace Mistress said with indifference.

Qing Shui felt very warm inside. He turned his head to look at this lady who was the closest to ’’divine’’ in his Spiritual Sense. Suddenly, Qing Shui did not know why his Heavenly Vision Technique was suddenly activated.

With it being activated, Qing Shui could see that Misty Hall's Palace Mistress body had quite a lot of small glows.

’’There's so many acupuncture point cleared!’’ Qing Shui was stunned. He would never had thought that she also knew the arts of clearing acupuncture points. And compared to his own, she had more acupuncture points which were cleared.

He now had about a hundred acupuncture points cleared, and so had the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress. Most importantly, Qing Shui saw that some of her acupuncture points had a faint glow to them, akin to the moon hidden behind the clouds. They revealed just the slightest bit of a glow.

Theses were the acupuncture points which were about to be cleared. Most importantly, Qing Shui could see that one important acupuncture points of hers was just about to be cleared.

Yongquan acupuncture point!

If he let her clear it herself, it would probably take her a very long time. Qing Shui was at a loss. It was because he had the means to help her clear this acupuncture point within an hour. It was a pity that the Yongquan acupuncture point was located at the bottom of one's foot, just slightly further up front from the arch of one's foot.

Qing Shui wanted to help her clear it up with his Acupuncture but was worried that she would misunderstand him. Moreover, how could a lady like her who would even cover up her face would let a guy touch her feet? It would even have to be done to her bare foot...

’’Do you know that your ’’Yongquan acupuncture point’’ will be cleared very soon?’’ Qing Shui decided to test her out. After all, it was her decision to make on whether she would agree to his help. He just wanted to express his gratitude to her.

Qing Shui really have no improper thoughts towards her. Qing Shui did not have the courage to chase a lady like her. Before her, Qing Shui realized that there was nothing he could be proud of in himself. In other words, he just felt inferior.

Inferior before her!

Even so, Qing Shui felt that it was very normal. Amongst the trillions of population in the Greencloud Continent, who would not feel inferior before her? Therefore, he felt that it was very normal. Moreover, Qing Shui felt that the feelings he had towards her were mostly that of gratitude.

Misty Hall's Palace Mistress looked at Qing Shui curiously with her beautiful, illuminating eyes. They were similar to that to the moon, yet pitch black and profound. When Qing Shui came into contact with her gaze, he quickly looked away. He was afraid that he would lose his ease. However, his obvious shun was noticed by the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, who revealed a faint smile. It was a pity that Qing Shui had not seend that beautiful eyes which had on a hint of smile.

’’It seems like you've also cultivated such Acupuncture Point Clearing Arts.’’ The Misty Hall's Palace Mistress looked at Qing Shui and said. She had a hint of surprise and smile in her eyes.

’’Yes. I can help you clear your Yongquan acupuncture point with acupuncture.’’

Hearing Qing Shui's words, Misty Hall's Palace Mistress looked at Qing Shui seriously. She knew the importance of this acupuncture point and that it would take her at least five years to clear it by herself. It could even take up to ten or even twenty years before she was able to clear it.

She knew that with acupuncture, she would need to take off his shoes and not have anything over her foot. Moreover, he would need to directly touch her foot... She instinctively wanted to reject when she thought about it. However, she recalled the scene in her dreams when her breast had already been touched by him, the heart pounding feelings she had felt... She recalled that, in a way, it was as if he had felt her breast many times. She could just take this event as one of the scenes in the dream...

Qing Shui saw Misty Hall's Palace Mistress's hesitant gaze. He long knew that the chances were possibly close to zero, so he lifted his head, smiled and said, ’’Don't force yourself. I feel that the acupuncture points you have cleared are different from mine. Otherwise, you can also consider cultivating my Acupuncture Point Clearing Art.’’

Qing Shui's Heavenly Vision Technique was very amazing!

Misty Hall's Palace Mistress's words made Qing Shui dumbfounded. Thinking of her earlier thoughts made her blushed as she glanced at Qing Shui bitterly.

From that look, Qing Shui had seen something in that glance. However he would never have thought that it was because he had spoken too fast. He thought that it was because of his abrupt thought which caused him to lose an opportunity to have a ’’close up time’’ with Misty Hall's Palace Mistress.

’’Alright, I'll also teach you my Acupuncture Point Clearing Art. You can pass it to me tomorrow when you bring the wine to me. You can take this.’’ Misty Hall's Palace Mistress passed Qing Shui a few pieces of silver-colored pages and said.

Qing Shui hesitated and received it, keeping it safely.

’’Mmm, since there's no other things to deal with now, we can stay here for two days. Mingyue and Liu-Li have always been full of admiration for you.’’


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