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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 4


Chapter 4 - Ancient Strengthening Technique

The next day the sun was slightly shiny and like it was normal, Qing Shui woke up. When he woke up, he sees Qing Yi at his bedside who was worriedly watching him. Her beautiful face was thin and pallid but also her two bright and beautiful eyes were bloodshot.

Seeing Qing Shui waking up, she happily hugged him!

’’Qing Shui, you woke up. Tell mother if there any place where you feel unwell!’’ Qing Yi impatiently asked!

’’Mother!’’ Qing Shui heart was aching, but he wasn't able to say anything!’’ Because Qing Yi was worried, she didn't sleep anything at all! Qing Shui felt attachment and gratitude from the bottom of his heart;after all he wasn't a eight old child!

Seeing the ’’grievance’’ when her son called her ’’mother’’, she is aware that her son is in a lot of pain. As a man, in the future how he will stand on the Kyushu continent when he physically very weak and when even with the money he will be ridiculed!

While she was thinking that for herself she was holding her son in her arms, in her heart she feels that she let down her son!

’’Mother, you're exhausted, you can sleep now!’’ Although Qing Shui talks with a kid's voice, even so Qing Yi feels that her son was exceptionally intelligent, so it's was a pity that he wasn't capable of practicing martial arts. Otherwise, with his compression he would be a genius, after all he was her son!

But now...

Finally Qing Yi doesn't have any other option that reclining on the bed and originally Qing Shui would get up but he was on the arms of Qing Yi, lying peaceful on them!

After all, Qing Yi didn't sleep a whole night, in addition, she was both, mentally and physical exhausted after taking care of Qing Shui all the night so he could sleep peaceful!

Qing Shui waited until his mother fell asleep and then he quietly left the room. His heart now was slightly excited because now he doesn't feel the feeling of tightness and lack of energy. He feels that maybe he changed. Maybe now he could practice martial arts like the others. Although the age is a big obstacle, as long as he is willing to bear hardships surely he would be able to success!

Qing Shui wants to go outside to test whenever it true or not. Crossing the door of the Qing Family, one more time he ran madly. This time his heart was incomparable excited but at the same time quite worried. He is afraid that one more time his dream would be shattered!

In one breath he ran to halfway up to the mountain but now he only breathe deeply due the tired he was but not because he couldn't breathe. He feels like his internal organs were to explode. He is aware that his body passed thought a tremendous change on the night. Qing Shui guesses that must be due to that picture of Yin and Yang!

When thinking about that picture of Yin and Yang, Qing Shui cannot help but to close his eyes. Slowly he was able to see one more time that picture of Yin and Yang of the same size of a jujube on his mind and it continued to rotate slowly, it was constantly transforming his body together with his internal organs!

Qing Shui walked to a desolate place. Yesterday it came to his mind many secondary skills. Qing Shui is determined even if his body was weak he would use that ancient and formidable technique to change his body but now his body wouldn't even loss consciousness. Even he doesn't know how much but the quality of his body was greatly stronger than the average person!

The day was bright, and with the flesh and clean air was mixed the fragrance of the flowers and the vegetation. The sun was slowly rising and his ray of light was slowly shining on the earth, making the people's mood happy.

Qing Shui plans to use everything that is on his mind after he learns first the strengthening technique! Actually, you only have to repeat the strengthening technique to strength your body. When your body is powerful to a certain extent, it doesn't have any difference with cultivate at all!

That's because the strengthen technique is fundamental when practicing martial arts and in the mind of Qing Shui the technique was of the ancient time or even earlier. And thanks to that the human race could cultivate and even fight with the demon god. The strengthening technique is the foundation of everything and it cannot be neglected, you can even say that is the most powerful technique!

The ancient strengthening technique is one of the most ancient martial secrets. It's possible to strength your health. The Yin and Yang picture that was in his mind was refining his bones and organs of his body! His body was becoming even softer but also hard like steel and as well powerful!

That was the strengthening technique, it strengths your vitality!

When Qing Shui saw again the strengthen technique, he is now certain that it was imprinted in his mind and not only that, the Yin and Yang picture that was also his mind was inseparable too!

He tried to find a peaceful place to stop, and calm his spirit. To cultivate ancient strengthening technique he doesn't require meditating at all! As long as he calm slowly down his heart!

He began slowly according with impressed in his mind but he didn't feel the slightest amount of qi. Qing Shui is not discouraged because he didn't practiced not even half a day, otherwise the world would be full of experts!

He quietly started once more time, and although he didn't feel any qi again, Qing Shui will keep going until the end so he started over and over again until he could feel it!

Gradually, Qing Shui goes numb. He didn't know how many times he did it but still he didn't felt some kind of qi!

After an hour, Qing Shui slightly opened his eyes and he saw that it was already noon. Qing Shui is aware that he need to return if not his mother would be worried again. He even didn't believe that he returned running! Never again he should be worried about not be able to breathe well and fainting! He even wasn't aware that though he went out all the morning he didn't felt tired at all!

Thanks to that he returned fast. When passing thought the training field he saw those ’’small tigers’’ lifting rocks, with iron hammer, and sparring with swords...

Now that wasn't unpleasant to look at all!

’’Why did you went out again, Qing Shui? Those with weak body have to rest in home!’’ When walking inside of the courtyard was his grandfather, Qing Luo. The well intentioned old man was worried for Qing Shui said with little of a reproaching tone!

’’Grandfather, I was walking near the gate, you don't have to be worried, okay!’’ Qing Shui could perceive that his grandfather was seriously injured!

’’En, you have to pay attention. Today I let somebody go to a shop in the city and they brought a hundred years old purple ginseng for health. In the evening you will drink this with the stew’’ Qing Luo looked at Qing Shui with affection when he said it!

It was obvious for everyone that Qing Shui was one of the brightest of all the Qing Family but having said that, only with flattery he wouldn't overpass his peer of the same age. It's was a pity that he wasn't able to practice martial arts! Qing Luo cannot help but let out a sigh!!


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