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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 400


AST 400 - Viciously Destroying The Flower, The Fall of Yan Clan, The Changes to Qingqing

While Yan Zhongfeng was panic-stricken, he still, as a martial art practitioner, instinctively raised his longsword and pierced towards Qing Shui's throat! It was just that the impact was heavily discounted.

Qing Shui was undaunted. A surge of slight golden colored Qi appeared on his palms and with a flash, it clashed with the tip of Yan Zhongfeng's sword!



When Yan Zhongfeng saw that his longsword had broken, he knew that he was done for!

The Big Dipper Sword in Qing Shui's right hand flashed and pierced into Yan Zhongfeng's chest, at the same exact spot as Yan Haozheng.

At almost the same time, Qing Shui's Tiger Tailwhip Kick kicked onto the Xiao Clan's woman's chest!


At this moment, the elderly's palm had also landed on Qing Shui's back!

Qing Shui was directly sent flying out!

A trickle of blood flowed down the corner of his lips!

With Qing Shui's current defense plus his agile dodge, he did not receive too much damage. While light wounds were inevitable, Qing Shui knew what he was doing. Otherwise, he would not choose to go head on against the elderly's palm.

This was after he had taken the Pure Gold Mystic Turtle Core and then used the Seven Star Armored Vest. If he did not have the Pure Gold Mystic Turtle Core, or did not have the Seven Star Armored Vest, Qing Shui would definitely suffer from serious injuries after receiving this blow, and might have even lost his life.

After all, it was a vengeful attack from a Martial King who was at the pinnacle of grade 7. Compared to the old blind chap from back then, he was much stronger.

Yan Zhongfeng had died, smashed. So had the Xiao Clan's woman! From the beginning to the end, the woman from Xiao Clan who had not spoken a single word died just like that.

She had not resisted in the least, because she was confident that Qing Shui would not attack her. When she first saw Qing Shui's gaze towards her, she had caught a hint of lust as well as a feeling she was familiar with. Young men tended to be lusty, and the woman was very confident about her looks.

Qing Shui really did like women like her best. They looked dignified, intelligent and had a kind of charm to them. However, it was a pity that she had overestimated herself, and Qing Shui decided to try his hands on viciously destroying a flower for once!

Viciously destroying a flower!

Xiao Shiyun did not even have the opportunity to say anything before she was killed!

Qing Shui turned to look at the elderly man behind him. He wiped off the blood from the corner of his lips and stared at the elderly man. However, the elderly man only stared at him in a daze before he said something which stunned Qing Shui.

’’If you add a Yan to your name, I'll let you achieve your goal. Not only would you be able to inherit Yan Clan, this old man will also repay everything with my life. What do you think?’’

After saying this, the elder's gaze burned as he stared at Qing Shui. It was for sure that the blood that flowed in Qing Shui was from Yan Clan's. It was because Qing Shui looked too similar to Yan Zhongyue.

Qing Shui knew that the world of the nine continents belonged to the sects and reputable clans. Therefore, if martial art practitioners hoped to receive protection, or to be able to reign over an area, they would tend to get the support from certain sects or reputable clans. They would also tend to have a strong sense of belonging to their sects and clans.

Qing Shui looked at this elderly coldly. Qing Shui cared not for the Yan Clan. Therefore, his gaze at that moment had clearly reflected his intentions.

’’The blood that flows in you is from Yan Clan. It doesn't matter if you take up the surname Yan. Haha, anyway, the end of Yan Clan's time is nearing. Even if you did not come today, we would not be able to hold up for another generation. This is for the best. One more thing. You need to be careful of 2nd Master Xiao from Xiao Clan. He's Sword Tower's Elder and is very strong. I'm very happy to be able to help you achieve your goals today.’’

Qing Shui felt as if he was making arrangements before his death, but did not know who he was handing it over to.

The elderly seemed to be laughing very happily, but suddenly his laughter stopped and he gradually fell down. A shiny silver short sword pierced into his chest, immediately dyeing the sword red.


The moment the elderly fell, Qing Shui felt a pang of grief in his heart.

Qing Yi, who was standing from afar, looked at this scene and was overcome with tears...

Qing Qing stood in a daze with tears in her eyes, as if she did not know what to do.


This elderly, Yan Clan's clan head had fallen. It represented that the grudges between Qing Clan and Yan Clan had basically been cleared up!

A grudge of twenty years! The burden in Qing Luo's heart had been relieved, but it felt...

Qing Yi's sufferings for twenty years...

Qing Shui's hard work for fifteen years, suffering for fifteen years... The motivation for all this was so that he could trample Yan Clan!


With the fall of the elderly, it represented that Yan Clan was truly falling!

Yan Clan had not fully fallen, as they must still put up with Xiao Clan's fury. Another thing was that Xiao Clan would be able to replace Yan Clan with perfect justification. Of course, the prerequisite was that Xiao Clan still existed.

Even if Qing Shui was able to wipe out Xiao Clan as well, Yan Clan no longer had their earlier status in Yan City, and most of their experts had already either died or were injured. The rest of the people in Yan Clan were basically third grade clans in Yan City, or they may even be considered worse than that.

There was just one other way out, which was for Qing Shui to take over Yan Clan. Not only would it not allow the downfall of Yan Clan, it would bring the clan to a greater glory than before. It was just that no one dared to mention this to Qing Shui.

The people from Xiao Clan did not appear, nor did that person. Qing Shui knew that he must now use the most extreme methods. From the start, he had already thought that he should not spare the people from Xiao Clan.

From killing that woman from Xiao Clan, and even back from the time Qing Shui first came to Yan City and saw that Young Master Xiao bullying Qing Qing, he had made that extreme decision.

To turn Xiao Clan into piece of flat ground!

’’Brother Qing Shui!’’

Not knowing since when, Yan Ling`er had already walked up to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui turned to glance at this delicate looking girl, not saying a word.

In Yan Clan's sixth branch, a tall lady, the lady who brought Qing Shui to sell those few pieces of fox hides, was in a daze. She would never have thought that the man who she had taken a liking to was actually someone who had come to Yan Clan for revenge, and he was even her uncle's child...

While that girl called Xing`er had only taken a quick look back then, she knew that it was Qing Shui. And weren't the few fox hides he had bought the ones the few ladies were wearing?

’’Xiao Clan's 2nd Master Xiao is highly regarded. You must be careful!’’ Yan Ling`er said softly.


Back in Lai Clan, Lai Jiutian looked at Qing Shui with sparkling eyes. While he had held great hopes for Qing Shui, he had not expected that Qing Shui was really able to succeed.

Such a young Martial King expert, and was even a high level Martial King. He even made Lai Jiutian feel that unless a person who was at the pinnacle of the Martial King level was here, no one would be able to stand up against Qing Shui, not even a grade 10 Martial King.

This thought made his heart leap! This meant that a few years later, it was likely that he would become a cultivator at the pinnacle of the Martial King level, Greencloud Continent's strongest level, or could even become the first Martial Saint level cultivator!

’’The future strongest person in Greencloud Continent...’’ Lai Jiutian fell into a daze!

After having a chat with Lai Jiutian and the others, Qing Shui made up some excuse and left for the courtyard with his mother and grandfather.

Lai Jiutian was very happy as he looked towards Lai Chusong, beaming with smiles. ’’Chusong, since when has your judgement been so good? To think that you were able to befriend such a character.’’

Lai Jiutian's tone sounded very impressed.

The benefits Lai Clan received just from Qing Shui having stayed at their place for the few days were sufficient. They would be able to move up a notch in their status in Yan City.

To be honest, it was not just that. After all, Qing Shui and Lai Chusong had addressed each other as brothers. Knowing that, who would be so silly to find trouble for Yan Clan?

This time around, Lai Clan had also provided quite a lot of help to Qing Shui, and Qing Shui also appreciated their good intentions. To Qing Shui, Lai Jiutian was a person with great vigor, or a sly fox who had trained and disguised itself well.

Qing Shui went back to wash up, and also cleaned up his armor while he was at it. After changing into a fresh set of clothes, he then came to the living room on the first floor.

Ever since they came back, Qing Yi had not been in the right state of mind. Qing Shui understood what his mother was feeling. She had been used to carrying the burden for twenty years, and had not even thought that she would be able to take it off.

Suddenly throwing away this huge burden in her heart made her feel very unsettled. She had let her father suffer from injustice, but her son had made it up for her daughter...

Qing Qing's gaze towards Qing Shui changed a lot. The same could be said for when she looked at Qing Yi and the others. From the moment she met with her mother and her younger brother, she gradually recalled the feelings from when she was young.

Qing Yi had almost not let go of Qing Qing's hand all this time. It was love, concern and a little bit of guilt arising from the bottom of her heart. All these made Qing Qing feel very warm inside.

Although Qing Qing did not have a mother at her side, she had a father who loved her. It was just that after she turned ten years old, her world completely changed. Only now could she feel a little hint of warmth.

The warmth from family members.

This woman next to her was the one who gave her life. The reason she had hung on for so many years was so that she could wait for her to come. Many people had told her that it was hopeless, but she did not believe that. Just like that, she kept waiting for ten years...

The day she was waiting for finally arrived!


Her voice was very soft, and extremely stiff, as if it was the voice of a baby who was learning how to speak!

But Qing Yi was still as if she had been shocked by lightning!

She looked towards Qing Qing, surprise brimming in her eyes, and agitatedly hugged her tightly.

’’Qing Qing, Qing Qing, you're acknowledging me as your mother...’’

Beside them, Qing Shui smiled. It had been twenty years. Qing Shui could imagine that this was the first time Qing Qing had addressed her as ’’mother’’. That call had also brought about a great impact to Qing Shui's heart. For him, it had also been twenty years for which he had not been able to say the word ’’daddy’’ or father. However, in his previous life, Qing Shui lacked neither fatherly nor motherly love. Despite so, he still felt regret.

It had been hard on Qing Qing, and had been hard on his mother!


Qing Qing hugged Qing Yi and broke into tears while Qing Shui smiled. To be able to cry and let it all out was the best thing for the Qing Qing now.

Having suppressed her emotions for over ten years, being able to cry it all out would be allow her to feel more cheerful. Maybe after crying it out, everything would be better.


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