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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 393


AST 393 - Who Said Her Mother Isn't Coming, Who Said She No Longer Has Anyone To Rely On?

Qing Shui's heart was also in excruciating pain, especially after seeing saw the look of longing in his mother's eyes. He had originally intended to gather more information on the Yan Clan before making his move.

He more or less knew about the Yan Clan's situation from Lai Chusong!

The Yan Clan was divided into six branches. There was no direct inheritance in the Yan Clan. This didn't mean that one would automatically succeed the position of Clan Leader if one was in the Main Branch. Yan Zhongyue was from the Sixth Branch.

Qing Shui's father, Yan Zhongyue, was the greatest among the three generations of Yan Clan. The Yan Clan's Head was Yan Zhongyue's grandfather. With his outstanding performance, it has already been decided that he would become the future Yan Clan's Head without doubt, under the one condition that he marry a woman from the Xiao Clan.

But everything changed ever since the woman of the Xiao Clan entered the Yan Clan. Yan Zhongyue didn't show any interest in that woman from the Xiao Clan. He had only married her because he was forced by circumstances and was under the clan's pressure.

Only the key people within the Yan Clan knew some of the reasons, such as the true powers of the Xiao Clan, as well as the fact that the woman from the Xiao Clan loved only Yan Zhongyue, thus insisting on marrying him. The Yan Clan had no choice but to agree.

However, during that time, the Yan Clan was already aware of Yan Zhongyue's situation in the Qing Clan...

But that woman from the Xiao Clan didn't care and was persistent about her choice. She wanted to conquer Yan Zhongyue with her charm, then conspire against the entire Yan Clan.

After Yan Zhongyue was brought back to the Yan Clan, he became depressed. When the Yan Clan was at the Qing Clan's residence, they held the little girl as a hostage and once again used her to threaten Yan Zhongyue.

They could only guarantee the little girl's safety after Yan Zhongyue and the woman from Xiao Clan completed their wedding ceremony! At that time, Yan Zhongyue looked at his daughter, who was only a few months old, nested within his arms. She was the child of him and his beloved woman. In the end, he had no other choices than to surrender, surrender in defeat...

Although they had completed their wedding ceremony, Yan Zhongyue had never ’’touched’’ the woman from the Xiao Clan. Just like this, time slowly passed by and Yan Zhongyue relied on his daughter to cope with his thoughts of Qing Yi.

But things weren't as easy as one would expect!

Yan's Clan Main Branch had originally been the strongest lineage. Yan Zhongfeng was the eldest grandson of Yan Clan's Main Branch, the same generation as Yan Zhongyue. Although his strength was slightly inferior compared to Yan Zhongyue, he was not in the least inferior in other aspects. He had harbored resentment in his heart towards Yan Zhongyue, since he was young.

But he had been concealing it very well because he knew that he must tolerate in order to turn things around.

He unintentionally knew about the fight between Yan Zhongyue and the woman from Xiao Clan from the maids. The reason of the fight was because Yan Zhongyue never touched her. It had been three years and he had never touched her. The woman from the Xiao Clan who could no longer bear it finally exploded that time and started a fight with Yan Zhongyue.

Things remained unresolved, however, and from that moment onwards, the woman from Xiao Clan had also started to change.

Yan Zhongfeng tried to win over the woman from the Xiao Clan through every possible means, even getting involved with her under the right situation. Before they knew it, both of them had been seeing each other and had delightful trysts. This kind of thing was not uncommon among the aristocrats and great clans.

Another few years passed and Yan Zhongyue had become even thinner than before, but he had great relief within his heart when he saw that his daughter had grown to be more and more like Qing Yi. She was very clever and witty, much like her.

Seeing the adoration and some other affections that made her envious of his gaze towards Qing Qing he was able to calm her heart, which had previously been filled with a little bit of guilt and uneasiness. It even aggravated her to fool around further with Yan Zhongfeng as a revenge to Yan Zhongyue.

Then, Yan Zhongfeng had the first breakthrough to the Martial King realm when he was 45 years old. This had made him the lead among the three generations of Yan Clan instantaneously, which allowed him to shake off Yan Zhongyue who was at the pinnacle of Xiantian and earn himself a position while he was at it.

The age of 45 was still considered to be very young, since it was an age within the 500 year lifespan!

On the same day, Yan Zhongyue accidentally caught the little acts between Yan Zhongfeng and Xiao Shiyun. The flirty glances they exchanged made Yan Zhongyue boil with rage.

Despite everything, she was still his wife in name. So he decided to follow her in secret on that same night. Little did he know, he would lose his life from doing this.

Yan Zhongyue's died an unknown death. Not long after he passed away, the woman from the Xiao Clan got pregnant and later delivered a baby boy who was said to be the son of Yan Zhongyue. Even so, many had suspicions in their hearts. After all, she didn't get pregnant for so many years and only got pregnant shortly after Yan Zhongyue's death.

The people who were allowed to talk didn't want to disclose it, and the people who weren't allowed to talk didn't dare to!

Regardless, Yan Zhongyue was part of Yan Clan. He was the son of Yan Haoran of the Sixth Branch and the direct grandson of the Yan Clan's Head. Back then, Yan Haoran had helplessly done his youngest son, Yan Zhongyue, wrong under the pressure of his own father and the Xiao Clan. But even so, he was killed by the linage of his elder brother.

Before anyone could even take any action, Yan Haozheng from the Yan Clan's Main Branch had teamed up with the Xiao Clan to strip Yan Shiqiu of his title, the latter having been Yan Zhongyue's grandfather and the Yan Clan's Head at that time.

Xiao Shiyun then became his concubine. His wife died an unknown death half a month later, which allowed Xiao Shiyun to naturally become the primary wife of the Yan Clan's Young Master.

The Yan Clan was now under the rule of Yan Haozheng's linage!

Qing Shui discovered from Lai Chusong that Qing Qing was able to survive without marriage relation thanks to Yan Haoran's efforts. He had used a death threat to make Yan Shiqiu step in and ’’announce’’ that the Clan's Head title was to be passed down to Yan Haozheng.

This was also the reason why the Xiao Clan would let Qing Qing off the hook, yet didn't allow her to enter the Yan Clan's door.

’’Qing Shui, let me go over there. I just want to drape this over her, I won't say anything else.’’

Qing Shui watched as the snowflakes outside danced even faster and the cold wind was blew even stronger!

Shi Qingzhuang took off her cloak and draped it on Qing Yi.

’’Qing Shui, let auntie go!’’ She looked at Qing Shui tearfully.

Right at that moment, the sound of galloping hooves came towards them!

Five figures who wore fox fur robes dashed over on their built horses. Their horses were not in the least inferior to the strong Emberlion Steed that Shi Qingzhuang rode!

Before Qing Shui could say anything, those horses that had been riding against the snow had already surrounded Qing Qing and were neighing endlessly.

Everyone on the street scrambled away in panic when they saw what was happening.

’’Those horses are specialized horses of the Yan Clan, the ’’Flaming Blue Steed’’!’’

Qing Shui was still able to get a clear view of the desolate figured being surrounded in the middle, and was able to catch a glimpse of ’’Qing Qing’’'s face. Her facial expression however remained unchanged and she didn't even bother to lift her head up to look at them.

Qing Shui could feel his heart tighten once again as the blood in his body slowly heated up. He could feel the evil intentions of those people.

’’Little Sister Qing, why are you doing this to yourself? What's bad about being Young Master Xiao's concubine? Look at how you're living right now,’’ a young-sounding voice rang out.

All he got in return was absolute silence, along with the sound of the cold wind blowing by like blades. The youth who clearly seemed to already be accustomed to receiving such indifferent treatment didn't do anything about it.

’’Young Master Yan, this is our 10th time coming here. Young Master Xiao had ordered for us to definitely bring her back this time, even if we have to do it by force. There's no need to care about that old geezer of your clan. Furthermore, do you think he'd even have a fall out with the Xiao Clan over one uncultured girl?’’ A haughty voice said to the man addressed as Young Master Yan.

’’Xiao Tian, be a little more respectful to my grandfather when you are speaking in public.’’

’’Yes, yes......’’

’’Little Sister Qing, are you going to willingly follow us or do you want me to personally bring you there? Sigh, this is too easy for Young Master Xiao.’’ The man known as Young Master Yan sneered, disdainfully glancing at the girl that was in the center. The tone of his voice was slightly mocking.

’’Stop counting on that Guo Polu to help you again. I'm guessing that by now, he couldn't even move!’’ Young Master Yan chuckled.

’’Oh, I forgot. You are waiting for your mother. Ahaha. She doesn't even want you. They must be gathered around a warm stove on such a cold day. You no longer have anyone to rely on so why go on a wild goose chase?’’

’’Bring her back!’’

Young Master Yan shouted after he was done!

Three horses immediately dashed towards Qing Qing who was at the center.

Just at that moment!



Three garish and beautiful flowers of blood blossomed;so gorgeous in this cold and piercing world of ice and snow.

’’Who, who, who!? Do you know who we are...? We are from the Yan Clan and Xiao Clan...!’’ The youth named Xiao Tian from just now yelled with a pale face.

Young Master Yan was already drained of colour. Cold sweat broke out on his back even in such a frigid weather and he was uncomfortable whenever the cold wind blew.

’’Who said her mother isn't coming? Who said she no longer has anyone to rely on?!’’

The calm and peaceful voice was imbued with flames that scorched the heavens.

’’You are from the Qing Clan......’’ Young Master Yan's voice trembled. Seems like this incident was not kept a secret to the Qing Clan or maybe because they didn't even take the Qing Clan seriously and only treated them like a joke......

Qing Shui, Qing Yi and Shi Qingzhuang finally came forward to them!

’’Qing Qing......’’

Qing Yi wrapped a fur coat around her without a care in the world, her tears fell like loose pearls. Qing Qing just sat there dumbfounded, and looked at everything around her before she looked at the woman who was calling out her name. No one had ever cried in front of her like this......

Qing Qing was quite perplexed, looking at Qing Yi blankly was all she could manage. She was amazed to look at this woman who was so similar to her.

When she looked at the contours of Qing Qing's face that was very much similar to her own, Qing Yi was certain that she was indeed the daughter who was taken away from her 20 years ago.

’’Qing Qing, I'm so sorry......’’

Qing Yi's heart ached even more as she looked at Qing Qing who didn't utter a single word. She didn't know what else to say. Twenty years... For twenty years, she hadn't done any duties as a mother. She had not only failed to make her existence known to her as a mother, but even made her struggle to survive under such a harsh and difficult condition...

’’Is meeting me her faith? Why is she still behaving like this even when I have come? Could it be that she hates me?’’

’’She should despise me!’’

These thoughts were flashing through Qing Yi's mind right at that instant. Heartache, confusion, panic......

Qing Qing pursed her lips. She just stared at Qing Yi with those emotionless eyes on her apathetic face before a drop of a tear unexpectedly formed gradually.

A singular crystal teardrop!

Anyone familiar to her would definitely be shocked. This girl didn't shed a drop tears when she was chased away from the main door of the Yan Clan. For her to shed a drop of a tear here and now...

It was a crystal clear tear drop!

’’Qing Qing, I am mother. Qing Qing...’’

Qing Yi wrapped Qing Qing tightly in her fox fur coat and called out to her. Her tears never stopped since the beginning even though they were mostly tears of joy. She couldn't even describe the overwhelming surprise of meeting her daughter.

’’Do you all want to kill yourself or do you want to wait for me to do it?’’

Qing Shui's voice was void of any emotions. These words were to make them suffer a little more before their deaths.

’’You can't kill me. Not only am i directly related to the current Yan Clan's head, I am his disciple as well..’’ Young Master Yan shouted at Qing Shui in panic. This was the biggest trump card up his sleeve. Just by having this status was enough for him to do anything he wanted in the Yan City.

’’You can't kill me, I am from the Xiao Clan! Our Xiao Clan has a Martial King Grade 8 cultivator and also.........’’


Xiao Tian's head was already immediately smashed in by Qing Shui who burned with scorching anger before he could even finish his sentence. The only one remaining was Young Master Xiao. At this moment, he was left trembling, and unable to speak another word.


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