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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 397


AST 397 Kill A Few, Let The Massacre Begin

’’Let's go to the Yan Clan.’’

Qing Shui's statement was calm, but it made everyone's blood burn with righteous indignation. The day had finally come!

Qing Yi's body couldn't help but tremble slightly. There was a flame dancing in Qing Luo's eyes, but there was also another hint of conflict within them.

All of a sudden, tears were cascading down Qing Yi's face!

’’What's wrong, mother?’’ Qing Shui saw the crystal tears on his mother's cheeks. She had cried when she saw Qing Qing. She didn't even shed a tear when she received news about Yan Zhongyue's death, but she was crying now.

’’We can finally go to the Yan Clan today, but he's no longer there......’’

’’But he's no longer there......’’ Qing Shui hardly had any memory of Yan Zhongyue. Resentment was all he had for him. He was the one who brought twenty years of pain to his mother, made Qing Qing and the entire Qing Clan suffer......

Qing Shui knew that his mother was still missing him when he saw her tears. Perhaps she was suppressing it before. But now that they were about to wipe out his clan, she was reminded of his pitiful death and even knew that he still loved her. It pained her so much.

For the past twenty years, Qing Shui knew that his mother had been longing for the day when he would return for them both. But she ended up waiting for twenty years and didn't expect that he would already be dead and that their daughter had suffered so much.

Qing Qing, who was beside her, was equally desolated. He was the most important person to her. Although it had been ten years since he left her, it still pained her whenever she thought about him. She was staring when she first saw Qing Shui, not because he was good looking or he looked similar to herself, but because he was so much like her father.


With Lai Jiutian and the others sending them off, Qing Shui and the rest got onto a lavish beast carriage and headed towards the Yan Clan slowly.

The day had finally arrived!

’’Yan Clan, I'm coming!’’ Qing Shui sighed inwardly!

’’Qing... Shui......’’

It was Qing Qing's first time calling out to Qing Shui. This made Qing Shui extremely excited, even more so than the time he broke through to the Fifth Heavenly Layer. Since their first contact, Qing Shui have not observed any initiative from his elder sister to talk to anyone.

’’What is it, sister? I will listen to anything you say,’’ Qing Shui said with a smile.

’’Please spare father's lineage. They are the weakest branch among the Yan Clan,’’ Qing Qing said quietly.

Qing Shui nodded hurriedly. He had gained much knowledge on the Yan Clan by now, especially on the Main Branch. Although it was important to dig up the roots when weeding, he had gotten Wenren Wugou into trouble because he didn't do so properly in the past. He had almost regretted it for the rest of his life.

Qing Shui had originally planned to weed out the entire Yan Clan. When he heard that Yan Zhongyue had died, he was even more determined.

But since Qing Qing had voiced out, Qing Shui could only comply because he didn't want her to once again shut the door to her heart, which had finally cracked open a little.

It would be difficult to reopen it once it was shut off!

The beast carriage stopped abruptly!

’’Mister, there's someone up ahead,’’ the driver informed Qing Shui who was in the carriage.

Qing Shui immediately knew what was going on when he heard ’’someone up ahead’’. They weren't too far from there now, and there was no way the Yan Clan would let them have an easy time on their journey there.

’’Let's get off. We're not far from there now. Let's just walk,’’ Qing Shui said softly before leading everyone off the carriage.

Qing Yi and the other ladies got off one after another. Qing Shui and a few other men from the Qing Clan were fully dressed in armor while the ladies were in fox fur coats. They were attracting a lot of attention from their surroundings under the winter sun.

Many stopped in their tracks. So many beauties appeared all of a sudden so it was only natural for men and women to stare in envy. This type of obsession towards beauty was just human.

’’How gorgeous. This is my first time seeing quite a few beauties of this grade, especially the one in white.’’

’’Look at the one in violet fox fur coat. She's of the obsequious type. This type of ladies are best in bed.’’

’’The one in red is the pretty one. She has a cold exterior yet she's dressed in fiery red color. This type of cool beauty is the one that will definitely bring you pure ecstasy. I wonder who is lucky enough to get a 'taste' of them.’’


Qing Shui looked at a row of not less than twenty people standing in the distance. Three youths were standing in front, two were attractive youths that were about thirty years old while the other one was a fatty. It was too bad that he had a pair of slanting eyes which instantly made him into a fierce looking fatty.

The most eye-catching thing about him was the twin hammers in his hands. Each of the hammer heads was as big as a car tyre, and they exuded a domineering air that attracted a lot of discussion among the surrounding people.

’’This Yan Yixiong from the Yan Clan was said to be born with unnatural strength. He's heavily built and was rumored to be able to take on demonic beasts of the same level as himself,’’ said someone enviously while looking at those gigantic pair of hammers in Yan Yixiong's hands.

’’The two standing in front are the talented ones from the Yan Clan's current generation......’’


’’So you are Qing Shui. You really don't know the immensity of the heaven and earth [1]!’’ said one of the handsome youths disdainfully. Qing Shui seemed very young to him. Although he had heard of him being the youngest Elder in the Heavenly Palace, he just did not believe that Qing Shui was a truly capable individual. He was also referred to as a prodigy since he was little. On top of medicine, natural talent and diligence.... He lacked nothing.

Especially experience from real battles, he wouldn't lose compared to people from his own generation. So after knowing that Qing Shui's age was just a little beyond twenty years old, he looked down on him even more and even felt that his reputation was undeserved.

’’Sister, are they from that line?’’ Qing Shui turned his head around and asked Qing Qing.

Qing Qing shook her head lightly!

Seeing Qing Qing shaking her head, the youth across them started to verbally ridicule, ’’So she found someone to have her back. What a slut. A bastard she is......’’


The distance of a about ten meters was nothing. The youth was put to an abrupt stop before he was even done with his insults. Qing Shui was now standing at the spot he was previously standing, as the blood of the youth rained down the sky.

Everyone on the scene froze!

Qing Shui was extremely furious!

The two other youths from the Yan Clan standing beside Qing Shui were a little dazed and their bodies even swayed slightly.

’’Yan Yifang was a cultivator of Martial King Grade 1, one of the Martial King grade cultivators among the younger generation whom the Yan Clan have put countless of efforts in nurturing. He couldn't even withstand a technique from his opponent......’’

’’To be able to instantly kill a Martial King grade cultivator with one technique, his strength has already far exceeded the younger generation,’’ The tallest middle aged thin man among the crowd softly spoke to the short fatty beside him.

’’That's an understatement. If his strength is compared to the rest in the World of the Nine Continents, he will definitely still be one of the outstanding ones among his generation. He wasn't even displaying his full strength just now.’’ The short fatty looked at Qing Shui with a smile, never once taking his eyes off him.

’’Just one technique. That's simply too outrageous!’’

’’That's what they call an annihilation.’’

’’The sky of Yan City is going to change! [2]’’ someone yelled, causing an uproar to immediately break out on the streets of Yan City!


’’Kill him!’’ the remaining handsome youth suddenly yelled, but then quickly fell back.

Unfortunately Qing Shui didn't let him do so!

It was simply too easy to kill a cultivator of Martial King Grade 1 who had completely lost his will to fight with his improved Art of Hidden Weapons Techniques.

A piercing noise could be heard when the stone sliced through the air, and it even generated a little bit of fire sparks.


It pierced through the neck of the youth and then blew up. The destructive impact of the big stone was enough to break his neck.

Right at that moment, the fatty who had been holding his twin hammers finally made a move. His body may be fat, but the strike he delivered was like a thunderclap.

He performed the sinister ’’Ear Reverberation Twin Hammer Attack’’ with his hammers to ambush Qing Shui, who was exceptionally fast, from behind!

In this instant, Qing Shui realized that this fatty was the most cunning and wicked among the three of them, and he was very decisive, too. It was too bad that he had to meet him, and the Yan Clan would be wasting such a talented guy just like this.

They could only blame themselves for being under Yan Zhongfeng's lineage and blame himself for being the grandson of Yan Haozheng......

At the same time, Qing Shui activated the Taichi Cloudhand with both of his hands!

Then he protected both sides of his head!


A dull noise rang out, those gigantic and domineering twin hammers could not budge an inch further after coming in contact with Qing Shui's hands. Just then, Qing Shui lifted his leg behind him.

He then delivered a kick with a series of afterimage like a drilling bit.

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!


The remaining ten people from the Yan Clan at the back quickly dispersed. After witnessing Qing Shui's display of tyrannical strength before them, nothing else really mattered. They immediately fled for their lives.

These clan cultivators that the Yan Clan had hired were insignificant to Qing Shui because they were only hired thugs. However, this did not mean that Qing Shui will let them off the hook.

Yan Clan's thugs were the people who had pointed a knife to his grandfather's throat back then, and forcefully took his elder sister away. The Yan Clan was the most powerful clan among the Yan Jiang Country in name, so it was still relatively easy for them to scout for these Xiantian cultivators.

Xiu xiu xiu......

Qing Shui shot out a handful of small stones, like a celestial maiden scattering blossoms. This was also his first time exhibiting this kind of Hidden Weapon technique over such a large area.

Pu pu pu......

A mind-manipulating sound resonated with occasional fleeting blood curdling screams, but everything quickly returned to normal soon enough.

By now there were quite a lot of people crowding on the streets of Yan City, but Qing Shui had already gotten used to such weird phenomenon. In his previous world, people would avoid getting involved in fist fights, and even flee from scenes of murders. No one would surround like this as everyone was scared to be made into a scapegoat.

However, the World of Nine Continents was in an era that advocated martial arts. Situations like this played out almost everyday in many places so this was a matter of common occurrence.

’’This young man is sharp! His techniques are very ferocious, too!’’

’’Karma finally hit the Yan Clan! Especially the lineage of the current Yan Clan's Head! Look at what those disciples of theirs have been doing everyday. The evil we bring upon ourselves is indeed the hardest to bear.’’

’’I wonder if this young man can turn the sky of the Yan City over,’’ a youth muttered in great interest. His eyes were sparkling with excitement.

’’Quickly inform Young Master Polu that Lady Qing Qing is here.’’

’’This man is really good looking. What do you think, Sister Fei?’’ a woman smiled at the other tall lady.

’’He's indeed very attractive. A very fine cute guy he is.’’


Qing Shui ignored the discussion going on around him as he turned around and walked towards Qing Yi and Qing Qing. He looked at Qing Luo who was beside them and said, ’’Let's go, we still have some way to go.’’

Qing Shui stood next to Qing Yi with Qing Luo on the other side. They were slowly making their way towards the Yan Clan's residence, which was just far up ahead within their sight.

The crowd automatically parted to let them through, but as soon as Qing Shui and the rest passed, they slowly trailed behind them. After all, it would be too much of a pity to pass up on something like this.

The Yan Clan!

’’Clan's Head, the three young masters......’’

A refined elderly man suddenly stood up from his Taishi Chair!

’’Ignorant fools who didn't know the immensity of the heaven and earth......’’

Yan Haozheng's hand was trembling!

’’Bring me those from the Sixth Branch here. Hurry!’’ Yan Haozheng snarled angrily with a flushing red face.

’’Right away.....’’

Yan Haozheng struggled with a pained expression on his face. ’’The Sixth, to leave this bane of existence was the mistake made by your son back then. You shall be the one to handle this.’’


Qin Shui and the rest continued walking towards the Yan Clan. Qing Yi did not seem to be too excited about it. She had dreamed of stepping into the Yan Clan countless times before. Now that this day had finally come, she found out that it was not quite like how she had wished for back then.

Qing Qing still had the same apathetic look on her face. She did not feel anything when the people from just now were killed. She did not have any strength. But if she did, she would not mind finishing them off with her own hands.

To her, family ties were something that had became non-existent after the death of her father, Yan Zhongyue. The reason behind her request to Qing Shui in sparing the Sixth Branch lineage was because that was the home of her father. Her father's family was there.



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