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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 399


AST 399 - Shook the entire Yan Jiang Country single-handedly... That woman from Xiao Clan

Just like sheep without a shepherd, the entire Yan Clan flew into utter chaos when Yan Haozheng died. Qing Shui searched for the two of them amongst the fleeing horde with his keen eyes while committing a massacre.

’’We were forced into this by the people from the main branch. We are innocent! Yan Haozheng and the others are the ones you should be looking for. They are the ones who resented Qing Clan!’’ A woman stood in the crowd and cried out in agony.

’’That's right! They are the ones controlling our children. We had no choice! They never took us as part of their family, you have nothing to gain from killing us! We have been wishing for Yan Haozheng to die for a long time.’’


Qing Shui remained silent. He was still looking around!

’’Qing Shui!’’ Qing Yi ran up towards Qing Shui.


’’Please just kill the people from the main branch and Xiao Clan. These people here will not prevail in this massacre. They have nothing to do with Yan Haozheng and the others....’’

Qing Shui suddenly remembered Situ Clan. It was because of his negligence over the matter, Wenren Wugou had to die. He had to regret his decision for the rest of his life!

’’Mother, do you remember about the matters with Situ Clan? I do not wish to make the same mistake again.’’ Qing Shui scowled as he looked into his mother's eyes. Women, after all, are soft-hearted creatures.

Qing Yi remained silent for a moment, then softly said to Qing Shui, ’’But you promised Qing Qing you would let the sixth branch go.....’’

Qing Shui let out a forceful smile. He understood what his mother meant to say. She was suspecting whether her son would really spare the lives from the sixth branch. However, Qing Shui had thought about it earlier, but he ultimately decided he would rather leave no one alive than letting them go.

He was not worried about the consequences that it would bring to him, but the consequences that would affect the people close to him. It seemed like this would be the time to expand Qing Clan's power. He did not need to massacre the entire clan to show that. As long as everyone understood the strength of his clan, there was no need to openly kill everyone. Massacre is a form of weakness as well.

But there were some people who needed to die!

People like Yan Haozheng!

And the Xiao Clan!

Qing Shui made a decision. He gathered up all his energy and shouted towards the crowd, ’’Those who are not from the main branch, stand to the left!’’ In an instant, the crowd dispersed and around two hundred people came forward...

Before, there were about a hundred, but now there was an increase of four hundred people. The remaining two hundred people were from the main branch of Yan Clan.

There were less than two hundred people altogether in the other five branches. The members from the main branch and the martial warriors from the Yan City added up to about a hundred people.

Qing Shui was about to shake the whole Yan Jiang Country single-handedly....

Qing Shui spotted a woman amongst the group containing a hundred people. She was beautiful beyond compare. She seemed to be in her twenties or thirties.

The woman wore a sky-blue fox-fur robe with her hair tied up in a high bun. Her skin was smooth as flawless jade, her brows as crescent as the moon, her teeth as white as snow, her eyes as clear as water, and the most prominent feature of all, her voluptuous body.

She was a mature and charming woman. Huoyun Liu-li was without a doubt, very charming, but this woman gave off a vibe of 'pink dried bone' - which meant she stood out from other people due to her features.

Her bosoms were big and perky. Qing Shui was never fond of over-exaggerated bosoms, especially if they looked like two volleyballs. Those were not his type, and the woman from Xiao Clan definitely had humongous bosoms with perfectly rounded tips. They were large but plump.

The wobbling movement of the bosoms would trigger the beast within a man. She had a slender waist and full rounded hips. Even the view of her back could seduce people. After analyzing this woman, Qing Shui was very sure that she was indeed the woman from Xiao Clan.

A woman from the Xiao Clan!

However, the woman ogled at Qing Shui with lustful eyes, as if she was unaffected by the death of Yan Haozheng.

She was born a beautiful woman of virtue and delicacy. Her mature aura still had a big effect on Qing Shui.

He shifted his attention to the man beside her as a way to avoid her lustful gaze. The refined and dignified man looked about thirty years old. His gaze right now was different than the woman's. He had a deep hatred in his eyes as he looked at Qing Shui.

’’You must be Yan Zhongfeng!’’ Qing Shui smirked. These two were the reason for his father's death and Qing Qing's dreadful life, as well as the despair they brought to his mother.

There were about a hundred martial warriors surrounding Yan Zhongfeng and the woman from the Xiao Clan. Surprisingly, all of them were at the level of the Peak of Xiantian and Martial Kings.

He noticed that one elderly man with full white hair is different from the others. Qing Shui could vaguely estimate his power to be about the same or more than Yan Haozheng. There were a few elderly men who were comparable to Yan Haozheng as well.

Now it was all clear. Qing Shui observed the martial warriors surrounding the couple. Each of them was equipped with weapons, and they seemed to have made preparations for a showdown.

’’Qing Shui, you shall die today!’’ Yan Zhongfeng said with a voice of deep hatred. He knew that once his father had died, he would not be able to hold on to his position and status in the Yan Clan. His grandfather had never been supportive of him. Yan Zhongfeng had been under pressure to preserve his relationship with the Xiao Clan. Moreover, the woman beside him was beginning to lose interest in him.

Ever since Yan Zhongfeng successfully hooked Xiao Shiyun from Xiao Clan, not only had he gained control of her body, but he had also brought out her flirtatious behavior.

She would have gone for someone else if they were bold enough to seduce her. Even so, she would still be restless. Yan Zhongfeng knew this well, but because of family matters with Xiao Clan, he would have to be patient with her.

Yan Zhongfeng was not an ambitious man. All he ever wanted was to conquer the entire Xiao Clan with his own ability so Xiao Shiyun would live to please him, not the other way around....

’’You have no right to say that. You know better than anyone why I am here. Do you think you can kill me with these people by your side?’’

’’Such conceited words, but they suit you well. If I said it I would be seen as a fool.’’ Yan Zhongfeng twitched. ’’Kill him. If anyone can kill him, I will grant them one wish as long as it can be fulfilled.’’

The martial warriors surrounding him knew they had to fight with everything they had. They did not flee when they had the chance because the only way to survive was to kill the young man before them.

One of the middle-aged men shouted, ’’Everyone work together and kill him, otherwise you will die by his hands!’’ No one was dumb enough to flee from the fight. The atmosphere immediately tensed up.

’’He's just a young person. How strong can he be? Four hands are better than two fists, so everyone grab your swords and kill him.’’


Qing Shu held the Big Dipper Sword with his right hand and a bunch of stones in his left hand. These stones could cause a fatal death when they hit the opponent's vital points!


Qing Shui lifted his head as he let out a deafening roar. He shot out all the stones from his left hand with his maximum speed!

About a dozen of Xiantian martial warriors instantly fell to the ground.

This was the true power of a strong furious Xiantian martial warrior. There would be moments where he would be able to land a single blow towards his enemies. Life was indeed a fragile thing.

Seven Star Armored Vest!

Qing Shui unleashed the power of the Big Dipper Sword and combined it with his armor. He had already gained three times the defense from consuming the Pure Gold Mystic Turtle Core earlier, and with the double defense from the basic sword technique, he had gained an overall six times of the defense....

The main purpose of the Ancient Strengthening Technique was to strengthen the physical strength of the body!

With the combination of Qing Shui's terrifying power, he had become a frightening killing machine!

This was worse than tigers among a flock of sheep!

Or even death by a single blow!

This could even result in total annihilation!


In just a few moments, Qing Shui had wiped out the hundreds of martial warriors with just his brute force.

His armor was stained red from killing those men. The Big Dipper Sword was still clean. There was not a single blood stain on the blade. The only ones left were Yan Zhongfeng, the woman from Xiao Clan, and a few old men.

’’Come out!’’

Qing Shui said abruptly without looking around!


After a sigh, an elderly man came forward. His head was full of white hair. His body looked very frail!

’’Grandfather, save me!’’

Yan Zhongfeng shivered and pleaded his life when he saw the old man!

He was afraid. Qing Shui's madness had extinguished all his will to fight!






In an instant, everyone cried. This man was the master of Yan Clan, as well as the father to Yan Haozheng and Yan Haoran...

’’Qing Shui, I don't hope much from you. But what can we do for you to free these people? I will gladly give my life in exchange for theirs.’’ The elderly man looked at Qing Shui with mixed feelings.

Qing Shui shook his head gently!


The old man shouted with a soft voice.

An old man with a head full of white hair emerged from the back. He looked slightly old despite his age!

’’Sir!’’ Laibao greeted the old man with respect as he shivered.

’’Go in front of old man Qing so he may have a better look at you. Back then, one of your hands pointed the knife at his neck. I want that hand cut!’’ The old man said in a dignified manner despite his soft voice.

Laibao lowered his head as he held the knife in his left hand. He stopped at a distance of five metres in front of Qing Luo and abruptly chopped off his right hand!

He sweated bullets as he held back his voice so no one could hear his pain!

The elderly man turned back to Qing Shui for an answer, but Qing Shui just shook his head and remained silent.

’’Yan Hong!’’

’’Sir!’’ Another old man stood up!

’’You were the one who brought back Qing Qing. You shall atone your sin with death! Don't worry, I will take care of your family,’’ The elderly man said casually.

And so, Yan Hong took his own life!

Meanwhile, Yan Zhongfeng shivered with intensity!

Qing Shui remained unmoved but his expression was calm. He observed the elderly man quietly!

’’Qing Shui, the blood flowing through your body is of Yan Clan's blood. There is no need to kill the ones of the same clan as you. I am deeply hurt by this,’’ The elderly man said weakly.

’’Who was the master of the Yan Clan when it happened?’’ Qing Shui asked.

The elderly man was startled by his question. His expression turned apathetic as he opened his mouth: ’’It was me.’’

’’The main branch killed Yan Zhongyue. Then let me ask you this: Why do you still allow these people who killed the man from the same clan to live? When Yan Haozheng used the children and women from the sixth branch to coerce me, did you do anything about it?’’ Qing Shui smiled at the ’’kind and honest’’ and ’’pleasant’’ elderly man.

Men who are merciless, cruel, and willing to build their success at the cost of many lives cannot achieve great things in life. For a family that held its clan on the top by eliminating other clans of comparable power, it would easy for them to hit rock bottom when everything started to fall.

’’Then just tell me your conditions and I will allow it. Whatever it is, I hope the Yan Clan will still be able to leave a legacy behind.’’ The elderly man seemed to be tolerating Qing Shui as he grudgingly made his offer.

’’I will give you an answer after I have eliminated these two.’’ Qing Shui was already on the move to eliminate his targets: Yan Zhongfeng and that woman from Xiao Clan.

He could tell that the elderly man was trying to keep Yan Zhongfeng alive when he made his offers. All the direct heirs to the Yan Clan were gone. He wanted Yan Zhongfeng alive because of his status as the husband of the woman from Xiao Clan. With that relationship established, Yan Clan will be able to get all the support from Xiao Clan. However, if Yan Zhongfeng and the woman died, Yan Clan will be finished.

Xiao Clan will never forgive Yan Clan for that!

Qing Shui quickly used the ’’Core Qi method’’ on his legs as he went straight for the couple. His speed immediately increased!

Ripping Tiger Claw!

’’Don't you dare!’’ The elderly man's expression changed in an instant. He quickly gave chase with a burning anger!

Qing Shui used the ’’Ripping Tiger Claw’’ on Yan Zhongfeng. Yan Zhongfeng is a Grade 4 Martial King martial warrior. He was considered a genius to be able to advance from a Grade 1 Martial King to a Grade 4 Martial King in a span of twenty years. However, his advancement required a continuous consumption of precious medicinal herbs and a whole lot of money to purchase the Spirit Concentrating Pills from the ’’Refined Medicine Sect’’.

With the effects of the Seven Star Armored Vest currently active, he intended to kill Yan Zhongfeng no matter what it took!

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!

He used the Tiger Tailwhip Kick on the woman from Xiao Clan!


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